SWASAN Fan Fiction (season 2) episode 1


Hi guys,please read this first paragraph,this is not a continuation of my other ff,the only thing that I will benefit from writing this is that I will lose all your love that you showered on my other fan fiction,after reading this series you wont ask me to write any and also you will clearly understand that I am not at all a good writer (I am not being polite,it is the fact) and the previous ff just happened ,well,my schooling was in a girls only school,so no idea about a mixed school environment,still,this ff is starting in such a background,and I myself don’t know where,when and how this story will end though I gave the title season 2,I don’t know what all I will write,may be it will end when you all will start hitting me thru your comments,but I have a skin thicker than that of rhinoceros,haha,so even if I get the worst comments,I may write but m damn sure that I am not a writer,all resemblance of scenes to familiar ones wont be coincidence ,it will be PURELY PURPOSEFUL cos my brain is literally empty…M not joking guys,let’s start,pls don’t ask for romance ,love confession,hurrying up etc. because m sorry, this is an aimless ff,………………

Scene 1:Year 2000,school reopening after a vacation.

School is filled with much noise,whole environment is a mess with parents and students roaming around,most of the kids are busy checking the sheets with names of students allotted to each class displayed in front of class rooms,some are sad and clinging on to friends’ shoulders seeing that they have been shuffled and wont be together that year,bell rings,time for assembly,parents are asked to assemble in the auditorium for the PTA meeting,assembly ends,Principal wishes them a good academic year and asks them to go to their respective classes,children waves at their friends who are going to other class rooms,some are cursing the ones who shuffled them in a low tone.

Scene 2:VIII B,class teacher enters,

She introduces herself,she has a distinct style of hers,especially the way she carries the books and register while walking in,some naughty ones are making fun of her saying that she has come to sell vegetables,starting from the first row children are called to receive their text books,all behave like polite obedient kids in front of class teacher,she smiles and hands over the books and wishes everybody,mean while those who have received books are immersed in it and busy going through that as though they have an exam in 10 minutes,after the distribution is over,teacher comes and stands in front of them and tells them, “This year it has been a vigorous shuffling,still I know most of you will be knowing each other,high school is the time when you should start thinking about your career,they say children are the future of any nation,many may laugh at it,but ,my kids,it is true,human resource is the best resource that any nation requires for its progress,don’t wait to see the changes and rules that others brings about and to follow them blindly,as our Bappuji said,be the change that you want to see in this world,our nation requires good farmers,engineers,doctors,scientists,civil

servants,artists,dancers,singers,technicians,skilled labourers and of course educated politicians with a vision to carry the nation forward,you children may be from different financial,caste,creed and cultural backgrounds,but here,you all are equal,the only thing that no one can take away from you is your knowledge and you are here to gather it,if you get education,you are rich,you have a grip and can chase your dreams later,so learn with your minds but think with your hearts,you are just teens of 13 but the potential in you is much more,I personally know a few of you who wants to achieve heights and make your parents proud”,

she continues and a boy is shown listening carefully to all what the teacher is saying,his eyes are moist and to wipe his tears without showing others he drops his pen down and bends and wipes it where as a girl in the parallel row one bench behind him notices this,she finds it funny and smiles to herself,teacher continues and tells them it is time to elect the leader of the class,she distributes small chits to them and tells them that since shuffling is there every year ,many of you may be knowing each other well,she asks them to write the name of the person whom they want to be their leader,children writes down names,they hide from each other as if the other will copy their answer,teacher asks one from the first bench to collect it in a box,teacher asks him to read it out and she tallies and gets up from her seat and starts writing the names and votes they got in ascending order,lastly she writes the name,Sanskar Ram Prasad Maheswari will be your leader with 38 out of 50 votes,Sanskar, please stand up,the same boy who wiped his tears is shown standing where as the girl who smiled is looking at him in surprise.Teacher congratulates him and tells him that 4th consecutive year as class representative,right?He nods with a smile,the girl notices that another girl who is seated next to her is super excited to see Sanskar,she finds it silly,the teacher gives some instructions to Sanskar and asks him to go back to his seat,it is clearly evident that she is very fond of him.

Scene 3:After the election of class leader

Teacher tells the class that a new girl has joined our school this year and she is in our class,she has been an NRI since her childhood,now her family has returned to settle in India,I met her parents today and I want all of you to make our new student feel good in this new school of hers,let’s give an applause and welcome our new student ,Swara Gadodia,the girl who was seen smiling at Sanskar’s tears gets up from her seat and she is Swara,Sanskar just looks back at her and she sees it and looks at him,they then looks in different directions,interval bell rings,all rushes out to meet their friends in excitement,there is a loud noise in corridor,only Sanskar and Swara are in class room,he turns and notices this and goes near her bench and tells her, “Hi Swara,I am Sanskar,I know you would be feeling a little odd here,but don’t worry,you will get many friends and ,do you like samosa’s ?,our canteen has hot samosas but limited number,so if you wana grab one you will have to rush as soon as the interval bell rings,then what,if you want some help,don’t hesitate to tell,now let me leave,bye,

Swara doesn’t reply a word,just nods with a smile,after he left,she tells to herself, “actually,this boy is too mature for his age,talking style ,mannerism, everything,anyways,I don’t want to be friends with him ,he is definitely not my type,it will be suffocating,she smiles saying that and looks outside,she gets up and goes near the door,she sees a girl rushing to Sanskaar and telling him, “so,this year also class leader,I knew it,but I miss you yaar,why do they shuffle us always,too bad,ah,we will be class mates in tuition class,there,no shuffling ,no?,Sanskar tells her, “Ragini,purpose of shuffling is more exposure both for students and teachers,we all get to know each other well,”Hearing this Swara tells in her mind, “again philosophy,God,”she rolls her eyes,she sees the girl about to hold Sanskar’s hands and then not doing so,Ragini tells him, “Samosas will be over,but we will just go and see,on the way,she hugs a lady and calls “maa”,Sanskar wishes her goodmorning m’am,she smiles and says,outside u call aunty and here Madam,it is ok Sanky,call me aunty,they all smiles,Swara notices all this…………

(Keep my ff’s wall paper in mind,in case u like it you can check if I update more,guys,I am not being arrogant,ok,but don’t expect a good ff.)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Hey veena if u like some one calling u akka den even I will call akka…

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      No probs dear.May all boundaries vanish,u can call me so,after all ,meaning s d same n though I don’t know any of you,all of us speaks our heart out,during the start I was not keen to reply cos I had read a comment under written update that most ID’s are fake,but then I thought,if I am writing it from heart,another person can also read and comment from heart n of course Rupsikha’s comments brought personal touch too….now I know almost every body who have commented till date and the nature of their comments,so no probs ,u can call me akka….

  2. wow yaar its so nice seeing u back… welcome.. story is superb…. character narration of swasan r superb… go ahead.. all the back.. dnt under estimate urself.. i just love ur ff’s… u r such a good writer…

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Sri,had noticed your absence,hope u will like this track…problem is not a born writer ,so no imagination…haha let us see.

  3. Nd don’t underestemate urself ……u r really a good writter akka

  4. Akka came with the flow? because its my mother tongue n reading is even my hobby . N ders nothing to mind please feel free to ask I am a 2nd yr Engineering student.?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Ok dear,good to hear that ,my hus is also an engr,many of my cousins are engrg students,good luck for your studies,akka is Tamil word,no?I have heard it or Kannada also same,actually,I dont know Kannada language ,should learn….

      1. Thank you much needed from tomo my exam starts ?n Akka means the same both in Tamil n Kannada. Kannada is easy to learn np. Any signs of next ff coming soon?? exam time so mum would be like ?will u leave that goddam phone?

    2. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Ok,do well,all the best once again,God bless,I had posted next one,there will be one update minimum,each day,bt don’t know when the team will upload it..

  5. Wow..!! U r back…yipee…wen i saw d cover pic n d name…i was like “is vini back”…nd i scrolled as fast as i can to c ua name……..tq vini fah writing an update again. …luv u….#priya

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Oh,ur name is Priya,nice ,Pretty pie is a cute name,I remember ur comment..thanks dr,let’s see where this story is going,no idea……..

  6. Its very nice..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Nidhi.Hope u will keep reading.

    2. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Nidhi,hope u will keep reading.

  7. Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Di is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Initially when I saw that same cover page I was thinking that whether it is an illusion or not.
    When i saw your your name I was so happy……………………………………
    “Oshadharon” job di!!!

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Haha Vinita,I knew u would see this n comment bt was not sure when,Thank u dr,and it is just an attempt to give a different background to all characters ,don’t know after writing a few if I’ll be able to do justice bt thinking to go with the flow, nothing is planned,still,hope to write one episode each day ,they haven’t uploaded today’s.May be after some time.

  8. Veena ur ff’s are always fantabulous?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Cherry,pls keep reading,it s a simple story.

  9. Hiiii di n thnx fr accptng our rqst. Agn an awesm 1. N ya plzzz don’t say that u r nt a good wrtr. For me u r a very good wrtr.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u nik,I still don’t consider myself so ,still m glad that u all r liking wat I write,and m happy to write for u.

  10. Superb ????

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u zella,pls keep reading.

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