Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 18


Hi guys,Swasan Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 18
Scene 1:Next year,school reopening day.
Swara ,Ragini and Laksh has come early,Laksh tells them he is very excited to join them from that year,they wait at the usual place where Swaragsan meets daily,Ragini tells, “but where is this Sanky,I wana go and check if we all are in the same division,they see Sanskar running and coming,he says,”hi”,Ragini replies, “your hai,come here”.They go A division and their names are are not there,then to B and sees Laksh there,Laksh is sad,then they go to C and don’t find the the three names and is super excited and says, “so me,Swara and Sanky are in IX D,Lucky ji better luck next time ji…”Laksh shows anger seeing Ragini’s happiness,he says, “Don’t think I will leave u all,but now don’t come behind,let me go to my class ,”,Ragini says, “haha,only during free time and tuitions we will have to bear you,thank God”,Laksh again gets angry.Sanskar holds his shoulder and says, “come baba,new boy na,we will make you sit and then only we will go”Laksh again gets angry,other three smiles and leads him to his class.
Scene 2:Same day,afternoon after class
First day,so only half day,all four gather at the parking area,Swara reminds them, “tuitions will start tomorrow only,no?but don’t forget to come home today,Chetan is going to LKG,lazy he is,no body else will be there,a small get together,only you three are invited,so should come and boost him up,they agree and smile….

Scene 3:Evening,Swara’s house
Swara tells them that Chetan is now very excited to go to school,he has come to show them his new bag and books,SANLAKRAG smiles,Ragini goes and lifts Chetan up in the air,they spend some good time with the kid,they give him a small gift and after some time Laksh and Ragini leaves,Mukesh has taken taken Sanskar with him to the library at their home and tells him, “Swara had once told that only u have reading habit,u may take books from here,it is an old collection,u can read and return as per convenience,they then come out,Mukesh and Sumi asks Swara to take him to entertainment room,on the way to it,Swara shows her room to him from the corridor,through the door,Sanskar sees Shekhar’s photo on the wall,he asks her who that is?
Swara says , “I had always thought about telling you this,he was my role model,my best friend,my life,my Papa,left me alone and went away when I was in first standard,you know something Sanskar,we were in debt that time it seems,business graph was fluctuating,mom was forced to marry our G.M and he is my dad now,I know he is not a bad man,but still,I don’t even talk to him much,it is not because I hate him but I cant imagine anyone in my Papa’s place so I don’t give him space,you were right that day,I’m a bad girl,I hurt my dad,but at the end of each day after hurting everybody I used to get hurt myself,each day,Papa reminded me that I was wrong,wet pillow reminded me that my heart was wounded ,but now, I am atleast trying not to hurt others purposely,Sanskar stands there without knowing what to tell her,he just softly says, “Swara,if u don’t mind I want to go near Papa’s photo,”he goes inside and comes back after a minute, “Swara,I wanted to apologise to him first for hurting you,I had felt some sorrow was hidden in your eyes,but then thought u were a spoilt,stubborn girl,didn’t know the pain hidden inside your heart,I don’t know what to tell,but I know something,if you had somebody to be your support u at that time,atleast you would not have had to go through this pain,I am very sorry for mentioning about you not respecting dad,I am sorry for all the harsh words I have spoken to you,I mean it Swara,forgive me,She smiles and says, “leave it Sanskar,don’t spoil your mood,I am very happy,now I have three good friends to share everything and a best friend,Sanskar asks ,who is that best friend?She looks into his eyes and says, “you,Sanskar”,Sanskar is surprised as well as happy,he doesn’t know what to say,he tells her, “I don’t know if I deserve that status but thank u Swara,”Swara smiles looking at him,after some time ,Sanskar leaves.

Scene 4:Swara’s room
She goes and stands in front of Shekhar’s photo and tells him, “you saw Sanskar na papa?today I told him that he is my best friend,I wish I could tell him that I love him,but Papa,it is ok,but now itself tell God that I want him as my partner ,tell ok,God will listen to you,gudn Papa”,she goes and holds her pillow,she imagines all the moments with Sanskar,she smiles and hugs the pillow and lie down,now u r not getting wet ,u know why?because I am not sad,I feel I have a purpose in life,I will study well and I will wait for him ”…………

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Mrng di..pta h aaj subha 4:30 me earthquake aaya tha..dar gayi thi bht..nve evr fcd such a tremor in my lyf di???…itne saalo me phli bar bht bada dkha mne

    1. ohh god..!! r u ok ? is everything ok there..? where r u from rupshikha ..?

  2. Gm vini Di..n everyone..hv a rocking day..!!

    ohhmmgg..!! Vini Di 215 comments..not bad..after 2 days i m visiting this page..guys u all rocked it..rupshikha..u r truly a dramaqueen..ha ha ha

    1. Hello dr,Gud afternoon, yea,we did chat simply n it reached 220…Joya,Shraddha,Rupsikha ,Sethooty,Vinita n all were there…

  3. Hi niti di…i m 4m Assam?…sb thk he yaha pe…par baki jagah ki baare me pata nhi…i think Guwahati me kuch prblm hua h…

  4. Avi tak koi ff Q nhi h yarrr?

    1. Just now I read abt earthquake dr,now checked in net,6.8,strong one,thank God u r safe,Manipur s worst affected??,may God protect everyone..

  5. Yes…manipur me sbse jyada h…

    1. Hmm…so sad.

  6. Hi!!!!!!!!!!
    Is everything ok rupsikha??
    val lagil tomar khobor vale huni.
    Even I was terrified today. Around 4:30 am suddenly the bed began to shake and the window panes and the doors were vibrating . In the neighbouring houses everyone was continuously blowing conch shells.

    Eagerly waiting to see today’s epi.

    1. Many states are affected, no?thank God u guys are safe,prayer with those who are suffering the impact of this…

  7. Yes dr evrything is fine…don’t worry?

    1. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

      Hey mickey ..I just heard abt earthquake.. Is every thing okey na Dr..is anything affected to ur area?

  8. Di whte d nxt prt??

    1. I have already sent it dear,should be uploaded after some time.

  9. Di plz update soon.plz plz.u r ok.?

    1. Dear,today’s,I had sent but may get uploaded after some time only…many ff’s are to be uploaded,I guess.

  10. Ohhh sry i mean whre is d nxt prt…kb se wr kr rhi hu

  11. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Hi all Tthere r less Ff..eagerly waiting for today’s episode..
    I heard news thart we have to wait one and half month for swasan union.

  12. vini Di plz we r waiting from last 4 days..plz upload next part..

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  15. Hi guys, episode 19 I had posted early today but I think site admin should upload it,may be site s busy.And Sethooty, I stopped watching the serial…boring.

    1. Im eagerly waiting to read ur ff.. bt duz site makes me mad….
      Hw r u vini??

    2. that’s awesome..i hv stop after ragini’s memory loss drama..now u also..but u know i can’t stop myself loving the characters..i love sanskar..i like swara..i won’t say i like ragini but i like teju’s acting..

      n vini Di..you need not required to watch this boring stuff as u hv capability of making i mean writing whole serial..that will be better then the original one for sure.. uska proof ye hai ki many of us read urs and other ‘s ffs only n not original serial..

      1. Omg..I am really relieved after reading that rupiksha and vinitha are out of danger but I am equally sad for the victims. Actually I was out of the world from past one week. If I wouldn’t have read this page,I would never got to know about earthquake. You guys are really caring,affectionate,loving..I am not getting any words but I really love to read comments on your fiction.every time I read your episode,I will fall for your story as well as for you and also for this beautiful family. Thank-you telly updates for giving us such a wonderful author and commenters. I am not buttering anyone here..please don’t think like that. This is genuine feeling.

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