SWASAN Fan Fiction Episode 1

Humble attempt from a Swasan fan,anticipatory bail,not blessed with writing skills,but Swasan fan to the core,after reading Mumina’s fan fiction, got excited..but this won’t be as good,comments if at all somebody posts I know how it would be…

Scene 1
Ragini’s truth came out.Shekhar is looking at Swara.He remembers all what he spoke ill about her.He is teary eyed,he goes to her,his face has all his pain .He folds hands and apologises to her.Swara prevents father from apologising to her,Shekhar hugs his daughter.Sumi,dadi and all family members watches this.Swara goes to Dadi and tells her “I know how much you will be hurt when u heard that Ragini did all this but I could not prevent this truth from coming out as it was my dream to bring my parents together”,now Dadi is speechless, tears roll down her face,she looks at Ragini and her eyes conveys how her trust got broken ,she looks at Swara and hugs her and cries.All family members looks on.Now Sanskar comes forward and brings Sumi to Swara and tells her,”You did all this to bring your parents together,Swara looks at him,she holds Sumi’s hand and gives it in Shekhar’s and tells “Baba maa was innocent,she loves you dearly,I can never see you separated,please, forgive me for the wrong ways I chose to unite you all,she was about to explain but Sanskar interferes and ask sorry too.Annapurna comes forward and apologises to Sumi.Durgaprasad tells Shekhar that “you are blessed and that is why you got a daughter like Swara,Dadi nods and looks angrily at Ragini.He says,Ragini did all this to snatch Laksh and now it is up to him to deal with his wife,he has all rights to make a decision.Laksh thinks how he had told Ragini that they are friends and about he promised to give wife’s rights to her,he is shattered.He tells “Papa,at this moment,I don’t know what to say,I am heart broken.Everybody stares at Ragini and leaves,Shekhar asks permission to Durgaprasad to leave and also to take Swara along with for a few days.Durgaprasad looks at Sanskar.He is sad but tells to DP that Shekhar is right and after all this Swara needs to relax and spent time with parents. He asks Swara to pack and come.Swara looks at him and goes to room.DP says bye to everyone..

Swara is in room packing things.Sanskar comes inside.She looks at him,both are confused and don’t know what to say,Swara says,thank you Sanskar for everything,Sanskar wishes to ask her when she will come back but remains silent.Swara tells bye to Sanskar and leaves. As she passes him her bangles get entangled on his cuffs,she turns and a eye lock,he slowly removes it and gives.She turns to leave.He helps her with her in bringing her bag downstairs. Both are coming down.Shekhar and Sumi looks at them.Shekhar asks Sanskar to come home.Sanskar makes excuse about office work.Swara understands and stares at him.Shekhar pats him and tells him to complete it and come home to spend time with them.Sanskar accompanies them to the door.

They leaves and get into the car.Sanskar looks on.Swara got inside and looks at Sanskar.Her eyes speaks to him..He says bye Swara and waves.Car moves..

Promo:Swara is in roomroom,she is back after a bath,she sits in front of the dressing table in front of the mirror.She has Sindoor box in her hands.

Credit to: Veena


  1. Mumina

    Aww I’m so happy that you read my fan fiction. Your one was so amazing especially the end bit was so cute. I really loved the end part as well. Plz continue.

  2. manoja

    Its good..the swasan rocks always..but y are they creating soo many fan fictions?? Its a bit confusion to all…y dnt you guys discuss together and make a wonderful story…if not u can just make two fictions one for swasan nd the other for swalak..if this continues there will be more fan fiction rather than serial updates

  3. Veena

    Hi guys,thank you for your comments, @Mumina,u r my inspiration dear,you only tol me how to upload fan fiction,thank you ..shall continue writing if I can manage to put something into words,and forgive me,Veena is only a proxy name,in fact it is a close friend’s name.

  4. Veena

    Yes,too much fan fiction s sometimes irritating,agree,bt mine is just an excitement of a diehard Swasan fan,I started watching this after Sanskar’s entry n became a big fan of Swasan..then watched most of the episodes in YouTube bt Swasan pair impressed me more,personal choice …bt as far as fan fiction is concerned shall post if can write something…nw I understand the difficulty of daily soap writers dears…same romance n family drama…putting in new packets…haha…me too doing that though it is just a fan fiction

  5. R

    Hai veena I read all the fiction stories of Swaragini.out of all I like yours so much
    I feel the characters u writing.
    U have done a very good portrayal of characters especially sanskaar.
    Feel like u wrote exactly his character
    Keep it up gd goin
    Expecting very good episodes from u
    Waiting fr ur next

  6. Veena

    Hei dear R,thank you so much,good to hear that you liked.I have uploaded today’s as episode 2,shall try to continue if I get some..as f nw I have planned for a few more

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.