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Hi guys,first of all thank u APPU,Leku,Abhi,Manu,Vinitha,Neha,Saba,Akku,Saljaz,Joya,Akshu ,Sanju..(sorry if I have left out any who commented yesterday) for responding to my anxiety if my track is boring and slow,actually what I meant was that I don’t wish to torture u all if you’al are not liking it,but ur honest feedback was surely a booster dose,and it is not the number of comments but the absence of some names in comments column that made me wonder so,of course ,a few of u like Leku and Vinitha have started giving me feedbk these days,thanks to each n every one of u,and I hope you will check in between because there may be more than one episodes….

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(we saw the cotton field scene,mela and raglak scenes..)

Scene 1:Swasan at Chottu maa’s house

It is evening and they have returned home,Sumi asked Swara why they both are looking dirty and tired and why they left their phone at home and went,couldn’t call them for lunch,Swara explains how they roamed around and enjoyed ,Sumi smiles and says, “So ,u guys had a nice day out, good,go and check in the kitchen,Swasan goes and sees Chottu maa seated on a wheel chair and helping and instructing Dida with dinner preparation,Swasan happily goes near her,Swara tells her ,”See,how energetic you are now,I cant wait to eat your master piece recipes”,Chottu maa looks at Sanskar and tells, “This time my grand son in law’s words motivated me”,he comes near her and hugs her and tells how they saw her tuition centre and appreciates her effort,Chottu maa tells him that tomorrow we evening they shall all go for the cultural programmes in the village,Sanskar says, “y not,we shall all go”…all smiles,they have their dinner and Swasan goes to sleep,the bed in Swasan’s room is small,not a single cot but not like that in their home,Sanskar takes the bedsheet and tries to arrange a space in same room to sleep down,Swara comes with a water jug and sees it,she tells him that she will sleep down,she also asks him if he has any problem in sleeping beside her on the bed,he says that bed is small and he may kick her,Swara tells him, “I know you wont kick me,now stop this show and come up and sleep,I am too tired ,I don’t have energy to argue and convince you,it is high time you realise certain things without my explanation,Sanskar tells her, “you should say like this,I don’t understand u without explanation,ah?”,Swara clarifies , “no ,u understand me more than anyone but certain things which I wish u understood without me explaining,those things,I think you are not understanding”,Sanskar replies, “what ,what,what,come again,I am already feeling sleepy and u r taking me for a ride”,Swara says, “nothing,good night”,both lie down on the bed facing opposite walls and Swara smiles thinking about what she just said….

Scene 2:Next day morning

Laksh is getting ready for office,he notices that Ragini is not seen around,he sees everything including his blazer,shirt n jeans,files and laptop arranged on the bed,he gets ready and goes and stares at their wedding photo hung on the wall,he then quickly walks out,he asks Annapurna where Ragini is,she replies that Ragini has gone to the temple,Laksh says , “but why today,any special day this is”,Annapurna smiles and says, “That I didn’t ask her,may be she has something to ask for or thank for”,Laksh tells maa to pray for his presentation and kisses her forehead and tells that he has to leave early,after some time Ragini comes with arathi taal and not finding Laksh in room comes and asks Annapurna where he is ,AP tells that he left early,AP notices the disappointment on Ragini’s face,after breakfast,AP gets a call from Laksh and he tells her that he forgot to take the DVD from the desktop and his P.A is coming to collect it and to give it to him,Ragini gets to know about this and tells AP that she only arranged everything and may be that is why Laksh didn’t check it before leaving,she says it is her fault,after some time Laksh calls and tells AP that the staff who was coming to collect it is struck in traffic block,if Adarsh has not started give it to him and ask him to take the short cut route and reach fast as clients are ready and presentation is about to begin,AP tells that Adarsh has already left ,Laksh is worried,AP tells him that she will do something,AP cuts the call and tells everything to Ragini,Ragini tells her not to worry and that she will take it ,Ragini is shown driving the car through the route laksh told,she is driving fast and just then a goat jumps and she applies sudden brake and hits her head,her head gets injured and starts bleeding,she carelessly wipes with a tissue and ignores and restarts and reaches the office,all have proceeded to conference room,only Laksh is waiting impatiently in the reception,he sees Ragini running and coming,Ragini comes and falls in Laksh’s hands,she hands him the CD,Laksh notices her head bleeding,he asks her what happened and she tells him to go fast and she is alright,Laksh takes handkerchief from his pocket and applies pressure using it on her forehead,she holds her shoulder and makes her sit on the chair and asks her what happened and she tells and he asks her why she took so much trouble,she says she knows that this is too important to him and how he had told a day back that there is no room for error,Laksh looks at her hearing this and they share an eyelock,he tells her that they will go to the doctor,she tells him that she will go to doctor and asks him to proceed,he calls one of his lady staff and entrusts her to take Ragini to hospital and leaves unwillingly……….

Scene 3:Same day afternoon after presentation

Laksh calls Ragini and asks how she is,she says doctor has done the dressing and had advised for a CT head and she is waiting for the results,she asks him about his presentation and he tells that it was ok,after some time,Laksh reaches the hospital lobby,he asks for radiology dept and sees Ragini seated there,he asks his staff to go back,Ragini is surprised to see him there,she asks him why he came there,he should be having lot of work in office,he tells that his part is mostly over and certain other things he has entrusted others and that he felt that coming to hospital was more important,Ragini looks at him in surprise,just then the technician calls and gives her report and tells them to show it to the doctor,Laksh takes the report out and reads the impression part at the end and says, “thank God,Ragini,everything is fine”,Ragini just smiles,they meet doctor and he tells them that either they should dress the wound at home till it heals or come to hospital and gives instructions regarding that,they come out,the corridor is crowded,Laksh leads her with concern,Ragini tells him that parking area is at the other side,Laksh takes her to the canteen,he tells her that she should be feeling hungry,so they will eat here,there is self service facility only in the canteen,Laksh brings two plates,Ragini looks at him and his concern for her,Laksh asks her to have food,they look at each other in between…They finish the lunch and Laksh takes her to the parking area..She tells him that she will go home alone,he asks her to get inside and that he will drop her home and he opens the front door for her,Ragini is again surprised,she gets in slowly looking at him and hits her head,Laksh is concerned and quickly touches her head and asks her to be careful,she replies she is fine,Laksh looks at her and gets in,the car moves………….

(Next part probably by today evening…..)

Credit to: Veena

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  11. Thank u Appu haha,writing romance is a task for me,just kidding, thank u akshitha ,Anna,Manu, I think Appu and Manu’s comments comes first always followed by Joya,Joya,thank u n those lines,true abt our swasan…Guys,I m typing the next one,may be updated along with today’s written update episode.. Hope u all will check it.

  12. Oh sorry,wen I typed the first comment a few comments of yours were not displayed, thank u Leku,Sruthy,Vinitha,Saba and Saljaz…Saba n Saljaz please do read next one without fail,it is not confessing love bt you may understand later,love confession on the way and after love confession there won’t be many episodes…

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    personally, I donot watch Swaragini on tv and neither do I read the written updates. In short, I am not really a fan of the original episodes, but I am literally crazy for the ffs 😀 so thanks to you guys, I get to see (or read 😀 ) SwaSan together 🙂 Kudos to you.! 🙂

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  24. @Neha,thank u ,@Abhi,thanks yaar,actually writing Raglak moments was not there in my plan,always possessive about Swasan,but now that I have started,shall write,and it is unbelievable that you are here just to read ff,actually if u guys had not commented ,just imagine a ff page without any comments,you guys are the heros and I mean it everytime I say it,@Rupsikha,so your exams are over,good to c u back,@Niti,thanks ya,I have posted next one ie 28,@Akku n Sri ,u are bk,thank u guys for your comments,@Trishika ,Thanks yr…. hope u all will keep reading…Saljaz and Leku,guys,actually I dont want to drag this ff,bt love confession is on the way only not in next n all,let us c,how the story will proceed….

  25. @Actually Saba ,that is so kind of u,bt urs is an amazing story line,there is a lot of scope and after completing mine I shall sit back and read each and every other ff,and will not miss yours,actually a rain moment is there in my plan,and in between greenary only bt what I had planned was not in the village …if I get a scope to include in village scene I will include or else you may read it elsewhere,no offense,ok,I respect and accept your suggestion.

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