SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 9

Hello guys,this is the continuation of SWASAN fan fiction episode 8,had posted the 8th yesterday after a week’s gap but the comments under that, honestly,made me happy,I was actually thinking not many are liking my way of portraying the characters(nt forgetting the ones who gave me positive feedback in comments column),and to those who are reading this for the first time and is totally confused ,u may please read the SWASAN Fan Fiction episodes 1 to 8 if u like, to get an idea from where I started…so here we go…

Scene 1:Swara’s family enters the hospital room

Swara is holding Sanskar’s shoulders after a cute funny fight regarding her calling him a kid and an eyelock is there between them,just then Swara’s family enters the room,Dadi is a little shy seeing them in that position,Sumi smiles,Shekhar coughs,Swara and Sanskar is embarrassed,Swara hastily gets up and Sanskaar says,actually,Papa we were fighting and…Shekhar interrupts and says,that we saw..(hinted that they saw that romantic eyelock),Sanskaar is embarrassed as well,to change topic,Sumi asks,”why you didn’t inform us,Shekhar saw the security guard on the way and wen he felt something fishy in his replies he forced him to say the truth and that is how we got to know Sanskar is admitted,we know that u both r very smart but this is not the time to manage things alone Swara,you should have told us ”,Swara says,”sorry,but maa,u don’t knw wat his condition was,he scared me,Sanskaar keeps looking at Swara,she continues,now he is better n now only I also became a little relaxed and I was going to call u and tell”….they talk and after sometime Swara asks them to leave as dad has lots of work,Dadi n Sumi wats to stay but then Sumi decides in her mind that they should give swasan some time together,they leave telling they will bring food for them…

Scene 2:Same day evening

Swara’s family had brought dinner and left,Swara goes to sleep in bystander’s bed,Sanskar calls her and she comes near him,he makes her sit,Swara is surprised thinking why he is behaving so,Sanskar slowly touches her mangalsutra,Swara looks surprisingly at him,he says,”it is loose Swara,Swara gets shocked and looks at it,she quickly touches it with concern and tries to tie it properly,she cant reach,seeing her struggling,Sanskar keeps his hand on her hands,she slowly removes her hand,he ties it…(mantra plays in BG),Swara keeps looking at Sanskar while he is tieing it,her eyes are moist but she blinks to hide it,he ties it and says,”now it is tight Swara but I promise you,I will not stop you from making any decision,whenever you want freedom,I will give it to u,I wont stop u,ever”,wen he says that he is sad as well,Swara is kind of shocked hearing him say like that,she gets up from his bed and goes to sleep in the other bed,she sits on the bed and before lying down looks at him,he is looking at her as well,both looks sad,eyes communicate what they fail to communicate through words,she turns,thinks about his words,tears roll down her eyes,Sanskaar keeps looking at her,he looks very sad…(Tum hi ho plays)

Scene 3:Next day morning

Nurse comes and says,last dose of injection is to be given,Swara asks if tablets are ok,Sanskar is surprised seeing her concern,nurse tells,it is just a matter of seconds,Sanskaar agrees,nurse tells,after the rounds,doctor may discharge you today,she is ur friend,no,madam?Swara nods,nurse leaves,Sanskar tells” so Swara,today u asked for tablets,thank u”,Swara says,”oh,I know ,somebody has needle phobia,wat else can I do than asking for an alternative bt honestly,u r so silly Sanskaar,Sanskaar tells “yesterday I was kid for u,today u find me silly,ah,improvement is there”He winks and they both smiles……….

Promo:well,sorry,I am not adding one so that story can be taken in any track…

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Ur ff is too gud .its better than any other ff .that romance and small fights btwn swasan wow .its jst amazing

  2. Its too good..try to give updates fast..hardly waiting

  3. Thank u for such nice story i lov e it

  4. nice gng…hey appu whr r u frm?

  5. really gud….luv swasan…..gud veena…plzz continue…

  6. I must say Ur ff is amazing yaar…..:-)this story is really better thn the serial story

  7. Thank u guys,next part tomorrow…

  8. I’m reads ur ff very interestingly. Its too good than any other ones

  9. Thank u guys ,actually I guess those who comment under my ff likes to c n imagine the way I do…m a die hard fan of swasan…n Rinshida,ur name is familiar to that of a friend’s….thank u …

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