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Hi guys,yesterday’s last two paragraph was a personal favourite among what I have written thus far,please keep reading,hope you wont miss any from now on…

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(We had seen Swara –Ragini conversation,Raglak scene,Sanskar telling chottu maa about his love,Sanskar’s confession thinking Swara is asleep.)

Scene 1:Next day morning,Swasan room

Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar still asleep,she recalls his words ,she simply moves her hand through his hair,his sleep is disturbed and he opens his eyes,he gets up and wishes her good morning,both sits next to each other,he looks into her eyes,her eyes are puffed up,he asks her why her eyes are looking like this ,whether she cried,she avoids his words and gets up to go where as he pulls her hand and makes her sit opposite to him,he tells her that may be his words would have disturbed her and she cried,he apologises to her,Swara tells him that she is absolutely fine and may be because of a disturbed sleep the previous day,she is looking like this,she tells him not to blame himself,she gets up and goes to the bathroom,inside she washes her face and looks into the mirror and tells to herself, “You should not deprive him of your love,you should tell him that you love him,make it as much special as u want but you should admit it soon”,she splashes more water on her face and gently wipes it with a bath towel and nods at her image with a determined look on her face.

Scene 2:Simultaneously,Raglak room

Laksh is ready for his office,he comes to Ragini and tells her, “It is today that you have to go for check up,no?Since suture is a degradable one,no need to remove,but since doctor had told we will go for a review,I have booked an evening appointment,I will come early,be ready at 4.30 ,ok,” ragini tells him that he need not take trouble and that she will go with Parineeta bhabhi,he replies, “No problem Ragini,I have decided to accompany you and I will be here on time,be ready.”She nods,he smiles and leaves.

Scene 3:Swasan’s room after breakfast…

Swara comes out after helping Sumi with some household chores and asks for Sanskar,Chottu maa tells her that he has gone out for a walk with Mannu,Swara tells her that she will go and call him for lunch,she goes out,she searches for him and on the way finds Mannu,she asks him where Sanskar is,he tells her that they did roam around for some time and then split ways,he had gone in the direction of Chottu maa’s school,Swara tells bye and goes in search of him,she reaches near the school and finds Children gathered around a tree,she comes and sees kids tied up Sanskar,she asks them why they are doing it to him,they reply that they were playing and their wooden toy stopped working and he came to help and destroyed the whole thing,Swara sees the toy dismantled into pieces,Swara tries to calm the kids down and apologises on behalf of Sanskar and promises to buy them ice cream,they doesnt agree at first, then unwillingly nods,Swara goes near Sanskar and stands close to him and scolds him for messing up with little kids,she keeps taunting him and suddenly realises that kids had tied her up together with him,she tries to untie herself but falls on him,she keeps staring in his eyes,they are freezed in a close position and Sanskar tells sorry to her,just then some people passing that way hears the kids noise and comes to their rescue,they scold kids and untie SWASAN,

Swara goes near the kids and tells them that they are very naughty and that she wont give money for icecream,Sanskar comes and takes money from his wallet and gives,Swara gets angry and shows an angry face,Sanskar touches her cheeks inorder to make her smile,she doesn’t give in at first,then slowly smiles.They walk through the village,Sanskar tells her that he is planning to sponsor some kids from this school,she asks him if it necessary to do it here as we can do it in our place,we don’t even come here often,he tells, “Swara,you are right,we may come here again after a year or so,but we can reach our aid to them through other sources ,na?Swara,giving colour to somebody’s dreams,who cant do anything in return for us is better than hundred offerings ,at least I believe so”,Swara looks at him in surprise and tells him, “How many more shades of yours are yet to be exposed ,Sanskar,some times I find myself extremely small in front of you,”Sanskar replies, “well,I am not going to buy you icecream,so no need of flattering here”,she smiles hearing it and asks him to accompany her.

Scene 4:Raglak…

Laksh and Ragini are returning from hospital in their car,Laksh tells her that she should be feeling relieved as the bandage is gone now,she tells him that the scar will remain,he tells her to relax that it is just a small scar and her hubby doesnt have any problem with it,she looks at him with wide eyes and he just blinks his eyes and smiles,on the way,stops his car in front of a restaurant,he asks her to come out,he takes her to a table which he had booked,Ragini is surprised by this gesture,he tells her that he could do the presentation that day and achieve for their firm only because of her and she suffered for him,he tells her that this dinner is not a compensation but he is giving a treat to his wife,she is surprised seeing his changes,she smiles at him,both spend some good time together,just then somebody comes and hits his shoulder from behind,he sees one of his friends and wife there,he asks them to join them,he holds Ragini by her shoulder and introduces her as his wife,Ragini looks at his hand on her shoulder and smiles..They talk for some time and then his friend and wife leaves whereas Laksh and Ragini enjoys the dance being performed there and in between looks into each other’s eyes…..

Scene 5:Same day evening, Swasan

Swara tells Sanskar that she will come now,she tells him that she had agreed to join him for an evening walk,he tells her that he will wait outside,she decides to tell him if she gets a chance,they go out for a walk,the sky is extraordinarily beautiful that day with a full moon and many stars,Sanskar stares at the sky,Swara comes near him and looks up at the sky as well,Sanskar points at certain constellation and tells its names,Swara tells him that she wants to tell him a few things,Sanskar tells that she can tell him anything ,y this intro now,she is about to say,a procession comes that way,a group of people are playing music instruments and dancing,a few greets Sanskar and Swara ,he asks her to tell,she tells him that, “she herself cant hear her sound because of this noise,she tells him that she will tell later,he looks at her and asks if it is that important a matter that she is looking for an ideal time,she tells in her mind, “yes,it is the most important thing in my life,I want to confess my love to you,but not in the midst of this noise or in front of many people”Sanskar shakes her and asks her where she has gone,she holds his hand and tells him, “Come,now we will go,we will talk later”,Sanskar gives a surprised look,she smiles and pulls him…………

Credit to: Veena

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  21. Thank u Ismath ( I think after a long time),Sethooty, no problem dr,I understand,actually even I had thought the same today,yesterday’s n today’s was kinda on the spot and me n my best friend during a chat had simply said(thirichu namukku onnum cheythu tharaan sadhikatha oraaludeyenkilum swapnangalkku niram kodukkaan sadikkanam ee lifel ennu,ennale jeevichu kadannu pokunnathinu Oru sukamullu ennum)after marriage my Hus also told me the same,so that is a favourite line and I included a modified translation of the same in today’s lines,giving colour to etc…no problem wid ur comment OK..

    1. aa lines enikku ishtapettirunnu..veena .u r an amazing writter..I really enjoyed each line of ur story.eveytime it simply touch my heart..and soul.
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