SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 11


SWASAN fan fiction (Season 2) episode 11

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Scene 1:Next day morning

Sumi and Swara gets into the car,Sumi tells her, “Swara,it was a lengthy pooja today, see the time,you will be late,Swara looks at her,Sumi is so glad seeing the Tilak on her ,she continues, “I know you believe in God but after so many years when u came to temple,I’m feeling very happy my dear,this is going to be the beginning of the cheerful days of your life,Swara smiles,Sumi is surprised and tells her, “and,this smile of yours,after a long time,even ,when u were with Chetan,this was missing,thank u God,Swara moves closer and leans on her shoulder and tells her, “Mom,I am sorry for everything,for avoiding you all these years,”Sumi gently holds her and pats her head and says, “Swara,I am your mother,I understand every pain and every tear,I am responsible,I should have thought about you before marrying Mukesh..Sumi suddenly stops,Swara is silent as well,Swara behaves as though she had not heard his name and tells, “Mom,I am not going to school today,I want to spent this day with you,”Sumi tells her, “Swara,I know u don’t miss school unnecessarily,so,for today,ok,but will have to write a lie in leave letter ,parents should not encourage that,na?Swara tells her, “yea,but please,Sumi smiles and agrees,Swara sits straight and looks outside the window,whereas Sumi smiles seeing her change.

Scene 2:Same day evening,tuition class

Swara has come early,she wanted to apologise to Sanlakrag,Ragini and Laksh turns up late,and the class starts,after the tuitions,Swara goes to Ragini and Laksh and tells them, “I am so sorry for all what I did,you guys are so good,you all came to know that I did all this and still didn’t complain about it,I am so sorry for showing friendship and cheating u all,sorry is a small word but I felt I should tell u all this,actually,wanted to tell this to Sanskar as well,but I didn’t go to class today,Ragini and Laksh listens to all this and Ragini tells her, “Swara,to be honest,we were very angry with you,I wanted to complain to my mom about u and Shruti,Laksh wanted to hit u,Sanky was also angry but then we thought to let it go,even we don’t know why we showed the patience,ah,by the way,Sanky was also on leave today ,actually he had to go to hospital,Swara responds,”Hospital?”,Ragini tells her, “actually,his papa was ill,now much better,but monthly once,there is check up,so he had to take him”Swara tells her “ok”,Swara tells, “bye”,she suddenly turns and asks, “if u don’t mind,can u give me Sanskar’s number?”Ragini and Laksh smiles,Ragini asks her to note it down,Laksh gives her the pen,she quickly scribbles it in her hand and says thankyou,Ragini tells her, “Swara,now we both are not angry with you,so if u wish to,we can be friends”saying this she extends her hand,Swara holds her hand and says, “friends”,Laksh comes forward and says, “If I extend ,this Ragini will tell that I am a flirt,but I am not”Ragini looks at him and seeing that he corrects, “actually,I am ,but this I agree with Ragini,you are new ,no?so join us, and next year I will come to your school as well,so we can form a big gang,Swara says ok and leaves……

Scene 3:Swara’s house garden

She is walking and recalling all the moments with Sanskar,she remembers how he talked on the first day,library and all what she did to him,she feels sad when she thinks about how he scolded her,she looks at her palm where his number is scribbled,she decides to call and apologise,she goes and dials his number,Sanskar’s sister Meera attends the call,she tells her that “Bhai has gone out,I will tell him to call you back,can u give your number,by the way who is calling?Swara softly says, “My name is Swara,I am his classmate”,Meera says, “Swara,I haven’t heard him mentioning this,ok,I will tell him and give your number as well,bye”Swara satnds there holding the receiver and thinks, “I think he wont call back ,he will be angry with me,I feel so”

Scene 4:Next day morning

Sanskar walks in,Swara looks at him,he totally ignores her though he understands that she was looking at him,she slowly comes to his seat but he just goes from there,bell rings and after assembly class starts,Swara is a little disturbed,she is thinking that her heart is heavy,once I apologise to him,I will get some peace of mind,she decides to talk during lunch break

Scene 5 :Lunch break

Kids are running out,Swara comes near Sanskar and tells him, “Sanskar,actually I wanted to talk to you,I am so sorry for all what I did to u’aI, am very sorry for making fun of those kids,I know I did a big mistake,but I felt I should apologise,I am very sorry,Sanskar says, “Actually Swara,I am scared of you,I don’t know if I should trust your words,what if this is another plan of yours for me since I scolded you two days back,Swara,for heaven sake,u r a class mate ,till the end of this academic year it will be so,after that I don’t know ,so,I wish we both stayed totally away from each other,that will be good for both of us,I accept your apology but I don’t want any friendship with you,m sorry.”he goes from there where as Swara stands there still.

Scene 6:Tuition class

Ragini and Laksh talks very happily to Swara,Swara responds and he sees Sanskar coming,she is in dilemma whether to go or stay,he comes near them,he totally avoids Swara and tells bye to Ragini and Laksh and tells them that he is leaving as he has to go to a few places,he takes his bicycle and goes,Swara turns and watches him go,Ragini comes near Swara and tells her, “Don’t worry ,Swara,he is a nice boy,he told us that you said sorry,we told him that we have accepted you as our friend without asking him,he doesn’t have problem with that,he is actually scared if he will get hurt again,I know him very well,he doesn’t keep any grudge in his heart to anyone,but if somebody hurts him badly,he will just avoid their company,but,you don’t worry,all four of us will be friends very soon cos our Sanky is too good ,all this attitude will change,so,cheer up”Swara tells them, “actually,can understand,I am not sad,I deserve this and more,let me leave now,bye”.Ragini tells to Laksh, “Lucky ,she is a nice girl,no?Laksh says, “hmm”……….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. i am just enjoying my school days via your ff… it’s an awesome work… loved it…

    1. Thank u dr,m enjoying writing this period of our characters as well,once they grow up it is going to be our usual cliche track which I don’t know if you all will enjoy…

  2. wow,, its outstanding …… loved swara’s changed behaviour..

    1. Thank u Sumi,hope u will keep reading.

  3. Hiii Vini…. U r awesome yaar… … Superb… Keep writing dear…. Luv u n ur ff…

    1. Thank u Nita,I think ur first comment under my ff,thank u n m happy to know that u liked it.

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  4. Awesome veena ur soooo good

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  5. Nice ep plz continue

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  6. Awesome yaar

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  7. superb.. finally raglak become frnd with swara
    hope sanskar forgive her n be her frnd

    1. Thank u Meghs for supporting my ff.Yes dear very soon Swasan will be friends.

  8. Nice sad for swara

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  9. Hi di .i was out of town so i coundnt comment.again it was super di.

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  10. Superb yaar.. U r a amazing writer… Waiting for ur next ff

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  12. Hi..good one Dr..again raglak superb.. Vini story nannyi kondu pokunnudu..nalla oru friendship love track arikkum alae.. Now Sanskar avoiding swara..let see wat happened in next episode..Njanum fb yil active alla .yah I saw saba’s link on her ff page,

    1. Thank u Sethooty,yea now I m enjoying writing about them, I think once our characters become adults story will take the usual route.I don’t know if u will like that,Pinne friendship love track is the base as u said.

    1. Thank u dr,hope u will keep reading.

  13. very nice..thank god swara has apologies to them..sanky avoids swara..ragini is very nice and understanding..just cute “Ruthna manana ” of friends..superb..

    1. Thank u Niti,yes u’ve also got the crux of this simple ff of mine,thank u for supporting my ff daily.

  14. Veena….. ur story is awesome dr…. nd jst nw i read ur anther swasan ff episode…… it ws fantabulous.. since i read it nly nw…. im thanking u for ur 1st ff…. it ws awesome.. suprb… nd nw diz season 2 is also nice…

    1. Thank u Navi, my first ff,very close to my heart cos many of my reader friends became so close through that ff,I am glad to know that u read it..swasan fan fiction episode 1 to 36 ,wanted to read it at a stretch but not getting time,this one,these school memories of Swasanraglak m enjoying while writing.

  15. awesome………………
    i love the friendship bond between them………….
    ragini understands sanskar totally………….
    finally swara opened her heart in front of her mother…….
    sanskar is too sensitive na…………
    bt i loved it a lot………..
    mostly i love innocence in ur ff…….
    very nice…
    kya baat kya baat kya baat………

    1. Thank u Joya,I have no words to reply ,cos even under my previous ff u used to mention the crux of most of the episodes and give me a feel that though the lines that I write are simple,it goes straight from my thoughts to a few people’s hearts.

  16. Once again nice episode dea.. I have addicted to ur ff vini… Wen u r going to update next one..

    1. Thank u Harshi for supporting my ff daily,m happy that u r liking it now,future episodes even I don’t know if I myself will like it,I will update next one asap.

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  18. It’s so nice to see a positive change in someone?like u too feel happy!? n swaras appology felt so genuine really Didi u ve got an upper hand in describing emotions n raglak s response was so sweet again I’m telling I really like raglaks of ur ff but I relate to sanky in this situation because even I am the same I don’t hold grudges but I treat that person like a stranger like I ve got nothing to do with them but hope our SwaSan become best of the best friends nyc episode as always?

    1. Thank u Shraddha,even u get the simple crux of my ff n mention it daily,thank u dear,this nature I think is common in many of us ,if I know that I haven’t done wrong n somebody hurts me I just stay away bt nowadays it doesn’t happen much but during school days,yes it used to.But a few of them became very close friends,one of my very close friends has Swara’s nature, but she is a very very good friend now and our friendship started in 7 th standard with a fight ,I haven’t tol her that the school going Swara of my this ff is based on her .

  19. U r just awesome.

  20. Truly amazing.while reading i wished that d episode never ends.u r really talented.keep writing like this so that we keep enjoying by reading your fanfiction

    1. Thank u Needhi for the good words,m glad that u liked the story ,actually,not sure if u guys will like it once our characters becomes adults…hope u will keep reading.

  21. Ya .vini i will keep reading your ff till end.

    1. Thank u dear,actually every day I send mine around 10 am but it gets uploaded in the evening ,today also now wen checked it hasn’t got uploaded,may be site is busy and dats y the delay.

  22. Swara and sanskar both r in difficult situation!!!! Actually its really good sis!!!! And I love raglak character sis!!!

    1. Thank u Leku,m tryg to maintain our Raglak in the same way though Swasan is our lead…thank u for the support dear.

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  25. Aliya Zain Abdullah

    U r a great writer vini!Hats off!!!

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