SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 29


Hi guys,had posted two yesterday and the latter(28th episode) is one which I enjoyed the maximum while writing though the last scene of episode 16 is my favourite till date,if you haven’t read the last two here is the link:


(We had seen some swasan scenes,Raglak scenes and Sanskar being pranked by Chottu maa and associated events…)

Scene 1:Next day early morning ,Swasan’s room

Sanskar wakes up hearing a knock on the door,he hears chottu maa’s voice and thinks in mind, “God knows what will she black mail me for today,God,she is a lovely person but please do protect me from her eccentric wishes”,he smiles and wakes Swara up,Swara is still sleepy and sits up fully wrapped up inside a blanket,she says, “why are u irritating me in the morning,I am feeling sleepy,you know na that we slept late ,”Sanskar says, “sorry dear,but it is not me who is waking u up,I have no such plan to destroy your sleep”,she hears knock again and chottu maa’s voice,she gets up,ties her hair,and gets down from the bed,on the way to door,slowly touches Sanskar’s head and wishes, “Good morning baba”,she shows a number 3 using her fingers and asks him how much it is,he understands that she is making fun of him to check if his liquor effect is gone,he lifts his hand as though to hit and she runs,he runs behind,Swara goes and hits her head on the door,Sanskar gets worried and gently rubs her head and says sorry,she smiles seeing his concern for her,she opens the door and chottu maa takes her along with her telling Sanskar to get ready soon,Sanskar thinks, “God,I had told u,what is it now”,Swara looks back and simply smiles and leaves..

Scene 2:Simultaneously Laksh’s room

Laksh is ready for office,Ragini is under the effect of medicines and gets up late,Laksh comes with a cup of coffee for her,Ragini thanks him and goes to bathroom,she comes and sees Laksh waiting outside,she asks if he wants to say something,he says actually come here,he makes her sit and she sees a tray with cotton and necessary medicines,Laksh tells her, “actually,it will be difficult for you to dress this wound alone and doctor has told it wil get infected if we don’t clean it properly daily”,in between talks Laksh starts cleaning softly,the mixture causes some burning sensation and Laksh understands and slowly blows on the wound,Ragini is surprised,her eyes are filled,actually both pain and pleasure filled tears,Laksh cleans it and dresses it,he moves back and sees tears rolling down her cheeks,he wipes it with his hanky and says, “it is paining a lot,no?sorry,it was for me that you had to suffer,don’t worry,u’ll be fine”,Ragini replies, “No Laksh,for the pain that I gave to u and our loved ones,I should get more,this small pain is nothing for my sins,I know God wont leave me”Laksh looks on,he says, “No use thinking of all that now,you take rest ,I am leaving,bye”,he reaches the door and sees Parineeta,he wishes her good morning,Parineeta tells that mom had told to help Ragini with wound dressing and that is why she came,Laksh replies that he did the dressing,Parineeta looks at Laksh in surprise,Laksh is a little embarrassed but says in a serious tone, “Bhabhi,I have also started thinking a little with my heart,I have no right to advice you but we have a good friendship between us ,na? eversince u became my Bhabhi,we have been friends too,I request you to think about Adarsh Bhaiyya with your heart,I am not saying what Bhaiyya did is right,but I think heart will many a times make mind forget certain things which it doesn’t want to give in”,Parineeta looks on and says, “Laksh ,more than a devar you have been a friend,but first time I am hearing you talking so seriously,I just wish that you remain happy always,regarding Adarsh,well,I may need a little more time,but I respect our marriage and will always try to protect it”,Laksh says, “ok Bhabhi,time to leave,bye”,Parineeta says bye to Laksh and walks inside,she asks Ragini how she is feeling,Ragini is surprised seeing Parineeta talking to her after a long time,Ragini tells her that she is fine and gets up and comes near her and holds her hand and apologises once again for her deeds especially for alerting Adarsh that day,Parineeta tells her that she was angry with her,but we both are part of this family and so she feel that it is better to reduce the hatred and build firm relationships based on trust and love,so I forgive u,Ragini hugs Parineeta and cries,Parineeta takes her down for breakfast….

Scene 3:Swasan room

Swara comes and tells Sanskaar, “actually,sorry,ok,chottu maa has vowed to make both of us go to a temple here and do a ritual there”,Sanskar replies, “Oh,that is cool,why to be sorry,she might have vowed for our good will ,na?we will definitely do it”,Swara replies, “Sanskar,but,now you will say this,but I am not sure if you will say this once we reach there”,Sanskar doesn’t understand anything and says, “chalo,village temple,oh let’s go..”On the way to the temple Swara asks him why he didn’t tell that he drank for Chottu maa,he asks her who told that,she replies that chottu maa herself told and apologised,Sanskar laughs and says, “your chottu maa is impossible,unpredictable”,Swara smiles and says “yea,you’ll understand it more after some time”,they reach the temple,Swara says that they have reached,Sanskar looks around and says but where is the mandir,Swara says pointing to a direction,”actually Mandir is there”,Sanskar sees steps up hill and a small mandir on top,Sanskar swallows saliva and looks at Swara,Swara says, “yea,actually,I haven’t counted but approximately just 800 plus steps ,I have heard,”Sanskar shows a pathetic look to Swara, “yea,chottu ma is clearly impossible and unpredictable,now I understood nicely”,Swara laughs hearing the tone and seeing his face,he says, “come,let us complete her vow”,they climb upsatairs,both gets tired after climbing for sometime,they decide to compete with each other and climb to motivate themselves,Swara tries to run,she stumbles and hurts her leg,she holds her leg and sits on the side of the steps,Sanskar comes near and sees her leg bleeding,he covers the wound with handkerchief,seeing it bleeding he gets worried,Swara finds it difficut to stamp as it is bleeding when she stamps,Sanskar sees this and lifts her up in his arms and climbs the steps,she asks him if she is heavy,he replies, “hei ,not at all,it is very easy to carry 50 kg and climb up a hill”,she says “yea,but I’m enjoying,I am having a nice time in your arms,”,he replies,”yea definitely,should be feeling like Deepika Padukone in SRK’s arms,but yaar I am not SRK,this is not Chennai express shoot,and you are definitely not Deepika,”,Swara gets angry and says , “oh yea,and since this is not shooting ,no break and cuts,so close your mouth and climb fast”,Sanskar climbs and Swara in between closes his nose with her hands to irritate him and he shows the action of putting her down,she clings on to his shoulder and shouts no no,Sanskar says, “my mind wants to put you down but what to do this heart wont allow”,hearing this Swara looks into his eyes,they share an eyelock,they continue and reaches the top,prays and does the rituals,what chotu maa had told was the one for hus and wife,they completes it with due respect,Swara sees Sanskar praying and looks at him with love and turns to God and prays for him and their life ahead,after prayers they look at the village from hill top ,he checks her leg and says, “yea,yea,bleeding has stopped,so down the hill,madam will slowly walk,don’t worry,we will sit and relax in between and then go,ok”,Swara looks at him and smiles….Both keep looking at each other,then realises it and looks away………….

Credit to: Veena

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  1. super veena it is awesome.. swasan rockzzzzzzz . veena u r a wonderful writer.
    veena r u studying or????

  2. Lovely swasan temple scenes
    Wow it’s mind blowing veena
    Eagerly waiting for your next ff

  3. Oh my god.ur stort and imagination are smthg else.i cant say.u r super yar.wow eagerly waiting for your nxt part

  4. Veena no words to Tel about this episode….omg swasan moments r really superb….the way u convey its amazing..

  5. janti ho veena tumhara ff sab se alag aur pyara kyu hain……
    qki rishta chahe kaise bhi kisi bhi wajah se juda ho par wo strong banta hai use pyar se sinchnese,understanding se,trust se aur tumhara ff yahi mehsoos karvata hai….
    thnx yr…..

  6. Wow… kya kahoon yr…har ek scene cute h?..amazing…i think aako ek novel lkhni chahiye

  7. Again an amazing episode…it’s really good veena…

  8. Sry mera hindi itna v acha nhi h??…n ya where r u Ruby di???sry par mujhe thik se yaad nhi h aapki name…

  9. Plz update nxt part soon dear
    veena r u a student?

  10. Year yeh seen tih bahut aacha hai. Air it is comedy too. Lovely.

  11. Chennai Express wala scene…Shooooooo Cute..Love ur imagination Veena..hope so ki reality mei yh sab swasan scenes swaragini mei ho..

  12. This was sooo cute ….i was smiling through out

  13. Actually guys,thank u,as I have told in comments column in my initial episodes before Veena is one of my close friend’s name, I just adapted it ,bt I will write my name in the last episode,I wana give a surprise to a few friends of mine who actually are regular readers of this site,I completed my professional studies n m married too…I had just planned 5 episodes for fun n out of love for swasan n it somehow reached 29 episodes..I know that you all write comments as u all are able to connect with the ff that I write n m happy that you all are liking it..Rupsikha n Kirti ,I appreciate the Di in ur msgs…

  14. awsum yar..?. swasan scenes were beautiful.. ? cute moments between raglak..lak and pari conversation was also very sweet..rocking chottu maa..?
    ur writing is just amazing..u can opt writing as ur profession..?

  15. Thank u Gopu,Sruthy,Appu,Leku,Joya,Surbi,Rupsikha,Neha,bubbly,Sanju,Saljaz,Niti n Sri…actually my ff was supposed to end tomorrow, bt tomorrow it won’t ,but after 15th n 16th episodes,the above one n 28th are my favourite episodes among what I wrote,bt hope you’ll excuse even if s not up to the mark hereafter…

  16. Now on i will say veena di bcoz u r elder than me .iam 20 yrs old and iam an engineering student .thank u for not stopping ur ff.wish u a beautiful life.i dont know more about u but i wish if i could.my name is shanthi .my di calls me appu

  17. Again great work veena!! Its just tremendous!! Your imagination and specially convo of pri and rag, its awesome and one more thing, hats off to sanskar who climbs 800 stairs with 50 kg weight of swara ?

  18. Ok Appu/Shanthi,thank you and good luck for your studies,my family also has a lot of engineers including my husband,if I write my profession here my friend’s will easily identify me,so suspense wont work,and as I said after reading Mumina’s ff started writing this for fun and even I dont know how I could pull it off thus far….ah let us see…

  19. Hei Saba,haha,yea,I didnt want to torture Sanskar and that is why I wrote,after climbing they got tired,decided to compete with each other,then Swara ran and injured her leg and Sanskar had to carry her after that so he didnt carry her all throught ,haha,poor Sanky would not get up if he carries like that,but yea,I may torture his characer later.

  20. Superb writing!!! From now on I will call you Veena di as you are elder than me.
    After reading your ff I feel happy from the core of my heart and thank you Veena di for not ending your series of fan fiction!!!

  21. Haha super veena …enjoyed each line..and previous episode liquor wala bhi…as usual u fab dr

  22. Thank u Vinitha,no probs,bt my brain is empty except for the climax of my ff,let ‘s see,thank u Sethooty.

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