SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 7

This is the continuation of SWASAN Fan Fiction episode1,2,3,4,5, 6,SWASAN is my favourite couple after ARSHI,RK-MADHU and RUDRA-PARO..and that is y m writing this though I know there is nothing new in my writing.

Promo was Swara hugs a shivering Sanskar

Scene 1:Swara reaches Sanskar’s house

Swara enters the house,Parineeta sees and comes and hugs her,Dp and all sees her,she touchers elders’ feet and everyone greets her,Laksh is ready ,Ragini is trying to talk to him but he ignores as usual and comes downstairs,he smiles seeing Swara,she smiles back and goes directly to Sanskar’s room,Laksh stands there sadly.

Scene 2:Sanskar’s room

Sanskar had his breakfast,Sujatha is going to give the tablets,Swara seeks her blessings,Sanskaar is happy and surprised seeing her,Swara looks at him,both realises that they had missed each other,their eyes speaks,Swara then turns to Sujatha and takes medicines from her,Sujatha says she has to tell Ram Prasad about something urgent and goes,Swara takes the glass and tablets and goes near Sanskar and gives it in his hands,she wants to check his fever but hesitates,she tells as if she is talking to someone else,”Some grown ups are sillier than kids,don’t know if their brain development is stopped in childhood itself,they behave foolishly and ends up in bed like this”.Sanskaar shows fake anger and looks at Swara ,Swara eyes him and both ends up laughing…Sujatha comes back now and tells,Annapurna’s sister’s child’s wedding is there and as planned they were supposed to leave today after breakfast,DP and Ram had planned a pilgrimage to a few temples on their way back.But she went and told that she is staying back with Sanskar,Sanskar tells her to go and that he will manage,hearing this Swara tells that she will stay with Sanskaar,Sanskaar looks unbelievingly at Swara,Sujatha says you went to stay with your parents and you didn’t even get three days with them,it is ok I will stay back as all others are going that will do,Swara forces her and she agrees to leave.

Scene 3:Sanskar’s room, in the afternoon

All are leaving for the wedding and has come to say bye to Sanskar and Swara,all tells him to take care of his health,Laksh is sad seeing Swara with Sanskar,Dp says that they should leave now as it is late already,all leaves from there,Swara comes with lunch for Sanskar,she says that his eyes are looking so tired and it conveys how much unwell he is,Sanskar says it is just a day since he has been in bed and it is so boring,feeling sad for the poor patients in hospitals,Swara looks at him and gives him food,it slips and falls on his clothes.She wipes it ,she leans on him and her hair is falling on his face,Swara looks at Sanskar,understands her awkward position and slowly moves away……..

Scene 4:Sanskar’s room, in the evening

Sanskar asks Swara to switch on the AC,Swara is surprised,asks him if has gone mad now or she has failed in understanding his mental status that he was not acting before,He tells he can see from here how beautiful the climate is outside,he tells he is in love with this climate but unfortunately he is having fever and cant go out because of bodyguards,he eyes her and continues,he tells,he likes to go for long walk,he likes to get wet ,he says,some just get wet but feeling the rain is different,he tells how he eats chat on the roadside benches,then the best thing is buying icecream and chat and coming home after that,switching on the ac and enjoying it,Swara imagines and enjoys what he is saying but tells,at any cost,no switching on ac today,just then security calls from downstairs and tells there is a courier,Swara says,no chat and icecream,but I will bring some hot soup for you and dinner when I come back,she tells him to be a good boy and take rest .She comes back after preparing soup and dinner,she looks at Sanskar and sees his eyes closed she comes near and sees him shivering,she finds the ac switch on,she calls his name and scolds him,but he doesn’t respond,she sees him shivering more she gets scared and hugs to keep him warm,she keeps on calling but she feels that he is ice cold,she rubs his back,she touches his face balancing him on her,she remembers how he had confessed love and fell on her shoulders like this,she calls and seeing him not responding,cries and calls his name and hugs him tightly……..

Promo:Sanskaar is in hospital with a thermometer in his mouth and showing a funny expression to Swara and she staring at him angrily.

Credit to: Veena


  1. Ria55

    Your’s is one of the few fictions that has a proper sentence structure among the ones I have read so far.. Loving it..Please update your next chapter..

  2. Veena

    Thank u for the comments..m planning to upload next part tomorrow..t was a huge gap..was out of town..

  3. Veena

    Uploaded ‘swasan fan fiction episode 8 ‘yesterday n ‘episode 9’ had sent it in the afternoon bt may be telly team will update it after some time…

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