Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 19

Hi guys,a very Happy New Year to u all,though it is after a gap,track is same,pace is same,so pls pls dont expect anything extraordinary in my ff……..

SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 19……..

Next year,mid of academic year,Swasanraglak are in X standard…….
Scene 1:Swara’s house

Swara has come back after tuitions,she doesn’t find Sumi and Chetan ,she goes down to check, (her equation with her step dad Mukesh is much better now),Mukesh comes and says, “Sumi called,Chetan had inserted something inside his nose,Sumi had to take him to hospital,Swara says, “and,is he fine now?,shall we go to hospital,last week he had swallowed coin,na?this boy is becoming very naughty nowadays”,Mukesh says , “they will come now,ENT somehow removed it, it seems,they must have started from there”,Swara says ok,Mukesh tells her that he will buy something for her,”servant was on leave and I think Sumi hasn’t cooked anything”,Swara says, “I am feeling hungry but let me check,some snacks will be there.

Scene 2:Swara in kitchen

Swara goes to kitchen,she keeps milk for boiling and goes to take snacks,she tries to reach and slips,she cries loudly,Mukesh comes running,he lifts her up and seeing her in pain carries her in his arms,Swara notices Mukesh’s concern for her and how much worried he is,Mukesh in between driving keeps on telling her not to worry,Swara looks at him,she understands his pain seeing her hurt,they reach hospital..

Scene 3:Outside casualty

Doctor comes out and tells that they’ll just take an xray to rule out fracture though everything seems to be normal at the moment,he agrees,they shift Swara for the same,after that Swara is brought back to casualty and Mukesh is waiting outside,he sees a worried Sanskar at the reception,he goes to him and Sanskar tells him that Papa suddenly showed stroke symptoms and was brought here,Mukesh asks him if he needs money,he tells him , “no uncle,I have called Ragini and Laksh,their parents have arranged and they will reach in a short while,just then nurse comes and tells him to pay the first advance and Mukesh collects it from the nurse and goes to pay it,Mukesh does and Sanskar thanks him and tells him that he will never forget his help,Sanskar with moist eyes tells him that he will pay the money as soon as Raglak’s family arrives,Mukesh tells him to forget it and that he wont accept it back,Sanskar is confused,Sanskar at last tells him, “Uncle,I don’t know what to say now,but this timely help,I will never forget,If a situation comes where you feel I can help you,please do tell me,I will be ready to do anything for you,even if it is after years,I will be ready to do anything,I promise”,Sanskar then asks, “But uncle why are you here,what happened,I am sorry for asking it late?Mukesh tells about Swara,Sanskar goes to her, seeing him she smiles,he tells her, “Swara,what happened,is it paining badly,uncle told,what was the need to climb?,now see”,Swara smiles and says, “I am fine,now pain has reduced,by the way why are u here?”.he explains and she tells him holding his hand, “don’t worry ,Papa will be fine,you please don’t worry dear,”,he nods and they look at each other,Mukesh notices their concern for each other.

Scene 4:After a few weeks,class room

Teacher tells them that the date of batch tour has been fixed,she tells the rate and details,Sanskar is in thoughts,he decides in his mind not to go as it will be an extra burden to their family,he remembers how his sister’s batch is also going and mom is struggling to arrange money.

Scene 5:After a few weeks,tuition centre

SWASANRAGLAK are seated under the tree,Ragini and Laksh are scolding Sanskar for not going for the tour,Swara is silent,they finally comes near him and gives a small packet and tells him, “this we haven’t asked our parents,it is our pocket money,we three need not tell this to anyone,you have to accept it,if you wont ,then we also wont go for the tour and it is final,”,Sanskar takes the packet holds it and his face is sad,he tells them, “Guys,I understand your love for me,but I don’t want to accept this money from you all now,and you guys should go,I will somehow manage the money,mom has told she will see to it,our friendship and money should not be mixed up now,let us start earning,then we will see,this amount is what you have kept aside for your small needs,I cant take it from you,I wont be happy if I accept this and join u all”,Laksh says, “You are saying all the philosophy and making us strangers,ok,we are not forcing you now but keep one thing in mind,without you we wont go,we know to pay the fees through Pooja aunty but we know you very well,you will feel bad,that is the only reason we’re not doing it”.

Scene 6:Same day,Sanskar at beach

He is standing there listening to the sound of the waves,sea is very rough that day,he talks in a soft voice, “you know something,none,not even my friends ,knows, that you are my best friend,that I can come and share with you when my heart is heavy,you know why I do that,because the waves inside gets nullified when I hear the sound of your waves and when I stand here like this,I feel like u take away every tear and every pain of mine,when you touch my feet,I feel I am not alone,this sea shore and you have always heard me,no?now my friends are going to sacrifice the most awaited and may be the last batch tour with the same set of friends, for me,I cant ask for money to mom,of course it is not a very big amount,is it my inferiority complex that is not making me accept money from them?,I don’t know,but thank you for listening to me,for always hearing me patiently cos I come here only when I am sad ,no?U should be fed up of hearing me,right ?But better to tell u than hurting my loved ones,sorry for taking u for granted,I have decided to accept book shop uncle’s offer,I am going to work for 10 days and weekends after tuitions till I manage the amount,cant let my friends suffer because of me, let me go now,felt like if I don’t share with someone my head will burst,that is why I came,Papa’s sickness,treatment expenses,loans,debts,Meera’s and my education,sometimes I feel like running away but I know God tests people whom he loves the most,he may bend me but will never break me,that I know.Good night friend,I am going now”….

(Guys,I wish to write only what is convincing to me,sorry for less Swasan scenes,hope u will allow me to write what I have planned(though this s a tale of friendship and love…) and I don’t wish to claim that the track is new,it is common and it will bear similarities to familiar scenes ,I am just trying to say this in SwasanRaglak’s’s perspective..This tale, I wont be sad if majority don’t like it also..not being arrogant just telling wat is in my mind..)

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  1. Oh di Aise Q kh rhi ho….prfct h sb…scene 1 n 3 fvrte h mra??

    @sethooty,n sree sb thik h guyz humare area me

    1. Mickey darling,I read some article like suggestion for ff writers,u and Niti had spoken for us there,I didn’t respond,didn’t get time to respond there, thank u my dear.

  2. Nice ………,

    1. Thank u Jwala..

  3. Keep it up dr i really like it

    1. Thank u Jyoti.

  4. Really amazing sis!!!!
    San with seashore fabulous!!!!!
    While reading ur story having diff feeling
    Just forget crap happening in swaragini soap!!!!
    Thank you for that!!!

    1. Thank u dr,glad to know that u r reading and liking my track.Keep in touch.

  5. Nice story nly vini….

    1. Thank u dr.

  6. Aww feeling sad for sanskar but awesome episode dear

    1. Thank u dr,u r one of the familiar name from my previous ff’s though we haven’t talked,thank u for the support.

  7. really nice. .

    1. Thank u dr,u were also there from the start,thank u very much.

  8. happy new year Di.. the description of the story makes it extraordinary… the seashore scene was very neatly sketched.. and the truth that it gives peace to mind when you share your sorrows with someone who listens to them. friendship of sanlakrag was amazing like sacrificing own pocket money for sanky, and sanky’s reaction to all of these things are obvious!! nice episode..

    1. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

      Hi kashis Hw u Dr.., read ur Ff, u replied me on fb group na.

    2. Thank u dr n wish u the same,happy to know that u read this episode,thank u for the feedbk,well,sea shore scene just included sea because beach n movies are my favourite hang outs..

  9. Its was really good.. Continue the track which thought. I’m not disappointed due to lack swasan.. A story is not a swasan but every bond.. Simply waiting for ur update from 4 days..

    1. Thank u Deepthi,u don’t comment daily but have noticed ur name a few times ,thank u for the support esp for the second last sentence in your comment..

  10. Wow
    Very nice
    Well explained
    Please upload next episode..

    1. Thank u dr,had posted episode 20,21 ,just now I typed bt haven’t sent. Shall sent it soon.Don’t know when it will get uploaded.

  11. Vinay Karthik

    it is simple,nice and unique ff…… i loved all the scenes in ur ff……

    1. Thank u very much,m humbled n honoured.

  12. Hi veena di wish u a happy and prosperous new year.again super episode.u dont hav to do any extraordinary in ur ff.anything u write, will become naturally extraordinary.u just write what u hav in ur mind.im it will be super extraodinary.luv u di soo much.may all ur wishes come true in this year

    1. Oh thank u Appu,wish u d same,may all your wishes come true as well,stay happy n blessed,m not getting time to type my dear,also this simple tale n the story that I have planned,I hope u all will tolerate cos m not being modest,it is not going to be extraordinary but I will try my best to pen it down sincerely.

  13. vini Di..it was superb..kaha se start karu ku6 samaj nahi a raha..mukeh concern for swara was very good..you hv portrayed Mukeh character as step father is just awesome..shona baby has started liking mukeh..i can feel sanky’s each words after receiving mukesh’s help..how matured he is just at 15 yr age only..!!

    how can someone forget their school days picnics..swaraglaksan moments were reality cute..sanskar Ko manana tour ke liye..then apna pocket money dena..fir kehna ki no one will go without him..sanky ka justification for not accepting their money..each were just awesome..
    n last but not the least..sanky’s conversation with his best friend sea was mindblowing..it was not that emotional..but i got tears while reading that part..u know Di i am in love with varun aka sanskar…so i like Him in any character..but in this ff i m fallen in love with sanskar as ur ff character n not due to varun..
    (i think meri ye bat thodi pagalo jesi lagegi..but kya kare..sanskar ki diwani hu..)

    sorry for long comment..n Di you r justifying with each n every character..loved it..

    1. Ditto what niyati said n 1 more thing which touched my heart is this line that sanky said abt waves that his inner waves get nullified by the roaring sound of the sea waves I mean how can u imagine things in such depth ya didi its just amazing actually its natural u know when u feel sad u need to remove that out so u cry normally n he is 15 yr guy so he need to be doing it but he’s faced so much in his life can’t share with family nor with friends can’t cry or bikker so how sweet n mature of him to share with sea like spectacular imagination yr didi amazing

      1. Hello Shraddha dear ,how is ur fever,hope it has subsided n u r fine,actually I like to go to beach dear ,not to share anything but to listen to the sound of waves,when we go out with friends we used to play ,but I also like to with my family,to simply go n sit there listening to that sound…the max I do wen I go out with parents is I just let that waves touch my feet,wen I thought abt a sea shore scene I included it..happy that u all liked it.

    2. Niti,actually I like to address u Niyati,cos I love your name dear, who suggested thus name,mom,dad,relatives??then thank u for speaking for us ff writers under that article suggestion for…u n Rupsikha spoke for us,I couldn’t respond,then for analysing this episode, a few u just gets wat I type in the sense that I wish u got it and m happy,then for loving Sanskar in my ff,thank u,sea I wanted to include a scene because I am from Kochi,Fort Kochi beach(though unclean now to some extent) is very close to heart,then Calicut (my college days were there,) has many beautiful beaches ,and personally beach n movies are my favourite hang outs ,so one beach scene minimum was must and yea none of your words made me feel like u r mad…so no probs..keep in touch.

  14. swara aur mukesh ki bonding ko storng banane ke liye jo scenes ane purity k sath lihe hai woh lajawab hai….swara is traying to understand mukesh……
    conversation between sanskar and mukesh is mind blowing… jab dosti hoti hai ya koi bhi rishta jud jata hai uske sath unki families bhi involve ho jati hai….u sketched dt…lovely……
    concern of swasan for each other……..
    and highlight of todays episode is sanskar wid seashore……..how mature he is…..!!!!!
    usko lagta hai k koi uski wajah se hurt na ho na family na friends….very good…..he is going to accepte proposal of shopkeeper….
    yaha hum apki writing ki daad dena chahenge………jaha raglakswa apki pocket money collect karke usko tour pe le jana chahte hai….so sweet bcz every1 knows here k school k last trip ki kya importance hoti hai…..i love frndship between them….and mom ko bhi burden na ho aur uske frnds hurt na ho uska kam karna…swara k dad ki help ka promise…………har incidence perfect…….
    and ha i respect u and ur story a lot….so write what u have planned…..
    i will be happy if u write for urself not for other’s satisfaction………

    1. it’s me joya…..sorry username pura type huaa ya nahi dekha hi nahi…dekho kitni jaldi thi hume comment karne ki….
      and sanskar aur sea ki friendship….unke conversion ka har ek labj behad khoobsurat hai….
      sanskar k dil ki baat ko labjo me behad hasin tarike se bayan kiyaaa hai……..emotional………………..

    2. I recognised it is u before reading the second msg ,and sometimes though I reply in brief to you ,I should admit u r one of those whose comments goes straight to my heart,who makes me feel at least these guys will like it(m not taking u all for granted),every word abt this episode as usual u got it and ur comment conveyed that u got it,bt u made me a bit emotional today,I will tell u why,I have a junior friend ,her name is Nami,we share a very special friendship,she is a person who used to motivate me a lot,especially to chase my dreams and above all that she is a very good writer,orator ,artist,a very talented girl,m waiting to see her malayalam short story n poem collection getting published,and she used to say that sentence which u typed last,to live ,dream,breathe n chase dreams not for others but for one’s self…u reminded me of her..thank u.

  15. Hello dear u know wat didi I ve high fever? donno how suddenly morning I woke up n had 101.5 temp? I couldn’t read in cell but I read on PC n trust me I am feeling much better now like fresh sorry can’t type much all I can say is I got my New year gift tqsm? its awesome? n I have no words to describe the Beach scene I’m speechless love u my dear didi ur incredible?

    1. take care dear…..
      i m saying dis…..
      i hope u dnt mind

      1. Abhi koi take care bolega toh koi dimag se paidal insaan he hoga Jo mind karega? kya Sheetal ji abhi aap aise don’t mind don’t mind karoge toh hame bhi aap aaap karna padega…. Samazla???? n BTW tq dear I’m fine now phir bhi thoda bukhar hai but its ok

    2. samazl ha samazl……..(hehehehehehe)
      very good…

    3. take care

    4. Oh thank u my dear Shraddha ,and how r u now? Fever subsided,take care dear,and is this a new year gift,well,m humbled,then,I will fly if u praise me like this..take care..

      1. I’m recovering sorry for short reply tq jo n Didi… joya sorry but mujhe Jo naam bohot pasand aaya.. N didi I donno wen ever I comment for u I never press back space wat ever comes comes from my heart….its in one go n u deserve dos praises for making us all happy by ur ff

  16. Amazing.no words to describe it.the way u potray human feelings is incredible.loved it .♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.most important everything is so real and unique that i can easily relate myself to the characres and got easily carried away with the flow of the story.nothing is the over the top unlike that serial swaragini.a big thanks fir this beautiful ff.

    1. Thank u dear,m so happy to hear that you liked it,but nowadays ,though m not watching the serial,I read updates n I feel somewhere my story will also is trouble u all but I will try my max to do justice to wat m writing ..

  17. Cant express my feelings
    Awesome story
    Keep writting the way u like….
    If possible pls update daily

    1. Thank u dr,urs is a new name under my ff,thank u for reading and commenting here,a lil busy, dats y the late update,and also ,may be cos of the no of ff’s ,though we sent it around afternoon it will be uploaded at night only…

    1. Thank u dr…good to see u bk.

  18. Sorry some spelling mistakes there hope u will understand by reading it.

    1. No probs dear

  19. its amazing dear, its simple and refreshing.

    1. Thank u dr for reading n commenting..

  20. simply superb

    1. Thank u dr…

  21. I love your story dear…Keep Going…

    1. Thank u dr..

  22. I was really nice….mostly the scene of swara and mukesh scene and sanskar is so responsible…Liked the epi and a very happy new year to you too ?

    1. Thank u dr n once again wish u d same,thankbu for liking this ff…

  23. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Hi..vini..wen ever I read ur your Ff, I felt that magic in ur hands dr..whatever u writer, it will automatically turns to an extraordinary piece.
    Nice Episode , the seashore scene of sanky..nannayirunnu…that para and his emotions was simply superb

    1. Thank u dr,full name kaanumbol Oru santhosham thonnum,thank u for the good words dear,beach enikkishtaanu,so I included that, m happy that u all liked it,tc..

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