SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 15


Hi guys,this is the continuation of SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 14,and while typing this,I am surprised that a person who had planned just 5 episodes is typing the 15th,thank u for the support,I have a request please do read line by line today though it is a bit long and not just Swasan scenes.Also since many ff are there,you will have to surf more than the first or second pages to find a few which may include mine as well,here we go with SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 15…
(Yesterday we saw Sanskar coming late for opening fast,vomiting due to his fast,Swara thanking him saying that his sweet gesture of keeping a fast means a lot to her)

Scene 1:Next day morning

Swara comes to wake Sanskar up,she calls him,he asks why she is waking him so early,she requests him to join her in going to temple if he doesn’t mind,he gets up and sits in the bed with eyes closed,Swara takes some water from the jug and wipes his face with her hands,he smiles and accepts his tea,then says “I will have it after coming back from temple”,Swara smiles and gives him his bath towel,she watches him going to get ready.

Scene 2:Temple

Swara and Sanskar attends the arathi,she accepts the Prasad from pandit,she stands in front of Sanskaar and smiles and applies tilak on his forehead,he looks at her,she gives him the Prasad ,he takes it and gives it to Swara,she opens her mouth and accepts it looking at him,she makes him have it from her hands,Sanskar asks her why she came to temple,whether she is disturbed,whether her mind is happy or not,Swara laughs and replies, “why,people can come to temple only if they are disturbed,I came to thank him for the blessings showered in my life”,she tells him he will be late for office if they stand and talk like this,Sanskar holds her hand and tells, “Just now,I saw u laughing from your heart,and at this moment I am very happy,if I die now I will die happily and this smiling face of yours only will remain in front of my eyes,I got to see that old,smiling and ever cheerful Swara”,she scolds him asking why he is talking about death,she reminds him that he had promised to be her friend for a life time,he lifts her right hand which he was holding and keeps it on his chest and says, “you fasted yesterday for your friend and nothing will happen to me,I will be there with you till I breathe my last”,Swara looks concerned listening to his words about death,he leaves her hand and tells her that he will go and give alms to the poor seated on the steps,she watches him leaving and turns to the idol and prays for his safety,she is looking at him,(her eyes conveys her care and concern for him,she has started realising his importance in her life)

Scene 3:Swara standing near her room window around 3 pm

She thinks she had called Sanskar an hour back,if she calls him she would be disturbing him,she calls his P.A,but another staff attends and says,P.A is on leave and that Sanskar sir left half an hour back,Swara gets concerned and asks herself why she is getting a negative feeling eversince she heard him speaking about death and all that,just then she gets a call from an unknown number and tells her that whatever she hears should not be informed to any other family member,and if she thinks about informing police then she will have to bear the price,the caller tells that Sanskar is in hospital and cuts the call,Swara is shocked,just then Dr.Sithara calls and Swara out of her tension informs about the call to her,she says she is about to leave hospital and she will check if any case is reported in her hospital,Swara cuts the call and goes and take the small idol and closes eyes and prays for Sanskar,just then Dr.Sithara calls and rules out that none is admitted in hers,she tells Swara to come to her hospital and that she will join her in searching the 6 hospitals in town.

Scene 4:Swara and Sithara searching in hospitals if Sanskar is admitted

They have covered 5 hospitals and is now in the reception of the sixth,Sithara says that he is not here also,Swara is on the verge of tears,it is around 7pm,Swara asks “what should I do now Sithu ?”,just then the caller says that she has searched for around 4 hrs and will be shattered by now,but for what your husband did, this punishment is very less,the caller tells that Sanskar is not in hospital,he is here tied up as he messed up with a wrong gang in the afternoon,Swara shouts, “Sanskaar”,she begs the man not to harm him,the man asks her to reach a particular restaurant and mentions that if she tries to act smart,she will lose her husband,she cries and tells it to Sithara and they both rushes to that restaurant,she again gets the call and the caller tells that they had to shift him to another place as they didn’t find the one where she is standing now unsafe for their gang,Swara cries over the phone begging him to leave Sanskaar,he tells to reach another place,Sithara consoles her and tells that they should move without wasting time,while Sithara is driving Swara is struggling to control her tears…

Scene 5:Swara and Sithara reaches the next place.

Swara runs out of the car and realises that she is being brought to a hotel,Sithara consoles her saying in such a place the gang wont take the risk of harming Sanskaar so there is nothing to worry,the caller again calls and gives instructions in reaching Sanskar,he instructs Sithara to stay behind and asks Swara to go alone,Swara reaches and finds total darkness in the area mentioned,she gets worried and is about to shout Sanskaar and composes thinking if it will cause harm to him,she stands there in fear,she gets the call and is instructed to walk ten steps forward in a straight line and touch the object she finds there which she does and it is a tree,she is asked to check behind the same and that she can find her husband tied up there,she checks all around the tree in darkness and doesn’t find him,just then a spot light flashes to a particular area,she turns and sees it on Sanskar,she shouts his name and runs towards him and hugs him and then touches his face asks him if he is fine,just then rose petals from sky falls on her and “Happy birthday to u Swara “song plays,she stands in shock looking at him,in a moment the whole place including the trees and bushes gets lit up,Swara turns and understands that they are in a pool side restaurant,just then from the other side whole Maheswari family except Laksh and Dr.Sithara joins them clapping and singing happy birthday,she looks at them and turns at Sanskar and goes to hit him ,she chases him and he stands behind DP,Swara says, “so this was all planned,I will not forget this Sanskar,ball will come to my court as well”,she turns to Sithara and goes and hits her, “you too ,Sithu”,Sithara hugs and wishes her happy birthday and says “sorry,Sanskar had warned not to tell”,Sanskar comes from behind,holds Swara’s shoulder from behind and leads her ,a small cake with candles denoting 60 is brought,Swara looks at 60 and shows angry face to Sanskar,he closes her eyes and leads her forward,the hotel staff brings a big cake on a trolley,Swara opens her eyes and sees a big cake with the area around it decorated with candles ,she sees multiple snaps of hers on the cake(it is edible photo print,)she looks at Sanskaar and says that since he cant cut her live he is taking his revenge making her cut herself,all looks on and smiles,Laksh arrives and watches this,Sanskar’s dad Ram Prasad hands over the knife to Swara and asks Sanskar to hold her hands and make her cut,they cut it together,Swara takes the first piece and gives the first bite to Sanskar,he makes her eat the rest,Laksh stands and stares at this,they give cake pieces to everyone and share some good moments,Swara is holding Sanskar’s hands and standing,he removes his hand and claps to seek attention,he thanks them for supporting him in giving this surprise and asks them to proceed for dinner,just then the manager of the restaurant comes and announces that from their side they have arranged a small DJ for them,they asks them to join for a dance,Dp comes forward and announces Sanskar and Laksh to join with their spouses and inaugurate the dance session,Sanskar asks for Swara’s hands,she readily agrees,to their surprise first song is a remix of Baahon ki dharmiyaan,they looks into each other’s eyes and is lost in each other,they dance for a while where as the whole Maheswari family except Laksh stands and enjoys, somewhere realising that destiny has played its game,Swara stamps on Sanskar’s feet,he says “ouch,Y are u wearing pointed heels,dat too wen u were in search of your husband,fashion diva”?,she says “Oh,so u got hurt,good,this happened unknowingly,wanted give u good for the tension u gave me this day”,she is still inside his arms,then the song stops,they are about to begin the next song and DP invites Adarsh and Laksh to join with their spouses,DP eyes Laksh with a commanding look,Laksh asks for Ragini’s hands ,she is super happy,Parineeta joins Adarsh with hesitation,both the couple dances,meanwhile Swara goes and sits under the tree,Sanskar comes with a cool drink in left hand and sits near her,he touches her nose with his right forefinger,she realises that he has applied a little cream from the cake on her nose,she rubs it off,he offers the drink and she denies ,he takes a sip and keeps the glass down,both are sitting next to each other,she is looking at him,he turns and asks,if she really got scared after getting the calls,she takes his right hand inside her hands and looks at him and leans onto his shoulder and says, “I got very scared,I was disturbed since morning hearing your talks,I felt like something was going out of my hands,I got worried”,he sees tears running down her eyes,he wipes it with his hands, she says, “all this is new to me Sanskaar,have not felt like this for u before,I think I am ….”,Sanskaar’s phone rings and he says “excuse me “and goes to attend,Swara looks at him,her eyes speaks what her heart has started feeling and still not realising,he comes back after the call,she gets up,he comes and hugs and wishes her “once again,Happy birthday Swara”,he hands over a gift,she opens it and finds a photo collage of all their cute moments,she points her finger at their hospital selfie,she goes through it and looks at him with moist eyes and hugs him,moves back and holds his hand and says, “Thank you Sanskaar for giving me the best birthday in my life ,thank u for making me feel so special today,I can’t convey my happiness in words, but I will not forget this day in my life,u r the bestest thing that could have ever happened to me,Sanskar smiles, she hugs him once again………….

(Love looks with the heart and hears with understanding,and sometimes it happens with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time and I believe, marriages are made in heaven.)

Credit to: Veena

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  18. @saljaz,it is an honour somebody from outside our country is liking mine too ,I m really by all of your comments, once again thank u all for the kind words, m nt worthy to claim that there are fans among u,actually u all r friends….

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