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Hi guys,yesterday’s episode that I wrote would have been like a mild drizzle in the midst of a summer,I am not a sadist who doesn’t want swasan to unite,thing is this story is carried in a slow track where love is not forced,hearts are being connected but wordlessly,tenderly….and I haven’t planned too much so I don’t know if u’al will like the story from here ,if it disappoints u,please forgive me,also, I haven’t responded to yesterday’s comments as I was busy but I sure will ,ok,here we go with ‘SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 16’………………………..

(Yesterday we saw how Swara was searching for Sanskaar after receiving the phone call and the birthday surprise at the end of the day)

Scene 1:Early morning,Swasan’s room

Sanskaar comes near Swara who is still sleeping,he slowly tries to wake her up,she gets up and he offers her a cup of coffee and says, “Good morning,madam,bed coffee for u”,she looks at him from head to toe,he is all ready to go out but is wearing an off white linen kurtha and blue jeans,she is surprised , “what is ur plan,Sanskaar,u are going like this to office,that too so early?”,Sanskaar asks her if she will join him in going somewhere, she says, “ok,but where,at what time should we leave?”,he tells her that he got ready as he has some work before they leave,he also tells , “Swara,my plan is,we will have our breakfast asap and leave for office as I have to entrust some work to staff,I am sorry but you will have to wait in office,but it will be an hour’s work,maximum,then from there we will go to the place where I want you to accompany me”.

Scene 2:SWASAN in car,to office

Sanskar is driving the car,Swara is looking outside ,in between she is looking at him as well,she has started feeling something which her heart knows but mind is not letting her realise,Sanskar breaks the silence, “Swara,actually I wanted to tell u something,do u knw that I have studied in Indian school,Muscat for three years,when dad had started a business there,that time there was a small incident,a classmate of mine had a crush on me,she used to follow me everywhere and one day she wrote me a letter,it was actually smelling bad and realised it was written with blood,and wen I looked there was a bandage in her hand,actually being a high school kid I was really disturbed with it, Swara looks with surprise and asks, “then what happened and why are u talking about her now?He continues,actually Swara,my P..A. had applied for a long leave since yesterday so we had to appoint a new person to the post,and interview was on the day wen I left early from office due to fever,actually Bade papa conducted the interview and appointed the new person,yesterday only I saw the C.V and biodata and it is the same girl,Swara is a little disturbed hearing this, “what is her name”?,Sanskar says,”Preeti Khanna”,Swara replies, “ok,but u need not worry,na?she would have forgotten all that by now,by the way is she married?”,Sanskar says,”in biodata marital status is single”,Swara feels a little insecure hearing this ,she looks outside..

Scene 3:Sanskar’s office

Sanskar takes Swara along with him to his cabin,he asks her to sit there as there is no much official assignments for him that day,Sanskar checks files and Swara goes through a magazine,just then somebody knocks,both Swara and Sanskaar looks at the door and Sanskar asks the person to come,a lady in an official suit walks in,she is looking elegant in that attire,she looks at Sanskar and is shocked,he says, “take your seat Preeti ,so you are joining today as my P.A,I have seen your C.V and details ,well,all the best”,Swara is watching Preeti keenly,Preeti says “thank you Sir”,Sanskar calls somebody from his landline,another staff comes and Sanskar entrusts him to guide and explain things to Preeti,and says, “Preeti,meet my wife,Swara,Swara is surprised with that introduction,she feels honoured and keeps looking a him,both the ladies greet each other with a hello,Preeti leaves and Sanskar is back to files,after reaching the door Preeti turns and looks at Sanskaar,Sanskar doesn’t see it but Swara notices this and is disturbed……….

Scene 4:Sanskar takes Swara somewhere

They reach a place,location is at more than two hour’s drive from their place,Sanskar asks her to come out,he goes and opens the dicky and takes out a lot of packets,Swara comes and helps him,she asks him what is inside it,he says toys,Swara understands that he has brought her to an orphanage,they walk towards the portico and an old lady comes and greets them,she is introduced by Sanskar as the manager of the orphanage and introduces Swara as his wife to her,Sanskar hands over the packets to her,just then a group of kids of varying age comes and greets him “Saanu bhaiyya,why you took so long to come,they shows a lot of affection to him,he reciprocates,a small girl kisses him on his cheek,he kisses her and lifts her up to the air,she giggles,Swara stands there and watches the scene,the kids pulls Sanskaar and takes him to a small park in that compound,Sanskar asks Swara to stay there or come,manager tells him that they will talk for a while,Swara is brought to manager’s room,the park is visible from Swara’s seat,manager tells that Sanskar Sir is one of our sponsors,he came here first almost five years back on an October 24,he was looking very sad that day,almost depressed,he handed me a cheque for the month of november’s expense,he started spending time with kids and still the happiness that I see in his face today,I haven’t seen before,initially he came consecutively for five months,then on the first of every month his cheque used to come bt he never used to ,but last four years,one thing I have noticed ,he comes here on a date, October 24th and spents the whole day here,but this is the first time he called and told that he has sent an additional amount for chocolates,cakes and supper for yesterday’s date ,but didn’t tell that he will be coming today, “I understand that your presence has brought this smile on his face,you are blessed to have him as your husband,though I don’t know him much,still I am saying this,because,his heart is good”,they talk for some more time,then a bell is rung,all are called for lunch,the kid who had kissed Sanskar is not leaving his hand,she sits on his lap,all enjoy the luch,Sanskaar makes that kid eat from his hands,Swara also makes her eat,then they spent some time there and then plays outdoor games,Swara notices an energetic and lively side of Sanskaar,she keeps looking at him with respect and love….Then kids are called inside for their short nap,Swara and Sanskaar goes to the backyard and there is a small lake there,they sit there and enjoy the breeze,Swara calls, “Sanskaar,shall I ask u something?”,he says, “You can ask me anything Swara”,She says in a soft tone, “October 24th is Kavitha’s birthday,right?”,Sanskaar is shocked ,he gets up and asks “How do u know that?”,she comes near him and says, “u come here every year on that day and spents time with the kids,from what that aunty told,I felt this should be the reason”,he walks away from her and looks to the lake and says, “yes Swara,it is her birthday,five years back,I lost her at the mandap,she was my love,when I realised that she is no more there with me,I literally became mad,I went away from my family,I was too depressed,during those days,I really used to feel that there is an organ called heart inside us,U know how,because I used to feel mine bleeding,I didn’t want to live in a world where Kavitha was not there but somewhere my belief in God told me that I have no right to take my life ,on the verge of madness,one day I drove my car with no aim,no route,whole night I drove and in the morning I was at the gate of this building,I came inside and asked for some water and they gave me breakfast also in return,then I slowly got associated with this institution,I started realising that there are things for me to do and miles to go before I sleep,Swara looks at him from behind and listens to him,she asks, “do u still miss Kavitha?”,Sanskar doesn’t turn but replies, “Swara ,losing our love is painful but living after realising that they do not exist is in this world is even more painful,her thoughts comes in mind but those thoughts instead of haunting me showed me light to move forward,but Kavitha will not forgive me for one thing,I knew the pain of losing my love,still I inflicted that wound in your and Laksh’s heart,I regret doing that,but now I cant do anything to rectify my mistake Swara,no penance can be done,I am a sinner,but since you came in my life,honestly I am feeling wanted,I am feeling like I have somebody to live for,I have a best friend who always makes me feel that she needs me through thick and thin,Swara is in tears and wipes it,she comes forward and stands opposite to him and hands him her handkerchief and tells, “Today,you need this more”,he takes it and wipes his tears,Swara asks him, “I have become an important part of your life,so you wanted to celebrate my birthday just like you celebrate her’s,but yesterday you wanted to surprise me and so send these kids money for celebration and gave me a surprise at hotel,bt brought me here today,I understood everything,thank u for being like this and I don’t know about Laksh but in my case I don’t have any anger towards u now,Kavitha will ever remain in your thoughts but Laksh has vanished from my memory,it makes me doubt that what I used to feel for him was actually love or not?,eversince we got bonded I am realising the multiple dimensions of love, now Sanskaar, I can tell u this,my world revolves around u,I am happy about it,I promise to be there with u as a comrade till u need me,destiny brought us together and it is playing with us,but I am enjoying it with u Sanskaar,every second,I am enjoying,he again wipes his tears,she goes near him and hugs him and says, “here after I am there with u,U r not alone,I will catch every tear before it leaves your eyes,not just men,women are also strong enough to make promises”,Sanskar hugs her back slowly,the sun is setting in the background……..

Credit to: Veena

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