SWASAN fan fiction ANALYSIS by a silent reader… MUST READ


Hey guys.. I saw many analysis.. And I thought of posting mine too. This is what I think. I read many fan fictions. But I think these are the best in business and if you are a die hard swasan fan, I guess you should read these.

My favourite. This is wonderful with some emotional and memorable events. Its by Sree what else you want to know? We all know her inside out and the way she portays all the characters is mind blowing. I love and admire Sree a lot as a writer and she is definitely the best ff writer on the board.

Fixing Broken Souls
This is way too emotional. But I think I like it a lot. Its second part of Fix You and just superb. First time readers can also read this as the writer has expressed every emotion too well. In fix you Swara was fixed but at the end she was broken by Sanskar and Sanskar too is left broken. Now the sequel is all about fixing each other. That’s what Anu told in the introduction.

Mr. Maheshwari and I.
Another great story. I love both Swara and mr. Maheshwari in this. Both are awesome and their chemistry is way too sizzling. Be it their fights or their romance I just love it. Anjali has done a mind blowing job by her simple yet innovative way of writing and ideas.

Swasan fan fiction season 2
This could’ve been on to be story is supposed to be seen. Its by Vini do but not regularly updated like the above three fan fictions. So I placed it at fourth. But there aren’t any flaws or loopholes in this story. Sanskar is selfless and Swara is an epitome of love here.

Realization exoneration acceptance.
If you’re a girl who isn’t strong enough then you should watch this to get some strength. Swara has a very strong character here and it makes me more and more proud of her. Sanskar loves Swara a lot but unknowingly maybe has given her a lot of pain. Its superb.

Dil dosti dance.
This is not a total swasan ff but I love it anyway. Namrata has done a mind blowing job by creating an ff just from a simple word DANCE. Somewhere it also reminds me of D3 on channel V. Dont worry the stories are not at all similar but I think its way better!

You are mine!
Gang and marriages and full on drama love this ff because its always up with something new. Loved Swara’s character and Sanksar’s agility and anguish. Both are quite different from actual and its a pretty awesome ff to sup up in short.

Dr. Swara and mr. Maheshwari leads to swasan.
As big is the title so big hearted is the writer. This story stole my heart from the very beginning and I love every inch of this ff. It’s mind blowing and superb.

There are many more which I like and I would also like to name them.

Unexpected relations.
Swasan : Destiny (comeplted)
Bz I loved her…
Tu meri mannat.
Do jism Ek jaan.

If u think i have missed out something or whatever I said is wrong then please let me know. I will love to know some fan fictions which u think i should read. Love you all and the writers.
Love you Sree, Meher, Anu, Anjali, Bhanu and everyone! Keep writing and we will always read your ff maybe as a silent reader but stil we do read them and we love it. I know I have always been a silent reader but its not bcz I dont like them but its just bcz im a very shy person in real. Sorry if I hurt anyone of you.. And comment and tell me if you liked this analysis. And I request you to read any of these if you haven’t because im a swasan fan first and I want to spread the best to rest.

Credit to: Silent reader

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  1. Hey silent rder. I liked ur analysis. Made so much sense and definitely better than prvs ones. But I think u missed bushra. She’s also a lovely writer.

  2. Tysm for liking my ff….tysm

  3. I think u shud read kuch iss tarah also by meher ji.. she writes it beautifully…

    1. Thankyou ji… πŸ˜‰

    2. Tysm. I didn’t try but now I think I have to…

  4. Luv u dear….. n I feel lyk celeb after reading my name alongvwith sree anu anjali n bhanu πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    1. srsly?? lol… You feel like a celebrity just bcos our names are there?
      You write such an amazing story yourself… why’re u telling like this and all??

    2. Cz i just luv the way u all write… i started reading all these ff when they are on going… it makes me carzy… i just luv that πŸ˜€

    3. Lol. I bet that you write better than me dear meher. Infact I am glad to join on your group.

      1. Its so good to find your name there but for me Sree and Vini di are always the best no matter what. But hardly got any time to read others ff but I’m gona read many including
        Mr. Maheshwari and I
        And many more this summer vacation.
        Ill have a big treat !!

      2. Lol… Lucky girl… Ur going to have actual summer vacations.. I have one month that too in june.. Until then, My coll is going to keep me mad.. GOD!!

        I wish I get time like you to sit and read peacefully… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

      3. All of you write sooo well….
        Meher I’ve never commented… And have missed the last few epis but will surely read it once this weekend comes. It is amazing… I love kuch iss tarah…

        Sree, Please… Ur the best. I love ur acceptance. I’m very eager for it.. πŸ™‚

        Anu ‘sfix you is like…. wowwww…. Love it so much…

        I still can’t see why I’m included.. My concept is very normal compared to u all…

      4. Thank-you anu. I am honoured. You have a vacation but for me vacation doesn’t seem like vacation..lol.enjoy your days and Anjali please stop thinking low infact you have better vocabulary than me.
        Thank-you meher but still I am really unable to believe reading this type of comments because I have never thought of getting such huge and immense response
        Lol anu..I dreamed a dream is written by sindhuja. She is a very good writer indeed.

      5. I’m a blunder sometimes. Anyway. Sindhuja di is awesome writer. But Sanskar ki love story is yours na.. I read that and I lov it. Gosh there are so many writers here! I’m so confused. All are good but you all are gems β™₯

    4. Sree even a blind can tell h hw good u r… i mean i read ur ff’s part in one go… n i became adicted to that… πŸ˜€

    5. Sree u shud know that I’m a big big big fan of yours. I read ur story I dreamed a dream and from that day I went hysterical. And Sanskar Ki love story the seven shot stry was also very good. I couldn’t get time for ur current two ff but I will gladly read them in May. Araam se lol x x

    6. Meher btw. Ur way better writer than me at least. Ur so talented. I would probably drown if you tell this to anyone else!
      Infact all the mentioned ppl (except me) are talented. I feel like a kid now lol.

  5. Hi silent reader try reading this ff swaragini the way you are ff – written by nive… i love it so much… so im jst telling u if ur intrstd u can read.
    And i like ur analysis part..

    1. Thank you surely will

  6. u forget arynas ff nd the way you are…..

  7. Thank you sooo much!!!

    I really am grateful that you as a silent reader, have come to appreciate my work.. It really means a lot to me… THANK YOU SOO MUCH…

    I hope I continue to impress you… Love you!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ <3 <3

  8. Pls add falling for you also it is too gud

  9. Evry ff is bakwaas like u….not at all nyc ..nd if u r a shy person den y u did analysis… only YHM is best….nt Swaragini…

    1. Dhn y r u bothered abt swaragini page nd commenting here… u cn stay in ur page nd njy dhr..
      Dont hurt othrs…

  10. hey i think you forgot true love never dies , endless love & from darkness to light i know neha isn’t uploading it daily but they are awesome stories & ya you also forget soundarya’s ffs sorry if i said something wrong

    1. Neha’s ff β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ she is osm i agree .

  11. So glad to know you liked my ff. Try reading Mandy’s ff. Modern tale of love. Its a Swasan Raglak ff β™₯

  12. Tanq silent reader for liking my ffm it means alot.

  13. Thank u so much dear πŸ™‚ i m glad u read my story and liked it.. u know what i m feeling like dancing hard.. bz though i m not writer you all are appreciating my works… thanks a lot…keep smiling dear..tc πŸ™‚

  14. Well , this is something I should really comment. Actually I was just going through the pages to find my fiction and accidentally found this. First of all i am overwhelmed by your love silent reader. It’s just the support of my readers and friends. But for me, vini di always stands first. I just don’t know why but I admire a lot infact I am mad at her and her writings. So for me, she is top. Infact, joing my name with top writers is honorable. Thanks for that.
    Today, I am really so ashamed of myself because many of you are able to read every fiction which I am not doing, I seriously want to pay attention but my laziness is not allowing to. Well, thank-you for mentioning few fictons out of which I didn’t read few but will surely read now. Thank-you once again.

    1. Same here Sree. Even I’m ot able to read any because I’m too lazy and also my school’s impending word. Its never ending. . But surely I will read them once I have my summer holidays. .

      1. Exactly… I read as much as I can..
        I still have so much to read… I havent read half the ffs out there… πŸ™

        I forget studies and make time for ur ffs Sree and Anu.. lol…
        The only time when I actually get time to read is in the bus, on the route to coll

      2. Anu u r still in school omg !!! Which grade… i cant believe that u r still in school :O

      3. Hehe. I’ve got a good company but Anjali, you won’t suit us because I see you in almost every fiction and seriously you are just great in that aspect.

      4. lol…. True sree…

        But as i said, I leave my studies and do all that… lol…

        But i dtry to make time to comment as much as possiblee… πŸ™‚

      5. 12th grade. I’m 16 Meher ✌
        What about u guys?
        Anjali Sree Meher what’s ur age? Mind telling me?

    2. Aww Anjali that’s so sweet x x
      Love ya bae β™₯ I started reading ur ff. Not completed but the start is just FAB. I was reading it at midnight and now I’ve eye bags under my eyes lol.

      1. Thnxxx Anu πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        Glad u liked it…

  15. Thanku for mentioning my fiction name here …silent dear.. Happy to know that u like my story..
    Neha’s all fiction was awesome true love never dies,endless love, From darkness to light, one shots are just amazing.., nive’s the way u are..also my fav.Aryana’s hell to heaven is also different concept and theme..

    1. You writeastory dear. Never mentioned.. If possible say the title seetothy and I am really sorry for not reading yours.

  16. I think u should also read SWARAGINI MODERN TALE OF LOVE STORY,KUCH ISS TARAH,MERI AASHIQUI season2,FALLING FOR U,KABHI PASS KABHI DOOR.they r also awesome believe me

  17. You have captured these stories so accurately that I totally agree with each and every word written here but I would like to bring one more ff in your sight http://diariesforfantasy.blogspot.in/p/swasan-ffan-incomplete-scrapbook.html by kashis and all the ff writers .. people you rock !!!!!!!!

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