SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 35


Hi guys,please read episode 34 before reading this….

After three weeks,

Scene 1:Laksh’s room

Laksh looks in the mirror and tells to himself,it is a month since I told Ragini that I will give a chance to our life,and now the past one month has really bridged the gap between us,how will I tell her that I have started feeling for her,I will do one thing,I will take her out for a date today evening and propose her ,it is weird to propose one’s own wife,but what to do,sometimes,life plays some much with us that we just helplessly become characters in the play,but this time it is not a child’s play,I have thought about it a hundred times,I will accept my love for her,no more delay,he goes to Baadi to meet elders,he tells everybody that this situation is too odd but since everyone knows all what has happened,I felt I should tell you all about an important decision that I made,he tells them that he has decided to move on with a new life with Ragini,all are happy,he seeks everybody’s blessings,all hugs him,he leaves from Baadi,Dadi goes to the in house mandir and joins hands and thanks God and prays for her children’s good will,Sumi and Shekhar joins her….

Scene 2:Swasan room

Swara is scolding Sanskar who is still asleep,she asks him if he has plan to go to office or not,he tells her that he has plan to spend a whole day with her,first a movie,then lunch,then a party at night,Swara tells him ,ok,but for all this to happen ,first he should get up from his bed,time is 9 am,Sanskar quickly gets up and says, “oh,late,movie is at 10,Swara get ready fast,run,run”.He runs to the bathroom,Swara smiles seeing him and gets ready,he tells to herself,may be this is that special day and at the end of this I will tell him that I love him,she smiles,thinking this.

Scene 3:Swasan coming down and at the dining table

Sanskar is swallowing his breakfast fast and Annapurna is scolding him for his poor planning and laziness,he drinks water and gets up,Adarsh comes and takes him to a side and asks him if there is any calls or anything from unknown numbers,Sanskar answers that since last three weeks everything seems to normal as it was before,may be it was from some clients or some media,I had done a brief enquiry but nothing to worry as per reports,Swara notices their conversation but could not hear,when Sanskar comes back she asks him about it and he tells her that it was regarding office matters,she has doubt on her face still,he holds her hand and says,”come ,we are already late”,just then landline rings and Annapurna calls Sanskar from behind,he comes and attends the call,the caller tells him that they wish to discuss some business matters ,Sanskar tells him that he is on leave today as he is about to go out,the caller agrees for the next day and cuts the call,simultaneously somebody in a white car comes and the car is being parked outside Maheswari Mansion,Sanskar and Swara start their journey and is being followed by this white car,Sanskar notices this in the mirror and slows down for the other car to overtake and it does,Sanskar ignores and continues ,after some time from a pocket road again the same car continues to follow them and this time Sanskar who is talking to Swara doesn’t see it..after a distance they notice that they are being circled by three cars and the road has just two or three pedestrians at a distance,a few men rushes out and forcefully captures SWASAN and takes them…..(this kidnapping is essential,sorry guys…please read the rest)

Scene 4:Unknown place

The whole place is dark even if it is day time,the kidnappers have tied Swara up,the spotlight falls on her,Sanskar is at a distance from there but is untied,Spot light falls on him as well.Sanskar looks at Sanskar and cries,Sanskar blinks his eyes and signs her that he is there no need to worry,just then they hear a loud applause,a man enters,Swasan understands that the man is the one whom Sanskar had beaten on the way to chottu maa’s house for trying to misbehave with Swara,Sanskar sees a few holding weapons near Swara,the man comes near Sanskar and slaps hard on his face,Sanskar falls down,Swara shouts his name and cries,they lift him up and beats him hard,Sanskar tries to defend but they overpower him,the man pulls his hair and says, “that day you tried to be a hero in front of your wife Mr.Sanskar Ram Prasad Maheswari,but I had told you that I wont leave you,today ,if you try to react,your wife will pay the penance,Sanskar sees the man moving sword through Swara’s skin,Sanskar shouts in anger and frustration seeing this he tells the man that a number of people harming a helpless couple is not heroic,I only beat you na,u leave her and do whatever you want with me,hearing this Swara pleads not to harm Sanskar,he is already bleeding and she cant see him in pain,the man continues, “shut up,this is typical filmy dialogue that the hero says,but we are not filmy villains,we are really bad people and you messed up with us,that too ,to become hero in front of your wife,so this time,you bear it in front of your wife,you are just at half an hour distance from your place,the spot light suddenly goes off ,Sanskar rushes in Swara’s direction ,he hears noises around and tries to speed dial Adarsh(not a touch screen one),(the call gets connected to Adarsh,he rushes out,alerts everyone,cyber cell,number tracking etc etc,rescue mission started ),mean while power supply comes and the men sees Sanskar holding and trying to untie Swara,they drags him and beats him badly,Swara comes and stands in front of him,one of the men,comes to stab Swara,seeing this Sanskar kicks Swara down and gets stabbed,out of anger,the man pulls the weapon out and stabs him once more,Swara is shocked and rushes and hugs him,the men tries to harm Swara and Sanskar hugs her and tries to keep her under him,they try to pull him and separate them but he clings on to her,the men hear some noise and rushes in all directions,the police and Adarsh and his friends have all reached,they break open the doors and police takes the bad gang away,Swara slowly holds Sanskar and manages to move him and sees him smiling, she holds him and cries bitterly calling his name,he softly says, “As long as I am alive,nothing can touch you,”he smiles and closes his eyes….Adarsh and others comes and he is shifted to hospital…(this episode is too filmy,I know)

Scene 5:In front of hospital operation theatre

Whole Maheswari family and Swara’s family is waiting outside,a few hours has passed,surgery is still going on,Swara is seated on a chair and is staring at his blood stain on her hands and clothes,all are trying to console her but she just keeps staring at it and tears are rolling down her cheeks,surgery is over and doctor comes out and tells that the condition is critical and they can tell something after some time only,he will be shifted to post operative ward after that,Swara tells Shekhar that she wants to see him,Shekhar tries to console her,Sanskar ‘s dad comes and holds her and tells her that nothing will happen to him,he will come back,Swara hugs him and cries,he is in tears as well,he gently pats her,Swara’s friend ,Dr.Sithara comes there after some time,she tells Swara that she spoke to the doctors and if there is no internal bleeding and other complications,they will allow her to meet him after he recovers from the anaesthesia,Swara breaks down hugging her,Laksh is hearing their conversation,Swara tells Sithara that she cant imagine about losing him,these minutes are like hours,Laksh hears all this and understands Swara’s love for Sanskar,he is in tears,Ragini comes from behind and places her hand on his shoulder,he turns and looks at her,Ragini tries to console him,he tells her, “When I came to know that Bhai had plotted to separate me and Swara I had felt like killing him,I had not talked to him after that,I had even wished for his death multiple times,but now inside that room,my bhai is struggling between life and death and you know what Ragini,I don’t want him to go.I don’t want Swara but I want my Bhai”,he breaks down,Ragini tries to console him,he hugs her and weeps bitterly…

Scene 5:After the observation time mentioned by doctors

The doctors comes out and says that , “he is out of danger at the moment but keep praying for him as the wounds should all heal without infections and other post operative complications, we have done our part but the ultimate healer is seated above,keep your faith in him,strongly”,Everybody thanks the doctors and DP asks the doctor for permission to meet him,the doctor says,with all precautions one person can meet him,he is recovering from anaesthesia,all tells Swara to go inside,Swara goes inside ,she bends down,she tries to touch him and then takes her hand back,she keeps looking at him,her tears fall on his face,he calls his name but he doesn’t open his eyes,she calls again and seeing him not responding lowers her mask and goes near him and tells him, “Sanskar,you have to wake up,now it might be anaesthesia effect but hereafter never ever think about being silent to me,hei,Sanskar,do u hear me? that day when I was sleeping you spoke to my soul,but today your soul should hear this,what did you think,you will rescue me from getting stabbed and will become my hero and go away,I don’t want to imagine a life without you,my man,Sanskar,how should I tell you what I am feeling for you,for the past one and half months I have been searching for the right moment to tell you this,and see now what the situation is,you have to come back Sanskar,not just to your senses but to our life which I want to live only with you,if I gather the whole set of words ever spoken,it wont be enough to convey this,she is crying and slowly touches his face and cups his face and kisses on his forehead and says “I love you Sanskaar,I love you more than anything,I cant live without you…(FB shows him mentioning about the dream he saw where a girl cries and confesses her love to him ),she continues, “that day you told na,you will take any number of lives to love me,I am ready to be reborn,any number of times,only for you,only to love you,only to be loved back by you,Sanskar,this bond was not created by us,I have been waiting to tell you this ever since you came back from Bangalore,you have to come back to accept my love,when every touch ,every word that you spoke conveyed your love and care for me,I was cruel ,I didn’t admit my love,I made you wait but now look,this pain you are going through is stabbing my soul,I want you back Sanskar,into my life,cos you mean the world to me,I LOVE YOU,she leans and kisses his forehead again…. “And I love you too”,she moves back,she sees Sanskar looking at her,tears rolling down from the corner of his eyes,he sofly says, “thank you…”,she cups his face and again kisses his forehead and says, “I love you Sanskar,I cant live without you,I am yours,You cant go away from me again”,he sofly says, “Should I tell u again that I love you,how can I go away like that,I had told you ,na,that I will always be there with you,so never think that you will escape from me again,I will be there until death takes me away ”she gently keeps her hand on his mouth and says, “Don’t utter that word and I don’t want to escape,not in this life,in any number of lives,if that exists,I want to be tied up,to you, to your soul”,they keep looking at each other,this time their tears speaks in volumes………….

Credit to: Veena

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  18. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Anika,thank u,Akshita, thanks yr,glad that you liked it,Joya,yes,I understand, as I didn’t want to drag more I wrote it here,thanks yr,Kashis,thanks yr,leku,thank u dr,Shraddha,thank u dr for the good words,in fact honoured and humbled,nothing in me for somebody to be my fan,bt m happy that you all liked my ff,Sethooty,thank u dr,ishtapettallo,m happy,thank u Vaishu, I think first comment of yours,Surbhi,thank u dr,rs,honoured and humbled hearing that it touched you all,Harani thanks ya,Sri,thank u dr,Tara,thanks yr,I think your first comment under my ff,Lucky,thank u dr,Hadi,thanks dr..

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    Saba,thanks yaar,actually my ff readers deserves more back to back because from October 10th to November 26th I wrote just 36 and still they waited patiently,thank u guys,and Saba,our imagination matches,go ahead dear…

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