SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 26

Hi guys,hope you read the two episodes posted yesterday ,actually all ff writers including me are writing for you all,I agree mine is moving in a slow track and may be you all are getting bored but intention is not to write larger than life scenes,but just to take the track after Ragini’s truth confession without much negativity and a distinct villain,may be an emotional journey through Swasan’s perspective till they realise their love ,not ignoring other characters ,may be a very simple journey along with Swasan where love is unspoken and unexpressed but not totally unrealised,there wont be twists and turns and generation leaps because I am not very comfortable writing all that ,though since a few days haven’t got much time to read many ff of fellow writers,but I have read many beautiful ones before with some interesting twists,…kudos to you guys and bigger kudos to all those who read and take trouble to comment,now a few names under my ff has become byheart and the absence of those makes me feel that they didn’t like,but I respect your comments and silence,for those who have not read the previous ones,here is the link:


(we had seen them reaching chottu maa’s place,the associated moments n nok jhok etc)

Scene 1:Swasan are returning to chottu maa’s place after taking the injection

Sanskar asks Swara if her hand is paining after the injection,Swara says, “I am not a baby,after all a small needle prick on your arm or buttocks wont take your life,”Sanskar understood that she meant about the way he screamed wen he was admitted,Swara tells him that she will take him to the tution centre which Chottu maa runs,he accompanies her,there are some cotton fields in the area,cotton fibres are flying in the air,Sanskaar says,it is fun to to watch these white things flying in air like snow,but it is also enough to choke you sometimes,Swara shows him the place,Sanskar says,this is like a real village school and chottu maa is doing a great job teaching kids for free, “You know what Swara,I feel seeing you itself is like a big medicine for her,I am sure she will become more active and recover very soon,”,Swara turns and tells him that though he met chottu maa for the first time the way he talked to her and motivated her was great,she continues, “you have an amazing personality Sanskar,but problem is it takes some time to realise that,you sometimes behave as though you are unapproachable”.

Sanskar says, “well,I don’t know,may be you have started understanding me more than me knowing myself,after all,comrade hey na?Just then a group of kids comes running from the backyard,they have cotton in their hands,they come near Swasan,one kid identifies Swara and asks, “you are Swara deedi ,right?Swara replies , “and you are Priyanka,I remember you,” just then the kids starts blowing cotton fibres at them,Priyanka tries to stop but a group of 10 or 12 kids keeps blowing fibres,Swara comes near Sanskar and tries to hide her face on his chest,she pulls his shoulder and hides her face on his chest,cotton get struck all over Sanskar’s face and Swara’s hair,the kids stops and starts clapping,Swara turns and shows a sign as though she is going to beat them and they run,Priyanka says,sorry di and runs behind them,she comes and sees Sanskar standing with closed eyes,she comes near him and removes fibres from his hair, face and eyelashes slowly,Sanskar sneezes with closed eyes,Swara cups his face and removes fibres from his eyebrows and asks him to open his eyes,she slowly stands on her toes and blows in his eyes,she does it and keep looking at him,Sanskar opens his eyes,looks at Swara and tells, “thank you Swara”,he makes her turn and removes the fibres from Swara’s hair,he removes everything and slowly combs her hair with his hands to correct it where as Swara realises that these feelings are all very new for her……………………… …………..

Scene 2:Swasan going for a mela on the way home.

Swasan on the way home reaches an exhibition area,there is the whole environment of a village mela there,there is the miniature version of giant wheel and some small rides,many food stalls,many local games,Swara tells Sanskar that a week long festival season has started and all this is associated with that,there will be dances and other variety entertainments from morning till morning,Swara asks Sanskar to come with her and pulls his hand and runs,they enjoy the rides together and laughs their hearts out,Sanskar plays the aiming the gun game and shoots balloons,game conductor jokes that he will be able to shoot down all if he loves his wife,Swara looks at Sanskar,Sanskar tells the man that, “then most probably I wont be shooting a single one,Swara shows an angry face,Sanskar shoots down all balloons and raises his eyebrows in ‘didn’t you see this’ expression looking at Swara,the man cheers them,they enjoy multiple games ,they try all the food items as well,on the way home,Sanskar says that “ this was a wonderful day Swara,didn’t you enjoy,”,Swara replies, “very much”,she holds his hand and says “and I am feeling tired too”,she clings onto his shoulder and walks balancing herself on him….

Scene 3:Laksh’s room

Laksh is checking his files after coming from office,he is tensed,he gets up and a takes a DVD from his bag and plays it in the desktop,Ragini comes from behind,she keeps a cup of black coffee on his table,Laksh turns and says, “Thank you Ragini,actually I wanted one,”she asks him how his day was,he says ,today everything went smoothly,but an important presentation is tomorrow and that he was checking the slides,Ragini looks at the monitor and Laksh continues,Ragini interrupts and tells him, “Actually Laksh,if you wont feel bad ,can I tell you something?Laksh says, “What is it Ragini”?she continues, “actually Laksh the slide background colour,the letter font colour and size,I think wont match much”,she gives some more suggestions,Laksh goes through once again and says, “I think you are right Ragini,but I don’t have much time also to change all this and practice,Ragini tells him, “Laksh,you are looking very tired,you take this coffee and go the balcony and get some fresh air and relax yourself,by the time you come back,I will edit this but don’t worry will save it only if you like it,Laksh goes and after some time comes back and sees that Ragini has completed it perfectly,he looks at Ragini ,he asks her to join him wen he will project it and practice in their entertainment room,he asks her to give suggestions after listening,she is surprised as well seeing some changes in Laksh,they spend some time together,Laksh finds her presence comfortable and motivating and her suggestions valuable,he keeps looking at her when she keeps looking at the screen……..

Credit to: Veena


  1. Appu

    I dont feel that ur ff is boring or slow.u r a perfect writer
    i am reading ur ff from 1st episode and didnt miss any one.keep it up dr.

  2. Hey 🙂 trust me, you are doing a great job! And your story is perfect too 🙂
    its just that there are silent readers here 😀 so you shouldn’t be bothered if you donot see many comments. 🙂

  3. manu

    Hey veena dnt let urself down..ur such an amazing writer..i just love ur writing..its soo lively and I can easily imagine them …..soo dnt worry that ur going too slow actually its not that slow and ur writing is close to reality….. …as usual u rocked today also

  4. Vinita

    Your storyline is amazing Veena. I am reading your ff from the first episode and in each of it I found a unique idea. The track is not at all slow. You are doing a great job!!!!! Keep it up!!!

  5. Veena

    Appu,Leku,Abhi,Manu, ur words are so motivating, I wrote like that n wat I meant is that I know slow track is boring n I don’t want to continue if the readers are not liking it..

  6. Neha

    Hey Veena don’t be upset I have read ur ff from the first episode u r just amazing
    Swasan raglak growing closeness description is superb actually u r superb so just go on dear

  7. Saba

    Again veena! Great work, but please, this is my small request, make it long please!! Otherwise, it’s perfect not slow, because I can understand it isn’t easy to confess love, love takes time and effort

  8. Veena am jst following ur story yaar….i jst liked ur story sense than others….keep it up….and plz dnt change the tittle and pic if u r gng to Change inform me yaar because daily many r posting am confused and searching for urs

  9. Veena

    Thanks akshu,I won’t change the title and wall paper dear,keep reading pls,cos I m nt sure hw many more episodes will be there…

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