SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 13

Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 13…….

Scene 1:That weekend, at school

All have come in colour dress to do the collage,Swara is wearing a white frock with red spots,Sanskar is wearing a white and red combination T shirt and black jeans,their dresses match a lot,both smiles looking at each other,then notices the colour they have worn,Sanskar comes and asks, “Who asked you to wear this colour”?Swara is shocked hearing his question,Sanskar suddenly laughs and says, “hei Swara,I was just joking”,she slowly says, “this was like the teachers’ day avatar,honestly, for a moment I got worried,shall we go and do our collage?”,he tells her, “ok,ok,chalo,I will see u in the hall,anyways,final touches we have to do there or else it may get spoiled if we fold and take it from here”He leaves from there,on the way he sees Shruti and just smiles,she comes from behind and tells Swara, “hmm,matching ,matching,I went behind him but I think now the one who was mediator is going to win the lottery,any ways I am happy,I wont get,at least u try”Shruti tells this and laughs,Swara tells her, “are u seriously mad,Shru?how easily u could forget him?”,she replies, “actually Swara,time is very very precious,why to waste for somebody who we are very sure wont fall for us?”Swara shows an ‘Oh,God” expression,She kisses Swara on her cheek and says, “any way,all the best sweety,if u r not interested ,don’t try,anyways,I wish u good luck”,Saying this she leaves and Swara thinks looking at her, “I thought u were semicrack but now I realised ,you’re totally out of your mind…”

Scene 2:Science hall(collage competition venue),Tuesday morning

The whole place is dirty,teachers tells them to clean it off after completion and tells them that judges will come in two hours”,many are running here and there,class teacher comes to Swara and Sanskar’s group,all five group members greets her,she sees the collage and finds it very neat and she says, “very good guys,organ donation,HIV,TB, awareness,traffic rules,female foeticide ,u guys have touched many relevant issues and has portrayed it beautifully using these small bits of paper,all the best,good”she leaves,then Sanskar comes behind Swara and tells , “Not bad na dear,I never thought we will reperesent these neatly,ho,hands are so dry,fevicol did its job nicely,ah but outcome is good ,na?Swara looks at him,his team in unison says, “yea,God,please, we want first”,the competition is over,Swasan’s team wins second prize,they are super excited,Swara and Sanskar shakes hands and congratulates each other first.

Scene 3:After tuitions ,pops and corns icecream parlour….

Ragini and Laksh had demanded for a treat and Swasan has brought them there,Ragini and Laksh as usual pulls the menu card and Sanskar interferes and asks them to do it peacefully,as they are not going to run away,their order is brought,Ragini tells, “actually winning team members should exchange one spoon”,Swara looks at Sanskar,he says, “Ragini,dat is not required,eat fast,we have to leave you both home today”Ragini insists and Swara is forced to give one spoon to Sanskar ,he accepts it but doesn’t give it back,Swara looks into his eyes while feeding him where as he doesn’t show any expression…..

Scene 4:October 2nd

It is Gandhi Jayanti,all have assembled,they had cleaned the compound on the previous days,now,it is the time to plant saplings at various parts of the garden,since Swara and Sanskar are there in nature club,Sanskar hands over a plant and gives a knife to Swara,she goes and starts digging,Sanskar observes her and thinks, “from a rich family,but I think she has experience in gardening,digging very fast,that too, dry soil”,suddenly he sees Swara moving backwards and blood flowing from her hand,he runs to her,he holds her hand and says, “Swara,your hand got cut,it is bleeding profusely,come,come,we’ll go to staff room and do the dressing,”she says, “please let me plant this one,please”,he says, “Swara this is not the time to play,mud should not go inside,come with me”,he takes her to staff room,he helps her and lab assistant lady dresses her wound,after it is done,she asks him to help her in planting that,they go to the same spot,Swara watches whereas Sanskar plants in the pit that she had dug ,Swara hurries and says, “I’ll water it”he supports and together they water it and smiles looking at each other,Sanskar says, “don’t smile too much,I will tell Mukesh uncle to take u to doc for inj.TT,Swara says, “OHO,Sanky is wrong this time,I had took one last month when my hand got cut, while planting in my garden”,Sanskar says “Oh,so,this is your habit,then,no comments”,Swara smiles seeing his expression…………………

(Guys,mine is a very simple tale as I have told before,a relation which happens with time,some pains,some emotions,some friendship and some love,one very small twist I am planning but not now,I am not even sure if I can tell that properly and I just wanna take this story along with the flow,I am not good at writing many scenes , I know many would be feeling,school,tuitions ,ice cream parlour,what is new in this ff?u r right guys,nothing ,nothing is new,just a small journey through the minds of SWASANRAGLAK,I know a few of u will be there till the end………….)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. shria

    Ur ff is d best..n atleast im not bored with all these school,tution,icecream scenes.. Waiting for d next episode:)

  2. Appu

    I will be there till the end no doubt.ya ur story is simple and there is nothing new.but ur story touches my heart straightly .while reading ur ff i remember my school days where i got my best friends.all those moments wow thanks di.whatever in ur heart just write it down.it will give me another memory.really u r a good writer

    • Vini

      Thank Appu for these good words,till day before yestrday I was some what satisfied,but yesterday I felt it is boring,but thank u for supporting me like this,I know you will be there.

  3. Hey di..hw r u???srrryyy di last ff pr cmmnt nhi kya…xuley i ws a lil bsy..n thodi c sad v thi..so……….!! !!

    N don’t wrry ha…aapki fff sbse acchi…smthng spcl u knw.☺☺☺…

    N it’s supeerrrrrbbbbbb….

    • Vini

      Had missed you ,Vinita had asked about you as well,and please dont worry about anything,jst trust God blindly and leave your worries to him,I will respond to your other comments under this also.

  4. N sbse badi baat pata h kya h….Wednsday bade bhaya aayege????…pta h wo sbse strct h ghr me…n 4me he is lyk my ma-papa…u knw na i lv some1??..???..n saal me sirf ek baar he usse milti hu…par isss bar wo v nhi hua chote bhaya ki bajah se..xuley uska ek music band h…bt bade bhaya dar te he ki agr wo yeh sb krge toh job kaise mlege..n bde bhaya wo job v krte h n ya prprng 4 UPSC xam…bt hmre bjh se tnsn me h…

    Pta nhi kya hoga…sb kuch chote bhaya ke bajah se ho rha h…phle galti toh wo krti …bt punish uske saath mjhe v deti h..

    • Vini

      Ok I understood,and two brothers, good,at home ,well ,I also have a bro,younger to me,and actually from the message I understand that your sec bro is having a band,right,and regarding your love,I just wish it ends in a very happy married life at the right time and I am sure it will,dont worry dear,then your big bro seems to be a very responsible person ,let him carck the UPSC exam,dont worry,he’ll understand you,family will be there with us in all situations and will support us,so,wen u feel tensed,just try to calm yourself down..try not t think too much,just trust God blindly.

  5. Hey.. Don’t say like that… I really love to read ur story.. I will be there till end… Bcuz ur tale is really different n lovable.. Its different from all other swaragini ff…( up to my knowledge).. I wish I can be ur frd.. N fan too… Whatever I’m a silent reader so usually reads ur story but rarely comments… Finally waiting for ur next update n love ur very awesome story…

    • Vini

      Thank u Deepthi,you have commented before ,I have noticed,then,I havent used the word fan,reader friends you all are,I consider you so,thank u for the good words and support,I have posted the next episode.

  6. meghs

    its too gud.. it remembers me my school days…
    swasan part was awsome …

    ur ff is different .. i like it

    • Vini

      Thank u Meghs for the good words and for supporting my ff daily,hope I will be able to do justice to wat m writing ..

  7. sindhuja

    did you hear simple and elegant before, vini?? your story is one of that kind…. i really loved it… it’s too different from other FF… that’s what makes it unique… these fights, competitions, school functions, tuition, everything reminds me my school days again and again… you awesomely described those things… way to go!!!!

    • Vini

      Dont worry dear,I understood your mood and situation,I just hope and pray that u stay happy,actually,it is not good to see u sad,after all, u r my darling reader who brought a personal touch under my ff column for the first time,u made me open up to comments,so,ur absence and sadness is both disturbing,dont worry,everything will be fine,actually I saw a few of our readers in Saba’s fb link,didnt see u..

  8. sumi

    always be there vini.. its not common,its extraordinary…. I like ur ff very much like I used to love ur 1st ff season 1

    • Vini

      Thank u Sumi for the good words and for supporting me,I felt it is boring that is y I told so but it is a pleasure writing for you guys,and first ff is very special to me,glad to know that u had read that…

  9. joya

    very nice………
    i loved it……………
    u always say ur tale is simle……..and nothing is new……
    there r lots of ff at dis site…..popular also….
    bt ur ff is award winning and dis is new…..
    ur writting skill,imagination, plot, each and everything is different…..
    ek baat hum share karna chahte hai….hume puri duniya kitabi kida kehti hai….hum har tarah ki book padhi hai love story bhi…..par humne kabhi koi love story pasand nahi aayi….humri pehli favorite love story is ur ff…….hum swaragini serial kabhi regular nahi dekhte the par apka ff padhne k bad swasan k liye roj dekhne lage the….
    aur yeh dusra ff to jabardast hain……
    aap ka kehna hai ki yeh tale simple hai……pr yahi to dil ko chhu leti hai….
    narajon se dil ka safar kayi tales karti hai par apki simple tale sidha dil ko chhu leti hai….apki story padhte hi dil ko sukun milta hain aur woh sukun aankhon me najar aata hai….jo dil se aankho tak ka safar tay karta hai aur yeh safar bahot kam log taiy kar pate hai….qki aankhe dil ka aayina hoti hai…dil aankhon ka aayina nahi hota…..apka kehna hai ki kuch naya nahi hai….sab kuch naya hai.aisa kuch na humne kahi padha hai nal kisi serial me dekha hai…..bus mehsoos kiya hai apne school days me…..
    hum kabhi comparison nahi karte…pr di is site pe kai aise ff hai jinka concept humne kisi movie me serial me pehle hi dekha hai…pr fir bhi unki writing ki hum daad dete hai bcz they are very good….
    apki ff ki sadgi,pyar,bharosa yeh prove karta hai ki kisi kahani ko pura hone k liye twist,show off,accident ki jarurat nahi hoti bus wakt ki aur apne rishte pe pyar aur usne dil se nibhane ki jarurat hoti hai……
    hum ek baat suni hai kuch khas hone k liye banane k liye kuch khas hona kuch special karna jaruri nahi hota bus yakin hona chahiye ki wo khas hai….
    aur humare liye apka ff bahot khas hain….
    sorry thoda jyada ho gaya na…..
    aap shayad bore ho gayi hongi padhake……..
    but l love ur ff a lot…..

    • Vini

      Dear,the longest comment under my ff till date,but as I said u r one among those readers who, I believe ,gets every word in the sense that I mean,I am not saying others are not like that,but you and a few always surprise me with the analysis and as I said before the little examples and lines that you add ,very special,then,yesterday,I felt I am not adding anything new but now your comments makes me realise that many are able to connect with school memories through this n m happy,and I am very happy to know that you are a voracious reader,very good dear,and it is an honour to know that somewhere my ff made you watch swasan in reel,actually,yesterday’s swasan scene in reel,Varun and Helly rocked,I had planned a similar scene but now have to think something else,yes,eyes are the mirror ,true that is,your words truly makes me feel humbled and honoured,actually,in this I have planned a small twist bt I think that definitely may give a familiar feel,but for story it might be required,pls dont feel bad when you read that dear,actually,I value you guys a lot,and yes as u said m trying to keep it close to our daily life,all emotions,as though it is happening to a few people whom we know,though that twist planned (dont know if it can be called so),will be a little filmy,then I am not feeling bored reading your comment,instead I appreciate and value that a lot,thank u very much dear,I wont forget anybody who has given me feedback so far and u and a few among that,I will never forget..

      • joya

        write wht u think……..
        i will be there till d end……..
        i love ur writting…..
        and thank u so much for giving importance to us………….
        i just want to feel it as usual…. wating for next part

    • Vini

      Guys,thank u,shall respond to individual comments,ok,but before that,you know y I typed that para today,today after typing the episode,I felt it is boring,that there is nothing worth reading and I really don’t wish to waste your time, but the support you guys gave is making me continue,thank u is a small word guys,still,thank u very much and I mean it.

      • sethooty

        Hi Dr..INI boring anennu paranjal idi vangum…..these things r very common to everyone life yaar..ithrem nostalgia sammanicha oru story..njan vayichittilla…may be that movie ‘ Om Santhi oshana’ brought some school moments , teenage love etc..

      • Vini

        Sethooty,haha,athenikkishtapettu,sheriya,oru idide kuravundalle,but I felt like that yr and dats y I typed like that,OSO enikkishtapettathu athile aa kure kaalaghattam paranju pokunna style konda,I am not a NP fan,still that movie I liked,m happy to read that this ff gave some nostalgia..thank u very much for the support from my first ff to this one.

  10. Munawar Sultana

    ???? Very Gud!! Don’t worry I will be one of those people who will read this FF till the end? and please add recap

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,ur first comment under my ff and happy to know that you will read till the end,precap m not adding cos this story is not much planned,so wen I sit to type I add the scenes,kinda spontaneous,so even m not sure about each episode,only a one line is there in my mind…

  11. Niti

    ya..its pure natural tale..which is very very similar to the small small cute best moments of our school and class days with friends and teachers..we are seeing pure friendship in ur ff..n enjoying each and every part of it..personally i love ur ff very much as i hate negativity..very well done..just awesome.. superb..outstanding..

    • Vini

      Thank u Niti for supporting me like this,yes friendship is the base of this,m happy that you are recollecting your school memories,some negativity may happen later but I hope it will be justified as story progresses.

  12. sethooty

    Hey vini don’t say like dat.I enjoyed each line of ur story..yah it simple, there is no twists , villain athu thaneeya ee story Dr speciality…I told u na wen ever I read ur Ff I felt happy.. I couldn’t express my feeling through words..this is very close to ma heart..dr..

    • Vini

      Thank u Sethooty for the good words once again,yes next door childrente friendship to love tale is our ff,m very happy to know that u feel happy while reading this.I know you will always be there.

  13. Harshi

    V r enjoying every small small moment of your ff dea.. Student life is golden time of everyone’s life.. V can remember those time by ur ff.. Thanks alot vini… Keep rocking..

    • Vini

      Thank u Harshi for supporting me ,yea,truly golden days,though I miss college also,I miss school days more,m glad to know that u are enjoying reading my ff…

  14. Vinita

    I like ? this simplicity of your ff. Your ff is simple yet eloquent. You convey each and every emotions so nicely………

  15. Vinita

    Hi ? rupsikha!!! Mur khobor vale.Even I was constantly doing bakbak yesterday and irritating di and venting out my cousin’s frustration . Don’t worry ? everything will be fine …

    • Vini

      Vinita and Rupsikha dear,I wont get irritated,dont worry,feel free,and yes,Rupsikha dear,just dont worry about anything,All zz Well……..

  16. anu

    I m a silent reader but I will always read your ff till end I have read your first season’s all parts nd this time also I will live all parts …..u r really a gud writer

  17. Yeah y r u telling like diz… ur story is awesome… i love it si much.. no worries.. we vil b with u always as nw till end and aftr… i liked today epi…. nice waiting for nxt…

    • Vini

      Hei Navi,thank u dr,I felt bored yesterday and dats y I wrote like that,but for you all,m going to continue,and thanks for being there,and thank u very much for this support.Have posted next,dont know when it will get uploaded.

  18. Sree harini

    Sorry didi..I was a bit busy. I am shocked to see the last paragraph now. I mean you you can’t end like this. You are my inspiration and you are really talented because it is very difficult to describe the emotions of adoloscene but you nailed every part of it. I love you didi and please don’t stop writing.

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