Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 17


Hi guys,m back to disturb u all,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 17………..

Scene 1:Next day ,at school ,interval time

Sanskar is not there in class,they are practising for some competition to be held on the next day,Swara and Ragini are in canteen,they are eating samosas,Swara tells her, ‘’Ragini,will you get angry if I ask u something?”,Ragini tells her, “still,u have doubt about our friendship,u have the freedom ,baba,ask,what is it?,Swara says, “actually,are you and Sanky in love?like,do u love him?Ragini laughs and says, “haha,what a question,well,is there any plan to help anybody else who has crush on him?”Swara is a little embarrassed hearing this and says, “well,no,I just asked,we are friends ,no,so…”,Ragini becomes serious and tells him, “you know something Swara,Sanky considers me like his Meera (sister)and I know that very well,he has always given a very responsible brotherly feeling when he is around,so he is my very very good friend and brother whom God forgot to give me as my sibling,dats it,doubt is clear,…..route is clear?”,Swara is again embarrassed hearing, ‘route is clear’,Ragini hits her softly and says, “I was just joking baba,I know you ,na?”,Swara smiles,they reach class room,she is super excited and happy hearing Ragini’s clarification.She says, “thank u God,thank u Papa” in her mind……..

Scene 2:Towards the end of academic year,after the tuitions

SwasanRag are standing in front of the tuition class and is chatting,Ragini says, “why our Lucky ji didn’t come today?”,Just then they see Laksh coming towards them,he comes near them and gets down in style,all three smiles seeing him and says, “what is this,Harry Potter specs?Laksh says, “yea,yea,just for a style”,Ragini tells him, “tuition sir should be watching your style from there”,Laksh tries to hide and says, “come ,come,we’ll go that side and chat,Swara ,good that you started coming by cycle,atleast no need to wait here na?Swara says, “ah,but once in a while only I have permission,dad is very conscious about the traffic in our route and is over protective also”,they listen to her and then Laksh says, “actually,this specs is part of celebration,my admission to your school from next academic year is confirmed,”Sanskar gets up and hugs him and says, “Oh,confirmed,finally,so happy for u dear,Ragini and Swara smiles,Ragini smiles and says, “now there also u two can make plots against us,na?”Sanskar comes to her and says, “Don’t worry,when one comes,other will go,I am planning to change school from next year,if I shift to Rudravilas,then,I can help dad in the shop after class,na?tuitions also, shall join somewhere there”,Swara feels her heart heavy hearing this,Ragini and Laksh are shocked as well,Ragini comes and tells, “what rubbish,no,we wont allow this,no Sanky,what is the need now”?Sanskar tells them they’ll discuss about it later and tells bye and leaves,other three keeps staring at each other.

Laksh says, “should talk to mamma,some thing is fishy”,Ragini tells them, “even I was thinking the same,anyways,tomorrow he is going for that science quiz organised by rotary club,na?we’ll do onething,we’ll seek permission from home and go meet mamma and Papa.

Scene 3:Next evening ,Sanskar’s house

Swaraglak have come to his house to talk about Sanskar shifting school,his mother is shocked hearing this and tells, “actually,he didn’t tell us anything,last week we had discussed about shifting Meera to a better school as she is going to high school,may be ,he thought to lessen our burden,but don’t worry,children,we’ll manage somehow,I wont allow him to shift school now,don’t worry”,Ragini,Laksh and Swara are relieved but is sad thinking about Sanskar,Ragini tells mamma not to tell him now that they came and discussed this..

Scene 4: Same day,Swara waiting for Mukesh at Sanskar’s house,Raglak has left.

Swara and Meera goes to the garden,she notices the pot she had planted painted in blue,she remember him asking that day about her favourite colour and her reply as blue,she smiles and sees the small buds in it,just then Sanskar’s mom comes out to them and joins them,telephone bell rings and Meera goes to attend it,his mother tells to Swara, “Sanky loves gardening a lot,that was our house,she points to the Maheswari Mansion which was sold,he had planted lots of plants there,when we sold that my son told me, “mamma,more than the house,

I will miss those plants”, “you know ,Swara,I am not praising him because he is my son,he hides everything in his heart,he wont express any sorrow,not even to us,always sacrifices everything,wont ask for anything unnecessary,wont ask necessary things also,behind that smile,he hides his heart,shows like,if a mountain comes also,he will support on his shoulder,but I know ,mother,no?inside it will be burning ,I forget that he is just 13,he became so serious because of his experience,my child has not enjoyed his childhood much,I just want to see him achieving his dreams,I want to see him living his life happily,Swara was listening carefully,

she realises that her eyes are filled,she quickly moves and blinks her eyes fast to hide the tears,just then Meera comes from behind and tells Sujatha that she talked to the caller and now aunty wants to talk to you,his mom goes inside,Swara thinks about Sanskar and tells in her mind, “My love wont be an obstacle in your way,I will wait for the right time,but I cant let u go….”

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Hello dear hope u had great fun during Christmas!! N our episode is filled with so many emotions? ayy hayy swara such a cutie u know even I was a bit taken by rags ka “route us clear” wala statement? she must ve blushed inside? n u know even offscreen i feel TERUN relation is like best buddies? bro sis…..poor swara she must be like what? wen sanky said he’s planning to change I can feel their pain even one of my bf had left school all of a sudden but one more jhatka I got was wen his mom said she never knew I was like kya banda hai itne se umar me itna maturity itni samajh kaha se lata hai? n dat too he’s just 13 how his mom must be telling swara all this with heavy heart its like proud to have a son like him yet sad that they are so helpless? sad! N lastly swaras dialogue was brilliant its just 1 line yet describes many emotions well done vinnii wat an entry after almost a week

    1. Hei Shraddha,u n Joya should seriously think about writing,m not kidding,analysis is perfect yaar,Christmas season was fun dear but tomorrow evening only I will reach Bglore.. Busy travelling..exhausted..but with relatives it was fun,and yea,it was my wedding annv yesterday,do u remember ,I had written about an edible photo print cake in my previous ff,ordered a similar one with our snaps and surprised everyone….

      1. Heyyyyyy Belated wishes dear!!! May u ve many more !!!! N yup I do remember that cake thing its such a great idea?? its very enticing u know to see a cake with smiling pictures on it! Beautiful n BTW tq but writing n me????? bad idea n I ssly think kiya shud write I like her Hindi description?

      2. belated happy anniversary………….
        may nature bless both of u…………..
        thank you…..
        are humare jaise matlb mere jaise log bhi writter bananege na to dub gayi naiya……
        bdw i m a very bad writer i knw….

      3. Doob gayi nayyya lol?lekin aap itne ache lines kehte ho Hindi me why don’t u write it in Hindi itself muhje toh lagta hai u shud give it a try☺

      4. Thank u for the wishes dears,and yea u both should write,m very sure u both will write excellent stuff n Joya,should give a try in Hindi as Shraddha said..and u Shraddha,u shouldddd write as well.

      5. Ayyo my grammar ain’t good baba!!? n imagination n creativity toh chod he do as she said doob gayi nayya???

  2. Superb ,..,……

    1. Thanks yr..

  3. As usual awesm. My fvrt ff. I just lv it. Thnx di fr such a wonderful fiction.

    1. Thank u dr for the good words,hope u will keep reading…

  4. love ur ff dear. …
    its awesome. .

    1. Thank u for this constant support

    2. Shall respond to all ur comments asap..

  5. i enjoyed a conversion between swara and ragini……
    thank u god and thank you papa……superb………
    sanskar’s maturity…. hatts offff…..
    sanskar’s mom is opening heart in front of swara…………..
    perfect yar……………….
    ek shock tha humre liye ragsan’s bro sis bond………..

    1. Hai Joya,I need to just say thank u because don’t know wat else to say,for understanding my ff and for supporting me like this,I know u will be there..

  6. and ha i really get disturbed when u do not distrub me…..
    soch k jawad digiye ga..agar is tarike se aap hume disturb karti rahengi to hum aankhari saan tak disturb hone k liye ready hai…..
    fir kya khayal hai aapka?????

    1. Dear,I simply typed like that, ok,and seriously yaar ,most probably this story will disturb u and u won’t be able to say it that time since u tol like this now,haha,just kidding,bt u should not worry that time also,just tell frankly ok..

  7. Awesome dear heart touching

    1. Thank u dr.

  8. Superb..loved it!

    1. Thanks ya,nice name…

  9. Wow..vini wat an episode..love u lot Dr..Ragini’s brotherly affection towards sanky..great …last avalu paranjilae route clear ayo ennu haha..I really enjoyed that portion , rotary club is Familiar to kochi.Thanku for the early updates Dr…njan Tuesday anu expect cheythe..

    1. Thank u dr for this love and support,yesterday I simply typed wen I got some free time,u liked that dialogue,alle?Ragini’s character is so lovable,m tryg to portray it that way..

  10. How was ur Xmas celebratn Dr..epo kochi ano?..

    1. Everything was good dear,now on the way to Bangalore, in laws had come to Kochi after Xmas,it was fun…

  11. actually life k kuch incidences insan ko andar se badal deta hai…..jaise sanskar…..sanskar smiles for his family…..Jis tarike se aapne sanskar ki mom ka swara k sath ka conversion likha hai….amazing. amazing…….
    she feels proud on her son.same time she can feel his hidden pain also…..
    each and every sentence of her is chumeshwari…………
    i loved dt route clear ho gaya na and any plan to help else who has crush on him….yr sanskar’s parents want to change meera’s school and sanskar’s thinking about dis……

    1. And ya,u expected a love triangle between swasanrag?just a doubt,actually wanted to show just pure friendship between them,I hope there will be some short good moments of Rags ….

      1. no no…
        i m not expecting love triangle….
        actually ragini said na sanskar is like brother for me…….i love d friendship between sanskar and ragini….bus socha nhi tha ki bro sis ka bond aap dikhayengi……..

      2. i strongly believe in k ek ladka and ladki close frnds ho sakte….
        i mean hum yeh manate hai ki friendship do insan no k beech hoti hai…i dnt care ki wo ladka hai ya ladki…….bcz i belive in pure frndship between human not in ki koi ladka ladki close frnd nahi ho sakte…….
        are shock isiliye laga ki bro sis expect nahi kiya tha isliye………
        nothing else…..
        sorry agar aapko bura laga ho to….

      3. Haan main wahi hoon! Well muhje laga he tha ki shayad hamari age almost same hogi aur aisa he hai main bhi engg student hu I’m studying electronics engineering! N BTW “hame toh Mauka chahiye batane keliye ki hum punekar hai” yeh line maine bohot baar suna hai mere kafu dost hai puna se unka bhi reaction aisa he rehta hai?

      4. Joya,I asked cos I wanted to know if my ff had given that feel,I asked u cos I wanted ur feedbk..yes regarding friendship wat u said,I agree.then_.I have a good friend who is like my bro,most of the characters m writing has similarities with people whom I have met…

    2. I had typed a reply dear,not displayed,let me c if it will be uploaded,if not I will reply again.

    3. Hello joya aap bura na mano toh mujhe poochna tha ki aap kahase ho aur kya karte ho kyun ki pichle kitne episodes se maine observe kiya hai ki meri aur aapki thought process similar hai is ff me toh bass thodi si curiousity thi? bura matt manana ha sorry if it’s interfearing

      1. isme bura lagne wali kya baat hai….i m from maharashtra….
        are hum puna se hain…actually hume bus ek mauka chahiye hota hai batane ka ki hum PUNEKAR hai(he he he he he he he)
        i m student of network engineering…
        aap vahi ho na sanskar ka khwab swara k moment me kaise??????

      2. Haan main wahi hoon Woh apka reply dekha nahi kitne sare fanfiction likhe ja rahe hai SwaSan pe ki ek din me 7 8 pages ho jate hai website ke aur ha apne waha sahi kaha tha fools ko duniya fool he dikhti hai? sachi me abhi yeh log use sasuraal simar ka jaise na banaye bas yahi Prarthana hai??

    1. Thank u dr.

  12. Amazing

    1. Thank u dr

  13. Really missed your update these days
    Waiting for next episode. ..

    1. Was busy dear,travelling,let me c,shall try to type now and post it asap…

    1. Thank u dr.

  14. Marvellous, fantastic , awesome,superb,oshadharon,khub bhalo,opurbo,amazing,incredible

    1. Thank u my dear,two words I didnt understand….

      1. Khub bhalo means very good and opurbo means wonderful. Typed these in Bengali.

  15. Joya di’s words are so true .Humko bhi aise disturb hona qubool hai………itminan se sochkar apne khyalat bataiye

    After seeing the ff today I was again thinking that whether I was hallucinating.. I am do happy to see the update today. how was your Christmas ? celebration in Kochi???

    1. thanks dear for supporting me………..

      1. Welcome joya di?

    2. Hei dear,I simply told like that,actually a few of u r so familiar thru these comments column,m too attached to my cousins ,actually to the younger ones,I have only two first cousins younger to me,now I feel, to a few of u,I reply as though m replying to them…

      1. u simply told like that….but we r serious na….
        m i ri8 vinita……..???????????

  16. U always rockkk, its superb, in this epi u showed not only sanskaar as mature guy but u also showed swara as a mature girl

    1. Thank u dr for the good words……Basically all are good,that is what m tryg to say……

  17. Very emotional episode dr…mind blowing…swara’s last dialogue was awesome…a portrayal of true love ❤

    1. Thank u dear,glad that u liked it…

  18. What can I say…In a word it was mind blowing….swara’s last dialogue was heart touching …really nice epi

    1. Thank u dear,some episodes will be like that,some ,even I dont like …

  19. Di missed u.how was ur xmas celebration.di when u r not disturbing me im totally disturbed so plz plz disturb me daily.are u in kochi ? Anyway belated happy xmas and happy new year in advance .dont think that im going somewhere bcoz im not.i just wanna wish u thats it.todays ff was soo emotional.i just luvd it

    1. Thank u dear,I simply told like that,celebration was fun dear,Im returning to Bangalore now,my father in law is coming with us for a short vacation,mom in law passed away in June,so celebration was limited but was fun being with loved ones,thank u and wish u d same dear..

  20. Superb yaar….plz update next part soon. …

    1. thank u dear,shall try to send now..

  21. Am a silent reader luvd ur fictions of both seasons…nd its just amazing..

    1. Thanks yr.

  22. This is my fav ff…really i’m in love with swasan’s tis ff…u rocked it dear…

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