SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 10


Hi guys,thank you for reading and ur comments r encouraging tho I have a doubt about if u’ll find it interesting as we proceed,bt,y bother abt future,no?we’ll read this now,this is the continuation of SWASAN Fan Fiction episode 9 posted yesterday,those who wish to know where the story was pls read till that part if u wish,so here we go with the 10th….

Scene 1:Swara looking out of the hospital window

Swara is looking outside standing near the window,Sanskar comes from behind and asks what she is doing here,he looks and says,”Oh ,such a beautiful garden is there,but this is not visible from other angles or what,I have not seen this wen I used to pass by this route,come Swara,the climate is ok na,let us go there”,Swara looks at his enthusiasm and agrees…

Scene 2:Swasan in the garden

Sanskar is walking around in the garden,there are other patients and bystanders,some r pushing wheel chairs,Sanskar looks at them n feels sad,he turns and sees Swara moving her hands through the flowers,he sees her face glowing when sun rays falls on her,Sanskar looks down and sees some yellow flowers on the weeds ,he thinks he can pluck it as it is a weed,he collects multiple flowers and comes near her,he hands a small bunch to her,she is surprised,he says,”this is from a friend to a friend,look it is yellow,thing is that Swara,look, both you and nature are looking equally pleasant and beautiful today”,Swara smiles,she poses like yester age actresses holding those flowers,Sanskar smiles and takes his phone out,they click a cute selfie together,Swara leans on him and checks it,she gently moves wen she understands she is fully on his back….
Nurse comes and sees them,she tells that she is leaving as her duty time is over,she says,Sithara ,Swara’s doctor friend, had asked for her as some reports are ready,she says she will meet her,both of them return to room and Swara goes to meet doctor…

Scene 3:Doctor’s room

Swara asks if everything is fine in the reports,she says,”as of now nothing to worry,but wen admitted his platelet count was a little less,but for dengue it will keep falling but his is almost stable in yesterday’s report,but his urine culture shows urinary tract infection,u do one thing,we will monitor for a day and I will discharge today evening or tomorrow”,Swara looks a little worried,doctor says,”there is nothing to worry dear,he is fine,he is my special patient since he is ur husband,so I want to discharge him wen he is absolutely fine,bt yaar,I can understand you love him and is worried,bt don worry” ,they talk about many things,including Swara’s marriage,Swara shares about how it was not a smooth journey tho she doesn’t blame her sister…she explains in bits and pieces…..

Scene 4:Sanskar’s room

Swara comes back to the hospital room,She comes near Sanskar and asks if he is feeling any tiredness,she keeps her hand on his forehead,checks for fever,she is a little relieved,Sanskar notices that she is disturbed and asks if friend told about discharge,Swara says,”have to get a report,so most probably today evening or tomorrow “,Sanskar notices that she is disturbed,he makes her sit down and asks” why are u looking sad,Swara,I know eversince we met ,I have given you only troubles,now also,you are stuck here with me,u couldn’t spent time with your family,I am sorry Swara”,she feels sad hearing him confessing sincerely,she changes face and says,”ah,wat to do,will have to bear some troubles na,after all trouble is in the form of a friend,wat to do,cant ignore”,Sanskar looks at her,she continues,”Some troubles are blessings in disguise,who knows,which all will be so,now say,your case…”she pauses,Sanskar looks surprised,Swara is slightly embarrassed,he says”O,great,so I am a blessing”,she continues”no need to feel that good about yourself ,what I meant is,you made me go through many things but unknowingly those situations moulded me into a stronger person,gave me insights,I understood that I am not a delicate darling,Sanskar listens,he then asks,”tell me one thing ,Swara,what is your take on me now,she says” I don’t know Sanskar,we are friends,you should not ask such difficult questions to friends”..Sanskar extends his hand and asks,”shall we be good friends forever,Swara”,Swara takes his hand and replies,”we already are ,Sanskar,you gave me the biggest pain of my life at one point of time,but after your change,I cant really understand,infact ,you are too good,Sanskar,when no one was there with me,you stood like a pillar,you gave courage to fight ,in Adarsh Bhaiyya’s girl friend’s case,only you trusted me blindly,I am getting to know more shades of your character,I really don’t know,infact no one knows about future but I am actually surprised that a person who once was an enemy is now such a good friend whom I don’t want to lose in my life,we are a couple for others but we know how that side of our relation is but we are good friends,right?,Sanskar nods quickly,she continues,”I should thank you for something,and I totally respect you for that,for not forcing me to take our married life forward,you are giving me ample space and freedom,thank you very much..,tears fill both of their eyes,they keep looking at each other……………..

Credit to: Veena

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  1. Wow its amazing yar……u r my fav writer yaaarrr rallllly…..its awesome dear???????????????????

  2. Hey its too good…try to update nxt part fast

  3. Very good veena. If my comments encourage u in writing i wil be very happy

  4. Awsom moments of swasan…u r a brilliant writer, veena I wish this may happen in actual story of swaragini..

  5. Thank u guys,@Rupshika and dats so sweet of u…thank u ,also Joya,Manu n Rinshida of course ur comment is encouraging to me dr,in fact at the start wwat I actually meant was about yesterday’s comments,comments though I think I get the least,each and every one those is valuable…I think only a few are enjoying my style,bt I have to convince myself however little I write n dat s y my way f writing is so,sorry for that and Sethooty ur name is now very familiar to me…thanks dr….

  6. Di ur 2 rcent epi were so emotionl dat i was feelig lyk crying
    Then also it was really nice n awesm
    Thanx fr writng a swasan ff n i m juz a fan of ur ff

  7. wow I can’t express on the words…in Tamil sema machi pinnra poga…rocking story dear..now u r my fev darling ya….super

  8. Kirti..love that Di in ur msgs…Karthi,thanks yaar n yea I got it translated..all u guys r taking time to pause n comment..so nice of u all…thank u..

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