SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 10


Hi guys,Swasan Fan fiction (Season 2) episode 10…….

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Scene 1:Staff student night is over,Sanskar –Swara conversation

Sanskar and other students are arranging the chairs and cleaning the area,parents are waiting in the hall for them,Ragini sees Sanskar going to the corridor,Swara is fetching water from a tumbler,she drinks and turns,she sees Sanskar with a very serious face,Sanskar says, “Swara,you have been giving me negative vibes since days,I tried my maximum not to interfere in any matter of yours,but what you did while those that kids’ programme was going on,you think nobody heard that,ah?I saw u from the stage,I came and heard u passing comments about those kids,what do u think Swara,we are superior to them,ah?you are this proud because you come from a rich family,you all will get everything in your hands in minutes,good,no objection,you are lucky but it wont take a minute even to lose that also,I saw u teasing the idea of bringing those kids that day,you know something Swara,I have a relative who is like that,I know their troubles but mom says,God gives such children to people who can love them and care for them the most,not to ordinary people and today I am totally disappointed with the way you shouted,they were our guests,our class invited them,by the way,to who am I talking,somebody who doesn’t respect her own father,what good to expect from them,I had noticed in parlour,then how u made your dad a driver,so I know ,no use, no use wasting my precious energy,leave the kids,first go and learn to respect your own father,Swara was totally silent till then,hearing about father,a tear rolls down her cheeks,she doesn’t say a word,Sanskar doesn’t stop,he goes on speaking,Swara is totally silent……
He says, “you wanted to harm me,no?and you achieved partially,that day itself I should have complained,if u have got one warning,then your pride would have reduced a little ,I wanted to complain about everything but my Lucky and Ragini,they told me to let it go,they told to take it as fun,do you know what all happened in between,he continues and (in FB,Sheela m’am calls Sanskar to staff room,mentions about she got a letter from his project book,asked him if he is related to that,how he had to clarify,the same afternoon how he saw Shruti keeping something in his desk and how she denied when he asked,also it is shown how Sanskar confronted Shruti after the class and came to know,Swara was helping her,how Sanskar clarifying that he has no interest in any affairs now,how much he wants to be free from all this,how Shruti apologising with teary eyes),
Just then,Ragini comes and pulls Sanskar and tells, “I heard everything,let this end here,we had already decided to let it go,no?I know how much you were disturbed but come Sanky,let’s go now”,Ragini pulls him,she tells to Swara, “Swara,please go now”,Swara watches Ragini and Sanskar leaving,how Ragini is convincing Sanskar and he shaking his head as if he cant accept what she is saying,how he angrily punches in air.

Scene 2:Same night ,Swara and family in their car

Swara is very sad,she feels her heart is beating faster than normal,she has so much suffocation that she lowers the glass and leans to the window,Sumi asks her not to put her head outside,Mukesh turns and looks at Swara,they reach home.

Scene 3:Swara’s house

Swara goes straight to her room,Sumi asks her if she wants milk,she shakes her head in a no,Mukesh comes from behind and tells Sumi, “Something is bothering her ,I think u should go and talk to her,”Sumi responds , “yea,even I was planning to talk to her,my child is always lonely,I cant leave her alone…….”

Scene 4:Swara’s room

Swara is seated on her bed,she has Shekhar’s photo in her hands,she hugs it and weeps bitterly, “Papa,come back,I miss u very badly,my heart is paining,your daughter is a waste,you wont be proud about me,no?I didn’t want Sanskar’s clarification to know what all I did was wrong,but I am not able to control my anger,except happiness all my emotions reaches the extremes,you are with God ,no,Papa?,tell him to help me to change,I don’t want to hurt others any more,I want to be your little girl like before,please Papa,touch me once,my heart is that much…..,she hugs his photo and weeps,just then,Sumi enters,she come near Swara,she touches her head and asks her what the matter is ,Swara suddenly hugs her and cries,she hugs her tightly,Sumi hugs her and pats her and tells her to stop crying and to tell the matter,Swara looks at her and says, “I am a very bad girl,mom,I hurt everybody ,may be cos of that I am always unhappy and alone”Sumi wipes Swara’s tears with her hands and tells her, “My daughter is not bad,who told u that?did u hurt somebody?”Swara tells how she played with Shruti and Sanskar,how she made fun of those kids”,Sumi is in thoughts,she kisses Swara and hugs her and says, “Swara,what you did is wrong but this tears clearly tells me that you have realised your mistake,so ,no it is not right to cry,you should make a decision that you wont repeat it,will u?Swara agrees,Mukesh is watching all this from corridor and is teary eyed,Sumi comes out and tells Mukesh to take care of Chetan and that she will sleep with Swara,Mukesh says,”even I was thinking to say that,Chetan has slept,he wont wake up in between”Sumi comes back,Swara hugs her and sleeps and in between tells her, “Mom,I want to go to temple tomorrow”,Sumi says, “ok dear,now sleep,we’ll go tomorrow”………………

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Wow ur vry good writer I cried while reading ur ff

    1. Thank u dr for the support.Good to see u here daily.

  2. Nice episode

    1. Thank u Nidhi.

  3. nice update… loved it…

    1. Thank u Sindhuja,good to see u here daily.

  4. Nyc 🙂

    1. Thank u yr.

  5. emotional

    1. Thank u yaar,thank u for supporting my ff daily.

  6. One more awesome episode dea.. Cant explain in words.. And one more thing, u will reply to everyone’s comment know, for that hats off vini.. I used to check previous episode for ur reply onli. Can’t wait for next episode.. Please update soon.. Keep rocking ?

    1. Thank u Harshi,actually it is a pleasure replying to u reader friends who read as well as take the trouble to encourage us thru comments,now I have free time and so m replying to each comment,otherwise also I used to read every line in your comments,as I said before readers are the true heros behind the success of any ff…

  7. nice ep !!

    1. Thank u Shagun.

  8. Omg all along they knew but did not corner her? so sweet they are lucky n rags but what swara did today was? how he tolerate so much poor sanky well finally swara realized wish her eq with these 3 n her dad changes soon ☺ now that she’s good girl swara?

    1. Yes Shraddha,thank u dear for always being there,yes our Swara is a good girl now,their friendship will blossom in two episodes.

      1. I’m will always be der told u know ? n I felt very sad wen swara hugged her dad’s pic? n cried her heart out but I’m happy because I can foresee (again started imagining see plz don’t mind)? that her Eq with sanlakrag will blossom soon but sanskaar will become the link to join? swara n mukeshs thread? just anticipating out of curiosity

    2. I know dear,thank u very much n yea story even I don’t know,I have a one line and the next two episodes in my mind right now,I think wen Swara starts enjoying the company of her friends the wounds will slowly heal and she will accept her dad ….

  9. wow..here its come..the much more needed scolding of sanky to swara..ohh..poor swara..i feel swara’s pain..Makesh character is seems very good..very emotional epi..

    “i think shomi should meet sanky and explain about swara’s stat..then sanraglak become her friends n they will help swara to get out of her pain n then she accept makesh as her father happily….”

    its just one thought come in my mind while reading..so i am sharing it..plz ignore if u don’t like it or u already drafted next plot..

    1. Thank u Niti,track I have planned the next two only as f now,a little similar to what u suggested, thank u for your suggestions and observations.It is a pleasure to read it.

  10. Super episode Asusual..

    1. Thank u Bhuvi..glad to know that you are reading.

  11. emotional bt swara finally realised her mistake she should apologize sanskar

    1. Yes Meghs,she will for sure..innocence and maturity of 13 yrs ,we ‘ll see.

  12. Next part update faster plzz

    1. I’ll try to update asap ,thank u for commenting dear.

    1. Thank u dear for giving ur feedback daily.

  13. Sis u made me cry!!! Much emotional episode from staring to end!!! Hope their friendship starts soon!!!

    1. Leku, good to know that u felt it while reading,thank u supporting me,yes in 2 episodes, friendship will start…

  14. very good……
    heart touching………..
    each and every emotion is perfectly written by u………….
    sanskar’s anger,swara’s pain and most imp ragsanlak knew what swara did wid sanskar bt they convinced sanskar……wow superb………sanskar ka concern for dt children………..
    every line is superb…….
    wo spl bachchon ko bulana,unko swara ka tease karna,sanskar ka gussa,ragini ka usko samjhana,swara k dad ka uske liye pyar aur usko samjhana…..everything is perfect….

    1. Joya,thank u very much dear,it gives me immense pleasure wen I read that u get exactly what I write,since this is about 13 years,their innocence,their anger,frustration everything should be explained at least a little convincingly and wen u assess and mention it,m very happy.

      1. this is about 13 years and u always decrieb it perfectly….. just like picture perfect…….i know i m always using same word PERFECT……
        kya kare puri dictionary chhan mari par apki praise me use kar sake aisa koi word hi nahi mila hme……i hope u understand……….
        and ha hum apki story sirf read nahi karte balki feel karte hai isliye apki likhi har bat sidha emotions ko touch karti hai…….
        there is magic in words……

    2. U know something dear,sometimes I like what I write,sometimes I don’t, but still u support a lot and this word of yours perfect I have noticed , m humbled and honoured and it s a booster though some episodes I feel don’t deserve it…bt the support,thank u .

  15. vinay karthik

    again commendable episode…. great job yaar…

    1. Thank u Vinay, hope u will keep reading.

  16. Beautifullll di…n vry hrt tchng…

  17. Beautifullll..n vry hrt tchng epi…u r an amazing writer..

    1. Thank u dr,hope u r fine,take care baba.

  18. Vry emotional bt swara is not bad plzzz yar swasan shld undrstnd each other nd plzz unte thm dea

    1. Swara is not bad at all and yea Swasan is our pair but to take this story forward some moments like these.thank u for commenting, hope u will keep reading.

  19. Amazing episode. ..really heart touching. Feel pity 4 swara

    1. Thank u yr,hope u will keep reading.

  20. NYC epi Finally swara realized her mistake

    1. Thank u dr ,hope u will keep reading.

  21. Wow superb Dr…good one.. I like ragini through ur ff , her friendship wid sanskar is amazing, now she is try to convince sanskar .

    1. Thank u dear,even I like Ragini more in this, in previous ff ,had neglected her,but since Tejaswi is my favourite I imagine her and write ,rest of the characters only sometimes I imagine them.

  22. It was so heart touching di!!!! Simply loved it!!!!!!!!!! I can correlate my classmates with these characters. Even I am from an Anglo Indian school.

    1. Hi Vinita,thank u dear,Oh,we both have same school background,cool,a few characters even I imagine my batchmates…

  23. Nice episode… I cried while readind ur ff..Update next part fastly

    1. Thank u Aman,glad to know that u could feel.I will update asap .

  24. Vini njan ee story ente friendzz nae paranju kelpikkarundu..on tea time..pine I forget to tell u something..my real name is sethulakshmy..everyone called me as Sethu…sethooty..sometimes I forget my own name

    1. Sethulakshmy ennavum Peru ennu thonniyirunnu,I like names like that a lot,kure readers fbyil undu ennu thonnunnu,aa groupl enne Saba cherthu,but njan othiri active alla fbyil,ee storyde end enthavumnnu enikku thanne ariyilla…

  25. hey i m silent reader..
    i m always thinking to comment but i do not have a single word.
    i can not explain my feeling.
    ya i dnt have any capability to give comment on ur work.
    it’s very nice.

    1. Thank u Joy,M glad to know that you were reading,thank u for commenting today,it s always good to know that there are readers for our ff..

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