SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 30


Hi guys,actually,after reading about the drunk Sanskar and Chennai express like fun ,you may be expecting a good episode today,but such ideas always wont pop up in my head,hope you’ll bear with me..

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Scene 1:Swasan returned from temple

Chottu maa has started walking using a walking aid,Swasan sees and Swara asks, “Actually,u really had some problem or u acted to bring both of us here?,because this is amazing promotion from bed to wheel chair to walking stick”,Sanskar whispers in Swara’s ear, “even I have this doubt after knowing her more”,both smiles,Chottu maa says, “I know sometimes I am troublesome,but sickness n weakness I had but when you came I recovered in two days.Sanskar comes and says, “don’t worry,at the end of the fulfilment of your wishes,we are enjoying,ok,wont you feed us something ,we are hungry,after all I am back after a weight lifting competition,Sumi,Dida n Chottu maa notices Swara limping and asks what happened,she says, “nothing,just hit on the steps,wound is not deep,”,Sanskar interferes and says, “Yea,wound is not deep,but madam is handicapped”,he holds her right hand with a small bandage and looks at her injured leg and says, “see,she is careless and that is why,”Swara gets angry and says, “you stand here and say whatever nonsense you want ,I am not going to give any sort of explanation,I will take bath and come,maa,I am feeling hungry,”She goes inside,Sanskar smiles seeing her walking in a funny way and smiles at others and follows her,Dida tells Sumi, “See,how they are behaving,Have we ever thought we’ll get to see this bond between these two”?,Chottu maa asks , “why?”,Dida quickly says, “No,What I meant is arranged marriage ,na?some,not all,will take some time to know each other,na?come,Sumi, we’ll go and serve the food,they’ll come now”Chottu maa doesn’t understand so she just smiles and looks on………

Scene 2: Swasan in room

Sanskar holds his back and comes and lies on the bed,Swara mutters, “always taunts me,stupid,”,Sanskar hears and says, “Don’t get angry baba,I was just joking”,he gets up and says, “come here”,she says, “no I wont,she goes to bathroom and brings a bucket of hot water,he commands Sanskar to go and lie down on the bed, Sanskar says, “but why”,she shouts and he goes and lies down on the bed,she tells him, “should I specially request you to turn and lift your clothes?”,Sanskar replies, “Lift my clothes,ah?no,no,nothing doing,I am alright”,Swara comes near and with her uninjured hand,makes him turn and lifts his shirt and slowly does hot fomentation”,he shouts, “ah,it is too hot,give it here,I will squeeze water and give,I f you apply like this,tomorrow I wont have skin on my back,”they together does and at the end Sanskar says, “but,thank you yaar,I am really feeling better,Swara shows an angry face and goes,he gets up and follows her,he keeps the bucket in the bathroom and makes her sit and takes care of her hand and legs,she looks at him,she gets up to go and hits her hand and it starts bleeding slightly,he gets worried,he bandages it with care and then bandages the leg and finally covers it with a plastic sheet and says, “I know these wounds are not deep,but if don’t take care of it,it will take a lot of time to heal,and I cant just see you going through any pain,so please if not for you,for me,you take care of yourself “,

Swara tells in her mind, “Now,my existence is only for you, my man,how can I tell you this,but yea,I will tell u this on your face and I wana see your reaction”,She smiles thinking this and Sanskar gets angry, “I am saying something and you are smiling,seriously,are you in your senses,why are u smiling unnecessarily”he gets more angry and gets up and goes.He goes and takes bath and comes and asks Swara to go,he sees her seated in front of the mirror and trying to remove her accessories with her hands as plastic is interfering with the access,he comes and slowly removes her ear rings and then the chain,she keeps looking at him,she tells him to go,she again struggles to open the zip at the back,he sees it when he turns and thinks and brings the bath towel and first covers her back,then slowly feels the zip and opens it,she tells him, “you are more decent than I thought,you were looking elsewhere while loosening it,by the way I was just trying to lower it a little so that it will be easy to change,hmm”, He says, “O sorry,but,really, were you having some other impression about me and now only u realised that I am decent,O girl,I was raised in the hands of two mothers ,ok,and I have a sister as well,so I know very well how to behave,I don’t want to prove it to you,I should be blamed,I should have left you to struggle with the zip and finally pull it out,actually,what is the need of wearing clothes which are not comfortable to wear,atleast should be able to put on and remove easily”,

she holds his hand and says, “aree ,baba,I was just joking,I know you are a very decent fellow,and if my hand didnt have this plastic I would have easily loosened my clothes,ah,leave all that,see this..”,she points the mirror and they see their image, “what a pair,,na?”,he looks and says,”hmm,pair,if I had waited,I would have got a much better one,ah,wat to do,all my fate,what is written cant be altered ,na?”she gets up angrily and tries to squeeze his neck but there also bandage interferes and she says ,”you go man,no use talking to you,”she goes and he watches her going ,he turns ,smiles and says to himself, “ Swara,external match,I am not bothered,but vibration,understanding,care,I wont get a better match than u,love,well,if I what you’re making me feel nowadays is love,then,I am sure you will also realise it and confess it somedayand if it is just my misunderstanding then also,I will be happy,after all you’re my best friend,but I will always love you,you cant prevent me from loving you ,na?so I wont force you for anything and it is my decision”………….he takes her ear ring from the table and looks at it and smiles……….

Scene 3:Laksh’s room

Laksh comes near Ragini,she is seated on a chair in the balcony and reading a book,he comes and stands in front of her and says, ‘’So,how was your day and how’s the pain?”,she smiles and says, “Day just flew away,mom,Chachi,Bhabhi,nobody allowed me to do any work,told me to take rest,so I was seated and almost finished reading this book,”Laksh takes the book and says, “wow,Alchemist,it is my favourite book”,she says , “I didn’t have a serious reading habit but I have heard about this book,nice it is and so when I saw it in the shelf I took it and this particular sentence is pulling me ,Laksh looks questioningly at her,she says, “And,when you want something the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it”,actually this sentence was said in a positive sense but what did I do,I conspired for a negativity,I snatched what I wanted,I broke many hearts,I thought I achieved,but I lost , I am not happy”,now I realise ,God has given brains to think,that,if what we wish for is meant for for us or not,I have caused all the trauma and this is all late realisation,universe may conspire in achieving what we want,but should always wish for good things only,only then we will be able to enjoy the fruit of our achievement,I am really late,but I am sorry Laksh,I am very sorry for all the wrongs”,saying this she bends and touches his feet,he is surprised and a little shocked,he lifts her up,he slowly wipes her tears and tells her, “Ragini,I was really angry with you,I wanted to kill you for what u did to me,to Swara,Maa and to our families,I know I am not a saint,I have also played with your emotions,

I have also given you a feeling that I like you,somewhere I am also responsible,but ,now what I want to tell you is that, I wish not to judge you,even I see that Swara is happy with Sanskar,others have accepted the fact and all what has happened,Papa and mom has forgiven you,and your tears and your eyes now gives me a feel about that Ragini who was my friend once,I have already forgiven you,I don’t know when I will love you completely as my wife but now I am trying to forget Swara who is Sanskar’s now and I am ready to give our relation a chance,they say na that God and time are the ultimate healers,give me some time Ragini,let us be friends first,I extend this hand of friendship to you,he extends his hand,she looks and is crying,she joins her hands and says, “no Laksh,I don’t deserve to be forgiven,I don’t deserve to be loved,I am being stabbed when I say that you are trying to give our married life a chance ,to that married life which I snatched from you and Swara,O God,why I became so bad,all others around were always good to me,why God ,only I became like this ,she weeps bitterly to an extent that she is breathless,Laksh comes near her,he holds her by her shoulder and says, “Ragini,look at me”he wipes her tears and says,”through your tears I can read the pain in your heart,I can read how much guilty your heart is feeling now,if these tears are the penance,then tell your heart that it is enough,even I have wept a lot but now my heart don’t wish to see others weeping,you know something,

bhai used to tell me wenever I used to get depressed, that,self pity and guilty conscience wont do you any good,you are my wife,whom though I married in haste in a difficult situation,I married in the presence of my elders,before God,completing all rituals,so don’t cry,you are my wife Ragini,and I cant deny that fact,I don’t want to lie now saying that, now I love you as my wife,but I am not lieing when I say that I am ready to give our relation a chance,so for that,you should stop crying first,may be,our friendship will heal the wounds in our hearts,I know how much you love me,I have neglected it but I was aware of it,so forgive me for breaking your heart”Ragini weeps and looks at Laksh, “I am sorry ,Laksh”,Laksh says, “It is ok,shed out your tears today if it is giving you some relief but hereafter I don’t want to see my friend crying,ok”,he hugs her softly,she keeps her head on his chest and weeps………

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Guys,some guests had come unexpectadly n I was busy with some cooking experiments,sorry for not posting ff on time but I will post it ,ok,Sruthy,good to hear that,good luck for your studies,Malu,actually,I have watched only a few episodes of tpk,if I get something I shall write,Vinitha,I had a friend at school by the same name,superb in Bengali, I by hearted that, actually,even I don’t know dear how long this ff will go,writing a feel good one is the challenge ,let me see.

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  5. Veena really good ff suchy you are the best ff writer in swaragini ff collection but when you update the next ep will you put me the link here as there are many episodes of ff just to save time

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  7. I have sent the next one,Rupsikha and Neha and the rest of you,sorry for being late

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