SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 23

Hi guys,this is SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 23,22 and 23 are back to back as I won’t be posting tomorrow ie Sunday as I have a little tight schedule,episode 24 will be on Monday…Please read the previous one before reading this…

Scene 1: :Laksh is back from office

Annapurna calls Laksh to her room,he sits near her,she asks if he is happy with his life,she asks if he is happy with Ragini,she tells “I wont interfere in any of your decision but you should understand that Swara has moved on in her life with Sanskar,Ragini is your wife,I know she has done a lot of mistakes,but since you live with her you will be knowing if her change is genuine or not,it requires a very big heart to forgive, my son,I know that you are a very good person,you have the capability to make wise decision,I will request you one thing,if you wish,you can give Ragini a chance to come back in your life,there is a long life ahead of you,you should not waste it thinking about your past,nothing is in our hands,we plan,we meet people,we love but there is a supreme power above who likes to write our destiny and trust me whatever he does is for our good,it may hurt us sometimes but end result will be positive,we can’t go back and alter our past but future is there in front of us,we can think about living it fruitfully,yes there also destiny may intervene,but we can atleast choose to be happy,na,I thought I should discuss it with you,my son,I know it will not be easy for you,but with a calm mind,think about your married life and I know whatever decision you make then ,will be right..” Laksh hugs her and replies, “I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents,somewhere I have forgotten the values that you and this family has given me,but trust me,maa,I will never let u both down,but I need some time maa,I don’t know but whatever decision I make again will not be in haste….Annapurna hugs him and blesses him”.He tells her that he had a tough day at office,now also has to prepare for presentation so he’ll need a tablet now for head ache ,she asks him not to take tablets,she will send some balm and he will feel better.He nods and leaves.

Scene 2:SWASAN in car

Sanskar is driving the car,it is around 9 pm,he asks Swara if she is feeling hungry,Swara says, “to be honest ,yes”,Sanskar says, “Sorry Swara,I will stop and we’ll eat as soon as we see a good restaurant,actually I don’t want to take you to some road side restaurants”,Swara replies, “Don’t worry about me Sanskar,I will be comfortable cos you are there with me na,so don’t hesitate to stop even if it is a road side dhabha,actually some street foods are in India’s most sought after menu ,Sanskar asks, “That I know Swara,I told because it is late ,actually Swara,wanted to ask u something,do u miss eating fish?,I don’t have any problem if u eat fish wen we dine together,ok,mom and others wont be comfortable,but I am ok with it,so you can follow your culture and cuisines ..our relation will be above all that,so no worries,she replies ,”you know what Sanskar,you are a fantastic guy,If I had not met you,I would have missed an opportunity to meet a good man like you,he replies, “you are embarrassing me Swara,I don’t deserve to be called good,what I did to you and Lucky,OMG,I will never be able to forgive me for that and I mean it,that regret will follow me always,don’t make me feel more ashamed by praising me,Swara replies, “Sanskar ,that was my past,I have already forgiven you for that,why are you bringing up the wounds from the past,for that mistake u did,after that, you have done enough n more for me,mine n Laksh’s relation failed because it was not written in our destiny,we were not made for each other,somewhere we didn’t have trust n understanding which was required to carry our relation forward,relationships are not based on love alone,may be,he was born for Ragini and me for……. …..she pauses and looks at Sanskar,her eyes communicates which he partially understood and keeps looking in her eyes,he suddenly stops seeing a Punjabi Dhabha,they rushes out…

Scene 3:Swasan eating in the roadside restaurant

The Dhabha is well lit,a nice music is there in the background,Swara eats the first item ordered fast and looks at Sanskar and rubs her stomach with an innocent face,Sanskar says, “When u told u were hungry I didn’t expect that you are this hungry,sorry ,ok ,for not stopping the car early.Now you order whatever you want ,we will leave slowly,no hurry,the waiter brings two more plates,Swara takes a little and tastes n says, “wow,what is the magic behind the taste of street foods,yaar,I have always wondered,just taste and see”,she makes Sanskar eat with her hands,he chews and shows expression as superb,he makes her eat,both enjoy their time there.

Scene 4:Laksh’s room

Laksh is standing in his room balcony,he remembers all the events in the past,moments with Swara,how he used to behave with Ragini before marriage,their marriage,Swara saying two days back that she was thinking about Sanskaar and also what Annapurna told him a few minutes back,he stares at the moon and take a deep breath,he closes his eyes and says in his mind, “God,I don’t want to make any decision hereafter about which I will have to regret later,please guide every step that I take,should I give a chance to Ragini,will I be able to give her another chance?, God,you are hearing me,no?I don’t know anything ”.Ragini comes from behind,she says, “Laksh ,here is the balm,mom sent it,do u want anything else,how is your head ache?can I help u in any way for tomorrow’s work?,mom had told you have some presentation tomorrow,Laksh just keeps looking at her,she continues, “Laksh, actually I was wrong, totally wrong,took a lot of time to realise that love cannot be conquered,I snatched it but has never been able to be happy,all what I did was wrong,I am sorry for hurting you that day telling that Swara has moved on,I know you wont trust me after all that I have done to you and my loved ones,but regarding Swara’s feelings for Sanskaar,I have sensed it from her behaviour,but ,Laksh,I want to tell you something,I am ready to sign the divorce papers,I wont become a burden in your life,you decide and tell me”,her eyes are filled with tears,Laksh looks at her,she extends the balm to him,he accepts it,she turns,Laksh calls, “Ragini..,she turns and he says, “Thank you……………good night”.Ragini is surprised,she wishes good night and goes.

(Guys,next episode will be on Monday,happy weekend to you all…hope u read the previous one as well)

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