SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 15


Hi guys,sorry for not responding to comments under previous one,shall do it asap.busy travelling..now,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 15….

Scene 1:Swara’s house,new year day evening

Swara is waiting for Sanskar’s call,she has reached home after tuitions,just then her landline rings and she rushes and attends it,Sanskar says “hello”,she says, “tell me Sanskar,you liked the gift?”He tells her, “diary,well I had started that habit so I will switch my writings to the new one,pen also,ok but Walkman,I cant accept such an expensive gift Swara,will u accept it back”?Swara scolds him, “what kind of a friend you are,and u sings pretty well and loves music,so I gave it”,Sanskar says, “I understand but it is too big for an 8th standard new friend gift”,she listens and tells him, “dats ok,my this year’s new year friend is so special”, he says,“oh,oh,too much lather is not needed,I took my bath,ok Swara,bye,see you tomorrow,she says bye and turns,she finds Mukesh offering her a cup of coffee,she looks at him and slowly accepts it and says, “thank you”,Mukesh is surprised but tells her, “Happy new year beta,couldn’t wish u in the morning,I had to leave early,mom has taken Chetan to paediatrician,she will come now”,Swara listens everything and softly says, “Happy new year to u too….….Dad”,saying that she goes from there,Mukesh is moved,his eyes are moist,Swara watches this from her room…

Scene 2:Swara’s house after dinner

Sumi comes to the room,Mukesh tells her,”hei Sumi,I was waiting to tell u this,today after 8 years our daughter addressed me dad,first time,Sumi is super excited hearing it, “Sach,I cant believe, Mukesh,”,he replies, “even I couldn’t believe my ears,but as we had noticed ,she has changed a lot,more than everything,she has started smiling,I think her new friends, Sanskar,Ragini and Laksh are responsible for this change of hers,should tell her to call them home,I want to be here when they come but tight schedule nowadays,ah,let’s see”

Scene 3:Next day morning,class room

Swara has reached early,she is waiting for Sanskar and Ragini,she doesn’t see Sanskar,assembly starts,she peeps and checks the late comer’s area to see if he is there,then understands that he is absent,she finds it a bit difficult to concentrate in class and waits for the interval to meet Ragini,during the interval,she goes to Ragini and asks her why Sanskar is absent,she tells her, “Actually I don’t know,his dad’s check up day is on the 5th of every month,don’t know if appointment is preponed,we’ll see,if he doesn’t turn up for tuitions,we will call him.

Scene 4:Evening,after tuitions

Ragini,Laksh and Swara have come to the booth to call to Sanskar’s home,his mom attends,she tells them, “actually he is having chicken pox,all of us had got it once before,that time he was spared,now he got,he had told to tell you’all,Ragini says, “ok,mamma,ask him to take rest,”she cuts the call,she tells the matter to Swara and Laksh,Laksh says, “just a day,still miss him,na,how many days more?Swara is sad but doesn’t express it,Ragini tells “wait,see we haven’t got it ,so,mamma wont allow us inside,I will go home and tell Meera(Sanskar’s sister) to inform me when he is better and devoid of infection,then we will go,they agrees and leaves.

Scene 5:Swara’s room,same day evening

Swara is walking restlessly in her room,she thinks, “chicken pox,will take min 10 days,no?”she then sits on the couch and says ,”but why am I so disturbed?let him take rest,as Ragini said,we will go when aunty will allow us inside without any hesiatation,after all it is for our good,no?she tries to reassure herself but feels something when she thinks he wont come to class next day,she goes to her garden,she sits on the bench there and stares at the sky and asks, “what is wrong with me?”………..

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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    1. Thank u dr.

    1. thank u yr

  1. Nice episode !!! Sankys gifts suit him ? I can understand wen he said 8th std new frnd gift such a nyc boy sanky u r it seems as if Varun kapoor was meant to be Sanskaar it suits him so much n moment if the day ?? mukeah finally got his share of happiness so sweet swara ? n finally the restlessness has started!? but its just a start ? waiting for next part ?

    1. hei Shraddha,since m a lil busy pls pardon if my reply is short,your analysis no words dr,sorry for making it short in this reply column,have to respond to yestrdays also,pls keep reading dr.

      1. No problem at all enjoy because its Christmas time!!!???? just just. Keep updating ??lol kidding have a great time

    2. Yes dear,very tight schedule,mom in law passed away in June so this time no much celebration as such,just visiting relatives but schedule is tight…I may take a break of two days (Monday n tuesday)…

      1. Oh so sorry to here that… Take ur time no problem as such. Merry Christmas n stay happy stay blessed?

  2. Vini dear i was waiting for your ff whole day .i checked tellyupdates so many times and finally got it.its inredible .u have compelling narrative style and i just love this thing about u.when will u update the next part???plz tell me

    1. thank u Needhi,m on my vacation,busy ,sorry for the delay,but shall try to upload one each day ……….

  3. I hoped a long epi

    1. Sorry,pls keep reading…

  4. Sorry incredible

    1. understood dear

    1. Thank u dear..

    1. Thank u dear

    1. Thank u dear.

  5. yr superb…
    sanskar ka uncomfortable hona gift accept karte wakt,
    and ha swara ka ek pause lekar mukesh ko Dad bulana pehli bar..awesome……..
    mukesh ki aankhe nam hona….sumi ko batane k liye uska excited hona.sumi ka muskurana…yr it’s too good…which word is perfect in ur praise?????
    swara is missing sanskar…..how cute……loved it diiiiiiii a lot….
    actually i want to share something to u…….
    can i?????????????????

    1. my dear,u know what struck me in ur comment,that u noticed that pause before the word dad,yaar,wat to tell u,no words,thank u dear,and yes pls feel free to share..if u r comfortable,,,

      1. actually i was watching interview at news channel….
        host ne us guest se se puchha tha uska javab dete huye unhno ne kaha ki koi bhi kahani ho serial ka plot ho ya kuch bhi ho usme property k liye fights,negativity, show off,accident yeh sab dikhana aur maintain karana bahot easy hota hai..
        difficult hota hai kuch simple dikhana,simple karna usko maintain karana,aur audience ko happiness dena….difficult hota hai chhote chhote incidents ko unki purity, innocence aur geharai k sath present karna….
        for eg swara ki feelings apne step father k liye,ragini aur laksh jab sanskar se milne ghar aaye the to sanskar ki mom ka kehna ki tum dono ko yaha uncomfortable feel ho raha hoga na,swara ko maf karne k baad uska swara ki taraf frndship k liye khud hath badhana..just amazing….
        jab humne yeh suna hume sabse pehle aapki yaad aayi….aap humesh kehti hai ki aapki story simple hai aur hum kehte hai ki wahi to dil ko chhuti hai…
        pr hum apko yeh kehna bhool gaye ki aapki story unique aur perfect hai…aur hume apki story ki SIMPLICITY bahot pasand hai……shayad hum hi apko bata nahi paye humne apki story kitni pasand hai isiliye apne story continue na karne ka socha tha na…….
        plz dubara aisa sochiyega bhi mat…..
        kehte hai ki diamond ko apni value pata nahi hoti par johari ko jarur hoti hai means asali heere ki pehchan sirf johri ko hoti hai bakiyon k liye wo ke paththar hi hota hain…(aap heera ho par hum koi johari nahi hai….wo just ek phrase hai jo humne use ki hai….hum to bus ek reader hai…hehehehe)
        dubara story ko stop karne k bareme sochiyega bhi mat….

    2. Hei dear,I honestly don’t know wat to reply but thank u for the good words,examples,comparison everything,as far as writing is concerned I have never thought I will write a simple story even,during my college days only relation to writing was,I was there in magazine team and I used to do some editing,translation,matter prep for compering ,cartoons and things like that but yea never attempted story or poems and ,this track, tthough I felt bored as I said and though I know the future track is going to be similar to some familiar scenes I will write for u all and I have just a one line of this story in my mind bt I will write for u,the thing I have noticed in ur comments under written updates is there is frankness,wat u like u appreciate n if u don’t like I think u mention that ,so,ur words means a lot to me, thank u for being there and supporting my ff.

      1. thank you for giving ur valuable time for replying my commets….
        thank for noticing and giving importance to us…..

  6. Di plz try to update lengthy episode.first u made me restless by this late update and now disappointed with this short episode.sorry if iam disturbing.hope u will understand .today’s ff was nice
    swasan started.

    1. Appu,sorry dear,ente vacation aaayathu kondu time kittunnilla,sorry,shall try to post min one for sure

  7. Fantastic

    1. Thank u dr.

  8. Really nice….but plz make it a bit long na

    1. Sorry,a lil busy that is y

  9. wow..the gifts were perfect for sanky…swara also become best friend of raglaksan..ohh..finally swara call mukesh as dad..how happy he n sumi will be..!! awesome epi..

    1. its me Di Niti..

  10. its me Di Niti..

    1. Ok dear,and yea ,I understood it is uu,sorry for the short reply,m glad that u liked it.

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