SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 13


Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 13…….

Scene 1:That weekend, at school

All have come in colour dress to do the collage,Swara is wearing a white frock with red spots,Sanskar is wearing a white and red combination T shirt and black jeans,their dresses match a lot,both smiles looking at each other,then notices the colour they have worn,Sanskar comes and asks, “Who asked you to wear this colour”?Swara is shocked hearing his question,Sanskar suddenly laughs and says, “hei Swara,I was just joking”,she slowly says, “this was like the teachers’ day avatar,honestly, for a moment I got worried,shall we go and do our collage?”,he tells her, “ok,ok,chalo,I will see u in the hall,anyways,final touches we have to do there or else it may get spoiled if we fold and take it from here”He leaves from there,on the way he sees Shruti and just smiles,she comes from behind and tells Swara, “hmm,matching ,matching,I went behind him but I think now the one who was mediator is going to win the lottery,any ways I am happy,I wont get,at least u try”Shruti tells this and laughs,Swara tells her, “are u seriously mad,Shru?how easily u could forget him?”,she replies, “actually Swara,time is very very precious,why to waste for somebody who we are very sure wont fall for us?”Swara shows an ‘Oh,God” expression,She kisses Swara on her cheek and says, “any way,all the best sweety,if u r not interested ,don’t try,anyways,I wish u good luck”,Saying this she leaves and Swara thinks looking at her, “I thought u were semicrack but now I realised ,you’re totally out of your mind…”

Scene 2:Science hall(collage competition venue),Tuesday morning

The whole place is dirty,teachers tells them to clean it off after completion and tells them that judges will come in two hours”,many are running here and there,class teacher comes to Swara and Sanskar’s group,all five group members greets her,she sees the collage and finds it very neat and she says, “very good guys,organ donation,HIV,TB, awareness,traffic rules,female foeticide ,u guys have touched many relevant issues and has portrayed it beautifully using these small bits of paper,all the best,good”she leaves,then Sanskar comes behind Swara and tells , “Not bad na dear,I never thought we will reperesent these neatly,ho,hands are so dry,fevicol did its job nicely,ah but outcome is good ,na?Swara looks at him,his team in unison says, “yea,God,please, we want first”,the competition is over,Swasan’s team wins second prize,they are super excited,Swara and Sanskar shakes hands and congratulates each other first.

Scene 3:After tuitions ,pops and corns icecream parlour….

Ragini and Laksh had demanded for a treat and Swasan has brought them there,Ragini and Laksh as usual pulls the menu card and Sanskar interferes and asks them to do it peacefully,as they are not going to run away,their order is brought,Ragini tells, “actually winning team members should exchange one spoon”,Swara looks at Sanskar,he says, “Ragini,dat is not required,eat fast,we have to leave you both home today”Ragini insists and Swara is forced to give one spoon to Sanskar ,he accepts it but doesn’t give it back,Swara looks into his eyes while feeding him where as he doesn’t show any expression…..

Scene 4:October 2nd

It is Gandhi Jayanti,all have assembled,they had cleaned the compound on the previous days,now,it is the time to plant saplings at various parts of the garden,since Swara and Sanskar are there in nature club,Sanskar hands over a plant and gives a knife to Swara,she goes and starts digging,Sanskar observes her and thinks, “from a rich family,but I think she has experience in gardening,digging very fast,that too, dry soil”,suddenly he sees Swara moving backwards and blood flowing from her hand,he runs to her,he holds her hand and says, “Swara,your hand got cut,it is bleeding profusely,come,come,we’ll go to staff room and do the dressing,”she says, “please let me plant this one,please”,he says, “Swara this is not the time to play,mud should not go inside,come with me”,he takes her to staff room,he helps her and lab assistant lady dresses her wound,after it is done,she asks him to help her in planting that,they go to the same spot,Swara watches whereas Sanskar plants in the pit that she had dug ,Swara hurries and says, “I’ll water it”he supports and together they water it and smiles looking at each other,Sanskar says, “don’t smile too much,I will tell Mukesh uncle to take u to doc for inj.TT,Swara says, “OHO,Sanky is wrong this time,I had took one last month when my hand got cut, while planting in my garden”,Sanskar says “Oh,so,this is your habit,then,no comments”,Swara smiles seeing his expression…………………

(Guys,mine is a very simple tale as I have told before,a relation which happens with time,some pains,some emotions,some friendship and some love,one very small twist I am planning but not now,I am not even sure if I can tell that properly and I just wanna take this story along with the flow,I am not good at writing many scenes , I know many would be feeling,school,tuitions ,ice cream parlour,what is new in this ff?u r right guys,nothing ,nothing is new,just a small journey through the minds of SWASANRAGLAK,I know a few of u will be there till the end………….)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. I will be there till the end di. Both the ffs are so good.it will always remain close to my heart ♥

    1. Thank u Vinita,I know that u will be there dear.

  2. U write like tjis i would be there

    1. Thank u Fransi for this constant support,hope I wont disppoint you…

  3. Sorry didi..I was a bit busy. I am shocked to see the last paragraph now. I mean you you can’t end like this. You are my inspiration and you are really talented because it is very difficult to describe the emotions of adoloscene but you nailed every part of it. I love you didi and please don’t stop writing.

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