Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 8 Labour!

Swasan – Expecting Baby ?
Part 8

Last month.
Swara was heavily pregnant n seating in her room. RagLak n Parineeta Uttara always used to come to hear the kicks! Sanskaar had ordered her not to come out. Ragini was in hall. Laksh n Uttara were arranging some more toys in bachhu’s room.
Sanskaar: Swara…
Swara: I’m fine! N bachhu is kicking continuously!
Sanskaar: really!?
Swara: Doctor told na… that he wud keep on kicking in this month.
Sanskaar: Hmm….. so missing me!?
Swara: the most!
Sanskaar: Even I do! Achha listen! Keep ur phone on tummy I wanna listen to bachhu’s kick! (Swara keeps it on tummy. Sanskaar smiles hearing bachhu’s kicks. Suddenly he becomes silent.)
Sanskaar: Swara….!? (She doesn’t reply.) Swara speak!!
Swara: Sanskaar!! Did u!?
Sanskaar: He will! Wait for some time! Bachhu might be tired of kicking!? Don’t panic! I’m coming! N don’t tell anyone otherwise they wud get tensed!
Swara: Hmm… (He cuts n leaves the office soon. Swara keeps on waiting for Bachhu’s kicks but Bachhu didn’t kick! It’s now been 2 hrs! Sanskaar comes n consoles Swara)
Sanskaar: Don’t worry! ( Both get tensed.)
Swara: Sanskaar!! (Sanskaar gets tensed. He cups her face.)
Sanskaar: Swara!?
Swara: Sanskaar our bachhu kicked!! (He gets happy.)
Sanskaar: Really! ? (He rests on her tummy. Bachhu kicks! ) He kicked!! (Both get happy n relieved on seeing their bachhu safe.?☺ Swara enjoyed the motherhood! N Sanskaar enjoyed pampering her!?)

After some days.

Ap came from temple. As she was walking she slips. But she holds pillar. But the puja thali falls down.
Ap: Arey! I’ll bring th cloth n wipe it off. (She brings the cloth n wipes it off n leaves.)

Sanskaar was sleeping in room. Swara was bored in room n goes out of room hiding. Sanskaar had warned that not to go so she was hiding. RagLak, Parineeta n Uttara were learning to play wid bachhu!? Swara sees them n smiles.

Uttara: This is a doll! U like it na bachhu! ?
Ragini: N this is mickey n miney! They love each other as ur mom dad does!?
Laksh: N this is car! Shall we drive it!??? (They play wid imaginary
Swara: My bachhu has made all pagal!!?? Not left single member! From me to bade dadi!
She walks slowly holding her tummy as it was heavy. She walks till the place where two opposite staircases meet. {where Swara shouts to stop Sanskaar n Kavita marriage in serial} She observes a mauli fallen on ground.)
Swara: Who dropped this holy mauli here!?
Sanskaar: But I wud wear u ring today n in front of all….. (Sanskar goes inside in temple n brings mauli n ties to her finger.)
Swara: This ring is more precious to me than gold or diamond ring! (Sanskar he hugs him.)
—–FB ends——
Swara: We had started our new life by this mauli! (Sanskar hehe kisses the same mauli which Sanskaar had wore her in past.) N God again gave us a new start to our parenthood life! Thanks God for everything! For everything!!

Sanskaar’s Dream:
Swara was with Sanskaar in his car. Suddenly a truck comes from front n he gets distracted n hits it. He finds Swara fallen n moves towards her. She was all bleeding. He checks her pulse. Tensed he checks bachhu’s kicks. Both didn’t respond.
Sanskaar: SWARA!!!
(Sanskaar wakes up n searches for his love. But he finds her nowhere.

(Meanwhile Sanskar gets up n finds Swara nowhere in room.)
Sanskaar: Swara!! Swara!! (He searches. He comes out of room to search her. She bends down to pick the mauli. She takes it. Sanskaar sees her. She was about to get up when she gets a cramp in her tummy hard. She tries to bare n get up but gets more cramp in vaginal area n it was unbearable for her. Sanskaar notices her n shouts loudly.
Sanskaar: SWARA!! (Raglak n Uttara see her in pain. Sanskaar runs to her.
Swara: Sanskaar!! Aah!! (She cries. She tries to get but looses her balance. Sanskaar comes to catch her but before he could she falls off the stairs. Elders also come hearing Sanskaar’s shout. RagLak n Uttara run to hold her.
Sanskaar: (Shocked) SWARA!!!! (He shouts n was all broken.) (THUD! Noise came n all were shocked. Sanskaar runs towards her. Ragini takes her on laps.
Ragini: Swara! (Cries) R u fine!? (Swara was shocked n in pain. Sanskaar picks her up in bridal style n rushes to hospital. Others also go. Sanskaar gets her admitted to hospital. )
Doctor: I had asked u to care for her! She is weak! She needs to be delivered now! N fill the form! N don’t worry we wud save both!☺
Sanskaar: Shall I come in!? Please doctor! She is a kid! She might get afraid! Pls let me come!! Pls! She needs me doctor! (Doctor nods. Sanskaar goes inside the operation room. He sees Swara crying. He goes to her.)
Swara: U r here!?
Sanskaar: I’m allowed to be here… (Swara smiles. He cups her face.) I’m there wid u! Don’t worry!
Doctor: Sanskaar…. don’t allow her to sleep! (Sanskaar nods.)
Sanskaar: Do u remember the day we met!?
Swara: Yes….
Swalak running to Badi. Sanskaar targeted Ragini. Swara came n saw him. He saw her….
—FB ends—-

Sanskaar: N do u remember I had feed u kheer!!??
Swara laughs.

Swara forces Sanskaar to have kheer but instead he feeds her n then he eats it.
–FB ends —

Swara: Aah!! Sanskaar!
Doctor: Swara pls don’t loose hope!
Sanskaar: Swara…
Swara: Say…….
Sanskaar: Do u remember our fake marriage!?

Sanskaar n Swara make an entry wid holding hands n wearing garlands. All r shocked.
—FB ends—

Sanskaar Lol!!All were so amazed! Wat if we won’t have taken this step!?
Swara: We were destined to be together! ?
Sanskaar: Achha!!
Swara: (Looks down) Aaaaaahhhh…..
Doctor: Swara take deep breathes!!
Swara: Aaaahhhh!! SANSKAAR!!
Sanskaar: Swara (Cups her face) Take deep breathes! For me! For our bachhu! Pls take deep breathes! (She keeps on taking deep breathes n feels dizzy. Sanskaar sees her n cups her face.)
Sanskaar: Swara….
Swara: Yes…
Sanskaar: Do u remember our first date!?
Swara: (Smiles) That was heaven!

Swasan in helicopter. Tere bin plays. Then Sanskaar proposes Swara. N they dance on Gerua.
—-FB ends—-

Swara: N when our bachhu will grow we will show him our dance again! Lol!?
AAAAAHHHH!!! (Smiles he screams loudly. Sanskaar gets worried. Before he cud speak a new life spoke…? Their bachhu started to cry!!)
Swara: Woah!!!
Sanskaar: Did u hear our bachhu!! (Overjoyed)
Swara: Yes!! Woah!!! Aaaahhhh! !! SANSKAAR!! (screams badly)
Sanskaar: Now wat!? Bachhu is out! R u fine!? (He cups her face…..)
Swara: AAHHH!! Sanskaar I’ll die now!
Doctor: Sanskaar don’t allow her to sleep! (Sanskaar becomes confused n shocked.)

Episode ends..

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