SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 34


Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 34..there will be two or three back to back episodes…34,35,36,please read in that order…

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(We saw Swara and Sumi in temple,Sanskar left from Chottu maa’s house,Raglak scene,Adarsh and Sanskar’s conversation,Swasan conversation over the phone..)

Scene 1:Next day morning ,around 5.30am

Sanskar had just slept after his conversation with Adarsh,his phone rings,Dadi is on the other end,she tells him that she dialled Laksh but didn’t get him,Sanskar asks her what the matter is and why she is worried,she tells him that Shekhar complained of a chest pain and she brought him to hospital with the help of some neighbours,Sanskar quickly gets up from bed and asks her not to worry and asks her which hospital they have admitted him and promises to reach there in no time,Sanskar thinks about calling Swara but later hesitates thinking they will all get scared and will be worried through out the journey,first he will get to know about Shekhar’s condition,he quickly gets ready and leaves for hospital after leaving a message to Laksh.

Scene 2:Hospital

Dadi is worried and waiting outside,Sanskar reaches her side,she tells him that they had told that there is a mild variation in ECG,they have shifted to the ICU for further management,Sanskar holds her by her shoulder and makes her sit down,he tells her that he will first talk to the hospital staff,he goes and does the same,on the way back he brings a coffee for Dadi and makes her drink it,after some time,doctors comes and tells him that they had suspected a mild attack but Shekhar is fine now though he may need to be admitted for further monitoring,he gets worried and asks the doctor if he can talk to Shekhar,doctor tells him that he will let him talk after 2 hours,after two hours,whole of Maheswari family except Ragini and Laksh has reached the hospital,Ragini and Laksh took another route and is struck in traffic block,DP and RP asks Sanskar whether they should shift him to some other hospital,Sanskar tells them that doctor had told not to worry and that the best cardiologist in town has consultation here the next day so they can consult here itself,RP asks him whether they should inform Swara and Sumi,Sanskar tells him,they will anyway reach the next day,why to make them worried,Baba is fine,now,na?

Scene 3:Shekhar and Sanskar conversation

Sanskar tells Shekhar not to worry as doctor told everything is fine,he asks him if he should inform Sumi and Swara,Shekhar tells him let them come as planned,if they come to know they will keep worrying till they reach,Sanskar agrees,Shekhar holds his hand and says, “I know I may sound like typical filmy fathers asking for promises,but ,this might be a warning to take care of my health,actually,my Sumi,maa,Swara,if something happens to me all of a sudden,Sanskar interferes and tells him not worry about all that,Shekhar takes promise from Sanskar that he will always be there for Swara as her husband,he holds his hand and says, “I promise,but baba please don’t talk like this,you are fine”Shekhar says, “yes,I know,I am a superman”,they both smiles and nurse comes and tells Sanskar that allowed time is over.

Scene 4:Laksh and Ragini reaches hospital,around 9am..

They talk with other about Shekhar’s condition and is relieved hearing that he is fine,Ragini gets Swara’s call,she tells that she has been trying Sanskar and he is not attending,Ragini tells Swara about Shekhar being admitted,Swara gets worried and cries,Ragini tells her that there is nothing to worry and baba is fine,please don’t tell anything to maa,Swara tells her that they will start at once by a taxi,she will say some lie to maa,Swara after cutting the call ,calls Sanskar and asks if everything is fine there,Sanskar says yes and Swara gets angry,she shouts at him for lieing and cuts the call,Sanskar tries calling back to her and Sumi’s numbers but she doesn’t attend..

Scene 5:Next day,3 am

Swara and Sumi rushes to hospital,Dadi,Laksh,Ragini and Sanskar are there in the lobby,Sanskar sees Swara and goes near her,she ignores him and walk past him and talks to the other three,Sanskar consoles Sumi who stands there without understanding anything,Sumi tells him that she can handle this,she is not worried,she tells him not to worry and tells him Swara is a little angry with him,may be because he hid this from her,Snaskar looks at Swara but she completely avoids him,he goes and seeks permission to ICU staff but they tell him that they will not let them inside now as patients are sleeping,they let them see Shekhar through the glass,Sumi and Swara are teary eyed,Sanskar holds Sumi and makes her sit,he goes and brings tea for all,Swara doesn’t take it,there is an exit to the parking area through that corridor,there is a park like area adjacent to the parking area which has many trees,it is a well maintained area with tall trees,Swara ignores Sanskar and goes and stands near the exit door,Sanskar follows her with a cup of tea,he tells, “Swara ,please listen to me,I actually thought of telling you but thought anyways you will reach by morning”,Swara is angry and tells him, “enough Sanskar,you need not be this good always,you call me best friend and I know you are hiding something from me ever since you left from there,and now,Baba’s case,me and mom reached,what if his condition was bad and you still had hidden it from us,what if we had postponed the trip,Sanskar ,I know you tried not to hurt us,but I get more hurt when you hide something from me,already because of lies ,you know how much all of us have suffered,please,no need for more,I had started trusting you blindly,but your face clearly says ,you are not transparent this time and you know what,I am very angry with you,I don’t want to see your face now,that is why I avoided you and you are coming behind me,please,leave me alone for sometime”,Sanskar is sad hearing all this,he keeps the tea cup there and asks her to drink it and walks away in the direction of trees,Swara notices it ,she is in tears,she is about to call him and it starts raining heavily,she sees him getting wet and walking,she calls him but he doesn’t hear it,she runs behind him and holds his hand and stops him,she covers his head with her shawl,she tells him, “I am sorry ,Sanskar,actually,I spoke too much,should not have,sorry,please forgive,look, you are totally wet”,he looks at her,her sindoor is flowing over her face,he recalls Adarsh’s words about car number and all that,he suddenly hugs Swara tightly,Swara is surprised,she looks at him and sees him in tears,she holds his face and tells him to share what ever that is troubling him,he doesn’t say anything,he quickly realises the situation and that they are totally wet,he holds her hand and runs to the corridor,both are totally wet and both understands each other’s pain and wants to hug and console each other but stands there,their hearts conveying all what they are failing to communicate through words…

Credit to: Veena

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  6. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Joya,thank u dr,leku,thank u dr,Sethooty,actually,I wrote from 10th of October to 16th,then restarted in 29th,in over one and a half moths just 36,still u guys waited and read,so wish I give a back to back 5 episodes treat for being such loyal and wonderful readers,Surbhi,Sri,Lavanya,thanks guys…

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