SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 3

Good morning guys,I know this page is flooded with fan fiction,please dont hit us if u feel like,because this is just out of the love that we have for Swasan or Swaragini.Now,I had written two fan fiction as SWASAN fan fiction episode 1 and episode 2,now this is the third,and though I am very bad at writing ,especially romance,I frame a few scenes that comes to mind and pen it down.
Promo was:Swara calls Sanskaar and asks him to come to her house for dinner.
Scene 1:Laksh’s room
Laksh is getting ready for office,he has a file in his hands,Ragini comes from behind with a blazer for him.He ignores her presence and goes to the cupboard and take another blazer from it and wears,he ignores Ragini and leaves.
Scene 2:Maheswari house’s kitchen
Annapurna and Parineeta are doing preparation for the breakfast.Ragini comes there and tries to begin a conversation addressing “maa”,Annapurna does not respond first,then turns around and tells,”I trusted you blindly and defended you in front of Sumi but you let put me down with your deeds,now I feel like slapping you but I don’t want to dirty my hands.She says ,’no use of talking to you” and leaves.Ragini approaches Parineeta and holds her hands and apologises and confesses about alerting Adarsh about family coming to hotel when he was with his girl friend.Parineeta is shocked and says,’I cant imagine how you being a girl can play with another girl’s family life,kindly keep away from me,I dont want to talk to you”,Parineeta also leaves and Ragini stands there still.
Scene 3:Durga Prasad’s room
Ragini comes and tells DP that”Pappa,I know all what I did was wrongplease forgive me Papa,DP turns and says,” I dont understand what is going on in this house.I am so disturbed ,I did not expect this from you,but I cant forget that I started considering you as my daughter eversince you stepped in as my son’s wife,I forgive you but I wont tell others to forgive u,it is up to them how to behave with you, you have hurt all of us”
Scene 4:Swara and Sanskaar meets in temple accidentally
Swara and family are attending prayers,Swara cloeses her eyes to pray but is not able to concentrate thinking about her marriage scenes,prayers are over,Swara turns and sees Sanskaar climbing the stairs to the temple.Both have a surprised look on their faces,Sanskar comes and takes elders’ blessings.He looks at Swara,both stands there lost in each other’s eyes.Shekhar asks them to talk and they will wait for Swara in the car and leaves.Sanskar and Swara looks in each other’s eyes,there is a silence and he sees how her hair is flying with the mild breeze,he looks at her sindoor and mangalsutra,Swara gets restless seeing this and to escape from it gives him the Prasad ,he takes it and says”after so many days,there is a little peace of mind,thinks have finally started falling in its palce,I thought to come and thank God.Swara listens and looks at him,she asks him for the permission to leave,he nods,he stands there watching her go.After a minute,Swara turns and sees him looking at her and they share an eyelock,then she turns and goes,Sanskar goes to pray in front of the idol.Swara watches him from the temple gate,he does not see it,he folds his hands and prays”God,I am sorry for swearing falsely in your name in front of the idol in our house abot our fake marriage,I know you will punish me but please spare ‘my’ Swarra,she is so good a person,I am responsible for all this,I dont know what to do,I cant see a tear in her eyes but I separated her from Laksh and gave her the biggest pain,now I am ready to do anything bt what can I do for her now,punish me God for my wrongs but if some virtue has ever remained in my heart ,I keep all that before you and kindly accept it and bring back the smile on ‘my Swara’s ‘ face,he opens his eyes,tears has blurred his vision.
Scene 5:Shekhar’s house
Dadi tells to Sumi “I have behaved very badly to Sanskar and Swara,that stupid ‘Ra..”,she stops,had created hatred in my mind,now I want to rectify my mistakes,you know I have decided to cook a dinner for my Sanskar and Swara today,I will call him and invite.Sumi says,’but maa ,he had told about his busy schedule in office”Dadi calls Sanskar ,he pretends to be busy and tries to escape from dinner plan.Dadi tells him that she will prepare food and wait for him,Sanskar agrees to try his maximum to go,Dadi and Sumi tells Swara about the dinner plan,Swara is excited thinking about Sanskar coming home but her smile fades hearing he may not come if he has work.
Scene 6:Swara calls Sanskaar in the evning
It is cloudy outside,Swara is standing in the balcony with the phone in her hand,she wants to call Sanskar but is in confusion whether to call or not,she dials his number,gets engaged tone and heavy rain starts outside,she tries his number again and he attens,she tells him that Dadi and parents wants him to come,Sanskar asks if she wants him to come,she doesnt answer to it,he says that he doesn not want to come there and disturb her,Swara’s face is sad,but he tells her that”I will go home,by that time rain also will stop,I will change my clothes and come,ok,bye”Swara is super excited but doesnt hides it and just says byehe is about to cut the call and suddenly she says” sanskar…,He tells,”yes,tell me Swara,”,she continues,’Sanskar ,please drive carefully,it seems to be a heavy rain,roads will be slippery,please see that you drive slowly and carefully”.Sanskar is surprised to hear this side of Swara,he smiles and says,’Ok,Baba,”,both smiles and cuts the call,Swara sees the rain and smiles…

Promo:Swara opens the house and sees Sanskar fully drenched in the rain.

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Wow Veena !!!! Jus love it ?? Jaldi next part update karo !!!

  2. Waiting fr nxt part soon pls
    Anyways thts rly gud ff

  3. Thanks friends,next one will be titled SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 4,on the way.

    1. Hw much tym it ll tak more
      Luvin it

  4. Wow… Veena… keep continuing…. ur way of expressing their feelings is soo good… really love it….

  5. u nailed it veena… was so looking forward to romantic sence between swasan n u expressed pretty well… update nxt epi soon….

  6. Thanks Priya,I am bad at writing esp romance,still,I had sent next part in the morning should come as SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 4,don’t know y it is not getting uploaded

  7. I know veena this was written by you.
    Read this ff to check normally who wrote Wt they wrote casually. Thought this story has ur essence and at last got to knw that this was written by you.
    U portray sanskaar perfectly yaar. I mean superb…

  8. Yaar R,thank you,good to hear that u could recognise,actually noticed your absence in comments section…

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