Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 9 Twins!

Swasan – Expecting Baby ?
Part 9.

Swara: Sanskaar!!! (She looks at her tummy n finds still the bump. Sanskaar looks at her tummy n finds the bump reduced. He looks at Swara n So does she.)
Doctor: Congrats u both! It’s twins!! (Swara was in shock n Sanskaar on cloud 9 as his wish was fulfilled. Both stare at each other.)

Outside the operation room.
Sumi: Why r they taking so long!
Ragini: Ma! She wud be fine!!
Laksh: Don’t worry u all! Swara will be fine! Sanskaar is wid her!!

In operation theatre:
Sanskaar: Swara….
Swara: Now I’ll speak! Sanskaar…Do u remember our engagement!? (He nods.)
U had wore me a ring of mauli. (She shows him.) We started our new life…. A Aahhh! !
Sanskaar: Swara!
Doctor: Swara deep breathes! Divert her mind n push the baby SWARA!
Swara: So today I want to start another chapter of our life wid mauli. (She holds his palm n gives him the mauli.) Just wear this to our kids! N u were right! We have bachhus!! 2 ! (Sanskaar kisses he forehead. )
Swara: AAAAAHHHH! !!! (She anskaar he screams too loud. Family members hear her n get tensed. Another baby cries. Swara sighs in relief. She looks at her tummy.So does Sanskaar!)
Sanskaar: Swara don’t tell me u have another in ur tummy! Triplets!?
Swara: No!! I’m tired! I’ve delivered two! I’m happy wid both! ??
Sanskaar: Lol!??
Doctor: Its both! Elder is boy n younger a girl!! Congrats!!

(Swara n Sanskaar smile. Sanskaar leans n kisses her on her lips. Though she didn’t had any strength left but kissed? They break. Doctor hands over Sanskaar daughter n Swara Son. Both look at them. Their daughter was looking at Sanskaar mysteriously ?N son was already slept!? )
Swara: Show me my daughter!! (He shows her.) She is so calm n sweet!
Sanskaar: (Looks at his son.) N our son is already lazy! (They laugh. Both keep looking at their bachhus.)
Swara: Doctor… I have an request! Can we pls tie this mauli on their hands!?
Doctor: Ok! But loosely! (Sanskaar ties the mauli to his son n daughter! Sanskaar leans n touches his nose to hers. Both close eyes n smile.)
Sanskaar: (In same position) First we had each other! Then we had u both!
Swara: N now we have everything!? (They kiss both thir kids on foreheads.)
Swara: Sanskaar go n tell others! They might be awaiting!
Sanskaar: Yes! (He takes his daughter wid him. Everyone gets happy seeing him wid baby!)
Ragini: Sanskaar girl or boy!?
Sanskaar: She is a girl!! (Everyone laugh n congrats each other.)
Arey! Ek khabar sun ke itni khushi hui!!?
Laksh: Wat do u mean !?
Sanskaar: I’ve daughter wid me! N Swra is having our son wid her! (Everyone gets shocked n starts crying n laughing. All were overjoyed.)
Sanskaar: Its twins!! (All come inside n see both of the kids. While Sanskaar sits near Swara.)
Swara: Sanskaar u know wat!? A mother n child is closest when the baby is in mummy’s tummy! The baby gets his life once he is out! (She cries . Sanskaar carreses her hair.)
Swara: I’m not crying! I’m enjoying it! We r complete Sanskaar! ☺ N thanks for being wid me always! I love u so much!
Sanskaar:I love u to!!
Swara: Sanskaar.. u know wats the date today!?
Swara: Keep it in mind! Next year we will have to celebrate our kids birthdays!
Ragini: Swara… r u fine!?
Swara: hmm..
Next Morning.
Swasan come home wid their babies! Ap does tikka to them n they enter. They take blessings from God n then elders.
Ragini: Ma when shall we keep naming ceremony!?
Ap: After some days…. We will decide n tell… (All keep discussing about the date. Meanwhile Swasan carry their babies to their room. Swasan kept their babies on bed. She slept on one side n he on other. Both looked at each other.)
Sanskaar: So mumma how do u feel! ?
Swara: Special! N u dadda!?
Sanskaar: Blessed! (They lean n were about to kiss when their son takes go his hand up touches his mumma’s lips.)
Sanskaar: U see!? From now itself ur ladla is not allowing u to kiss me!
Swara:(Laughs.) She makes both of them sleep. After they sleep they keep kids in cradle n come out.)
Ap: Swara…. did they sleep!?
Swara: Yes ma! I kept them in cradle!
Dp: Beta we decided to keep naming ceremony tomorrow.. is it fine!?
Swara: Yes!
Sanskaar: Ok!!Names r ready!
Ragini: Yes… tomorrow fix then! Swasan look at each other n smile.

Recap: Names!! N happy ending!

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