SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 11


Hi friends,I should thank u for reading my fan fiction,this is the continuation of SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 10,actually,I think only a few who read regularly only is liking mine,ah ,may be others find it boring,hmm,a happy Sunday to u all,here we go with ‘SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 11……

Scene 1:Sanskar getting discharged and going home…..

Sanskar is getting discharged from hospital,Dr.Sithara is there ,both thanks her,Swara whispers something in her ears,Sithara tells her to keep the discharge summary safely in case they need to monitor later,Sanskar jokes,this is not a picnic spot to come back regularly,but will miss your injections doc….Swara hugs her friend,Sanskar says bye and leaves….

Scene 2:Parking area ..

Sanskar asks for the keys,Swara says she will drive home today,he agrees,in car they switch on the FM,(baahon ki dharmiyaan plays)both look at each other and finds it a little uncomfortable,Sanskar is seeing something for him in Swara’s eyes but she quickly looks away and says stupid songs,he says “ah for stupids,classics will sound stupid,what to do?,Swara hits him,he asks her to look forward and drive and comments your driving is not that much bad as I thought,Swara says, “Oh really,go man…”.after covering some distance,Swara stops the car,Sanskar looks around and asks why she stopped here,she replies,”why you don’t like this place,ah,in the midst of fever somebody had told about mixing icecream and chat and all”,he says “ok,but how do u know that this particular shop is my favourite?”,Swara replies, “yaar,this is 21st century,things are at your finger tips,I called your mom and asked and she knew and told me,location I just confirmed in google,that’s all”,she tells him to stop talking and get down if he want chat items,and warns him, “ only chat and no icecream”,he says “but I don’t want any ,my girl,I don’t want to get stomach upsets and go back now itself,” Swara comes to open the door on his side and tells him “you didn’t see me whispering in Sithara’s ears,she gave me permission to let you have,but asked me to remind u to eat within limits,that you are not here for a competition”,she opens the door and asks for his hand,he looks at her hand and then into her eyes and says,”what do u think,Swara,I am your girl and you have brought me on a date or what?”,Swara laughs, ” thank God,Sanskar ,this time a good joke..”,she holds his hand and pulls him out,they forget that they are holding hands while they are walking to the chat centre,when they reach Sanskar tells that he is more familiar with the menu and he will order for her,he leaves her hand and goes,just then Swara realises that they had held hands ,she feels like losing something,she looks at him giving the orders……
He comes back with two plates and make her sit on the bench,a mild breeze is there,the area is not at all crowded that day,Swara’s hair is flowing with the breeze,she is looking more beautiful,while eating,Swara notices something on Sanskar’s left cheek,she signs him but he cleans it incompletely,she keeps her plate down,walks towards him and cleans it with her handkerchief,her hair falls on his face…………

Scene 3:Reaches home

They both reach Maheswari mansion,the family is back,they seek elders’ blessings,all are looking annoyed,nobody scolds Swara,all scolds Sanskar that he would have prevented her from informing about him getting admitted due to severe fever,he asks,but now he is ok,na?he asks Annapurna about how the wedding was and whether their pilgrimage during return journey was good,she nods,she asks both Sanskar and Swara to come to the mandir in their house,they follow her,she says your life has been full of obstacles ,still you are bound in marriage now,so,it is all God’s plan,she hands a blessed thread to Sanskar and asks him to tie it in Swara’s wrist and gives one to Swara asking her to tie it in Sanskar’s hands,both ties and after that also stands there holding hands and looking at each other,all notices this,DP looks at Laksh and sees him staring at Swara and Sanskaar angrily,Swara and Sanskar leaves hands,turns to the idol,folds hands,closes eyes and prays for each other in their mind,they turn and thank Annapurna and touches her feet………………

Promo:Sorry,see u tomorrow guys ,n beg your pardon if the above wasted your time….

Credit to: Veena

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  11. Thank u all..actually I had a feeling that I am wasting ur time..good to knw that u all r reading regularly.. Promo I am not including cos have to stick to that in next..widot promo can take in any track…

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  13. Amna mohamed

    Veena u write really nice story n dont think tht ur stry is brng if ppl dnt lyk its simply means thy dnt understand ur talent

  14. Once again thank u guys,actually wen I started writing I had planned just 5 episodes,I read spoilers n imagine,of course mine may be having cliche scenes,as they say old wine in new wineskins,haha…bt I took a break after 7 episodes as I had gone to my hometown.. Then wen I restarted some kind of gut feeling that it is not much entertaining bt honestly all of ur comments r so encouraging n I shall surely write something if I can imagine n put those into words..n Ruby,Liya n Amna,u guys noticed my anxiety in today’s intro paragraph,no?thanks for specially mentioning n boosting me..actually since mine is just a continuation from where Ragini’s truth was exposed,there are limitations n so can’t swim along with the tide …dat s y romance is lacking..bt I like this unexpressed kind of romance as well..which slowly blossoms into a comradeship for a lifetime.. Let’s c..even I’m not sure about each day’s…nokkaam..

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