SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 21


Hi guys,here we go with SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 21,if you have not read the immediately previous one here is the link:

(Yesterday we saw some Swasan scenes in the midst of Diwali celebration,Halloween theme party at their office to celebrate Sanskar’s contract win,Sanskar avoiding Preeti who asked his hand for a dance)

Scene 1:Swara and Sanskar in the room after the party

Swasan have returned home after the party,Swara sees Sanskar who had dressed as a knight struggling to remove the armour,she comes and stands opposite to him and helps him in removing it,she asks him, “Sanskar,actually why you did not dance with Preeti,she so eagerly asked you?”,Sanskar looks at her and replies, “Swara,my policy is whatever it is,how ever big or small it is, we should do it with our heart,only then it will be perfect,ie,either do a thing perfectly or don’t do it,I am not comfortable dancing with Preeti,when I myself know that I wont be able to be a good dance partner for her,why should I go and embarrass her as well,by the way,tell me honestly, “did u want me to go and dance with her?’’,Swara shakes her head in a no,Sanskar looks at her,she signs that she removed his armour,he checks it,she asks him to go and take bath and goes to change,Sanskar remembers her shaking her head in a ‘no’ and keeps looking at her…(Har kisi ko nahi milta…)

Scene 2:Swasan at night

Sanskar is back after a shower,he wishes Swara a good night and goes to sleep,Swara is seated in her bed,she recalls her moments with Sanskar,she lies down and is sleep deprived,she hears Sanskar snoring and smiles,she thinks he must be too tired and that’s why this unusual habit,just then she hears a sound from his couch,she switches on the light and sees Sanskar lying down and rubbing his back,she runs and helps him in getting up,she rubs his back and asks with concern what happened and how he fell down, he replies with an innocent look that he played a smash in his dream ,she asks “Which game did you play in sleep,my darling?’’,he shows a funny face and replies, “volley ball,I think”,Swara replies, “oh,somebody had warned me not to jump on him out of excitement and he himself has fallen down ,and will get to know after two days if some sprain is there,now come ,get up,come and sleep on the bed”,Sanskar replies, “it is ok,no need,I will sleep here”,Swara picks up his pillow and bed sheet and goes towards the bed,he looks at her sitting on the couch,she comes back and tells him, “when you know that I am sleeping beside you,since you care for me so much,you wont dare to play karate and kung fu on the bed,because if you do,I will be down,so instead of falling down from couch and breaking your back and disturbing my sleep,it would be better to sleep on the bed with a mutual understanding”she holds his hand and pulls him,he says, “Ok,leave me,I am coming”…he comes and sleeps on the bed near to Swara and turns to the other side,Swara looks at his side and keeps looking at him and smiles…

Scene 3:Next day afternoon at office

Sanskar’s staff has left for a lunch,all except Preeti has gone,Preeti comes inside to talk to Sanskar,she asks him, “actually Sir,I wanted to ask you something,the question may be irrelevant but I cant help it”,Sanskar just looks at her with a confused look and Preeti continues,”I am asking this to an old class mate and friend,not to my employer,I heard and came to know everything about your marriage,don’t you think it is better to leave your wife who doesn’t love you,is it not better to let her live her life peacefully and live yours with somebody who loves u?”,(Swara has reached the office and is listening to Preeti’s questions,she is sad,she just listens silently where as Sanskar and Preeti is unaware of her presence),Sanskar gets up from his seat,walks towards Preeti and replies, “You are right Preeti,this question is highly irrelevant as u said,I don’t find any need to reply to it,but I am replying to you because you talked about my wife,you know what,Preeti,I have not given anybody the permission to assume and discuss about my personal life,because I truly value my relation with Swara,whether I love her or she loves me is strictly a matter between us ,no need for you or anybody else to be bothered about that,fact is Swara is more than anything else to me in this world,I wont tolerate a word or unwanted discussion about her,I love my wife and I am very happy with my life with her,don’t think being an school mate,you have the freedom to discuss about my personal life,I hope you understand and will never bring up a conversation like this again,I didn’t go with the staff for lunch because I wanted to take my wife out for a lunch today,she must have reached the reception,so if there nothing else to be asked,u may please leave,this afternoon is meant for her and I don’t want to waste my time”,(Swara has heard all this,she is in tears but happy as well,,Preeti who has walked out from Sanskar’s cabin sees her and is embarrassed,Swara gives her a strong look and goes to Sanskar’s cabin),Sanskar comes to her and she hugs him and he tells her, “One minute Swara,work is done,m coming,he turns and closes his files,comes back ,holds her hand and takes her out,where as Preeti watches this from her seat…

Credit to: Veena

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  1. No words dr ,as usual fab

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  5. It’s fantastic.

  6. Hi Veena! I am a silent reader of your ff. It is amazing and superb. Each and every episode has a unique and distinct thought and I really like your style of writing ff.

  7. Thank u Appu,Many,S,Anu, Nitya,Aman,Vinitha,
    Sri…Vinitha,glad to know that you were reading ,thanks for commenting,actually from comments we realise if you are liking it or not,absence of comments gives a feel that you guys are not enjoying, I think all fan fiction writers will agree with me on this,you guys n ur comments are the heros behind the success of fan fiction,thank you each and every one of you who has commented till date..thank u n I mean it dears…

  8. Also guys,tomorrow I’ll post two episodes of mine bt I won’t be posting on Sunday,next will be on Monday,also since fan fictions are there,please don’t get angry wen u have to surf n scroll multiple pages to read the ones you regularly read..all ff writers appreciates you all.

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