SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 14


Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction (season 2) episode 14

Scene 1 :After two months,december 31st

It is around 11.40,Ragini and Swara are awake in their respective homes,Sanskar and Laksh had told them that they will come to the road in front of their houses at 12 to wish them,noise of crackers from various corners,some bike riders are doing racing,some families have come out for a walk,Laksh watches it and says, “hmm,after a few years ,we will also buy bikes,hey na Sanky?”,Sanskar says, “yea definitely”,they push their cycle and are enjoying midnight moments ,suddenly Laksh says, “s**t,look at the time,to whose house should we go first,I think we should wish Swara first,they both wont bother but if we go to Ragini’s and come back to wish Swara,it will be very late,have to go to school,tomorrow,no?they leave for Swara’s house…

Scene 2:Road in front of Swara’s house

She has switched on the lights and is waiting for them,she hears the bell of their cycles,she quickly goes near the window,she sees Sanskar,he waves at her,Laksh has bent down and checking the wheel and doesn’t see Swara,it is 12,Swara and Sanskar smiles and says Happy new year (through lip movement),just then Laksh gets up,Swara wishes him as well,she opens the window and throws three roses to outside the compound,she somehow manages to throw it near them,they runs and picks it and sees each of their names written on the paper chits attached to it,she signs them to give one to Ragini,they nods,they leave from there pushing their cycle,Sanskar after a minute looks back and sees Swara at the window looking at them,he signs her to go,she smiles and pushes the curtain to position,she goes and sits on the bed and smiles……..

Scene 3:Sanlak at Ragini’s house to wish her

They hint using cycle bell,suddenly,they see somebody walking to the door,Arnab(Ragini’s father) opens the door and comes to the gate,Laksh and Sanskar gives a naughty smile and says, “Happy new year,uncle”,her father says, “me and Pooja knew you two would come this year also,so we were watching a movie and waiting,well,Ragi doesn’t know that we are awake,she should be waiting at her room window,he takes them inside and makes them sit in the hall,Pooja(Ragini’s mom) comes and Arnab goes to call Ragini,he knocks and she opens,he asks her to come down,she says, ‘’but why Papa ,let me sleep”,her father replies , “the two for whom you were waiting at the window has been arrested”,Ragini says, “Oh,where are they,she comes down and doesn’t see them,suddenly Sanky and Lucky who were hiding comes out and says, “bow”,Ragini gets shocked and says, “what a first wish,bow,it seems”,she then goes to hit them,Pooja brings a cake,Arnab says, “let the youth army cut it’’,Sanlakrag together cuts the cake,they first feeds Pooja and Arnab and wishes them Happy new year,Arnab and Pooja wishes them and says “may your friendship remain like this always”,Arnab asks them if he should leave them,they tell that they have to roam around and enjoy as today is the only day during a year where there is no time restriction to enter home,they go from there………

Scene 4:Next day,January 1st

Assembly is over,class teacher walks in,children wishes her happy new year and then teacher tells them it is time to exchange new year friend gifts,she tells them though some naughty ones would have found out who got their names many would be still clueless,she tells them that she just hope they enjoyed writing letters with hints to their new year friends,first roll number is called,that boy gives gift to his friend and it progresses like a chain,Swara’s turn comes,she goes to Sanskar’s bench and gives the gift to Sanskar,he is surprised,she smiles and says, “Happy new year ,friend”,he smiles and is in still in surprise.

Scene 5:Interval time

Swara and Sanskar are walking through the corridor,he tells her, “you,Swara,you didn’t give me any hint,not even a letter”,he smiles saying the word letter,Swara says, “I stopped letter writing,I wont write to anyone,last episode of writing letters is still there in my mind”.Sanskar bursts into laughter hearing that,he tells that , “I wonder how that fight ended up like this”,Swara tells Sanskar to open the gift after reaching home only,he agrees,he smiles and says, “I was your enemy a few months back and look now you got my name,so funny,na?She says, “but you are not my enemy now,so”Ragini comes running to them,she hugs Swara and wishes her happy new year,she asked Sanskar if he was surprised to see that Swara had got his name,Sanskar tells her, “so u also knew,what about Lucky?”,Ragini tells, “We didn’t tell him,he cant be trusted in these kind of things,u both always pull our legs ,na,so we don’t trust you”,interval time is over,they go back to their classes……

(Thank you guys for your support,I thought only a few like my way of writing and that is why I wrote like that yesterday,also I felt bored,but now,planning to continue…)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Plz update soon di
    .u r coming to kerala?

    1. Appu I reached Chalakkudy,my sis in laws place,to my place on 26th

  2. Hi di!!!!!! I simply love the way you describe all the scenes. I have no words to express. I am totally clueless what to write!!!!!!!! Are going to Kochi???? I heard that Christmas ? celebrations in Kochi is done with great pomp and show. Today in our class we got our Christmas ? gift ?. We got Christmas home made ? sweets, cards ? and key rings . Our teacher baked a cake ? and we all cut it together. Today I really enjoyed alot.

    1. Thank u dear,yes dear,Kochi is a feeling for kochites and christmas new year season at Fort Kochi is like a month long festival and I hope u enjoyed a lot,oh so u got gift,at school and college,one excitement was definitely this xmas friend,yea at college I got the same friend three times,and ur teacher baked for u all,how sweet,wen u guys share your happiness like this ,I seriously think about starting a closed fb group where we can connect with each other,but many wont be comfortable as they dont know each other,but Saba has started a group fiction lover and I think many reader friends are there in it.

  3. Wow Vini..reached kochi? Fort kochi lu new year Xmas celebration adipoli allae…..advance Happy Xmas Dr.. Actually today is my Xmas celebration at office..

    1. No dear,at Chalakkudy,sis in law’s place,to my house on 26th,yes dear, Fort Kochiyil athoru valiya aagoshanu,thank u for the wish ,wish u d same dear,office aagosham podi podichu kaanum ennu vijarikkunnu

  4. Shall come back and reply to your comments ,tomorrw…

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