SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 31


Hi guys,here we go with SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 31,sorry for not keeping my word and making this very late…

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Scene 1:Next day morning

Swara receives a call from Ragini,Ragini tells her, “actually,Swara ever since you went, calling you was there in my mind,but after all what I have done to you,I am not able to gather the guts to face you or talk to you,how is chottu maa now?actually had heard from bade papa that she is much better now,”Swara responds, “Ragini,she has started walking slowly,and,we are sisters and you need not feel any gap to talk,you can tell me or ask me anything,anytime,”Ragini listens silently, ‘Swara,actually yesterday Laksh told me that he is ready to give our married life a second chance,I had told him a few days back that you have moved on in your life,I don’t know if that has hurt him and made him arrive at this decision,I don’t want to ruin any of your lives again,that is why I am asking you this, “Actually,Swara,if I give a divorce to Laksh,will you be ready to go back to his life?”,Swara is shocked, “Ragini,listen to me carefully,though you told Laksh that I have moved on in my life,it was without asking me,I agree,but ,now please believe me,I am very happy with my married life,it is not a relation of compromise any more,I am very happily bound with Sanskar ,I am not accepting it because it is my fate,I accepted it with my whole heart,Laksh is not even there in my thoughts now,so,you please dont regret about past,because what you did unknowingly has become the biggest blessing in my life”,Ragini listens with moist eyes, “Swara,please forgive me”,Swara replies, “I told you,you r my blood,I have already forgiven you,if you move on in your life with laksh ,I will be the happiest person to witness that”,Ragini wipes her tears and tells Swara to convey regards to everyone and cuts the call,Swara smiles and looks outside her window and tells to herself, “wish I could tell you that I love Sanskar,but I haven’t told it to him,yet,if u tell Laksh and somehow it reaches Sanskar before me admitting it ,no,that wont be good..I want him to hear it from me first…. ”she looks at her mangalsutra and smiles…

Scene 2:Laksh’s room evening

Laksh comes from office,he has a small packet in his hands,he gives it to Ragini,it is a pack of well decorated sweets,he tells her that one of his staff brought it for him,but he didn’t open,thought he will come and share it with her,he asks her to open it,she does and straight away gives the whole thing to him,he smiles and takes one from it and is about to put it in his mouth,but stops and gives it to Ragini,she extends her hand but he signs to open her mouth,she smiles and opens her mouth and Laksh first shows action of putting it in his own and then laughs and puts it in her mouth,Laksh takes another one and eats it and tells her,”Actually Ragini,I was thinking and thought to ask you,do you want to do another post graduation or do you have some other options in your mind as a career,she replies, “actually Laksh,I have completed MSW as u know,I have interest in music as well,but to start a music school,I need to learn more,actually,I want to learn music more but during our msw days I had visited a tribal colony,that time itself I had decided to do something for them,they are deprived of the basic amenities and unaware of their rights,actually,I cant solve all of their problems but if I get associated with some NGO or start one,I can help ,Laksh you might be thinking a person who has ruined dear ones lives is telling about helping outsiders,actually,goodness was always there in my genes but my blind love made me mad and I did a lot of big mistakes,Laksh shakes his head and says, “I told u not to repeat this,saying this,will it do any good for any of us,will it alter anything that has already happened,so where is this place that you said?”,he understands from her reply that it is a little far from their place,to and fro travelling daily wont be easy,he gets a little sad thinking she might go away,she tells him, “Actually,have a few friends who are like minded,I will get in touch with them,then get ideas and plan properly,so that the execution will be perfect,the site visit will be the second step only,he feels a little relieved,she asks him to go and take bath and that she will bring coffee for him,he nods and goes,inside the bathroom he thinks to himself, “life is many a times ,so complicated,ah,God?,I loved Swara but without even waiting for her,I accepted Ragini,when I realised Swara is innocent,I wanted her back inspite of knowing that she belongs to my bhai now,now Ragini’s tears are disturbing me so much,and a few minutes back,when she mentioned about going there,I felt bad when I thought that she wont be here with me,what is happening to me,life is actually this complicated ?heart is finding resort in Ragini’s love?in her?I don’t know anything,God,but …..he stands under the shower,letting the water to fall on him slowly,he is feeling it immersed in his wild thoughts……………..

Scene 3:Chottu maa’s house,next day evening

Swara tells everyone that she and Sanskar will prepare the dinner,Sumi tells her if she will prepare with the injured hand,Sanskar tells , “injured leg too maa”,Swara replies , “ha ha very funny,where have u seen people cooking with leg?,she turns to Sumi and says, “Maa,my hand is healed almost and I am not alone na,my betterhalf will help me,na?

Sanskar gets surprised hearing better half,Swara winks at him and smiles,he also smiles,they go to the kitchen,Sanskar tells Swara, “Swara,I agree,your family will eat anything that you cook,but I don’t know anything,ok,at the end we should not starve them,by the way asking as a back up plan,is there any hotels here,in case our cooking goes wrong?”,She replies, “hotels are at a distance,but trust me,we’ll do it nicely,here I have taken the screenshot of the recipes that I have planned” ,Sanskar smiles and says, “so,theoretically you are well prepared,but practically,hope it will be fine too”, she asks him to stop talking and start helping,she points to the top shelf and tells him to take the flour bucket,he climbs up and takes it,Swara to irritate him tickles the heel of his leg,he loses balance and falls with the flour bucket,she didn’t expect his reflex to be so spontaneous she holds him and he too grabs her to balance himself,both are in an embarrassingly close position,Sanskar quickly moves away,Swara is also a little uncomfortable,she sees a little flour on his head,he inorder to change the topic,quickly starts wiping his head,

Swara moves forward and helps him and says sorry,he tells her, “Thank God the lid was light,some leftover flour only fell,or else the whole thing would have been wasted,you can play prank but should consider the situation also,this,I guess will be a pakka homemade thing,their effort and food item,both would have been wasted totally”,Swara notices that his tone is very serious, she feels sad and says, “Sorry,Sanskar,I didn’t think that much,I wont repeat it,please don’t be angry with me”,he holds her and says, “actually,I am a bit angry but it is ok,let us continue,they finish cooking and it is dinner time,they arrange everything and brings the elders for dinner,all sit and enjoy and spend some quality time, they say that food is not bad,Sanskar tells that they cant take the full credit as spoon by spoon measurement is given so even inexperienced hands can create magic,after the food they wash their hands and comes back and eats sweets,in between Chottu maa asks, “I want to ask something to both of you”,Sanskar whispers in a voice only Swara can hear, “Come,let us run,God knows what she is going to ask”,Swara smiles and mutters, “keep quiet ,running away is not possible,we’ll face it as it comes”Chottu maa continues, “now both of you tell me,how you fell in love after your marriage,what are the things that you liked about each other,as it is arranged marriage,there would not have been love before ,so tell,first Sanskar,hearing his name,the Sanskar coughs,Swara quickly touches his head,chottu maa says, “thought something naughty and that is why Sweet got struck in throat,tell,fast,I want to sleep”,Sanskar replies, “Actually chotu maa,ladies first,Swara will say first”,Swara gives and embarrassed smile and says, “no no girls will be more shy in these matters,you say first Sanskar,I have no problem with that”,seeing this Dida and Sumi makes excuses that they have to clean vessels and goes and looks at each other inside kitchen and smiles,Dida smiles and says, “Chotty has no control over her tongue,don’t even care to whom she is talking,poor kids”,Sumi says, “it is embarrassing maa,but I think it will surely bring Swara and Sanskar a little more closer, Sanskar says,

“Actually Chottu maa,I don’t want to lie to you,Swara was not my first love,my first love died five years back,if I go into the details of that it will only give us pain,about Swara,I got to know her closely ,when we got bonded for a reason,don’t know when I fell in love with her,it was definitely not love at first sight,but there are many virtues in her which surely must have made her place in my heart,though I was unaware of that,she was always there for me and I felt very good when I stood with her for something,I felt happy that I have somebody who understands me to the core,who is like my best friend,it is not like a single thing or incident that made me love her,may be ,meeting her was written in my destiny,many incidents where our mutual trust was confronted,all those little little occasions made me feel something ,which I understood after sometime was my love for her,we are not the same kind of people,we are not perfect also,but I believe that we can make best use of our differences and create our perfect world and that is what you are seeing now,chottu maa….”,

Sanskar wasn’t looking at Swara while saying this,Chottu maa says, “wow,our Shona is lucky that she got such a sincere person to be her love,now Swara tell me,as soon as she said that she got a call from Shekhar,she gets up and touches Swara’s shoulder and says “your Baba’s call,don’t think I will leave you,I will ask you later,now go and sleep,goodnight”,she goes and Sanskar looks at Swara who is looking down,he calls her and she looks at him, her eyes were filled and a tear rolls down..Sanskar wipes it and says, “Sorry Swara,my intention was not to hurt you,I am so sorry,please don’t feel bad,just forget it,she replies, “I am not feeling bad Sanskar,you know something ,U are a very sincere man,I think I need some time alone,good night Sanskar,you had told about going out for a walk,na?Shall we go tomorrow,Sanskar says, “ok,no problem ,go and sleep,I will come after some time”….

Scene 4:Same night,Swasan’s room

Swara is in thoughts about what Sanskar told,she thinks that she is lucky to have got so much love from him,she closes her eyes but has not slept,Sanskar comes near her,he thinks she is asleep,he slowly pats her head once and takes his hand off and looking at her says, “Swara,if my voice reaches your soul,please hear this,I love u Swara,more than anything in this world,meeting you and loving you is the bestest thing that has happened to me,ever,I have loved Kavitha,love cannot be compared,but after loving you,I realised that I can love somebody to this extent,my heart has capacity to love this much,thank u for being like this,

Swara,am I choking u by binding u in this marriage,I don’t know Swara,but I want to see you happy,always,I don’t want to hurt you again,I know you cant accept my love,no problem,I wont force you,but please don’t take away the priviledge from me,to love you unconditionally,I will be there with u Swara,always and I will keep loving you,every second,every minute,with every beat heart reminds me that I exist only to love u….wish I could tell u this some day,but no need,let my love follow me till my grave,I may rot inside it,but then also my love wont,I believe in a single life,but to love you ,I am ready to take any number of lives,only and only if I will get the permission to love you,I know your sleep is deep and you will not have heard this,even I don’t want you to,saying this he gets up and goes to the bathroom,Swara hears bathroom door lock sound and slowly opens her eyes,she is struggling to control her tears,she wipes and more keeps rolling down,she wipes fast and lifts her blanket to cover her head,she recalls his words and weeps,and tells to herself,what virtue have I done to get so much love from my man,she touches her sindoor and weeps more bitterly …………………

Credit to: Veena

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    super se uper tha…….
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    sorry for that….
    pehle naraj the hum aapse ki late update kiya bt update padhne k baad jaadoo sa chha gaya….thank u….

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  8. niharika(neha)

    Superb yaar how emotional you are a perfect writer must say your ff makes me crazy I don’t have words to describe you one thing I would like to say thousands of times for u and ur ff is EXTRAORDINARY muuuaaaahhh

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  24. I think I had responded to the first 3 comments,now,Kashish,Thank you,confession on the way,Joya,thank u dr,no problem,glad that you liked it,Niharika/Neha,I like Niharika name a lot,in fact I had suggested it for kids more than once,thank u for the good words,thank u Leku and same to you,thank u Surbhi,Thank u Sri,well,writing this ff just happened like that,started for fun n it somehow reached thus far,Rupsikha,good,all the best for your studies,u have explained well to Manu’s question,cool,m here dr,was a lil busy,thank u baby doll,manu,Akku,@Manu,yes this kind of love still exists dear,Thank u Sethootty,confession on the way,please keep reading,Swasan Trishikha ,thank u,pls keep reading,Saba,thank u for the good words,yea our imagination matches,I havent read your latest episodes,shall do it asap,and please go ahead with your track,no problem,and love confession is on the way,hope you guys will not miss it.Appu,I am here,I couldn’t come to reply on time,sorry.

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  26. Sonu, thank u dr,I had posted the next one.

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