SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 13

Hi guys,should start with a word of respect to u all for reading and encouraging us through your comments,you people are the true heros behind the success of all fan fictions,ur comments gives us the urge to write the next,in my case urge is there but brain is empty haha,I think that day is not far when u all will start scolding me just like we do the swaragini serial writers for the stupidity in the tracks,haha ,I am waiting for that too………so continuation of episode 12,here we go with SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 13,who told 13 is unlucky?,fault is not with the numbers,problems starts in our minds,I believe so………

Scene 1:Swara hugging Sanskar and crying …

Swara sees the shadow near the window going away,she slowly moves away from the hug,Sanskar holds her and makes her sit on the bed,he brings her a glass of water and kneels down before her and makes her drink it,he asks her if she is alright,she nods,he gets up to keep the glass but Swara holds his hand and stops him,she tells him about Laksh and Ragini’s conversation,Sanskar looks at her ,she continues, “I am sorry Sanskar,I have always taken you for granted,but I don’t have anyone else to rely on,I need your support in bringing Laksh and Ragini together,for that I think first we will have to show Laksh that we are a happily married couple,that is the only way I think he will try to move on,I don’t know what to do Sanskar,I am always using you for others’ happiness ,I am so sorry”,he tells her, “don worry Swara,I will not let your trust on me break,and we are best friends,friend in need is a friend indeed,u have heard that,no?I will always be there with u,no matter,what ,”she thanks him,he angrily says, “again thank u,which means you still don’t consider me as a friend”,she keeps her finger on her own lips and shakes head,she pulls his cheeks and says, “not a stranger,not a friend but my comrade,my strength,my pillar and my everyth…..she stops,Sanskar tells her that he wishes to stay but since he has taken 4 days leave has to go to office today,he reminds her not to bring food as he has work and meetings outdoor,Swara hands him his tablets and tells him to take it only after his food,she comes near him and adjusts the folds in his blazer ,Sanskar jokes, “no need to act like wife in front of me,only in front of Laksh,she hits him,holds his shoulder and turns him and asks him to go n pushes him,he says, “bye darling,take care”…………..

Scene 2:Durga Prasad’s room

Durga Prasad remembers Laksh looking angrily at Swasan when they were tieing the blessed thread in each others’ hands,he thinks now swasan is a married couple,then why was Laksh still staring at Swara,he looks disturbed and decides to talk to Swara first,Swara is being called to Dp’s room,she comes and seeks his blessings,he asks her if she is happy there,she says “yes,bade papa”,he asks if she is happy with her married life,he tells her that she can be frank as the conversation will stay between them,Swara tells that there is no problem between her and Sanskaar and that Sanskaar always keeps her happy,DP looks relieved,he tells that he cant influence Laksh’s decision about Ragini but he doesn’t want that decision whatever it may be to affect your and Sanskar’s married life,I know u n Laksh loved each other,Swara says,”yes ,Bade papa but now I don’t have those thoughts in my mind,many things happened and after that,I don’t want to stick on to any memories even”,DP tells Swara that “we should let go of our past to accept the new things which future holds for us,if we keep looking backward and moving we will stumble,I know that my Sanskar was wrong but I have the faith that he will not hurt you again,she tells that she now trusts Sanskar more than herself,DP notices the spark of love for Sanskar in her words and eyes and is happy,he tells her that his blessings will be there with them always,she seeks permission and leaves,DP is happy for SWASAN and sad for Laksh…………..

Scene 3:Sanskar is in the room,evening…..

Sanskar is checking something in his laptop,Swara comes with his tea and tells him that she understands that he was on leave and there will be work but please have this tea and snacks,he comments good about the snack,Swara jokes that she made it specially for her Patidev,Sanskar asks her,”seriously,u made?,she nods.he then asks her to bring his office bag,he tells her that he has something for his beevi jaan as well,they both smiles thinking of the way they addressed each other,he gives her a chocolate box,she unwraps one long chocolate and is about to eat but she asks Sanskar to open his mouth and she puts a piece in his mouth,he takes the bigger piece from her hands and puts it in her mouth,she is not able to close her mouth,she struugles and does and then pulls his hair and says, “you are irritating me too much,these days”,Sansakr replies, “O poor Swara,she is not irritating me at all,Swara u should give me peace prize for tolerating you”,both looks at each other and laughs,just then Parineeta comes and calls them to the hall,discussion about Karwachauth is going on,Ragini is being ignored but Annapurna says that all who wishes to keep fast can do it,they talk for some time and Swasan are back in their room,Swara is searching her wardrobe,Sanskar comes from behind and tells that he doesn’t want her to fast for him,he tells that he has no problem even if she doesn’t fast for him,he tells that he wont feel bad and is absolutely ok with it,Swara turns,gives him an angry look and says,”this is women’s matter,u stay out of this,it is a sacred ritual,I wont play with it,I will not play with elders’ emotions also,u just come early from office tomorrow to break my fast,that is the only help I need from you for karwachauth,understood?she shows an innocent face and nods…

Scene 4:Sanskar’s room,next day morning

Sanskar gets up early,Swara is struggling to wear a red saree,Sanskar comes and asks her “what is the need of all this trouble,I told u not to fast,she tells him to stop taunting and to come and help her,he comes and holds the saree,he is not able to help her in wearing,he messes up the whole thing even more and puts it down and says,who invented this dress?,people comment a lot about this Indian wear and ladies look pretty in it also,I agree,but it is this difficult to wear it?Swara looks at him angrily and tells him, “I don’t know to wear it and that is my problem not saree’s,u please stop talking and call Parineeta Babhi and come or else sun will rise and I will keep standing like this,Sanskar leaves slowly,Swara asks him to run and he shows a funny face and runs,Swara watches him with a smile,Parineeta helps her in wearing it and she looks pretty,wen she comes out,Sanskar comes near her and says,”Oh ,a monkey was there inside and look what magic a good costume ,make up and accessories could bring,thorough make over,cant recognise now,not bad Swara,she looks angrily at him and tells,”I will give u the reply for this later,now I have to go and eat my sargi,she rushes and on the way hits on his stomach with her elbow,he shouts and watches her leaving,she goes near the door and looks back at him,he is holding his stomach and rubbing it,she smiles at him and he smiles back…………..

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Good episode. Keep on writing plizz…

  2. Very nice veena, ur writing is awesome. Plz add lak nd Ragini conservation..i.e.,lak feeling jealous of swasan…nd by this rag is …
    If u hurt with my comment I am really sorry .bt I love to read your ff

  3. very good…..

  4. hahaha veena swasan scenes are superb…lved their nok jhok 😀

  5. Haha..funny nok jok…loved it soo much….

  6. Loved reading this…..

  7. Thank u Rupshika,hws ur exam ?,thank u nazakat,khushi,joya,manu,ruby and Amilu.Khushi even I had thought about that,let us see,and thank u for the suggestion bt it may take some time for that track..we will c.I have sent swasan fan fiction episode 14,please do it wen it gets uploaded.

  8. Hei Di exam toh bht accha rha…n i dont know why but u know me apne frnds ko apki aur apki ff ki bare me humesha kehti hu…mene toh aaap ko dkha v nhi par pata nhi Q apse baat krke bht accha lgta h…

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  10. wow veena darling kalakaringa.i love it.

  11. Rupshika good to know that your exams were good,and the rest of the words,dats so sweet of u,thank u Karthi.Hope u guys will read the episode 14,thank you telly team for the above pingback and also for the link of episode 13 in my new update,thank u for the modifications.

  12. Veena doing good loved swasan

  13. Thank u Karthi n Zella.

  14. Swasan scene adipoli…especially I like that scene sanskar helping swara to wear saree..their funny conversation..venna wat an imagination yaar..u r fab 100000 likes aaaeee..

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