SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 25


Hope you read the one that I uploaded today evening,if you haven’t here is the link:


Scene 1:Swasan has reached Dida’s sister’s place (for ease I will make it as Swara addressing Dida’s sis lovingly as Chottu Maa)

Swasan has reached Chottu Maa’s house,while getting down from car Swara warns Sanskar to tell everyone that her hand got injured by hitting at some sharp edge at the restaurant lobby where they dined previous night,Sanskar is thoughtful about the previous night and slowly nods,they go inside,Dadi and Shekhar are ready to leave,Swara and Sanskar greets everyone,Dadi tells that they were waiting to see them and then leave,they ask them to have food,asks what happened to her hand,Swara replies as she had planned.Shekhar says that Sumi will be here for a few more days,Swasan wishes them bye and goes inside to meet chottu maa,Swara goes near the bed,Chottu maa recognises her but is too weak to get up,Swara introduces Sanskar to her,Sanskar goes near,she extends her hand and touches Sanskar’s head to bless him,Sanskar slowly holds her hand and goes and sits near the bed and tells her, “Swara has told a lot about her chottu maa,we are a little late to visit but it was because of my tight schedule and I am sorry for that,now that we have come,we will be here for a few days but on one condition,you cant lie on bed like this,you should get up and serve your grandson in law,after all you are Swara’s Dida’s younger sister,look how energetic Dida is ,so we should give her a tight competition to see who is more energetic,so you will get up fast,na?Swara looks lovingly at Sanskar listening to the way he was talking to Chottu maa,Chottu maa smiles and tears roll down from the corner of her eyes,Sanskar wipes it off with his handekerchief,she smiles and in a weak tone tells Swara that she has got a very sweet guy as her husband,may God bless you both,Swara tells her, “I want blessings but I also want the tasty food that you cook,you heard what he just said ,na?you should get up and cook for your children,she says, “done”…Swara smiles and tells Sanskar ,“Chottu is an old B.A. graduate,she has small tuition centre here in this place,she gives free tuition as well,Sanskar smiles at her and shows a sign of salute to chottu maa and makes her smile again…..

Scene 2:Dida and Sumi calling Sanskar privately

Dida and Sumi calls Swasan privately and asks them to close the room after they enter,they tell Swasan that Chottu maa is not aware of all what Ragini did and about the events related to their fake marriage and real marriage,kidnapping etc,Sumi tells Swara that Chottu maa should never come to know about anything,in front of her you both are a happily married couple,understood?Swara listens and tells in her mind, “before telling Sanskar how can I tell you now maa that I have started loving him,but trust me maa,no need to behave that I am happy,I am the happiest when I am with him,” Sumi shakes her and asks what she is thinking,she tells , “nothing maa,we will take bath and come and have breakfast,don’t worry maa,don’t worry Dida,we wont mess up anything”.

Scene 3:Swasan in room

Sanskar is back after a shower,Swara asks him to go and have food as he might be hungry,Sanskar comes near her and pulls her and makes her sit and ties a plastic piece on the bandage and asks her not to wet it now,she tells him, “you are so much bothered about me,why Sanskar?”,he swiftly replies, “because you are my wife,Swara looks at him with a happy but questioning look when she heard wife, he corrects and says,”what I meant is because you are my friend and u mean a lot ,khush, now,will u please go and take bath,I will eat only wen u come back,so make it fast,please”.Sanskar goes to comb his hair,from mirror he sees Swara struggling to tie her hair up before going,he comes and says, “come ,I will help you,give me your comb,Swara gives the comb with a doubt,Sanskar combs very fast,the comb get stuck,he messes up and tries to pull the comb to remove it,Swara gets angry, “ah,it is paining ,Sanskar,who asked you for help,if you help like this,I will become bald in two days,go,I don’t want your help”.Sanskar says, “actually sorry for this,I dont have the experience of combing long hair,still I tried to help and instead of giving me time to do it you are shouting at me,now u see,again if u ask for some help,then also I wont come,I am going,you and your comb and hair,here it is”,he leaves,Swara smiles seeing his cute behaviour…..

Scene 4:Swasan going out after the breakfast

Sanskar and Swara goes for a walk ,Swara asks Sanskar where he is taking her,Sanskar says,yesterday night your hand got injured and I am taking you to a doctor to take injection TT,Dida told me the direction,Swara tells Sanskar , “are you talking revenge on me for asking for injections when u were admitted but mind you,I am not scared of injections,you know what,physically men may be stronger,but biologically and many a times mentally and emotionally we are stronger,”,Sanskar says, “see Swara,what pleasure will I get if I see you suffering pain,in fact seeing you in pain just makes my heart bleed,what is the use of telling you,if you want come,”,he walks ahead,Swara runs behind him,holds his hand says, “Sorry baba,I didnt mean to hurt you,was just joking,I know na how much you lo..like me…”,Sanskar says, “Leave it Swara,I was thinking abot that man n yesterday’s events,ah,we’ll see,for the time being,we will meet doc and take a TT,dont know if that weapon had rust on it,cant take any chance because.. you are my life”,Swara looks at him in surprise,he realises what has fallen from his mouth,he doesnt correct it,but walks forward and says, “come Swara,doc may leave for lunch”,Swara recalling his words follows him….

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Wow…thts soo sweet…ur rocking veena

  2. great work veena…..
    when i read ur ff,there is bg song in my mind “dheere dheere hole hole chupke se ab hoga….”
    i love ur simplicity….

  3. What u forgot ur 25th episode its k i think great thing I did . . . I am always eagerly read ur ff more than what’s going on current swaragini . . . I swear I will remember u , ur 50th episode too . . . advance congrachulation veena

  4. Superb…..

  5. awesomeeeee

  6. Veena!! Awesome effort dear!! And for swara’s condition in real track and your ff also “Jane na Jane gul hi na Jane, bagh to Sara Jane hain” all viewers know about her feelings towards sanskar except herself.

  7. Amazing ff Veena…….Your narration skills are so good that I can literally imagine all the incidents happening infront of my eyes !!!!! I completely agree with rs that I will remember your fan fictions and please continue writing…..

  8. Thank u Manu, Joya(bg song in ur mind while reading,dats cool),rs(dats so sweet of u bt I don’t know dear how many I will write,we’ll c),khushi n sri,thank u n all u guys who posts comments daily and your names are so familiar, Saba,yea you are right,mine is just a continuation of the existing track,started writing only for swasan…started on the 10th of october n completed 25 only today,how many more,I am not sure…

  9. Simply superb…waiting for next…

  10. Kabhi kabhi mujehe aisa laga raha hain ki aaj ki episode yahee hain… wonderful veena…..awesome creativity….

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