SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 12


Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 12

Scene 1:After a few days,tuition class

Swara returns a book to Ragini,Ragini ,Laksh and Sanskar were standing and chatting after the tuitions,she leaves from there,Ragini then tells Sanskar, “Sanky it is almost two weeks,from where u got this much attitude yaar,she apologised to us ,na?it is very odd when u both don’t talk and just me and Laksh stands there as observers,it is really a cold vibe ya,we don’t want it,na?just talk to her and end the matter,after all the big fights will only be sweet memories after years,I have heard mom n Papa telling this many times,Lakh holds Sanskar and says, “leave all that yaar,let’s us all be friends,Sanskar doesn’t say anything but is in thoughts…

Scene 2:Next day evening after tutions

Ragini and Laksh were on leave,Sanskar is taking his bicycle,it is getting dark,Swara’s car hasn’t arrived,she is standing under a tree in front of the tution class,she sees Sanskar leaving,almost all students have left as well,since it is dark,Swara is a little worried,suddenly the power goes off,Swara gets a little scared,she is about to move a little from there,she hears the bell of a cycle ringing,Sanskar has come back,he gets down from the cycle and goes near her,he stands near her and doesn’t say anything,Swara looks at him,though he is silent she understands that he has come since he knew she was alone and power supply was gone in that street,there is the light of the vehicles passing that way,infrequently,when each vehicle passes,she sees his face in that light,there is a big silence between them, power is switched on after some time,He just looks at her and is in dilemma whether to go or not,he moves a little from there,Swara goes behind him and calls him,he turns and she tells him, “Thank you Sanskar,if u had not come I would have stood alone and was a little scared when the power went off,”Sanskar says, “It is ok Swara,bye”,

Swara stops him again, “Sanskar,actually,I know that you are staying away not because of anger but because you feel if I will bring up new troubles,but Sanskar,I agree I am not a good girl,as you said that day,I don’t even respect my dad,I have many a times not cared about others’ feelings,but Sanskar,I will not cause you any trouble again,I swear,if possible please forgive me for the troubles that I gave,you guys considered me as a good friend and I was so ungrateful,but I am very sorry,I mean it”,her eyes are filled and a tear rolls down,he notices it though she wipes it quickly,he tells her, “It is ok,Swara,please don’t cry,and that day,even I spoke rudely,I didn’t apologise even,I should not have mentioned about your personal matters,I am sorry as well “,Swara is relieved hearing that,just then Swara’s car arrives,she says bye and goes,then looks back,Sanskar goes near her and says, “Ragini and Lucky have accepted your friendship,so,why should I alone stay away,na?any objection in accepting me as a friend? he smiles after asking this,she smiles and responds, “not at all,so……..,friends………..”Sanskar moves his head to a side,smiles and says, “yea…,friends’,she says bye and leaves,she gets into the car,car moves,she lowers her glass and waves a bye,he smiles and waves……………

Scene 3:Next day in class

Teacher tells the students that they have been divided into groups of 5,and it is randomly divided,there is a collage competiton at school and each team can choose some theme,only criteria is it should be socially relevant,you will get one week to complete the collage,and all students should bring the required materials and do it at school only,they can use lunch break,free periods and the coming weekend,school will be open,teachers and students can come and finish it off and submit it on next Tuesday which is the last date,now the groups,Sanskar and Swara are in same group,soon after Sanskar’s name Swara’s name was called,both notices it and looks at each other for a second and Sanskar just smiles.

Scene 4:After school

Swara is packing her bag,her book falls down,Sanskar picks it up and gives it to her,just then,Ragini comes to their class,she tells them, “At last our Sanky baba has become friends with u,right?Swara and Sanskar smiles,she told,so,a patch up party and friendship inauguration ceremony should be organised,Swara says, “friendship inauguration,haha,nice word”,Ragini tells Swara that she should call her mom and ask permission and join them at pops and corns after the tuition today,she also tells her, “but will your mom allow,should I also talk to her?,Swara tells her, “mom will understand and she knows you three well,that day she met you all,na?she asks about u at times,have told me to take u’al home,Ragini says so,now we will go and call from the telephone booth outside school…

Scene 5:Pops and corns,ice cream parlour

They go to a table at the corner and sits down,Swara is seated next to Sanskar,Laksh and Ragini are busy pulling the menu card,Sanskar tells Swara, “most probably,owner uncle will kick us for tearing the menu card to pieces”,Swara looks at them and smiles,finally Ragini grabs the menu and tells them, “since,a girl has joined our gang,it is going to be my treat,now it has become equal –equal,2-2,again u both come to pull my leg,Swara will be there with me,naari shakthi,wait and watch”,Laksh tells Sanskar , “How she switched sides so quickly,for three years ,haven’t allowed any body to come and join us,now ,I wonder how she accepted Swara so fast”.Ragini tells them, “some relations are like that,they are meant to happen and it will happen,right,Sanskar?Sanskar is surprised and asks, “why are u asking me?”,Swara feels a little embarrassed hearing what Ragini just said and tells them, “actually,I feel if I will be the odd one out here,guys,if u r not comfortable with my company,tell me,ok,I wont feel bad”,Ragini holds her hand and tells her, “from this moment,four of us are friends,friends forever,agreed?she leaves Swara’s hand and extends her hand,Laksh quickly places his hand on hers and says,agreed,Sanskar places on top of Lucky’s hand and says,”me too”,all three now look at Swara,she slowly places her hand on top of Sanskar’s and says, “me too……,friends for ever”,they look at each other and smiles………….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Amazing veena give a new turn to d story or an incident by which swasan bcome closer

    1. Yes dear,trying to bring them closer without any twist,just trying to make the characters feel it..

  2. i love ur ff n its rocking

    1. Thank u Sneha,good to hear that, hope u will keep reading.

  3. I like your ff very much
    Soo nice

    1. Thank u dr,hope u will keep reading.

    1. Thank u dr,hope u will keep reading.

  4. Owww…..soooo sweet

    1. Thank u dr,hope u will keep reading.

  5. Wow di friendship bond super

    1. Thank u Appu,hope your studies are going on well.

    1. Thank u dr,hope u will keep reading.

  6. aaj hum soch main pad gaye hai ki kya comment kare……..
    swara aur sanskar ki friendship start ho gayi hai….
    unka unknown person se leke fight tak aur fight se leke mafi and fir dostiiii……
    yeh sara safar just superb…..perfect……kahi kuch bhi slow nahi ya koi jaldi nahi…..
    janti hai apki khasiyat kya hai aap rishto suljhane k liye samj ne ke liye wakt deti hai…sanskar ka swara ko company dena,swara ki book utana,unka dosti ka celebration, even nari shakti also….ye sab incidence ne unko ek dusre ko samjne ka chance diya hai….ek dusre ko badi innocence k sath joda hai….
    hats of to u……
    very very nice……..

    1. Thank u very much,now I should search words to thank u for this perfect analysis,yes,what u have felt is exactly wat I have wrote or in other words wat I havr tried to convey,thank u for this support dear..

      1. thanks to hume kehna chahiye is beautiful story k liye…… humne to wahi kaha jo aap ne likha hai……
        thank you so so so so so much…..

    2. Ok dear,now I am not saying anything…

  7. Wow.. Superb.. I like your ff veryyyy much.. U r also a good writer dear

    1. Thank u Isha for the good words,hope u will keep reading.

  8. Awesome.loved swasan part.u excelled as usual.its a treat to read your ff and u really deserve a heart warming thank u for bringing out such an amazing ff .thanksssssss

    1. Thank u Needhi, m humbled n honoured,it is a pleasure writing for u all…keep in touch.

  9. frndship bound.. finally swara joined raglaksan group .. superb

    1. Thank u Meghs for this constant support,hope u will keep reading.

  10. Super ff it rocking

    1. Thank u Fransi,glad to c u here daily…

  11. wow..finally sanky forgave swara..how caring he was..!! “friendship inauguration ” was unique..”nari shakti”..ha ha ha..! aww.. friendship in the air..just awesome epi..

    1. Thank u Niti,yea,I went bk n read these scenes,happy to know that u liked it..friendship has started.

  12. really an awesome episode… friendship bloomed….

    1. Yes dr,friendship has started,m sorry for not reading your ff but name I remember,shall read asap.

  13. Very good

    1. Thank u Shabrin, happy to c u here daily..

  14. very nice. .

    1. Thank u Akku for supporting my ff daily.

  15. Awesome as always……….
    I am fine di ?
    Exams started from today ??
    Today’s one was good?
    My cousins have composed an extremely stupid poem because there exams are over and mine has just started ” what a pity in Kolkata city
    It’s Christmas ? eve
    Still Vinita has not taken a leave
    From the wonderful world of studies”
    And I am constantly getting these messages in my phone ?
    How are you ????

    1. My battery charge will be over now,Vinita,Shria,Sree Harini,Harshi,in case I can’t respond today I’ll reply tomorrow ,ok,sorry.

    2. Thank u dr,good to know that your exam was good,and poem made me laugh dear,I read n I like to listen malayalam poems more,and this poem is very funny,cousins have good sense of humor n knows how to irritate a person who is under stress of exams,regards to them as well.Do well I’m ur exams,yea,I miss Rupsikha,she is a lil quiet these days..should be busy also had tol me everything is fine …

  16. Wow.Dat was amazing.. Continue vini

    1. Thank u Shria, pls keep reading.

  17. Di, where has rupsikha vanished????
    Didn’t see her comment in the previous ff.
    I don’t know what will be your reaction after reading that “poem” (it doesn’t even come under the category of a poem)

  18. Beautiful didi. You write so well. Actually I have started reading fanfictions on this page by yours. I was just edicted to your first fiction and seriously I fell ill when I read the last lines of your last episode. I was really excited when I saw your name again on this page. You inspired me to write a fiction here. Thank-you didi for starting season 2and love you loads.

    1. Thank u dear,I didn’t know that u liked mine,m humbled and honoured,and I think u had stopped an ff an other writer had continued ur ff,I had commented under that and many had commented that you had restarted, sorry for not reading, wish to but tight schedule these days,what is the title of your ff dear,?

      1. Thank-you di..mine is swaragini-limitless love. You can read when you are free. Actually it is a honor for me.

  19. U r rocking vini… Friends forever its true.. Now v can c the friendship of swaragsanlak in future updates… Thank u for the wonderful episode dea….

    1. Thank u Harshi,true,friends forever n friends r forever…Gud to c u daily.

  20. Omg…. im rejoicing ur ff…. i really laugh myself without my knownledge while reading.. its super cool epi 😉 …. im hav got addicted to ur story.. 😀 and ur stories remained my school days… bt not these incidents… bt my happy school memory… im waiting eagerly for nxt epi 🙂

    1. Vini ur rocking….

    2. Thank u Navi,yea,school days are the most special days,though I know that this ff is too simple I m some what satisfied with the episodes written so far,thank u for supporting me.

    1. Thank u Surbhi.

  21. Amazing sis!!!! Really superb!!!!

    1. Thank u Leku,thank u for supporting me and which course are u studying dear?

  22. Yayy Woh dost bangaye?? wer to start again I just love ur ragini she’s such a swthrt tejaswi just fits perfectly for ur ragini? they became awesome 4sm yayy! Well I actually din wanted sanky to forgive her so soon good that u showed some gap well from now it’s a new beginning of their friendship I’m looking forward for this bud to blossom into love!!

    1. Thank u dear for the support,yea,now they have become friends and Tejaswi,what to say,I like her a lot and wish to see her in some positive role soon,hope it happens in Swaragini itself,cos without her this serial is incomplete for me,I am trying to portray these school days in a natural way,otherwise also m bad at writing larger than life scenes,friendship to love,have to plan that now…

  23. Ur story was different n awesome.. I love it.. I’m a silent readers so never comment frequently… Eagerly waiting for our every updates daily.. Love it…

    1. Thank u dear,good to know that u were reading,I think u have commented before a few times,thank u dr,pls keep reading..

  24. Vry nce hy I think make swara nd sanskar also nghty fgtng like raglak

    1. Thank u dear,I think if I can manage writing such situations surely there will be Nok jhok but our Sanskar is too serious…

  25. vinay karthik

    its really awesome…. so finally swara also joined in their friendship gang… nice ff…. while reading ur ff i guess in future swara will help sanky’s father medical expense if it so…

    1. Thank u,something like that is there in my mind not exactly same,still,let’s c how it will get shaped up…

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