SWASAN Fan Fiction (season 2) episode 2

Hi guys,good morning,Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode 2,

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Scene 1:School bicycle parking area

First day class is over and all are hurrying to go home,Swara has been sent a car with driver to pick her,Swara leaves in her car,she sees the bicycle parking area through the glass,she sees Ragini holding her cycle and waiting and Sanskar approaching towards her with his cycle,Swara stares at both of them and thinks in her mind,”friendship or even more?”ah,whatever,how can that Raagini tolerate this one,such a serious fellow he is ,she seems to be so bubbly,ah,why should I bother?”she lowers the glass and looks outside and enjoys the cold breeze which is mildly touching her face,she takes deep breath and enjoys it.

Scene 2:Swara’s house

Swara is back from school,her dad is waiting for her,he asks her,how her first day at new school was,she ignores him and goes to a particular direction,a photo is hung on the wall,it is Shekhar’s,the person who just talked to her is her step dad,Sumi,comes from inside,she doesn’t ignore her but her actions conveys that she doesn’t share a good rapport with her as well though not completely bad,Sumi brings her a plate of hot pakodas and a cup of tea,she takes one,take a quick bite and says,thank u and goes upstairs,her step father,Mukesh comes near Sumi,she tells him not to feel bad,Swara will realise his love some day,he tells that,he loves Swara more than their second child(his and Sumi’s child),Chetan,he says,he is ready to wait any number of years to let Swara accept him as her father,Sumi is teary eyed,Mukesh consoles her.

Scene 3:Swara’s room

She is holding a three year old boy Chetan in her hands,she is playing with him,she gives him a small piece of chocolate,he tries to lick and lick and the area around his mouth is full of chocolate saliva mixture,Swara smiles seeing this and asks him, “aree chottu,when will u learn to eat a chocolate properly?,come,Di will wipe it for you,yea,I know you are small,so u will take time to learn many things,ok baba,she kisses on his cheek,just then she hears Sumi calling her,she comes holding Chetan in her arms,Sumi tells her that she has to go and meet the tuition centre authority today,Mukesh will join her,Swara tells her, “I will go with Shambu uncle(driver),is it near by?,Sumi replies, “it is your first day Swara,you have your parents,so we will come”,Swara just keeps staring at her .

Scene 4:Tuition centre

Swara and parents comes in their car,they goes to the office,Sanskar sees it from the window,(teacher has not arrived),he just leans and looks at her,Ragini who sees this,throws eraser at him and tells him, “neck will become like Giraffe’s if u extend more,who is the girl there”.Sanskar replies, “your guess is right,she is a new girl in my class,Swara,I think she has come to join for tuitions,Ragini smiles a meaningful teasing smile,he smiles and says, “why do u give this expression everytime you see me talking to or about a girl,ah,your character is like that,that is why you are doubting me,not just me,u doubt everyone”Ragini tells , “ah,we ‘ll wait and see finally,who will come for whom”,Sanskar tells her, “Look Ragini,at least for your mom who is a teacher at our school,please concentrate on your studies than on these kind of nonsense,”, Ragini replies, “aree yaar,love is non sense?,only you will say like that,we are teenagers ya,time to dream n dream”.

Sanskar gets angry and tells her, “Love is not non sense,there is a time for everything,this is the time to study ,so do that,13 years and love,rubbish,this is why your marks are low,instead of doing research on who is looking at whom,I don’t understand,no use talking to u,how I got a friend like u”,Ragini shows an angry face,Sanskar smiles and says, “don’t think I will say sorry,”just then Swara enters the class room,she sits on the first bench,class is not crowded,it was clear that she had seen Sanskar but avoided him,Ragini smiles and tells him, “haha ,your class mate,didn’t even look at you,man,should be polite to girls,u r like a sadhu,na,still,haha?he signs her to keep quiet,time passes,students arrive,teacher arrives,2 hours are over,they are about to leave,Ragini rushes to Swara when students starts leaving,she pulls Sanskar as well,she goes and touches Swara’s shoulder and says, “Hi,m Ragini,Swara,right?,he told”,Sanskar is a little embarrassed,

Swara says, “Hi,I had seen you at school”,Ragini replies, “really,but I didn’t see you,you are in Sanky’s class,na?no problem,we’ll catch up during break time,did you make friends with anyone,oh,wat m I asking,first day,no?Swara is waiting for a gap to reply but Ragini is going on talking,Swara tells her,actually, “Shruti and Mahima are seated beside me,so didn’t feel alone,did chat with them”,Ragini replies, “ok,ok,by the way,where do u stay?,she tells her place and it is near to school and tuition centre,Swara tells that her driver uncle will be waiting and she has to leave,she rushes out,Swara goes in the direction of her car and Sanskar and Ragini to take their bicycles,Ragini looks at Swara and says to Sanskar , “I think Swara is from a very rich family,look, to school ,from tuitions,every where driver is coming to pick her up”,Sanskar just looks in Swara’s direction hearing this,car passes and Swara who looks outside sees Sanskar and just then he hears a voice, “who is rich,about whom were u talking,

”Ragini smiles and says, “yea,aa gaya,late lucky mama”,Laksh comes and hits her,she tells him, “Mamaji,class is over, Ji”,Laksh replies, “it is ok Ji,today’s was the first class of this year ,no?tomorrow onwards I will be on time”,Ragini laughs, “hahaha,joke of the millennium,Laksh to tuitions ,on time,hahaha”,Laksh gets angry and replies, “what’s so funny,I will come on time”,Ragini replies, “ bet”,Laksh says, “bet”,Ragini says, “two cornettos each for me and Sanky from Pops n Corns,and u without eating will stare at us,”Sanskar interferes and says, “I don’t want to get stomach upsets,he, without eating, watching us,a small change,2 cornettos for us and a small cup for u………..”,three of them jokes and smiles………….Swara sees this and wonders why she was looking back from her car,she understands she is sitting in a twisted position and sits properly…

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  1. Hey vini can u tell me how 2 give link. So that I also can give.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      To give a link,wat I do is just cut and paste the previous episodes link,I think rest telly team will do.

  2. Ur ff z nux.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Akku,hope u will keep reading.

  3. Its awesome and so cute story. Please continue. And update it regularly.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thanks dr,I had sent this around 10 am,got uploaded late.

  4. awsome…
    rags calling lucky mama was funny …
    i laughed alot by reading ur ff..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thanks Ahana,yea,even I laughed at it.

  5. awesome, loved it.. new idea.. tq u made my day..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Sumi,pls keep reading.

  6. loved it vini… loved ragini’s talkative nature…waiting for the next update… don’t take too much time…:)

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thanks dr,it was not purposefully written, bt m a big fan of Tejaswi,so I loved writing Ragini’s nature.

  7. Really nice sis!!!…
    Sanlakrag scenes superb!!!

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u very much Leku…pls keep reading,I hope u will.

  8. Soooo nice di…hmmmm swara aur ragini sistrs nhi h kya di??

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Rupsikha,first of all, tell me ur pet name,I’ll type it easily,and baba,they are not sisters,pls keep reading,characters will be introduced in between the lines..I hope u all won’t stop reading cos of lack of romance.I wish to write it with the flow.

  9. hey..I have read both ur epi today only..I like ur story track..it seems interesting..i liked ur previous ff very much and was missing it..both epi were awesome..sanraglak friendship is very cute..plz update next part soon

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank uu dear,hope u will keep reading,this one is only for you guys,next I will update tomorrow. Don’t know y it is getting uploaded late,may be site is flooded with ff.

  10. Di super…..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Appu,sukhalle,exam aano?ee track boradikkunnundo?

  11. So cute……..really nice story n love the way u write vini

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Radhika,I hope u will keep reading.

  12. Amazing yaar

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Devi.Hope u will keep reading.

  13. Nice epi. I luv it. I am also 13 years old

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Lakshmi,oh I see,m glad that u like it.

  14. loved it….
    awesome…….. hum to apne school days me kho gaye…….

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Joya,u r one among those readers whom I’m sure will connect with every line that I write,among those who I believe won’t push me for romance,this is a simple story n m writing it only for u readers,m not planning anything,I wish u all will support me this time even if it is slow, and school,My plus two was over in 2005,LKG to plus two (17 yrs) in 2 girls only convent schools bt that also enjoyed to the fullest and we ruled,tuitions ,have not attended much,all my very close buddies are girls,bt this friendship of RaglakSan is challenging me to come out of my comfort zone,I wish u all will tolerate even if it is not up to the mark.

      1. we always wid u…………
        i knw u r writing dis for us and truly it’s my good luck dt i m reading ur story again….
        u said dis is a simple story bt dil par gehara asar yahi karti hai….
        jaise ki humne pehle bhi kaha hai river kq pani jaha shant hota hai wahi uski geharai jyada hoti hai…jaise aapki story….and yes….there is connection wid every line which is written by u bcz it makes me happy……
        lots of love to u cor dis happiness…..

    2. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Yes dr,I remember n thank u for all the good words once again and this story, has just started,m also waiting to see where we will end this…

  15. Awesm di. N the non jhok between all the 4 was so cute. Really school days r so precious. No 1 can frgt their own school tm enjoying with frnds.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Nik,u said it dear,those are the most precious days,those memories even, brings tears,my schooling was at Fort Kochi till 10th and plus one and plus two at Ernakulam,now,wen I travel in that route,what u call a so called lump in throat feeling comes,college was also fun and it gave me my best friend n many good friends but school days n those memories are very precious.

  16. Veena(Vini Ross)

    And I have a few requests to my ff readers including silent readers,no ,friends I should call u,though I dont respond to each comment I mention ur names in one n respond but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading it ,I read every line that you type ,if u like pls do let me know,if u don’t like it,I will read it from ur silence,next is ,this is a very simple story,we shall go through this journey together because I had no idea to write another ff but seeing the comments at my last ff I pushed myself to come back,pls be patient to me n be with me.

  17. Ur ff is really cute dea… Am eagerly waiting for ur next update..?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Harshi, pls keep reading. I’ll send next tomorrow, ok.

  18. So much nostalgia in this page God!!!!???Awesomess overloaded yaar!! I atleast was imagining every part tution school parking area so much fun dos days were we had big girls gang u know?!! School days best of the best times?n u penning dem down is like cherry on cake? best part of my life is I ve same set of friends till Engineering??✌keep it up Veena ur rocking it!!?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Oh dats great,I’m happy that u could imagine the scenes,school friends r too special,when my parents’ school friends came for my wedding I felt very happy,good friendship is a blessing,ah,all the best for ur xams,do well,God bless.

  19. super do daily updating dear

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u dr,shall write for u all.

  20. Ooops pet name???????first tl me aapko mera nm kaisa lgti h(rupsikha haha)..u knw di i hate diz nme???…but kya karu mere Mommy n popppyyy ko bht psnd h ????…n aaap toh mar hi jaogi mere nm sun kor…ummm lyk kaju??(DI PLZ don’t laugh haha,ajib h na),kuki,sunumunu etc etc n ya lst one is Mickey(mera smile mickey mouse ki tara h..aisa mere frndz khti h haha)…mujhe koi v nm psnd nhi …agar aap chaho toh mujhe ek nm de skte ho..i don’t mind??

    1. Hello ✋ but just thought to comment sry ha? but sunnumunnu is so cute? n Rupshika is such a lovely name y u hate it? like u can short it to shikha also ?

    2. Rupsikha nice name, different one, if u don’t mind can u tell me meaning of ur name.

    3. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Rupsikha u have a wonderful name n I like it but while typing it used to cause me trouble(auto correct ,bt now I saved),all ur pet names are superb,are u there in fab,haha,wanted to know how mickey mouse smile is..shall I call u Rupu??.

  21. Really super eilpisode akka….ur ff made me to recollect my scool days…miss my scool days…..nd akka is also a telugu word

  22. Nd akka ur +2 was completed in 2005 r 2015???

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Sahasra,my plus two was completed in 2005 ,course in mid of 2011,internship around mid of 2012….School days are special to everyone.That time mom used to tell me,from LkG to 10th,time will pass slowly bt after tenth to graduation n more ,time will fly.And I have experienced the same.

  23. Hi…veena awesome dr… Feeling nostalgia.. Haha ..today am very happy , now those school days sweet memories are flying around me. Yah am a 13 year old girl now…

  24. I guess ur schooling was in kochi right…from ur ff I can connect so many things with my school days, class shuffling ( many time we cried bz of this), teacher entry, tuition class .Raglak sanskar friendship superb , I like this bubbly ragini.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Sethooty.It s fun going down the memory lane Fort kochiyil 10 th vare,plus two Ekm STC, haha,I can understand ,shuffling was good bt friends going to other classes was unbearable.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Surbi,one of my regular reader friends,pls keep reading.

  25. I think you got a lot of new readers and admirers for ur ff……im soo happy for you dear….everytime I have to search words to praise you….its not fair yaar?……anyway its soo cool and it reminded me of my tutions …..loved it yaar

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Many,u have been there from 1st episode of my other ff ,no?I think ur name is Manoja?? Thank u for being a regular reader friend,if u don’t mind,where r u from n r u a student?actually,I understand,all ff’s have silent readers n it s so good to see people are liking ours,I hope they will keep reading but if track is boring ,they won’t, ah,let us see.

  26. Aha now sanky is fplng for swara rut frm teenage…?..good strtng keep wrtng..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Bhavna,even I’m wondering how to manage these teenagers,haha…let’s c.

  27. Ya di ofcourse u cn cl me Rupu?…bt u knw mere fv nm h Mickey??..even clg me v teacher mujhe iss nm se blti thi

    Hey sethooty Rup meanz beautiful n shikha means d fire of a cndle..dt mnz sprd light to others..aur nhi pta yr?

    Hi shraddha ,pta nhi par i hte it…Anyways ab toh mujhe v Sunu munu cute lg rha h haha??

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Haha,then I will call u Mickey only…dats a very cute name,and,ur real name meaning is what I also had in my mind…Rupsikha is a nice name…and guys I m going to post next update now,don’t know when it will get uploaded.

    2. Really beautiful and meaningfull name yaar

  28. Your ff is nice di. School days are the best part of one’s life.
    Your ff is really nice and honestly I like your story and its simplicity.
    Di, are you following a veg diet because of Advent???
    Hi Rupsikha!!! Tomar ki khobor???(My assamese is not good)
    Your name is nice…(even the nick names)

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u dear,I wish to write it with the flow,dont know if it will be interesting as it progresses,but I wish u all read it without missing any,and to answer ur question,to be honest, yea,preparing for Christmas.

  29. Veena(Vini Ross)

    I had posted episode 3,I think it might take some more time to get uploaded.

  30. OMG! Vinita?…hi dear..u knw assamese ha wah ..n ya Mur khobor vale…val lagil 2mar mukhot assamese huni

  31. Ouuuuu?…thank u sethooty

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