SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 20


Hi guys,yesterday’s ff episode (19) was not posted in site yesterday but it is posted now ,so ,if u have not read that please do read it,here is the link:

(Yesterday we saw Diwali preparations in Maheswari Mansion,Swara sleeping in Sanskar’s couch in his absence,Sanskar returning one day early,their chats,Sanskar informing about a party next day to celebrate the win,Sanskar giving gifts to Swara and making her wear it..)

Scene 1:Diwali celebrations in Maheswari Mansion

Swasan has come down to join others in celebrations,whole house is in a festive mood,they make each other eat sweets,Parineeta comes and tells Sanskar that his wife was missing him a lot ,she tells him to make his wife eat a sweet with his hands,he listens and makes Swara eat,he wipes a small piece from her face,elders notices this and smiles,Parineeta tells that they look so good with each other today,their dresses also compliment well ,she asks whose selection it was,Swara says, “Bhabhi ,is there a need to ask,he doesnt” have dressing sense, na?I chose it for both of us”,Sanskar hits her mildly,Parineeta tells them” I didn’t know that you both fight and pull each other’s legs,I thought you both are very serious” ,Sanskar holds Swara by her shoulder and makes her stand close to himself and tells, “Bhabhi,other than in serious matters,we are like this,hey na Swara?’’,she nods ,all members watches their growing closeness,Laksh is frustrated seeing this and rushes inside,all others proceeds to burst crackers and other things,Swara runs around lighting one after the other,Sanskar warns her multiple times to be careful,she goes to the other side,her dress is about catch fire,Sanskar runs and pulls her,he drags her to a corner and holds her by her shoulder and standing opposite to her says , “what are you doing Swara?,I told you many times to be careful,it is not a pleasant feeling to get burnt,what if something had happened to you?Swara looks into his eyes,holds her ears and apologises and tells, “when you are around,I know nothing will happen to me,Sanskar replies, “well,don’t live carelessly under that impression,I am not a superman”,he hugs her and says, “I cant see anything happening to u,please take care of yourself ,ok”,Swara feels comfortable being in his arms,she hugs him back and he then tells her “now come,we’ll go and light ,but no crackers for some time,he holds her hand and takes her.”

Scene 2:Next day evening,ready for the party
Swasan are getting ready for the party in office,Sanskar gets ready,as they had decided theme as Halloween day,he is dressed as a knight,he looks like a prince charming in black and white,Swara is dressed as Cindrella,Laksh as superman,Ragini as snow white,elders are also going ,they have dressed as Indian mythological characters for a change,all have come down,they call for Sanskar and Swara,they come down like an English couple,hand in hand,Sujatha claps seeing them and says ,perfect,really, ‘Rab ne bana di Jodi’..Listening to it,Sanskar nods like a prince and all smiles.

Scene 3: ‘Halloween day’ theme party in office
The manager Prashanth comes and introduces himself as the M.C of the day,all cheers,Swara notices Preeti walking in,she is dressed as Cleopatra,she smiles at Swara and Swara gives a smile back ,DP takes the mic and announces that in recognition to the efforts of Sanskar in letting them win this contract,he would like to felicitate him and his team,he calls Sanskar on stage,hugs him and gifts a gold chain,he gives gifts to Prashanth and Preeti as well.Prashanth now announces that today,there will be a ramp walk and dance competition and it will held team wise where two people will be there in a team,and they will start with DP and Annpurna,they start walking and all cheer for him,Swara tells in Sanskar’s ears that first time she is seeing DP laugh,then others from family and office also walks ,last Laksh and Ragini are about to start,Swara turns and sees Sanskar missing,she is about to search and sees him running and coming,he says ,actually wen he gets tensed he will feel like going to toilet,she tells him, “very good habit that is,keep it up,”,he is embarrassed,their names are called,and they walk in style,all cheers for them,first round is over and now dance competition is about to start and couple can choose any dance forms,all teams dances to various forms,Swasan decide mutually to do ball room dance,they move to a corner and practises their dance whereas Preeti who is rehearsing with her partner keeps looking at them,Swasan dance is to take place,lights are being dimmed and a soothing music suitable for a romantic dance is played and they dances in style,Sanskar does a couple of beautiful lifts,he spins her around and at last they end it in a pause and share an eyelock,they forgot music is over and comes back to senses when others cheers in a standing ovation,they hold hands and bows,results are announced,Laksh- Ragini wins third,Preeti and partner second and Swara and Sanskar first,Sanskar lifts Swara in air,she keeps looking at him,they receive their prize and MC announces that dance floor is now open and anybody can form pairs and come and dance,others can proceed for dinner,Preeti comes near Swasan who are delighted after their victory and is having fun, she asks Sanskar to join her for a dance,Sanskar looks at Swara,Swara though not happy asks him to go,he gets up and tells, “Preeti actually m sorry,me and Swara were planning to one more dance on an Indian song and we were abut to go,so please excuse me,Swara come let’s start,he shows his hand to Swara,she takes it and they goes to the dance floor and keeps dancing lost in each other,where as Preeti looks on…………..

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Actually guys,if u were a regular reader of my ff n if u haven’t read previous two ,please do read (not for comments but for u to understand ) link of immediately previous will be at the beginning of each.

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  17. @NIMA,Preeti is a character that I simply introduced to take the story forward.

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