SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 5


Thanks to those who stop by to read this,now that written updates filter has been updated ,I hope fan fiction wont pose trouble to those who wish to read only written updates,this is the continuation of SWASAN fan fiction episode 1,2,3,4…
Promo was :Swara and Ragini are at Sanskar and Laksh’s office

Scene 1: Shehkar’s home,Sanskar has come for dinner as invited

Shekhar and Sanskar has seated for the dinner,Swara ,Sumi and Dadi are serving dishes,Dadi is pouring love on Sanskar,he starts sneezing,Shekhar tells that you got wet and now you have started sneezing ,you have this soup, you will feel better,Swara passes a tissue to Sanskar seeing him sneezing,he thanks her and sneezes again,Swara is concerned,they start having the food ,Sanskar comments about the dishes,he says,”Palak Paneer,wow,it is my favourite,he tastes it and says,excellent,flash back shows Sujatha cooking Palak paneer and telling Swara that it is Sanskkar’s favourite dish,Swara is happy now that Sanskar has liked it.Sumi looks at Swara and thinks how Swara had insisted on cooking the dish herself,Swara understands what Sumi is thinking and is a little shy,Sumi is happy seeing Swara like that,Sumi tells Sanskar that Swara cooked the dish,Sanskar looks at Swara and says,thank you,Swara looks in his eyes and an eyelock…

Scene 2:Next day morning at Shekhar’s house

Swara comes to room with a cup of hot coffee,she sees Sanskar still asleep,she gently tries to wake him up,he gets up and is looking tired and is having fever,he looks at clock and tries to hurry up as it is late,Swara tells me that his clothes are dry,Sanskar takes a bath and comes out,he is looking tired and all asks him to take leave and rest at home,he tells about the tight schedule and leaves without having breakfast.

Scene 3:Maheswari house

Ragini comes with a cup of coffee to Laksh as he is coming downstairs,he doesn’t even pretend as he has seen her and goes down and asks Annapurna to serve breakfast as he has to leave early,Sanskar changes clothes and comes down as well,he is looking too tired,Annapurna comes and touches his forehead and asks him to take rest ,they will call doctor,Sanskar insists to leave and tells he will meet doctor on the way,Sanskar is driving and sneezing multiple times,he gets call from office that a client has arrived,he cancels the plan to meet doctor and heads to office straightaway.

Scene 4:Swara at her home

Swara is at home thinking about Sanskar and how he was sneezing and how he was having fever,she is a lot worried about him and wants to call him,then she thinks to take lunch and medicines to office but she is disturbed as what parents will think,she doesn’t want to accept that she cares for Sanskaar,Sumi comes and in between the talks notices Swara’s restlessness,she understands and she says that since Sanskar was sick,it would be better if somebody takes food for him,she asks her if she will take it as Shekhar has already left,Swara is excited hearing this and readily agrees and goes to get ready,Sumi notices this …

Scene 5:Sanskar and Laksh’s office

Ragini has prepared lunch and brought for Laksh,Laksh just ignores her,she keeps it on the table,he doesn’t say a word,Ragini is embarrassed and is standing there not knowing whether to serve it or leave,just then through the glass both Laksh and Ragini sees Swara entering the office,Laksh is delighted,but both of them sees Swara going to Sanskaar’s cabin,Sanskar is surprised seeing her and keeps the phone receiver down and asks Swara to sit,Swara tells that mom has sent lunch for him,he thanks her and tells that he will eat it,Swara tells him that she will serve it and asks him to eat it then and there and take medicines,Sanskar looks on,he calls secretary and asks her to bring a plate ,Swara asks what is the need of another plate as she has already brought one,he says since my wife and stops,I want you to have lunch with me here,Swara looks on,Sanskar serves food for Swara in a plate and asks her to eat,both eats together,Sanskar jokes ,why no palak paneer today,Swara tells actually mom prepared and he says,”it is ok yaar,I simply asked,you brought hot food from home and it means a lot”,Laksh notices their growing closeness from the cabin and is disturbed,Ragini notices this on Laksh’s face and is sad.Swara gives medicines to Sanskar and is about to leave,she wants to stay but leaves,Sanskar watches her go,Swara goes and feels something and turns back and sees Sanskar looking at her and smiling,she smiles,they keep on looking at each other….(muskurane ki wajah plays….)

Promo:Swara dreams that Sanskar has fallen into a pit and shouts Sanskar and wakes up….

Credit to: Veena

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    i think they must take inspiration from ur creations

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    Very gd writing skills
    Keep it up yaar
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  10. Plz whoever is writing dis shuld get a real job and stop wasting our tym.

    1. If it’s wasting your time then don’t read it

  11. Di it was realy nice n awesum plz upload da nxt part soon
    I was impresed n happy wid da reaction of raglak on seeing swasan

  12. First of all Mumina..u gave a reply,so kind of you,thanks yaar bt rikky accepting ur comment wholeheartedly bt I repeat m not a writer, started watching this serial after Varun’s entry,became a big fan of Swasan,went bk to YouTube and watched most of Swalak and still I like Swasan…
    Started writing this after reading Mumina’s fan fiction,I didn’t even kW hw or where to send ff to,Mumina helped me wid that as well,I don’t preplan n write,as I said,I myself agree m nt a writer, bt I imagine and put into words what comes to mind,it will have cliche scenes and influence of other familiar scenes bt I write wat I feel is convincing to my small brain…
    I will write until I get something n once I feel I don’t have anything I will stop it then and there..
    This is a free space,both for writers and readers, I value each and every comment wid due respect…so thank you all.

  13. @R…/Ramya,if m nt wrong,had noticed ur absence,good to c u bk,bt request you not to expect anything good in my fan fiction, ok,cos m nt confident about my writing,as I said bt shall surely think and put into words if I get something….and I sit and n type in the morning n it is getting uploaded at night…for next I have an idea in my mind which is hinted in the promo…

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