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Hi guys,wish u all a very happy Diwali,for those who haven’t read the previous episode,it would be better if you read that before reading this…here is the link:

(Yesterday we saw Swara missing Sanskar,Laksh coming to the garden and asking Swara if she has started loving Sanskar,Swara confessing to herself in her room that she is in love with Sanskar,Sanskar calling Swara from Bangalore and both in the midst of nok jhok admitting that they miss each other.)

Scene 1:Maheswari house dining table

Swara and all are seated for dinner,Laksh keeps looking at Swara,Annapurna tells Swara that no need to think too much as Sanskar will be back day after tomorrow,Swara for name sake eats something and wishes good night and goes,all notices that she is gloomy,Laksh is too disturbed seeing her change.Annapurna tells Sujatha that Swara is sad because Sanskar is not with her tomorrow,both would have had a good time together on their first Diwali.

Scene 2:Swara in her room

Swara is about to sleep on the bed,she looks at the couch ,gets up and goes ,she sits on it,she holds Sanskar’s pillow in her hands,she gently lie down on the couch,she thinks about Sanskar holding her when she was about to fall from the bed and she scolding him,she hugs the pillow and turns to one side and sleeps on the couch.

Scene 3:On the day of Diwali ,morning

Preparations for celebrating Diwali in the evening is going on,Swara is participating in all the household chores as per Annapurna’s instructions,Parineeta comes and tells her not to worry though Sanskar is not there with her on their first Diwali they will surely have many celebrations together in their life ahead,she asks her to cheer up,Swara smiles.

Same day evening

Swara is in her room,she keeps looking at her dress which is to be worn during the evening,she goes to the cupboard and slowly touches the clothes which Sanskar was supposed to wear,she closes cupboard,just then she hears Annapurna calling her and telling that Sanskar is back,she is delighted,she runs out of her room,Sanskar looks up and sees her running down the stairs,he walks towards her but Sujatha asks him to have the tea,Swara comes down,Sujatha asks her to join Sanskar for a tea,they sit on adjacent chairs,Swara keeps looking at Sanskar,he signals her to have tea,she asks him, “you were supposed to come tomorrow,why did you come today?”,he asks her , “why,you didn’t like me coming early,how cruel a wife you are,how can you ask like this to a husband who came running to see his wife and celebrate Diwali with her”,Swara listens and keeps staring at him,he just smiles and says, “I was joking ya,why are looking at me?,don’t stare at me like this,I will assume that you are in love with me,haha…”,Swara doesn’t reply,but tells in her mind, “So you felt something in my eyes,yes I am in love with you….wish I had the guts to tell it on your face now”…………

Scene 4:Swara and Sanskar in their room

Swara gives the bath towel to Sanskar and asks him to get ready for the celebration,he smiles and goes where as Swara goes to the balcony and keeps staring at the garden holding her mangal sutra,she stands like that and doesn’t realise Sanskar coming from behind,he closes her eyes with his hand ,makes her turn with other hand and leads her to the bed ,he opens her eyes and shows her a wrapped gift and asks her to open it,he tells actually shopping was in a hurry,she opens it and finds three things,a sweet box,a beautiful bangle and a small chain with a diamond pendant in the shape of “S”,he says “S” for Swara,she tells in her mind, “S” for Sanskar as well,he continues , “should be because of your prayers,but we won the foreign contract for three years”,she gets excited,hugs him and congratulates him,she opens the sweet box and gives a small piece of sweet to him,he takes a small piece and makes her eat and tells that “you are a real support,actually yeaterday after first round ,though I told it was good,it wasn’t but after talking to you over the phone I felt a lot better and next two rounds were really good and the end result is this contract,actually first time we are getting associated with this firm and Bade Papa has decided to throw a party tomorrow evening for our staff to celebrate this happiness,so you should join me ,ok”,she nods,he asks her , “why you are not trying this bangle and chain?”she asks him , “you brought it na,why you have any problem in making me wear with your hands, “He replies, “What problem?,give it to me,I will make you wear it”,he holds her hand and makes her wear it,he asks if she liked it,she says, “it is really beautiful,Sanskar”,he says, “come we’ll try this chain and see,he holds her hand and takes her to the dressing table,he asks her to lift her hair,she turns and stands facing the mirror,he slowly puts the chain,she feels his presence near her and thinks that “if I could tell you how much my heart rate is increasing when you are coming near,Sanskar is about to tie the chain and he hears Parineeta calling fom the door that DP wants to talk to him,he quickly ties the chain and goes,Swara stares at the mirror and holds the bangle and chain and smiles…………..

(Can we say that first love only is true love?,SWASAN is here to prove it wrong,I guess………..once again,HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL OF YOU,stay happy and blessed…..)

Credit to: Veena

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  1. good….
    sorry pyar pyar hota hain….pehla ya dusra nahi hota….

  2. That’s true un,should let go of past n move forward,dats wat trying to portray through swasan,ppl should not lose hope wen they lose love.

  3. Actually this was yesterday’s, today’s m going to type,don’t know when it will get uploaded, please do check after some time.

  4. […] Hi guys,yesterday’s ff episode (19) was not posted in site yesterday but it is posted now ,so ,if u have not read that please do read it,here is the link: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-fan-fiction-episode-19/ […]

  5. very good…..
    each and every scene of ur story is perfectly written by u….
    kash swara k intjar ke lamhe thode aur lambe aur kashish bhare hote…..
    tum bahot achchha likhti ho isliye expection thodi jyada h tumse

  6. Jo,actually even I thought to make Swara wait but then I thought I will finish off asap.Hope u read episode 20,21st will be tomorrow.

  7. very nice. words r magical. superb

  8. loved it Veena…

  9. Good one veena

  10. I was smiling throught out reading ur ff good job

  11. It’s true pyar pyar hota hai. Agar aapko koi chor kar chla jae to u can’t wait whole life ki phela pyar tha….. Wo Aab kissi aur ke sath hai to u should also move on.

  12. Thank u Un,Jo,Sri,Anu,Sethooty,Saljaz,Nithya…u r right Nithya…life is worth living,life remains to be lived…

  13. Hi ur story track is awesome love the way u express it keep going girl im from brazil keep it up ? And if u dont mind can u tell me how do we write the fanfiction

  14. Priya,u may go to the home page n use either ‘contact us’ or ‘submit new article ‘options..

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