Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 20


Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 20

Scene 1: Next day evening,a book stall near Sanskar’s house

Sanskar is working after his tuitions at the shop,shop is away from their place,Swara has come to the same shop by chance,she asks owner for a particular book and he guides her to a direction pointing at Sanskar and tells that the boy there will help her,Swara sees Sanskar and is surprised,she recalls how he was leaving early from the tuition class,how he had missed the combine study session at her house,she goes near him and tells him, “I am not asking you why you are here,because,I know what all you are going through,but we need to talk,tomorrow at school we will talk”Sanskar tells her, “thank you for understanding me,which book you want,?He gives that to her and she thanks him and goes,after walking a few steps ahead,she slowly turns,she sees Sanskar looking at her,they look at each other,he smiles and says “good night, and signs ‘go and pay the bill” through his actions,Swara smiles seeing his actions and waves and goes….

Scene 2:Next day,after tuitions

Laksh and Ragini were absent,Sanskar is in a hurry to leave,Swara comes from behind and calls him and tells him, “I know you need to leave early,so for how many days you are going to work there,is it to meet dad’s treatment expenses or to avoid accepting money for the tour from us?”Sanskar looks at Swara and says, “Oh,u get me this much?actually for tour,I want to enjoy with you guys,I should ,no?”She replies, “yea,u should,”she hands him a small packet and says, “this is for you,please accept this amount,please don’t say a no,you should go and study not work,I wont tell this to anyone,please,for the sake of our friendship”,Sanskar smiles and says, “for the sake of our friendship,haha,you are blackmailing me emotionally,but dear,I have to say no and please don’t force me dear,I promise,I will manage,nothing will affect my studies,so don’t worry,let me go,wont reach there on time,and yea,for the sake of our friendship if I ask you something ,some day,will you do it?Swara replies, “you are my best friend and if u ask something in the name of our friendship,I will do it without a second thought,it is my word”,Sanskar smiles and says, “let’s see,so,bye for now”…..

Scene 3:Day of the tour

All have come in style,Ragini ,Swara and Laksh’s parents are there,Ragini’s mom tells Sanky that his mom had called and told that she wont be able to come to see them off as she cant leave dad alone,she continues, “I told her that she need not worry about you ,u r a good boy,I told her that I am the one who should be worried, about my semi crack daughter”,hearing this Ragini gets angry but behaves herself as other parents are there,Laksh’s brother irritates him saying that for the next three days,his room,cycle,and all his things will be his and he will have a nice time,Laksh gets angry and hits him,his father interferes and tells the younger one to hug bhai and wish him a happy journey,his bro does so unwillingly and during the hug Laksh whispers in his ear, “I am teling you,when I come back and if something is missing from my room,then,you will see who Lucky is”,his bro squeezes him and says, “we’ll see,now go”…

Scene 4:Last day evening of the tour

It is shopping time,SwasanRaglak are roaming through the streets,they buy certain things for their family members,Swara and Ragini gifts each other small hair clips,Swara excuses herself and goes to the person who writes names on a grain of rice and inserts the whole thing in a small bottle and fixes it on the key chain,she makes him write something,others doesn’t notice this,Ragini and Laksh challenge each other for a street food eating competition,Sanskar warns them regarding stomach upsets and how it may trouble them during the return journey,both Raglak doesn’t listen,pushes him and starts eating,Laksh wins,after some time Swara joins them,they spend some memorable time together…
During the return journey,all are tired after dancing,Ragini is chatting with SanLak,Swara is seated near the window,some melodious song is being played and she looks outside and enjoys the breeze,Sanskar notices this and smiles,suddenly,he hear a sound and sees Lucky vomiting,he rubs his back and seeing this Ragini also starts,Sanskar calls for Swara ,she rushes and rubs Ragini’s back,both Raglak are exhausted after vomiting,Sanskar gives them a strong look,Lucky says, “why are looking at us,yea,u had told us not to eat,so what,should enjoy,tour is for that”,Sanskar replies, “So this is the meaning of enjoyment,I didn’t know,close your mouth and sit there,”Ragini says, ‘’I think my lungs are paining”,Swara says, “lungs,u can make out?”,Sanskar says, “Swara,don’t listen to that stupid,let these two be here,we’ll go”,they get seated in adjacent seats of parallel rows,suddenly Swara’s face changes and she tells him, “Sanskar,actually,smell of vomitus, na makes me,before completing she leans outside and Sanskar jumps from his seat,he calls “Ragini ,Ragini,see Swara is vomiting”,Ragini comes and says, “move man,Ragini ,Ragini,Swara is vomiting,showed attitude and went ,no?not Swara ,u should have vomited,grand father,always advicing us”,Swara turns and tells, “stop fighting Rags,rub,rub,now,my lungs will come out”Ragini tells her, “Oh sorry,I forgot,you please continue”Sanskar smiles hearing Ragini..After some time he gives water bottle to Swara and asks her if she is ok,Swara notices his care,she nods,turns and looks outside the window,she stares at the stars,a soothing classic is being played in the background,many students have slept,Sanskar goes to his seat,Swara looks at him where as he is looking outside at the night sky………….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Wow cool nice sweet epi…. loved it… that too raglak fight, nasty vomit comment in train.. makes me laugh….

    1. Thank u dr ,happy to know that u liked it,n yea,I imagined a bus while writing the scene…

      1. Hi vini… hw r u?? Wt happen to u… im waiting for ur nxt epi…
        R u busy wth studies??

    1. Thank u Mickey dear,college started ,no?hope u r enjoying.

    1. Thank u dr,good to c u bk,u had commented in previous one also,no?

  2. Nice episode…plz update next part…waiting for it…u r writing after a long time ryt??
    I was waiting for ur updates…plz update another part today..if possible 2 -3 episodes…plz.. keep writing…

    1. Thank u,I had written continuously till 24th,then one on 28th,then on 4th I wrote but it got posted on 5th…shall try to reduce the gap between episodes..

  3. Awesome

    1. Thank u dr,Gud to c u bk.

  4. Nice
    Make it long di

    1. Thank u dr,shall try dear,not getting time to imagine the scenes n type it,actually one line is there in mind but creating scenes to match according to it is a task nowadays…

  5. Amazing episode

    1. Thank u dr..

  6. Hi guys,I haven’t responded to yesterday’s(episode 19) comments, shall do it asap,this,I had posted yesterday evening..today’s I will type n send.. Pls don’t be angry,m a little busy..

  7. really really nice

    1. Thank u dr…

  8. i just want to say that each and every word is perfect perfect perfect…………………..
    swara ne sanskar ko emotionally blackmail karne k baad bhi kitni sweetly and mature tarike se usne No kaha………
    ragini’s mom……..
    grain of rice……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yaade taja ho gayi..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aur wo picnic scenes………..
    ek pal ke liye bhi smile labon se judaa nahi huyi……..
    thank you for dis spl smile………….
    jindgi me kabhi bhi kisi k bhi labon se yeh smile alag na ho………….

    1. Thank u dr for supporting me,my ff and also for all the good words,m glad that it brought a smile,after reading ur comment I read the episode once again..and ya,last line of your comment,me too wish n pray for the same.. Let everyone be happy…

  9. Oh ho…kot baat nhi di…

    1. Thank u for understanding dear..


    1. Thank u dr…

  11. Hii Di..gm..it was just awesome..Maza a gaya..ohhmmgg yar koi itna achcha..itna matured kaise ho sakta hai..!! the way he refuse swara’s help though she try to blackmail him..was awesome..how independent he is..!! lucky rag was also very cute..i think swara has purchased gift for sanky..vomiting drama was very funny..u made me smile throughout reading whole epi..just superb Di..hv a nice day ahead..

    1. Haha Niti,even I smiled at ‘u pls continue ‘dialogue after writing that,glad that u liked it,then regarding the analysis,a few of u does it perfectly n dat makes me very happy,I mean that u all r noticing the simple moments..

  12. Nice

    1. Thank u dr,nowadays u r regularly commenting here,had noticed,didn’t mention,sorry.

  13. Hwwww!!!???yeah hrt kaise bada ho gaya yr

    1. I tol u n had asked u that day na?..I guess it s cos u have a biggg heart…rowdy mickey…

  14. Hi guys,I haven’t read most of the comments under this n previous,couldnt respond to those I have read also, sorry,bt Shraddha, I hope ur fever has subsided,take care dear,sorry for not responding there,and I need a break,I haven’t sent episode 21,wen I sent it (may be tomorrow or day after),I shall let u all know under this section,sorry guys,good night,thank u all for ur comments and a big hai to Mickey,Joya,Shraddha,Vinita,Sethooty,Niti,Appu,Leku,Harini,have I missed any of ur names whom I usually chat with,sorry,stay blessed…gudn…

  15. Luv it vini ……

    1. Thank u dr…had seen ur name in previous episode also..thank u for commenting.

  16. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Hi Dr..another episode.. With lots of nostalgia.. Haha..vomiting am a victim of this.. Every time on. Tour this always happens many of us, result a chain of vomiting due to smell .. Haha

    1. Thank u dr,even I was a victim, used to rely on tablets..and yea,I had a feeling that u all will not like that scene.. So I tried to write it in a funny way.Hope it worked to some extent.

      1. Haha..ys Dr I enjoyed that portion.

  17. Oshadharon!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank u dr….

  18. Hey vini…y do u write so rarely…. I like ur ff …. U shud post more often

    1. Good to know that u were reading,I will post one (episode 21) today ,don know wen it will get uploaded..

  19. Awwwww??
    ..sooo swt of uuu Di…maine toh dkha v nhi tha uusdin..par jb kal dkha tbhi dhyn dya…i think u r ryt…hehe…

    Ooo waise pta h maine aaapko dkha tha fb me…pink clr drssss??…aaaapkkiii smillleeee bhhtttt cute h:-)..maine aapni frnx ko v dkhaya…n ya clg strt ho gayi h…

    I knw aapp bg h bt ru okayyyy na Di…???.sry bast mjhe lga ki puch lu ekbr aaapse..jab mne epi 19 pr cmmnt kya tab shuva tak chck kya baattt apki koi rly nhi thi…mjhe lga shayad bg h ya phir kuch tension……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh?leave itttttt…me v na….sry diiii. .

    1. Hei dear,m absolutely fine dear,thank u for asking,I had told na,my father in law s here,so m a little busy taking care of him,cooking atrempts,usually I type ff in laptop and send and I reply to comments from phone,not getting time for both now,bt next episode I posted half an hour back.So u saw me in fb,u started an account, ah?or from someone else’s??haha first two episodes,I typed from phone n had same probs,had to type whole thing again,extra heart ,yea,yea,I understood..

  20. Aaaahhhhhh….mne abhu abhi kuch lkha tha kaha gaya…phir se lkhne hogu

  21. Hwwwwwww thank God..yehi hhhhh ufffff??…n di aaapne kaha tha na mera heart bada h…yeah u r ryt…n saaath ne extra hrt v h????…haha??..hihi??..hehe??

  22. Today m sooooo haaappppyyyy yr….itni baadi baat nhi h haha…xuley mujhe aaj pata chala h…mne chck v nhi kya tha soo…puchogi nhi Q??

    Asia’s most handsome man 2015 kaun h pata h???my fvrteeeee n sbseeee cuteeeee Zayn malik(x one direction member)..??..my one n only fvrte boy ,singer ya jo kaho…haha?…zayn malik ki alaba koi fvrte nhi h mera….jo v ho chahe koi bht baada sngr,actr ya phir kuch aur…sirf yehi h jo mera fvrte h…evn mera koi fvrte actr nhi h…mein toh film bht km dkhti hu…koi v fvrte nhi h..

    Film se yaaad aaya h ek fvrte haha ???..Twilight ,twilight saga,new moon,brkng dwn part 1 n 2 n ….yaha v ek reason h…cz yeh vampire ki film h na…issiliyyeee

    1. Yes dear,nothing big,actually,u asked me to read this msg,no?he is a English singer,no?yea,I know,so u r his fan,good,and twilight series books I have read, had watched breaking dawn movie while in college,u like vampire stories?y?

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    So bye di…gd nyt

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