SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 24

Hi guys,this is continuation of swasan fan fiction episode 22 and 23 posted on Saturday,f you haven’t read here is the link of the previous three :



(In the previous one we saw Annapurna talking to Laksh regarding him n Ragini,Swasan travelling to Dida’s sis’s place and their conversation inside the car ,they eating at a roadside restaurant,Laksh talking to Ragini after a long time)

Scene 1:Swasan taking a short cut during night travel and some …….

Swara and Sanskar are travelling in car,Swara keeps talking to avoid Sanskar from sleeping ,their car tyre bursts,Sanskar goes out to check,Swara also comes out and Sanskar tells that he will have to change it,he goes to open the dickey,Swara follows him,he pulls the tyre out,he holds Swara by hand and makes her sit inside and warns her not to come out as it is a lonely place,don’t know if some wild animals will cross the way.He is busy changing the tyre,he takes time and an impatient Swara comes out and starts talking,Sanskar asks her to keep quiet and go inside,suddenly they see the headlight of another vehicle,the vehicle gains speed and comes and stops beside them,a group of four men comes out,Swara moves sensing the smell of liquor,the gang asks Sanskar what happened and if he needs help,Sanskar tells him that he can manage and he is fine,one person moves near Swara,Sanskar senses that Swara is uncomfortable and in a diplomatic way tries to compose that person and stands between him and Swara,but the man pushes Sanskar and tries to touch Swara,the situation becomes tense,Sanskar tries not to lose his calm,the person extends his hand to touch Swara,Sanskar holds his hand and a fight starts,one from the gang tries to stab Sanskar from back,Swara holds the weapon and her hand gets injured and she says, “ah..ouch”,Sanskar hears this and gets concerned,he turns and beats the man,he goes to Swara and holds her hand,just then the headlight of two other vehicles are visible and are coming near,the gang leader looks at Sanskar’s car’s number plate and comes near them and tells like a warning, “Now you will escape,but don’t think I will forget this,he stares at numberplate and walks away,Sanskar makes Swara sit inside,lowers the glass and takes water bottle and washes her hand,he is too concerned,Swara looks at him,he takes first aid box and dresses the wound, He scolds her, “why did you come out,I asked you not to come out na,look at this ,what is this Swara?”,he is worried and sad,Swara tells, “Sanskar the wound is not so deep,”He asks her to shut up and says, “from where will we take a tetanus toxoid injection at this night,this is not a main road also,Swara ,I feel like kicking you,just don’t look at me,I may lose my control and kick u out and leave,Swara holds his hand says, “I know very well that you wont leave me,but don’t worry,I am fine,only one hand is injured and it is not deep also,my left hand is fine”,he gets angry and moves out saying,no use talking to you,he comes out and sits down to change tyre,he thinks about Swara and is sad whereas Swara looks at him and his concern on his face from inside the car…….

Scene 2:Swasan is travelling and it is morning..

“Sanskar, stop here,stop,stop please”,Sanskar applies a sudden brake hearing this and asks with concern, “what happened Swara?,is your hand paining?show me”,she tells him, “No Sanskar,just look at that ,”,she points out and Sanskar sees a pond filled with lotus,she rushes out and runs to it,Sanskar runs behind to stop her,Swara goes to pluck the lotus, Sanskar shouts, “What you got yesterday is not enough or what,?come here,if you want lotus,I will pluck it for you,already right hand is gone and is partially handicapped,want to injure left also,may be your intention is to get drowned,fed up of life ,ah?come here”Swara goes a little forward and is wet up to knee,Sanskar comes and holds her by her ears,she now has a bunch of five or six lotuses with her,she turns and with a smile and hands it over to him and says, “this is for you,Sanskar”Sanskar is surprised,he accepts it noticing that Swara’s eyes are moist,they have an eyelock…Sanskar shakes the lotuses and sprinkles water on Swara and says, “actually for those who take bath daily,this much eagerness to jump into water wont be there,actually,now I understood why u actually jumped out of the car and ran seeing a pond,Swara hits him and hold his hand and they walk hand in hand to the car, holding the bunch of lotuses together with their other hand……

Scene 3:Laksh and Ragini’s room

Laksh is leaving for office,Ragini comes near him with hesitation,Laksh who usually used to walk away,pause and gives a look if she wants to tell something,she says, “Actually Laksh ,mom had told that today and tomorrow are important days for you at office,actually,I don’t have any goodness in me to wish you good luck,but I always wish to see you successful Laksh,all the best,Laksh looks at her and tells her, “Thank you Ragini,what mom told is right,today and tomorrow are important days for my career and my firm,no room for error,thank you for the good wishes,hmm….bye”.Ragini stands there surprised seeing a positive reaction from Laksh….She closes her eyes for a moment and prays for him….

(Guys,I will try to send the next part today itself.hope you will come back and check it.)

Credit to: Veena


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