SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 33


Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 33……….

Scene 1:Next day morning,Swara and Sumi in village temple

They had reached early and participated in all rituals,Swara has offered special prayers,Sumi asks her if there is any special intention she prayed for ,why she didn’t bring Sanskar along with her,Swara is in thoughts and tells in her mind that she came here for Sanskar,she wanted to pray and prepare herself before admitting her love,she will tell Sanskar that he means the world to her as soon as possible but before that she wanted to seek special blessings from God,she wanted to tell God that the marriage she accepted out of situation is her life now and she wants to fulfil it due respect,Swara is in deep thoughts,Sumi calls and she suddenly comes back and tells her, “Nothing maa,I thought not to disturb Sanskar,he slept late yesterday,I wanted to talk my heart out to God and so I came here,now shall we go maa?”Sumi smiles and they leave for home…

Scene 2:Chottu maa’s home

Swara gives Prasad to elders and hastily goes to see Sanskar,she checks in room and bathroom,she doesn’t see his luggage and gets worried,she comes back and ask where he is, Chottu maa tells her that they were about to tell but she rushed inside ,they tell her that Sanskar left for home,he received a call,then came back and told that he has to leave as it is a little urgent and quickly packed and went,didn’t even have breakfast,Swara is extremely sad hearing that,she thinks in her mind,when I want to tell him that I love him,even situation is not favouring me,but what happened there that he had to leave without even informing me or waiting for me,something is wrong somewhere,I will call him,she goes to room, takes her phone and sees a message from him saying that there is nothing to worry,and that he is sorry for leaving without telling her,that he need to be there for signing some documents,she reads and tells in her mind,my mind is not giving me a positive feeling,she tries to call his number but hears it as out of coverage area,she closes her eyes and prays for him and takes a deep breath and looks outside,worried…

Scene 3:Raglak room

Laksh is reading newspaper with a cup of coffee in his other hand,suddenly he hears Ragini screaming,he rushes to bath room,he sees Ragini totally wet wearing her night dress,she points to bathroom and says, “ventilator,snake…..”,Laksh asks , “what,snake,no chance,I will check,he goes and checks and fings a long thing resembling a small snake hanging,he stares at it and then starts smiling,he comes out and holds,Ragini by her hand and takes her inside and says, “how will a snake come there,look,it is just a part of coconut leaf,I think,you are so scared ,u assumed it to be a snake”,he turns and sees Ragini shivering,he quickly hugs her and tries to keep her warm,he takes bath towel and wipes her head and face,he feels concerned about here and his actions make Ragini understand his care for her,they share an eyelock………..

Scene 4:Same day midnight

Sanskar arrives home,Adarsh is awake and waiting for him,he comes quickly to Adarsh and asks if everything is fine,Adarsh says, “as of now everything is ok,and hopefully there wont be any issue later also,by the way please call Swara back,she had been calling to all our numbers,your phone didn’t have network coverage ,no?actually,there was no need for you to rush and come this side”,Sanskar tells him, “Bhaiyya,actually,what did your friend say,tell me in detail?” adarsh tells him that a friend of his who is working in RTO office noticed that somebody had come with your car’s number asking for all the details of the owner,since he knew,he just informed me,then since two days,from multiple unknown numbers calls are being coming to our office and home landlines asking for you ,so I just took the details and it is from PCO’s mostly,so I alerted you,but if knew you would get worried I would not inform you,Sanskar remembers the journey to chottu maa’s house and messing up with tha gang,Swara’s hand getting injured while protecting him,and how those men stared at his car number,he is in thoughts and Adarsh shakes him,Adarsh asks if there is any problem,Sanskar says,”no bhaiyya,I actually rushed because staff has been calling for my signatures on documents,so I thought I will enquire about this and do my work as well”,Adarsh tells him that he told Parineeta to keep food on the table and asks him to have it,Sanskar tells him that he is not hungry,Adarsh tells him that his face shows that he has not had anything on the way,Adarsh takes him and Parineeta also comes and both serves food for him,Sanskar acknowledges their care and smiles…just then his phone rings and Swara’s number flashes on screen.

Scene 5:SWASAN conversation

Sanskar picks up the call,Adarsh n Parineeta understands and tells him that they will come after some time,Sanskar asks Swara if she is still awake,Swara replies, “No I had slept peacefully woke up in the middle of the night to call you,I was on fire Sanskaar,you just went away without saying a word and on top of that,whole 15 hours your phone was out of coverage and in between heard as switched off,do u have any idea what was going through me,u tell me that I mean a lot to you but didn’t even feel like calling me once in between,why are you doing this Sanskar?,you are not like this,I know,but what is actually the problem there,I know something is bothering you,if it just office problem you would not have gone away”Sanskar replies, “Swara,Swara,please listen to me,take a deep breath,baba,everything is fine here,I reached safely,and I had told Adarsh Bhaiyya ,he and Bhabhi served me food and I am having it,as of now everything is absolutely fine,you stay for a few more days and return with maa,for some time let me enjoy my freedom as well”he laughs,Swara says softly,

“Sanskar,we have been together for some time now,I can make out every single change in your voice ,something is bothering you,you wont tell me,no problem,but me and maa have got tickets for tomorrow evening,so we will reach there day after tomorrow morning,baba will come and pick us,I will catch u red handed then whatever that is bothering u,u cant hide it from me after that,now eat properly and sleep properly,bye,”Sanskar says, “Swara…”,she replies, “What is it Sanskar?”,he says ‘’nothing”,She says, “to be honest I miss u Sanskar…”,Sanskar softly says, “me too..ok..bye”,he cuts the call,Swara hears it and thinks in mind, “something is bothering him,God ,please take care of him”,Sanskar looks at the phone and thinks in his mind, “Swara,if I had waited for you I would not have been able to hide what Adarsh bhaiyya told,you would have insisted to come along with me,if it was just about me,I would have waited ,but when something is about you as well,I wont afford any risk,because you are my life and I cant let anything happen to you as long as I am alive,you are right ,even I am feeling something wrong is going to happen,let me see what can be done…”

(Regular readers,I request you to keep reading without missing any ,what you have been asking for will happen very soon and kindly check in between…)

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Nice episode ..
    Swasan conversation super…waiting…

  2. I read ur ff from beginning but not wrote any comment bt aj apke ff ne majboor krdia Plz sanky ko kch na ho ksi to ff men sanky ko kch hue bina swara apna love confess krle warna jitne bhi ff han un sb men sanky ko kch na kch ho jata hai plz don’t do in this it is a humble request

  3. Thts soo cool…..raglak scenes nd swasan conversation are good……I dnt miss any of ur ff bcoz I’m waiting eagerly for it…….

  4. as usual superb…..
    veena di humara dil to pehle se hi aapke writting k kayal tha ab yeh suspence lake aapne to dil ko jor se dhadkane par majboor kiya hai…..
    plz post next part as soon as possible….. can not wait………

  5. How I love them.! ^_^ and trust me, your writing skills are great.. The way you present the emotions, wow.! Hats off to you. I don’t know why, but I see a potential writer within you 🙂 you should try your hand at it professionally 🙂 #just_a_suggestion 😉

  6. you are just fantastic .. Really i just love your FF

  7. veena before their confession i want to say something I LOV U ur story is so convincing n keeps me desperate for ur next post

  8. Thank u Leku,sorry Hadi,but ur guess s right but I hope I can pull it off convincingly, sorry ok,my story line demands it,thank u Manu, I know that from your comments,Joya, thanks dear,yes if continuity demands back to back episodes,I shall,pls keep reading,thank u Surbhi,thank u Abhi,had noticed your comments,writer,oh .no yaar,it requires lots of talent but thank u for the good words,thank u Varsha…

  9. Wow di once again a great episode.. u r a great writer di.. pls continue and make swara confess her love soon pls pls..

  10. i think kavita s searching sanskar

  11. pls . don’t make anything wrong with swasan.
    ur writing is tooooooooo good yaar..
    I’m eagerly waiting for next part…

  12. Thank u Veepra..actually it is dedicated to you all who take time to read and comment…

  13. Nicely written eepisode

  14. Nice episode… Waiting for ur next ff eagerly….

  15. Plz di dnt hurt sanskar.iam a big fan of him(varun).i know need not to say this but again super episode di.

  16. so nice yaar. but plz don’t do anything to sanskar

  17. Wow..so nice..kehne ke liye toh kuch h he nhi..aapki ff toh humesha accha hta h Di

  18. Thank u Lucky,please don’t miss any from now, you will read it,abi,actually this has no relation with Kavita,hint is there in episode 24,thank u Preeti,Esha,Ishu,Appu Sri,please keep reading…

  19. Thank u Rupsikha,keep reading dr.

  20. nice… but if any issue will come to sanskar then make him fine and also confess the love of swara early…

  21. OMG Veena it was awesome specially SwaSan conco!!! I can see what’s coming but ii can hardlywait? honestly after coming from coll 1st thing I do is to check for ur update m dying for next part plz update asap?

  22. Di u r juz superb as u know wat we (swasan fans) need n u r making it
    i m juz crazy fr ur ff its lyk alcohol fr me n ya swasan convo was so awesum
    Plzzzzzz kep on writing

  23. Thank u Kashis,yea,definitely,swasan is our magical pair,wont separate them,Thank u Shraddha,please keep reading,all the best for your studies as well,Kirti,thank u,glad to know that you are reading,had noticed your absence,thank u Mary,next one I will upload tomorrow,have planned but have to type it….

  24. Sorry Akku,I missed your name in the above comments,thank u dear…..pls keep reading,actually,now I know all of you who comment under mine.

  25. Super super veena! Awesome episode again! But sad to read about swasan’s condition, hope everything will be fine and they’ll be one! And one more thing, im heartily connected to your ff!! Please keep it up

  26. Wonderful ff di!! Monday’s ff and the orphanage one is an eternal favourite of mine.You know even my new sister in law is from Karnataka!!!! Yesterday I was watching Chennai express and I was constantly reminiscing about your ff. Keep writing!!!!!!

  27. Veena dear thanks very much for your ff it’s fantastic just I’m out of words to describe its awesomeness
    I have a request from you can you write your update a little faster and if possible can you tell me when will you put your next ep as I am super excited for your golden magical writing keep it up

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  29. Kk di but plz dnt take so much time swasan union

  30. Hey Venna! I just love your fanfic. It have read all of your episodes, but never commented. Actually, I never ever commented on any of the fan fiction, but I can’t stop my self from appreciating your fan fiction! It’s superb! Love your fan fiction! ??
    Sorry, for not commenting before! ??

  31. Di.update soon plz

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