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(We saw Swasan scene in their room,Ragini bringing DVD to Laksh ,Raglak scenes in hospital etc.)This should be pretty long but please read word by word as it is mostly on swasan…

Scene 1:Same day evening

Ragini is standing near the room balcony staring outside,she remembers how Laksh showed concern seeing her hurt,a cold wind is blowing,Laksh comes from behind and gives her a shawl,she wraps it around and says thank you,he gives her the medicines and a bottle of water,she stares at him in surprise,he asks her if it is paining,she nods in a no,he tells her to come and sleep as it is too cold and she may fall sick,she nods,he wishes good night and goes,she looks at the shawl n smiles and follows him……..

Scene 2:Chottu maa’s house

Swara and Sumi are ready in their traditional attire to go for the cultural programmes in the village after the dinner,Chottu maa and Sanskar and a distant relative are inside a room,Chottu maa comes out where as Sanskar and that male relative are still inside,Swara asks Chottu maa if she has given quotation to harm her husband ,she asks why these guys are not coming out,just then the relative comes out,Sanskar follows him,all smiles seeing him where as Swara looks at him from head to toe,Chottu maa says, “ I gifted this traditional attire to my child and Mannu was helping him to wear it,look how handsome he is looking”,Sanskar gives a hero like pose and Swara smiles,they get ready to leave,others are walking in the front,Mannu is pushing Chottu Maa’s wheel chair,Swara and Sanskar are at the back,Swara tells Sanskar that he is looking handsome in this traditional white coloured attire,Sanskar says , “Thank you,but don’t think I will comment the same about you,because,what to do,any dress suits me,but your case is different,so I cant lie, na?Swara says, “oh,so I am not looking good,no problem,no use talking to people whose beauty concept is zero”,she walks ahead,Sanskar comes from behind and holds her hand and makes her turn and holds her ear,she stares in surprise,he makes her wear her ear ring, “be careful or else wearing a single ear ring will reduce the beauty even more”,he asks her if it is tight and she nods and removes her hand,she smiles at him,they walk towards the ground.

Scene 3:The festival ground

The area is beautifully decorated,there are food stalls and desi liquor stalls in the area,but the whole place has so much nostalgia,warmth and an inherent virtue about it even in its air,may be that is a feeling only a village can inflict in your soul,there are chairs made of cane and plastics arranged in rows,programme is going on in the stage,few are watching that,others are eating in the stalls,Chottu maa signs Dida that she will come now,she goes to the desi liquor shop owner who is her friend,she gives him something,the programmes are going on,Swara and Sanskar are treated by the innocent villagers as though they are their special guests tonight,they both watch and enjoy everything,a lady dancer comes and pulls Swara’s hand asking her for a dance,she signs a no and holds on to Sanskar’s hands,Sanskar asks her to go,she signs no no,atlast she has to agree,she goes to the stage and dances on chikni chameli,they, while dancing comes down and Swara and team pulls Sanskar and takes him along with them,together they dance to some folk style tracks,Dida and Chottu maa in her wheel chair comes to the front and whistles seeing their chemistry and unplanned yet beautiful steps,crowd also cheers for them,Dida tells in Sumi’s ear, “see ,what if they did not have a sangeet,they are having a ‘mega sangeet’ here and a whole village is witnessing and participating in it,this is not an ordinary pair dear,God has directly tied them with a blessed thread”………..

Scene 4:Chottu maa playing prank on Sanskar and the after effect….

Chottu maa brings Sanskar to her friend’s liquor shop where as Swara is busy chatting with the dancers,(Fb:Chottu maa had told Dida that she will make him drink,dida resists but later agrees saying that even in this age she is a cute badmash,she tells her not to make her grand son in law drunk again,this should be last and final,she says,it is her treat for a wonderful son in law and Dida wondering how Swara will react to it….)Sanskar says Chottu maa that he doesn’t want to drink,he tells her that the last time he drank brought him lots of trouble and smiles(FB:Love confession,Swara getting angry and all that…)Chottu maa forces him and he goes on resisting,at last Chottu maa blackmails him emotionally and sheds fake tears,he agrees and drinks a glass and says, “but what is this,this is a strange taste,I don’t want more,please”Chottu maa insists and makes him drink four glasses(FB: Chottu maa making her friend mix something which adds the effect(guys,this is all pure imagination,no offense)),Chottu maa sees Swara coming and slowly escapes in her wheel chair and goes near Dida,Swara comes and touches Sanskar’s shoulder,she understands that he is not in his senses,she asks him , “You are drunk?who asked you to drink Sanskar,look at your condition,what is this?”He gives some cute, funny expressions but Swara gets more angry,Sumi watches this and asks what is happening there,Dida and Chottu maa says, “Let the husband and wife sort it out,we’ll go,Swara knows the route,na,and it is well lit and people will be coming and going,nothing to worry,they’ll come,let us go”,Sumi stands there not understanding anything but the other two takes her along…

Scene 5:Swara struggling with Sanskar

Swara is trying to bring him home,he is behaving like a semi crack,she tells him, “That day you did drink,but you behaved properly,you even brought witnesses against Ragini and at the end you told….”she stops, Sanskar says, “This is the effect of Desi liquor ,my girl”,he starts singing Desi girl..Swara gets more irritated,she pulls him,Swasan sees a couple on the way,the boy is trying to propose and girl is showing extreme shyness,Sanskar tries to go in that direction,Swara pulls him and prevents him,Sanskar tells her, “That boy doesn’t know to propose and that girl doesn’t know to reciprocate,both are good for nothing,I should have gone and helped them”,Swara says, “Acha,so you want to be their love guru,that too in this condition,saying as though you are too much experienced in this matter,just look at you,not even able to stand properly,you’ll go to advice and they will beat you and I will have to come in between,now shut up and come along…”

Scene 6:On the road,Swasan

Sanskar is still in liquor effect and mutters, “I should have helped that boy and girl”,Swara asks, ‘’Still,thinking about that,liquor effect but memory is still good”,Sanskar holds her by her shoulder and looks into her eyes and says, “I don’t have much experience but a few days back I saw a dream, “A girl was standing near me,she was holding my face with her hands and looking into my eyes,tears were rolling down her eyes but I still remember,she telling me,I LOVE YOU”,Swara looks into his eyes and asks,her tone is serious and eyes are filled with love, “you remember that girl’s face?”,Sanskar waves his hand says , “no,by that time I woke up from my sleep,but so what I could have helped that couple,u didn’t allow”,Swara smiles ,recalls what he just said and sees him trying to run,she comes and holds him,he suddenly sits down and starts singing, “mere rang mein…”,she comes near and asks him to stop as people are coming,he doesn’t stop and Swara closes his mouth with her hands,he keeps looking at her,she keeps looking back,she stares at him with love,Sanskar suddenly removes her hand and says, “Don’t look into my eyes like this”,Swara asks why,(she wants to hear that he will fall in love with her more n more )but he says, “when you look at me like this,I am getting scared,he shows some cute expressions as though he is scared of her,Swara smiles and helps him to get up,he tries to run and stumbles,Swara holds him,places his hand on her shoulder,supports him and takes him home…

Scene 7:Swara bringing Sanskar back to his senses …………..

Swara takes Sanskar near the well,she warns him not to get up from there until she is back,he sits like an obedient child with folded hands and a finger on his lips,she quickly goes and brings the bath towel,she fetches water from the well and pours two,three,four buckets full on his head,Sanskar gets angry and says, “what is this,Swara ,wat are you doing,if it is ice bucket challenge in the midnight,pour it on your head,not mine,”Swara keeps the bucket down,takes the towel from her shoulder and wipes his head and in between says, “So,you are back to your senses,who asked you to drink some stupid thing and give me trouble,you should thank me for bringing you home and instead you’re scolding me,I cant imagine my family seeing you like this,he pulls the towel and gets up and wipes his head and says, “Oh,it is too cold”,she says “ah just like desi liquor,Desi well water also has power,look how somebody came back to senses”,he runs inside,Swara has kept his Tshirt n pant on the bed,he goes changes and comes out,comes near Swara and says, “did I say or do something which hurt u under the effect of that liquor?”,she says, “nothing dear,though I got angry,it was equally fun,but desi girl and mere rang mein was quite intolerable and beyond audible range”she winks and Sanskar says sorry in a low voice with an embarrassed expression,they lie down to sleep,Swara thinks about all what he said and did and smiles,she especially recalls the dream that he mentioned,Sanskar turns to her side and sees her smiling face,he asks her if she is alright,as simply smiling is a sign of something else,she hits him and says that she is fine,he says all insane ones will say like that only,she laughs hearing that, he asks her if he should sing some lullaby to put her to sleep and automatically smile will also vanish hearing that ,she shows a shocked expression and joins her hands as though begging him not to sing,both looks into each other’s eyes and smiles………………..

Credit to: Veena

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  24. Guys,I read each and every comment of yours,thank u all of u,sorry for not mentioning your names,I will send today’s now,the above episode was one which made me laugh,and those of you who asked me not to stop,actually,as long as I can do justice to what I am writing,I will surely continue,I started writing on october 10th and there are two reasons for that,one was Mumina’s ff,which I think was the first ff on Swasan,and second reason was a spoiler that after Ragini’s truth revelation the families will think about uniting swara and Laksh,I am basically not a fan of daily soaps,but this pair of swasan has some magic,which I have seen in Arshi,RK-Madhu and Rudra -Paro before ,I have watched only these three before,so what I was saying is,thought that swasan will be separated made me imagine swasan scenes n write ff,but now m really happy to see SWASAN on screen………….

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