SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 8


Hello guys,thanks for stopping by to read this,a brief intro is needed ,this is the continuation of Swasan fan fiction episode 7 posted on the 16th,I started writing cos of my love for SWASAN,had written one episode per day from 10th to 16th and stopped ,had decided to put something which is convincing to my small brain as I said in previous updates,I admit that my writing is average especially romance,but I just like this onscreen pair of SWASAN,watching only for them and not seeing their scenes much thought to write this….you may read previous ff of mine to get an idea from where I started,it will have cliché scenes…….
Promo was:Sanskar is in hospital with a thermometer in his mouth and showing funny expression to Swara and Swara staring angrily at him.
Scene 1:Sanskaar rushed to casualty
Swara and the security guard rushes Sanskar to hospital,duty doctor examines him,Swara is teary eyed,doctor tells her to admit him for a day as fever has not subsided since 2 days and to do the blood tests,Swara nods,Sanskar is still unconscious ,she comes near him and touches his hand,she finds it cold and she gently takes his hand and holds it and looks at him,tears fill her eyes again.
Scene 2:Hospital room
Swara tells the security to go back home and thanks him for accompanying her,she tells him not to tell anyone from both homes if they call that Sanskarr is admitted,Swara goes to the bed and sees Sanskar who is still sleeping,she comes near him and keeps her hand on his forehead,she gently moves her hand on his forahead,she recalls being rude to him at tyms and cries..
Next day morning
Sanskar wakes up and sees that he is in a different room,he sees Swara sitting on a chair beside his bed and sleeping resting her head on her hands,he looks at Swara,Swara suddenly wake up,he asks why they are in hospital and who brought him here,Swara gets angry and without responding goes to toilet.Nurse comes and checks his BP,she keeps a thermometer in his mouth,Swara comes seeing this,Snskar gives her a funny expression with thermometer in his mouth inorder to make Swara laugh but she is still angry,Nurse asks Swara if he had his breakfast as there is an injection to be given,Sanskar is scared of needles and his smile fades,nurse leaves asing Swara to call after giving him food,Sanskar tells Swara that he has to leave as lots of work is there in office,Swara pretends as though she didn’t hear,he again says that he has read somewhere that fungus were there in syringes,please tell doctor to give tablets ,Swara understands that he is scared of injection,she feels like smiling but hides it,Sanskar eats his food and Swara rings the bell to call nurse,nurse comes and Sanskar unwillingly shows his hand,she tells actually it is on the buttocks,Sanskar feels a little shy,Swara understands and turns,nurse gives injection,Sanskar cries loudly,Swara gets concerned and turns,nurse tells Swara,children are better than adults,some adults are very brave in all things except accepting an injection,Swara smiles.
After some time a lady doctor arrives and checks his pulse ,Swara stares at her,doctor turns and both she and Swara get excited as they recognise that they were school mates,Swara tells,”Sithara,Oh,you,seeing u after so long,cant believe”,they talk and doctor asks the relationship with patient,Swara swiftly says,he is my husband,Sanskar surprisingly looks at Swara and they share an eyelock,Sithara tells that they will talk after O.P and the rounds,by the time will get the blood test report also,she tells,nothing to worry as her husband is fine now,Swara tells her,”Sithara,what do you say,since his condition was bad yesterday,he will require a few more injections,no?as it will act faster, “,doctor understands she is teasing him and supports,”yea,if patient and bystander prefer injections over tablets ,we can go for it,Sanskar looks pathetically at them,Swara ignores,whereas doctor smiles and tells Swara that she will call her to room once her duty is over,they can talk for sometime,after all meeting after years..
Sanskar says ,”Swara,I was thinking that u forgave my past mistakes but now I understand,u still have not,u want me to bear more needles,u know I am scared of injections,you are a cruel lady,too bad,but u wait and c,on the way home I’ll eat chat and icecream”,Swara comes near him and says,”o really,why only chat and icecream,go and have a seven course meal,we can come back to same room with loose motion,Sanskarr ,I thought u r a mature guy,bt now I understand u r a kid”,Sanskar tells her not to call him a kid,they start arguing,a cute funny argument,both points fingers at each other and shouts,Swara keeps her hands on Sanskar’s shoulders and shakes him and continue arguments,then Sanskar looks at her hands on his shoulders and then into her eyes,they remain in that position lost in each other’s eyes………………….

Credit to: Veena

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  1. I was eagerly waiting for your ff . U took so much time for this episode.but still iam so happy to read ur ff again.u r a fab writer fab fab.dont stop plzzz

  2. Yeeeeeyyy…after a long time …how r u veena?n nice epi..

  3. Veena superb yaar. U can post precap naa…. Lovely….. lovely…..episode. Enjoyed ??…waiting for next episode…..

  4. Wow good one veena .your fan fiction is superb and good story structure than others.. and have more romance in between swasan..thats y am eagarly waiting for ur updates..keep writing

  5. If i had opportunity, i wld make you the script writer of swaragini serial…rly ur fab veena..whn ol fan works get posted…i just check whether itz ur…u r rly an amazing writer….writer pls study from her thn showing ol crap memory loss drama….

  6. Di ur ff is juz great i was so eagerly waiting fr it n y u took so long but still happy 2 c u back
    Plz post da nxt epi soon as da serial is dead boring n highly annoying these days
    Moreovr i was missing it n so checkd every time fr ur ff

  7. Thank u guys,actually was busy as I had gone out of station,also I try to put into words a few things that comes to mind after I read the spoilers,actually I thot not many r enjoying my style of portraying swasan…if I can imagine surely I’ll post it,once again thank u for the encouraging words.. @Rupshika,m fine…n Veena s a pen name( oops,pen names arefor writers)OK it s my proxy name…

  8. yr….finely….
    i was checking regularly for ur update….
    nice yr

  9. Thnx for update

  10. Di plz update ur nxt epi soon as each of ur epi turns out to b interestng n also a bit humourous bcoz of da small swasan fights

  11. Had sent today’s Bt many b telly team will update after some time.nt sure if u all will like it.bt I have planned a few more.

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