SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 36


Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction episode 36…,please read 34 and 35 before reading this..34,35,and this are back to back…

Scene 1:Sanskar is shifted to room from ICU..

Laksh is pushing the wheel chair,family members have all gathered,Swara wants to go near him,but hesitates,Sanskar also looks at Swara and then looks elsewhere,all of them chat and passes jokes,Laksh and Adarsh helps him sit on the bed,he jokes saying that,”if getting injured gives so much V.I.P treatment,I think I should make this a habit,Sujatha and A.P scolds him,Annapurna tells him that “yea patient will get good care,but relatives were living with wounded hearts,look at your wife,she has lost a few kgs”,Sanskar looks at Swara and smiles,she smiles back and they share an eyelock,she wants to go near him but stands still,relatives slowly starts leaving after some time,Laksh and Ragini are the last to leave,he hugs him and says , “welcome back bhai,I am sorry for everything,Sanskar hugs him and says, “I am the one who should ask sorry,sorry Lucky,for everything”,Ragini and Swara watches this with moist eyes,Laksh wipes his tears and jokes, “If I show my brotherly love with a tighter hug all that has started healing will start bleeding ,so we will pay the bill and buy some food for us and come,u are V.I.P ,no?so you will get special food from hospital,enjoy..”,he smiles and goes,Ragini comes near Sanskar and holds his hand and just looks at him,she says, “good to see you back Sanskar,thank God”she quickly leaves the hand and goes,in the corridor both Laksh and Ragini looks at each other with moist eyes…

Scene 2:Staff brings Lunch

Swara is about to go near Sanskar,staff brings the lunch and asks Swara to give it as there is injection following,Swara smiles hearing injection and gives a naughty look to Sanskar,she gives food to him and in between tells him, “somebody who was scared of injections would have got rid of that phobia,because this time would have got numerous na,Sanskar shows an angry expression and shows the cannula and says, “through this, it wont hurt,ok”,Swara raises her eyebrows and gives a “oh great”expression,their usual nok jhok continues,after some time nurse comes and takes a test dose on his arm and marks the area,he shows an angry expression to Swara,after the nurse leaves,Swara goes near him and slowly holds his hand and massages his palm and tells him, “for my hubby to be back in healthy form,he has to go through a few struggles and once he is back ,he and his wife will enjoy a lot of good moments together and his wife will not allow him to think about this pain ,even “,Sanskar looks at her and says, “then please tell my wife to do some magical charm and rescue me from here”,Swara replies, “but your wife is a poor human being,she doesn’t have magical powers,but her heart is full of love for her husband and she has offered all her love to God and asked for her husband’s cure”,saying this they look into each other’s eyes,she comes to hug him but her phone rings,Sanskar smiles and asks “who is the one with this right timing”,Swara shows her phone and says, “your bhai”,Laksh had called to ask what to buy for her lunch..she comes back and holds his shoulder and asks him if it is paining,he says, “actually Swara,stab wounds wont have pain at all,now only I realised that,especially after surgery,no pain,”Swara understands that he is teasing her for her question,she turns to him,stands opposite him and asks him to close his eyes,he tells that if she has some grudge she may take revenge later as he is already a damaged body,he feels the warmth of her lips on his forehead,Swara kisses his forehead and moves back,he holds her hands and brings her closer to him and says, “actually this medicine is good,he shows actions as though his whole body is paining and asks for more medication of the same type,Swara tells him that she will tell doctor to give it,she hits him and says Laksh and Raagini may come anytime…

Scene 3:After three days, evening, in hospital garden

Sanskar is seated on the wheel chair,Swara takes a bunch of flowers of multiple colours from the weeds and tells him, “look,history is repeating,you gave me yellow bunch,but I have all colours because our love has multiple shades,she hands it over to him,then goes behind him and hugs him from back and both click a selfie together…….checks it and Sanskar says, “Oh,I look so good with this beard avathar”,Swara replies, “yea,like a bear”,he tries to hit her and she runs..

Scene 4:Raglak,after a few days…

Laksh has brought Ragini to a their farm house,the farm house is well decorated,he closes her eyes and makes her walk forward,he brings her to the centre of the room,he takes his hand off and asks her to remain with eyes closed,he ,after a few minutes asks her to open her eyes,she opens and finds him on his knees,he extends his hand and tells her, “Myself, Laksh Maheswari ,wants to ask you Miss ,sorry,Mrs.Ragini Maheswari if you are ready to accept my love and be my loving wife ,Ragini looks at Laksh in surprise,she keeps her hand in his and nods,he kisses her hand and says “Thank u”,he gets up and takes her face inside his hands and says, “I love you Ragini,”tears roll down her eyes,he wipes it and she tells him, “I love you too Laksh,they keep looking at each other and Laksh hugs her,she hugs him back and they share a tight hug…………

Scene 5:Sanskar is back home after a few days

Sanskar is back home in the evening,Annapurna does the arathi and welcomes him,they all spend quality time together at the dining table,after the dinner DP says that they will throw themselves a party the next day,no outsiders,only them and they will sing and dance till late night as after a long gap,everything is fine in their home,after a chat for around an hour they have dinner ,wishes good night and goes to their respective rooms……..

Scene 6:Swasan

Swara is back after a shower,she sees Sanskar playing games in his phone,he tells him that radiation hazards,wound has healed but that doesn’t mean you can do anything,she tells him to sleep,she makes him lie down,he pulls her hand and asks her to sleep beside him,she says ok and wishes him goodnight,he tells her that “good night kiss…”,she smiles and hits his face slowly and kisses his forehead and wishes him good night,he pulls her hand and tells her, “I have counted ,shall return it all with interest,so don’t worry ,ok,”She hits him hard on his shoulder and asks him to take rest…

Scene 7:After few days,Sanskar is absolutely fine and back to normal….

Sanskar and Swara are in their car,Swara asks him “where are you taking me,this early,atleast say the place yaar”,he tells her to keep quiet for some time as they are going on a pilgrimage and he doesn’t want to get angry on her,after some time,they reach somewhere,Sanskar asks Swara to come out,it is a temple ,there is big banyan tree at the entrance,temple is at the top,it resembles the temple in Chottu maa’s village,he tells her that this temple and atmosphere resembles that of our village temple,but this has around 20 steps only leading to it,and it is not at all crowded,I had come here many times before,he tells her, “ from now, keep your mouth shut”,telling this ,he carries her in his arms,he tells her, “this time number of steps is less but I am carrying you not with my arms,but with my heart and it is my vow before we begin our life”,Swara looks at him with moist eyes,they reach the top,does the rituals ,he gives something to the pandit,he prays,blesses and gives it back,Sanskar asks him if they are too early,Pandit tells him that a few people may come after some time,he blesses them and goes,Sanskar takes her hand and makes her stand in front of the idol,he kneels down on one knee and asks her, “Swara,I am inviting you to be part of my soul,I am inviting you to be my wife,I am inviting you to be the mother of our kids,I am inviting you to be the centre of my life,will you be there with me for the rest of my life and births ,if that exists,she takes his face in her arms and tells him, “yes,any number of births,I will be yours…I accept all your conditions, because, I love u……..he gets up and opens his hand which has a small sindoor box,a ring and a chain which he got blessed a few minutes back,he puts sindoor on her forehead and hands the box to her,he takes her hand and puts the ring on her finger,he takes the chain and makes her wear it and Swara closes her eyes and prays and tears roll down her cheeks,he wipes her tears with his hands and cups her face and kisses her forehead,she holds his hands,Swara hugs him and they share a long hug,suddenly they comes back to senses,he holds her hand and comes down the stairs,there is a strong wind,the leaves of the Banyan tree are moving with it,a few falls on them,both of them looks at the tree and the wind,Swara says, “this wind is a medium of God’s blessing on us,together they look up and feel the wind,Sanskar holds Swara by her shoulder,they share an eyelock,after some time…they reach their car,gets inside,car moves……………………………………………

(And here begins, a pilgrimage of LOVE………………………..)

Signing off-Vini Ross(Veena).

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Di aapne ”Joha rice”ke barre me suna h kya?u knw it’s very popular for its flavour..i think u shld try it

  2. 1.Spinach khar
    2.pork with bambo shoot
    3.pork wid mustard
    4.duck curry wid gourd

    U know maine jo list dya h aapko ek bar jarooorrr try krna chahiye…it’sssss yyyyyuuuuuummmmmyyyyy u knw???..n ya ”joha rice ”ki smell toh bht accha h

  3. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Ok dr, thank u,this list wil help a lot,blindly if we follow net wont understand the best n must try ones,I shall try the ones u mentioned.

  4. Hi Di!!!!!! My cell phone was not working properly so it had to be repaired and because of that i could not reply early. Sorry!!!!!!!! Bengali dish mainly comprises of non veg dishes( especially fish). Some of the famous non veg dishes(comprising of fish) are Chingri machcher malai curry,bhetki macher paturi and illish macher jhol. You can also try out golda chingri and kosha mangsho. Coming to the vegetarian side there are dokhar dalna, chanar dalna, dimer dalna, mochar ghonto, mishti pulao and begun bhaja. Luchi and alurdom is another Bengali delicacy(and it is my favourite too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Bengali food is left incomplete without deserts so I am even writing the names of some famous deserts and please try these because these deserts are really delicious and my mouth is already watering at the thought of these dishes. So the dishes are Patishapta, Malpua, payesh and the most important of all SANDESH AND ROSHOGOLLA. Di try out theses recipes and I am sure every one will like it.

  5. Do you like cooking di??? It is really appreciable because you take out time for cooking even after managing the hectic schedules of a dentist. Your ff also reminds me of another song “kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho…………..”
    Rupsikha, are you from Assam???

  6. Hi vinita….yes i m 4m Assam..

  7. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Hi Vinita, m so glad to see u and Rupsikha checking this ff still,and thank u for the recipes,since m from Kerala,fish is an inevitable part of our cuisine,though m in Bangalore,habits don’t change,na?actually,started cooking after marriage,and my Hus is the victim,I try recipes from net on weekends,when I just sat and thought abt u both,I thought will try recipes from ur place,bt,m on a veg diet for a few days,so first I will try those n then fish on Jan…and desserts in between.

    1. hi di…..

      missing u alot…..
      most imp thanx for telling us dt ur r a dentist…..
      jis tarah se aap injections and oll ka jikr karti thi i was damn sure dt u r related to medical…..
      di plz come back…………….,……….

  8. Hiiiii veena di , how r u????? Egrly wtng fr yr next ff. N di lf u wrt plzzzzzzz do write swasan ff only coz these days I m missing there scene’s in the show n yr ff feels me like I m wchng the show.plzzzzzzz di if possible do write .

  9. So di u r a dntst .

  10. where u veena miss u lot…

  11. Hey Veena! Today while reading kashis ff I really missed yours ? Please come back with something no Veena plz I keep checking first credicts to see if its u ? n BTW I’m from Karnataka nyc to know u stay in b’lore! N ur a dentist that’s awesome? what’s even more awesome is u manage such hectic schedule with ur hobby (considering writing as ur hobby?) that’s brilliant. Again coming to the point please start a new ff please? do u write in some other websites as well if so plz do tell I would love to read them

  12. Hahahahahhhh …dkha di kaise sb aapko phir se rqst kr rhi h lkhne k liye…aab to likhna hi parega;Yesssssss???

  13. Ioved it even I didn’t read it completely. Wish to see u back with another ff veena di , sorry can I call u so , if don’t sorry . everyone here is calling u so.bye . may god bless u and ur family??????????

  14. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Hi guys,checking this column has become a habit,will start with nikku,I wish to write more but this ff was just an attempt,m not a writer dr,so no story s coming to mind to be honest,Joya,I miss writing for u all but don’t have any story in my mind,Sethooty, m here,after completing my ff,not so active in this site bt m surprised to see u all here,m humbled n honoured,Shraddha,nice to know that u r from Karnataka,m not a writer dear,if I was,I would not have made u all ask for another ff,I would have written,bt I don’t have any story in my mind,Rupsikha,dr,if I write the wall paper will be the same,but the love which u all showered on this ff will vanish if I have write another cos m nt a writer,this just happened,thank u Zella,no probs,u can call me so,actually,Veena is a friend’s name that I adopted to write here,my name is Vini.

  15. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Sorry for some typing mistakes in above.

  16. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Guys,I have written one ff,I am very sure u all won’t like it,it s gonna be boring and slow too,but I wrote for u all and one request,if u like it pls do let me know under it and if u don’t I will make out from your silence…

  17. Thnx di for ur ff
    ..i lyk ur ff sooo muchhh…it’s somethng dffrnt

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