SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 22


Hi guys,please read this intro para today,this is episode 22,episode 23 may follow soon,probably back to back since I have some guests coming home tomorrow,I wont be able to post tomorrow ie,Sunday,so next episode ie,24 will be on Monday,also,as I have told before since my ff is just a continuation of the existing track,I have some limitations in going for a vivid imagination,also I am a little too possessive about Swasan,so I don’t wish to give space even to Raglak,sorry for that,that doesn’t mean others wont be there,what I meant is story will be mostly from Swasan’s perspective only..

If you haven’t read previous one,here is the link:


(Yesterday we saw Swara helping Sanskar in removing the prince’s costumes after the Halloween,asking why he didn’t dance with Preeti and his reply,Sanskar falling from bed and their nok jhok ,Preeti asking Sanskar why he wants to remain in a relation with a wife who doesn’t love him and his reply which Swara who has come for a lunch overhears)

Scene 1:Sanskar and Swara in hotel

Sanskar had already booked a table for them,he makes Swara sit and sits opposite to her,Swara serves the food to him,laksh who has come with some of his clients walks in,SWASAN doesn’t see him,he goes to the opposite corner,he watches from there and notices Swara and Sanskar spending time happily,he notices Swara’s hearty smile,he is in thoughts,he goes back to discussions with his clients,in between when he looks,he sees Swara making Sanskar eat dessert with her spoon,Laksh is sad.Sanskar tells Swara that actually he has booked tickets for a movie in the evening,since their project is yet to begin,now only he will be free,so if she doesn’t have problem,they will go for a movie,Swara says that for movies and restaurants she will always be ready,they leaves and Laksh looks on.

Scene 2;Maheswari mansion in the evening

Annapurna is coming down with some flowers in a Thaali,she slips from the steps,Ragini sees this and rushes and saves her from falling,Annapurna looks at her in surprise,she thanks Ragini,Ragini takes the thaali from her hands and keeps it safely and comes back with a glass of water and asks Annapurna if she is alright,Annapurna is moved,Ramprasad and Durga Prasad sees this from the hall,they also looks in surprise..

Scene 3:Sanskar gets a call from Sumi

Sanskar is about to leave from office to take Swara out for a movie,she gets a call from Sumi,(Sumi,Shekhar,Dadi has gone to Dida’s place to meet her sis whose condition was not well),she tells Sanskar that Dida’s sister is a little unwell and was repeatedly asking for Swara so if he could ,it would be good if he could bring Swara that side,Sanskar tells her not to worry and that he will bring Swara to meet her as soon as possible.Sanskar is in thoughts….

Scene 4:Maheswari Mansion

Swara calls Sanskar and tells that she has gone to a nearby shop along with Sujatha and she will come back before he reaches and then they will go for the movie,he tells her that he has reached home,hearing this Swara tells that he will reach soon.He tells her not to hurry and he will wait.After some time Swara reaches Sanskaar’s room,she brings him a cup of coffee,he tells that he already had and that Ragini gave him,Swara asks him why his face so gloomy,she turns and sees two bags packed,she asks him if he is going somewhere,he comes near her and tells her, “See Swara ,I cant lie to you,but you should not get worried ,mom had called and told that Dida’s sis wants to see you”,Swara gets concerned and asks, “but mom had told that she is better ,now why ,what happened?”,Sanskar holds her and says, “now also,no problem is there,she wants to see you,so I have packed the necessary things,and we will go”,Swara gets worried and cries, “No Sanskar something is wrong,actually,during my childhood me n maa were at her place,she used to protect us,she has done a lot for us,when mom was a single parent,usually relatives pokes such women but she has supported us like anything,I wanted to go n see her,but since mom told she is better,I postponed,something is wrong,Sanskar,my heart says so…she cries,Sanskar hugs her and tells, “No,Swara,she is fine,we are going na,actually since it was at the last moment tickets are not available,no problem,I have told bade Papa,around 15 hrs plus drive is there but we will make it without much pauses,Prashanth has hinted about some short cuts,so don’t worry,now talk to maa,if you don’t believe me”,he dials Sumi’s number and gives phone to Swara(Flashback shows Sanskar telling Sumi that if Swara asks just tell her that she is normal,just wants to see her,she wont talk over the phone as she is angry that Swara didn’t go to meet her),Sumi explains the matter,now Sanskar cuts the call and asks Swara, “Now will you wipe yours tears,she smiles and wipes,he tells her to check the bag once if anything is to be taken”…Swara checks and says “Tooth brush,I have one good habit which you don’t have..”Sanskar shows an angry face and says, “Look,how somebody returned to form after hearing Mom’s words.”Swara smiles,they come down,seeks blessings and says bye n leaves……..

(Next update will be there,I am going to post it ,back to back most probably or else in same or adjacent pages….)

Credit to: Veena

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