SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 12


Hi guys,actually,I know this is not a blog to share my thoughts but bear wid me,pls,as this is the only way I can connect with you,please show the patience to read this extra long first paragraph today,when I started writing ff ,I think only a few people were writing ff on Swaragini ,so glad to see that now many have come up with their ideas though I’m not getting the time to read all, I make sure to leave a comment under whichever I read,swaragini fans from different states and countries are here,I guess,I thank each and every one of u who pause,read and take the trouble to drop ur valuable comments,and I’m not saying that about just mine,I guess all who write will be happy to know people are liking theirs,and,mine was started as a continuation after Ragini’s truth got exposed,spoilers are my inspiration so can’t take the credit for what I write fully,also it will be having cliché scenes as I have told multiple times,I have limitations in pulling this story forward as it is not a totally new one ,romance I guess will be the least in mine but I am sorry guys,I like this silent ,unexpressed way of romance as well,I wish to see it blossoming slowly into a lovely comradeship for a life time,now I am not preplanning and that is why no promo nowadays,so here we go with the continuation of swasan fan fiction episode 11,SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 12 for u…….

Scene 1:Maheswari mansion after Swasan has tied the blessed thread on each other’s wrists….

Sujatha tells Swara that she can go back to spend time with her family now if she wants as they are all here and can take care of Sanskaar,both Swara and Sanskaar are sad hearing this where as Laksh looks relieved,SWASAN looks at each other and is silent,Swara gets a call then from her mom,Sumi tells that Dida had called and told that her sister’s condition is not that good so they are planning to go that side to pay a visit,Swara tells that then she also will come to see her,hearing this,Sanskaar looks sad but is unaware of the matter discussed over the phone and looks on,but Sumi tells her that they called just to inform her and that they have already started and tells her to take good care of Sanskaar as he is just back from hospital,Swara tells bye to her mom and cuts the call and informs everyone about the matter,all asks them to go and take rest,Swara bends to take the bag,Sanskar comes and holds her hand and then takes the bag from her and takes her to his room.

Scene 2:Sanskaar’s room

Swasan are getting ready to sleep,Sanskar goes to the couch to sleep,Swara is sad seeing this,she wants to prevent him but hesitates,he goes and sits on the couch and they look at each other,Sanskar tells her, “I know you would be sad thinking that in my room I am deprived of my bed because of u,no worries,Swara,I can sleep anywhere,so u sleep peacefully without any regrets as I am absolutely fine here,only request is like on the other day,please don’t jump on me out of excitement”,Swara smiles hearing this,he wishes her good night and goes to sleep,he turns to the other side,Swara lies down and keeps looking at him,she thinks about him and smiles………….

Scene 3:Next day morning in Sanskaar’s room

Swara got up early and all her work is done so she decides to arrange the book shelf,she pulls a chair and climbs on it and reaches for those in the upper shelf,she leans too much that chair is about to lose balance,chair moves and she falls and Sanskaar comes running and carries her in his arms,all the books fall on them,Sanskaar gives an angry look at her,she slowly removes dust from his head,she messes up his hair and smiles ,he gets more angry,he tells that “I was watching you doing this circus for some time,Swara u r not Bachan saab’s daughter,u are not so tall,why cant you take a ladder and make somebody support it and do it carefully,Oh,I forgot ,Dr.Sithara is your friend na?so even if u get admitted for fracture you wont feel bored there,her hubby is out of town n u both can sit and chat for hours after her duty time,so,that was your agenda,now I get it”she hits him on his shoulder and says, “so,u were standing and watching me in an imbalanced chair instead of telling me that it is going to slip,what a cruel man u are,and now after helping me,u r scolding and teasing me,no, I wont talk to you”,she angrily signs him that he is carrying her in his arms and to let her get down,just then Sanskaar realises that he was carrying her and he slowly makes her sit on the bed,he holds her hands and says, “Do u think that I will let u fall Swara,do u think that I can see you in trouble,u r so precious to me,u r my best friend,I just wish that if some danger is written in ur destiny then let it hit me first,let not the shadow of it even hit u baba”Swara looks into his eyes,she feels happy and special,she slowly hits on his cheek and tells, “Sanskaar I was just joking,I know as long as you are there with me,nothing bad will happen to me again,after all what was supposed to happen has happened ,I had to marry u”,she looks at him and they both smiles,Sanskaar gets up and acts as though he is having back ache after holding Swara in his arms for a while,he sits near her and tells in a serious tone “actually Swara,that day wen I carried you from hospital to car in my arms,it was not that difficult,but today,sorry but,eat less ,ok,you have put on weight,”Swara looks at him angrily and hits him,he smiles and supports her from back keeping his hands on her shoulder and she leans on to him,he says, “U know that I was joking,after all,wat is dat great in looks,it is the character that matters,you are a fantastic girl ,I am happy that I could know you in this life,he looks at her and she looks at him,she is still inside his arms,they look at each other and he continues, “I feel so blessed that you are there with me,if I need to carry u in this whole life,I will do it happily,bt I just pray that such a situation never happens where u need somebody’s support to move around,I want to see u happy,cheerful,moving around happily and living ur life to the fullest,so,eat and drink whatever u want,hwever much quantity you want,I will also join you,after all,one life,should enjoy to the maximum,and we are two good friends who have decided to enjoy and live only in the present,hey na?she looks into his eyes and nods happily,tears roll down her eyes,he wipes it off with his handkerchief and she scolds him for making her emotional,they both smiles…………………..

Scene 4:Swara hears Laksh and Ragini’s conversation

Swara is passing through the corridor,she hears Laksh shouting at Ragini when she came to help him in wearing his blazer,Laksh turns and says, “Don’t be so shameless, Ragini,I have been ignoring you for days,if somebody else was in your position they would have ran away,you aer too stubborn and shameless,never,ever think of me accepting you back in my life,I would have thought about it if you had told me truth once after our marriage,instead you were behind me asking me to take our relation forward,what you think,love is just about flesh?,it needs the bond of hearts first,otherwise it is just lust,I had started feeling something for you but you broke my trust,I regret developing something for you,you know what?,just wait to put a sign in the divorce application,I am going to speak to lawyer and I am going to talk to Swara now,I will try to bring her back in my life,you just wait and see,and one more thing,for heaven sake,stay away from me,”Swara is shocked hearing all this,she sees Laksh going in search of her ,she runs to her room.

Scene 5:Sanskar’s room

Sanskaar is getting ready for office,Swara comes storming inside,she comes and hugs Sanskaar tightly and cries bitterly,Sanskar is shocked,he tries to console her but she hugs him more tightly,Sanskar gently holds her and hugs her and says in her ear, “What happened Swara?,don’t cry,whatever the matter is I am there with you,we will sort it out,don’t cry like this my dear,your friend wont let anything happen to u,now,stop crying and tell me the matter”,Swara gently moves back and Sanskar touches her face and wipes tears from both cheeks(Laksh is watching this from window in shock),Swara is about to say but notices some shadow near the window and she finds it hard to compose herself and hugs Sanskar once again,he says, “It is ok,Swara ,tell me wen u r ok with sharing it,but don’t cry,ok,I am there for you ,baba”he gently pats her back,Swara is resting her head on his chest ……………………..

(Unexpressed,unsaid,unrealised yet the strongest love is in the air…..)

(See u all tomorrow,stay happy n blessed….)

Credit to: Veena

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  6. Joya,Cherry ,Mansi,Ruby,Thank u [email protected],dear please translate the lines in brackets.

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  9. ThanQ Ruby n veena Di☺[email protected] di don’t be sorry..o n the language is assamese..coz m from assam…n mene ye kaha tha ki”I have not seen any 1 lyk u..other ff r also good but Di u r special n ur imagination is toooo gud..n from dat it is known dat u r a nyc person….n last line oopsss….m a huuugggee fan of urs…luv u di n of course Ruby di…i lyk both of u

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  11. I mean their names becomes familiar n thru those names the people too…

  12. Hi veena … am also a huge fan of ur ff bz I like silent unexpressed love of swasan ,the way u narrate the story is above the expectation level. How could you say that u r least in romance.? I don’t think so, and u r a brilliant writer who expressed the love of swasan in every line nd words ,scenes ..etc..and I liked that line you write in bracket (unexpressed, untold, unrealised yet the strongest love is in air..)…keep writing dr ….

  13. Its awesome veena…loved it?

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  15. Thank u Sethooty,ur name is now very familiar to me,the kind words from all of u inspires me to imagine something, I think our take on romance is d same, I feel many who are liking mine will be imagining swasan romance in the same way.

  16. Thank u Angel,actually I didn’t know to set it ,I downloaded this n sent it to tellyupdates thru the gmail id and asked them to change it if there is an option like that but thing s I had nt noticed that it is changed,haha,thank u for asking,try that way n thank u telly team for changing it..

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    i m a huge fan of u n ur ff
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  19. Thank u Harani n Kirti..glad to know that you all are liking it

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  22. Happy to see that ,u mentioned my name in ur comments,eagarly waiting for next updates..and.plz take your own time dr bz u have to imagine story nd track,its not easy at all.

  23. Sethooty,I know u guys who comment regularly, I had sent episode 13 today ,may be telly site is flooded with ff n so it is not getting uploaded,let’s c,and in the initial few episodes somebody by name ‘R’ used to comment,may I know if u r reading it still,R?

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