SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 6


Hi guys,actually,there is nothing extra ordinary in this fan fiction,it is just the continuation of SWASAN Fan Fiction1,2,3,4,5…a few of you would have read that,this is just the excitement of a Swasan fan though other characters are also included,and I know very well that my writing skills are not good,still,I write this out of my love for Swasan,it will have clichéd scenes and situations,pardon…

Scene 1:Maheswari house dining table
DP,Annapurna and Sanskar’s parents are having tea and are having a chat,Ragini comes and serves snacks,all are annoyed,DP asks her to join,she sits,others don’t talk to her,she sits all alone,Laksh returns from office,Annapurna asks why he reached early,Laksh tells he simply felt to stop his work early today,he asks how Sanskar is as he had left before him. Sujatha tells that she is thinking about calling a doctor as he has not consulted one and is too tired and is in bed.

Scene 2 :Sanskar’s room
Doctor is examining him,his parents are standing there,other relatives are waiting outside,doctor tells though fever is high for the time being he just needs rest and the prescribed medicines,he asks them to call him if fever doesn’t subside in two days as he will send lab technician to collect blood sample then.Doctor comes out,DP thanks him and asks Adarsh to go and leave him,others comes to Sanskar’s room ,talks to him and asks him to take rest and leaves,Laksh looks at Sanskar,he is sad seeing him sick,he does not say anything,but walks out.

Scene 3:Swara’s house
All are seated for dinner,Sumi notices Swara is worried and asks her if she called Sanskar after coming back from his office,she remembers how she had thought about calling and then hesitated,she tells that she didn’t call,she decides to go and meet Sanskar in his office the next day,she just eats something and wishes good night and goes,all looks at her.She goes to her room and is worried,she scolds herself for not calling early.

Scene 4:Sanskar’s room
Sanskar is struggling to sleep and is having a disturbed sleep,he feels like Swara is seated beside him,he calls her name and extends his hand to touch her…
Scene 5:Swara’s room
Simultaneously ,Swara sees a dream in which she sees Sanskar falling into a deep pit,she shouts his name and wakes up,she is sweating,she goes and drinks some water and takes her phone then hesitates thinking she will be disturbing his sleep.She takes a small idol of Lord in her hands and prays,”I don’t know what is happening to me,Sanskar is having a fever and I am this much disturbed,I don’t know anything but I pray to you to make him fine soon”.

Scene 6:Sanskar and Laksh’s office

Swara comes and go straight to Sanskar’s cabin,Laksh had seen her coming and goes to Sanskar’s cabin as well,Swara asks for Sanskar,Laksh says he is not well and doctor has told to take rest,he wants to talk more to Swara and tries begin another conversation,but he notices that Swara is lost in thoughts,he is disturbed and sad seeing Swara’s concern for Sanskar.She dials Sanskar’s number,Sujatha picks up the call and Sanskar hearing Swara’s name signs Sujatha to tell that he is fine,Sujatha hands over the phone to Sanskar,hearing his voice Swara is relieved,Laksh notices this,though Sanskar pretends to be better,Swara understands from the tone that he is tired,she tells,”that day I had told you to drive carefully,I should have told you to walk carefully as well,I don’t understand why you walked and came ,that too without an umbrella on a rainy day,she goes on scolding”,Laksh stands there watching this,he is taken aback seeing Swara’s changes,Swara then stops and tells “you wont understand Sanskar, that be it a small or big disease but seeing our loved ones going through it is not at all a good feeling,I am angry with u”,Sanskar silently listens where as Laksh is hurt and is staring at Swara,Swara cuts the call and tells bye to Laksh and leaves….

Promo: Swara hugs a shivering Sanskar…

Credit to: Veena

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  1. veena, can u plz do a ff on uttaran as it was ma fave serial even tho it has finished but i lov meekash (meethi&akash)

  2. Your writing is too good and also your story

  3. Superb veena
    Updat nxt part soon

  4. @xoxx,sorry, I haven’t watched uttaran…@appu,thanks yaar

  5. Yaar veena pls put some mirchi masala n some romance also 4 gud entrrtaimnt but ur really cool yaar n yah !!!

    SWASAAAAAAN !!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Hey I m a SWASAN fan too

  6. Hi good fan fiction story keep writing

  7. Veena ur writing skill is superb. Love to read it….plz post the next episode soon..

  8. Good work Vera. I too want Swara to have emotions for Sanskar..Sanskar already had lost his love , Kavita once. He is indeed a nice guy ….Jo ek baar bhatak gaya tha when lost Kavga. It was Swara who had shown him the right path then. He saw once again a true nice girl come in his life and she is Swara…It would be unfair , if he again had to lose his Love which is his inspiration now to do lead a good life…..so if Swara has some emotions for him, she herself need to realize it ….I too want Swasan to cherish .

  9. So sorry VEENA. . read as Veena only ,,,,…Vera was type error.

  10. fabulous..u hv gd writing skill..keep gng

  11. Very good veena
    Wrote nicely

  12. Very nice Veena pls add some rmntic scenes as Mandy said ?

  13. swaragini fan

    Superb writing. . Plzz also come with some high romantic drama too.. add up spices to romance btwn swasan

  14. Wow Veena.. Hope ur story is taken as a serial then it would be nice… really love SWASAN pair….

  15. Thanks guys,yea,I understand, writing is fun,bt writing romance,trying,very bad at it..episode 7 on the way..I don’t knw wen it will be uploaded

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