Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 16

Hi guys,good morning,today ( 24/12/15) ,I am posting early ,next will be tomorrow,I have responded to all ur comments under prevoious 2,hope it will get uploaded after moderation ,sorry if it is brief,but I read all your comments and thank you guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season2 ) episode 16……….

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Scene1:SwaRagLak planning to pay surprise visit to Sanskar’s home…

The three had decided to visit Sanskar’s house on Saturday after the tuitions,Sanskar’s sister had informed Ragini that he is fine now and will start going to school from Monday,they meet outside tuiton class ,saturday tutions had finished by 5pm,Ragini gives a packet to Laksh and asks him to keep it in his cycle carrier,Swara is seated on the back seat of her cycle,the three leave by two cycles and reaches Sanskar’s house

Scene 2:Sanskar’s house

Sanskar is surprised to see them especially Swara,Swara is relieved to see him after many days,Ragini hands him the packet and says, “fruits for the patient,sorry,couldn’t bring it on time”.Swara keeps looking at him in between,just then Sanskar’s dad comes,he has a walking aid on one hand and is evident that he is a patient who has recovered from a paralysis,Ragini and Laksh goes and hugs him,Swara slowly follows,he tells her, “Swara,right?he had told,new girl in school”,Ragini says, “was new girl but is now our very dear friend”,his dad smiles and asks them to talk ,just then Sanskar’s mom brings tea and his sister brings snacks,Ragini and Laksh quickly rushes and takes the trays from them and keeps it on the table,Ragini leans onto Sanskar’s mom and they are chatting,his mom tells Swara, “Swara,eat something,baba,feel free”,she takes one biscuit and says, “thank u aunty”,His mother tells her, “Swara beta,Ragu and Lucky calls me and Sanskar’s dad mamma and Papa and we like it that way only,so,u also feel free to call like that,Swara smiles and nods,she then looks at Sanskar,he signs her to drink tea and she nods…

Scene 3:Sanskar’s house ,after 2 hours
Ragini and Laksh says bye and leaves,Mukesh had told he will pick Swara and so she is waiting at Sanskar’s house for him,Sanskar and Meera shows her the house and then Sanskar takes her to his garden,he tells her, “So how do you feel coming to Sanskar Maheswari’s palace,should be feeling like running away,na?Swara tells him, “so u think of me like that,I came to see u,and u have got such a loving family,I’m planning to come here again”,Sanskar says, “Oh,really,good,good,most welcome”,he asks her to wait and goes to the backyard,he quickly comes back,he has a knife and a stem of rose in his hand,he quicks fills an empty pot with soil and asks Swara to plant it,she is surprised,he tells her, “well,gardening is my hobby,on October 2nd,your hand got cut and you couldn’t plant it ,so we’ll do it now,don’t worry,you just need to plant it,watering and all I will do”,she says, “Oh,what a joke”,move,she sits down and plants the stem and sprinkles water using her hand,he watches this and smiles….

Scene 4:Swara reaches home,same day after dinner
Swara sits on his bed,she recalls her moments at Sanskar’s home,she thinks about his home,garden,his family,everything,she says to herself , “now I understood the meaning of his tears on the first day while listening to Madam’s speech”she feels something,she goes and stands opposite Shekhar’s photo in her room,she tells him softly, “Papa,I don’t know what you will feel when I tell u this,but I want to tell u,I don’t know,I’m feeling so happy today,after seeing him ,I understood how much I had missed him,I don’t know Papa, but was not feeling like going to school and tuition in his absence,I cant describe,but this is first time,I am missing somebody after you,Papa,is this what they call love or as all elders say,is this infactuation, I thought about it all these days,I think I feel for him,but Papa,I wont tell him now,I don’t even know if he and Ragini are in love,if they are not,then,I think I have a chance but after seeing his home,I understood how he became so responsible,so serious,I had hated his nature but now I have respect and love for him,I wont pose any obstacle in his path,I will wait for him Papa,till he achieves all his dreams,he is so talented and once he gets a job,I will tell him,is it ,ok,Papa?ok na?but tomorrow I will clarify with Ragini regarding her and Sanskar’s relation”,she smiles and goes near her dad’s photo and keeps her head on the photo,a small drop of tear rolls down from her eyes……..

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. joya

    teenager’s love………………………
    very nice episode………
    she is in 8th std but she is thinking about sanskar’s future……
    she wants to clarify but fir bhi usne apna future sanskar k sath bandh liya…
    swara k liye kuch
    Suna tha,dekha na tha,samjhana tha,jana na tha……
    kya yahi woh pyar hai yeh jo mujhe ho gayaaaaaaaaaaa………………..

    • Vini Ross

      Thank u my dear,for this comment and for the comment underneath,I knew u would respond to it but I m telling a sorry to u in advance,dont know if the track will disappoint u,but thank u so much for this support dear…

      • joya

        are y r u saying sorry…..
        about leap??????
        dt was jast a guess….
        nothinh else…….
        i love to enjoy ur story…..
        swara jab uski feeling share kar rahi thi tab humne hmari frnd ki yaad aa gayi….she was fallen in love in 8th std….
        5 years she was in relationship wid some1….

    • Vini

      Hi dear,I would have missed reading this reply of urs,merry Xmaa,scrolled up n saw this,no dear,leap will be there for sure,but wat I meant is u replied for me n defended my ff n writing ,I read the trust u have on my ff in ur words,u guys r so supportive,I asked sorry in advance cos I have a gut feeling that the twists will be stupid and u guys will regret supporting me,still, I want to write n will write wat I have in my mind now but I don’t know if my regular readers will like it,still I am going for it dear,cos I wana write it solely based on the one line planned.

  2. sethooty

    Wow superb Dr..eagarly waiting for next episode, want knw how is ragini is reaction wen swara asked about her relation with sanskar…

  3. Sorry I can’t able to comment but I ll read ur ff sis!!! Really amazing sis…heart touching by swara emotions!!!! And advance happy Christmas eve!!!!!

  4. Tara

    Superbbb bond btwn frds and with parnts of frd. But veena dear, plzzz it’s my rqst.. plz take a leap to colg nd then love. I don’t wish 2 see luv n 8th std. Sry sry. It’s my feelings. I feel little awkward to see love btwn 8th std children. Just my suggestion. Let her feelings b like tis. Take a leap nd show colg life lik u showd skul life.

    • Vini

      Tara,thank u, but sorry ,leap will be after some more episodes,as I am planning to do some more detailing (though I know it is a cliché track and the detailing will be a little boring m going for it dear ,in the way that I have planned,sorry) and regarding love,yea,I understand and I dont support that either,but, since I can’t reveal the small track in my mind(it is a common one ,though) I hope the scenes I am going to add and the love m tryg to show through these characters will be justified as our track progresses…it won’t be just love between our school going kids,that is sure,hope u will keep reading to understand this simple version of love and friendship….

    • joya

      hey tara..
      i understand what r u saying…
      dear vini di will take a leap in her story….
      i m sure about dis…..
      have patience dear…….
      she does every thing perfectly…..just.
      keep reading…..kuch episodes k bad aap jarur satisfy hongi hume yakin hai…
      thank you dear

  5. Vinita

    Awesome. Episode di!!!! Loved the way how swara confessed her feelings to Shekhar, loved that father and daughter bond….

  6. Shraddha

    Oh God so many emotions in 1 ff well to start with swara how she felt relieved after seeing him n den wen Aunty asked her to call maa papa hw sweet n den gardening ke time pe sanskaar ka use dekhna n most beautiful convo with her dad’s portrait how maturely did she analyze dat she missed him she feels for him her confusion abt infatuation n den best part is wen she said she’ll tl wen he gets a job which means she too realizs his responsibility towards his family great mahn!

  7. Vinita

    Dashing through the snow ⛄
    In a one horse ? open sleigh
    Over the fields we go
    Laughing ? all the way
    Bells are bobtail ring
    Making spirits bright
    What fun ? it’s to laugh and sing
    A sleighing song ? tonight
    Jingle bells jingle bells
    Jingle all the way
    Oh what fun ? it is to ride in a one horse ? open sledge!!!!!
    Merry Christmas di!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas ? rupsikha!!!! borodiner shubho kamona!!!!!!

    • Vini Ross

      Hei dear,thank u for this lovely wish,wish u the same dear,hope u had a wonderful day,till next week I have a very tight schedule but enjoying it…

  8. Vinita

    Today we all cousins are preparing for a night stay!!!! My cousin brother (elder) dressed up as Santa Claus and went to the room of my younger cousins. Initially they were happy ? to see Santa ? but suddenly he started to do tandav dance and they got scared to see Santa ? performing tandav. Then he started to throw chocolates ? in all possible directions and ran away from the room. That was a scene worth watching. What are your preparations for Christmas????? What dishes will u make????? May lord bless you alot di!!!!!!

    • Vini Ross

      Hei dr,my God ,so funny,I visualised wat u mentioned in my mind,dear actually we are at my hubby’s sis’ place,she is my cooking guru and is a lovely lady too,I assisted her,well dishes,all non veg items dear,then cake and pumpkin halwa,her two kids,boys,so, their fights and food,m exhausted haha,but enjoyed….are u there in fb?

  9. nik

    Hiiii di. Wish u a merry christmas:-) sorryyy..l was not cmntng since last week coz l was busy wid college prjcts. Ur ff is really d bst 1 fr me. Dr is alws smthng difrnt in ur story n its ur speciality diii….wtng fr d next 1 .

    • Vini

      Hi dr,thank u dr for the good words and yea thank u n wish u d same dear.. I will be writing the next one only on Monday dear…and hope ur project work was completed perfectly.tc.

  10. Vini

    And Mickey,if u happen to check this section,I remember,u had tol this day is special for u,hope it was special and blessed indeed,I had replied there under that comment ,still,stay happy n blessed,tc.

  11. Hei di …nice epi….n ya today is realllllyyy spcl 4me…fnlllyyyy aftr 1year m happyyyyy…diiiiiiiiiiiii pta h wo aaj milne aayi thi(boyfrnd)….n saath me mere saree frnxzz v the…bht msti ki hum sbne….???…n aapke bare me v kaha maine?…

    O n fb accnt avi nhi khl skti sryyy

    N ya lately merry christmas di…☺

    @vinita thnx dr..2maleu bordinor subhokamona thakil:)……m going 2 slp nw…gdnyt

  12. Vini

    Mickey,hope my reply to ur comment will be published after moderation,readers friends,if anybody happens to visit this to check wen next update would be,m sorry next update will be on Tuesday most probably…

  13. needhi

    Its ok vini but do update it on tuseday.Eagerly waiting for next update and ragini’s answer.I know u must tired by christmas celebration so take rest dear.On tuseday come with a bang.

  14. Vinita

    Take your time di……. No problem ?
    Today u reached Kochi????
    I don’t use fb. Actually my mom doesn’t permit it. According to her fb should be after 18. So I have to Wait for some more months ?

    • Vini Ross

      ok dr,thank u,yea I reached,I simply asked dear,I had thought of creating a closed grp ,then I thought already Saba’s grp fiction lover is there,and yea,m not very active in fb but I check it daily,m too lazy to post…

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