SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 2


Guys,read widot expecting anything,it is only a so called hyper excitement of a Swasan fan,Swalak fans,I do not know if you will read this,sorry,it is Swasan because I am a diehard Swasan fan,but all characters will be included.

Promo was:Swara with Sindoor box in front of the mirror

Scene 1:Sanskar’s room
Sanskar is in his room.He opens his cupboard.He sees Swara’s dress.He remembers her.Just then Sujata comes to his room.He says “mom” and tturns around.She comes and makes him sit on the bed and she sits beside him.She tells him”I didn’t want you to marry Swara as she was a Bengali but now I don’t have any problem with it but beta do u have any idea about the future of this relation.”Sanskar looks sadly at his mother.She continues “I know you love her deeply.I advice you not to expect any affection back soon but I will tell you something,in the midst of many obstacles ,if destiny bound you,then God surely would have planned something good for you, son”.Sanskar listens and silently places his head on her shoulder.She gently touches his head.

Scene 2:Laksh’s room
Laksh is in his room,he is sitting on the bed.Ragini comes inside.He stands up and looks at her angrily.She calls,”Laksh,I …Laksh gives her a strong look and walks out.Ragini sits on the bed and cries

Scene 3:Shekhar’s house
Sumi goes to kitchen to prepare dinner.Dadi comes from behind.Sumi turns and looks at her.Dadi is in an awkward situation, she apologises to Sumi for her wrong deeds and tells”you are my Swara’s mom,bt above that you are my Shekhar’s wife and I accept u as my bahu wholeheartedly. Sumi cries. Dadi hugs her and cries.Then Dadi wipes her own tears and jokes,”Manila samithi people should come and see this saas bahu pyaar now..”Sumi smiles, Dadi tells,”four of us should go to temple tomorrow, tell Shekhar and Swara to get ready early.

Scene 4 :Shekhar’s room
Shekhar is lost in Ragini’s thoughts.Sumi comes and places her hand on his shoulder.She says”I know you are sad and disturbed thinking about Ragini,she did everything to snatch Laksh but now all that has hit her back.He says,”I don’t want to think about Ragini now” Sumi looks at him.Then says about maa telling about going to temple.
He nods.

Scene 5:Swara’s room
Swara is standing in the balcony. There is a mild breeze.Her hair is moving along with it..She is folding her hands and warming herself as it is cold and stares at the stars.Sumi comes with a blanket and covers her.Sumi tells her,”in life sometimes,things that are stranger than fiction happens,life puts us in situations which we have not imagined in wildest dreams,I know you were dragged into an unwanted marriage, I regret it was for me,but as I am your mother, I will tell u only this,listen to your heart before you decide anything further.Swara looks on.Sumi continues”I know you are mature enough to make wise decision. She tells about going to temple next day and leaves.

Next day morning Swara wakes up early and is back in room after a shower.She dries her hair.She looks even more beautiful in wet hair losing loose.She sits in front of mirror and wears matching accessories.She lastly takes sindoor box in her hands and holding it stares in the mirror.she closes her eyes and remembers Sanskar filling her maang first,then she recalls wedding rituals,how Sanskar closed his eyes after filling her maang second time.She opens her eyes as if to avoid Sanskar from coming in her thoughts.She keeps sindoor box down and gets up.She is confused.Again she takes sindoor wid due respect and puts it on her maang….

Promo:Swara calls Sanskar and asks him to come home for a dinner.

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Hey!
    I luv ur ff
    Its amzng
    If u want u can write ur stories on wattpad
    Its an app where u write ur stories and anyone can reead it
    Plz do write there also..

  2. Omg yaar muje bohat pasand aya yeh story !!!! Pls cntinu dear !!!! …..make it more romantic btw Swasan !!!!??????????????????❤️❤️????

  3. Make it more romantic.

  4. Hai veena pls make something separate wall paper or some thing so that we can recognize you.
    Many people are writing FFs so we have a confusion of which story we are reading
    Already I told u i am a die hard fan of ur ff. So pls make a separate wall paper or something like dat

  5. love it… swasan is da best jodi.

  6. Hei R,I will upload my third one today,it will be titled SWASAN fan fiction episode 3,if there,good to hear that you like mine..I’m too bad at writing romance tho I enjoy watching pairs like arshi,rk madhu,rudra paro n nw Swasan…I have absolutely no idea hw to put a sep wall paper…bt title will be as Above ,I guess…ah…don’t knw if u will like it.. As I tol…romance Will be less…

  7. Thank u Annbeth,Mandy,megha,piya for reading n taking time to comment…

  8. I had sent the next episode in the morning,bt it is nt uploaded in the site,I think.

  9. R,uploaded as SWASAN fan fiction episode 3

  10. Please do not think m compelling to read mine…since I do not knw how to put a separate wallpapers I thot to tell…

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