Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 7 Baby Shower!

Swasan – Expecting Baby ?
Part 7

Swara: Sanskaar… where is the program held!? Hall is empty!
Sanskaar: Even I don’t know! (He gets call. It was Ragini.)
Sanskaar: Arey where r u all!?
Ragini: We r at the venue!
Sanskaar: N where is the venue!??
Ragini: Chill dadda! ? Now look at ur side wala vase n take out the chit! Read It n follow! (She cuts. He breaks it n reads the chit. It was written new room of Maheshwari mansion.)
Swara: Bachhu’s room!! (He goes n finds no one. He finds another chit n Shows to Swara. It was written Where ur wife always come to have donuts !)
Swara: Fridge! All r in fridge!!
Sanskaar: Wait I’ll go! U sit! (He gets another chit. He reads out loud.)
Sanskaar: Where u n Swara always visit to romance!
Swara: Bathroom!? ? How do they no! ?
Sanskaar: Bathroom!? No! It’s terrace!
Swara: Oh yes! It’s our adda of romance!! (They go on terrace n see the decorations. They become spellbound seeing it! It was all like fairyland n Swasan like Prince n Princess. They walk. Everyone smiles at them. They see those flower teddies.)
Sanskaar: Its so beautiful !!
Ragini: Thank god! I thought that u wud be so engrossed in ur wife’s beauty that forget the beauty in decoration!! (All laugh. Swara blushes.Ragini takes her slowly towards the swing. She makes her sit. They do the rituals n Adarsh n Laksh clicks photos on cameras. Swasan look at each other n smiles. After that Ragini, Uttara n Parineeta dance on song Radar. Adarsh, Sanskaar n Laksh dance on Kukad! Then all 6 dance on a song Dance Basanti. Then even elders dance on old songs. Sanskaar smiles n asks Laksh to play a song. All of them dance on Iski Uski. Sanskaar even holds Swara n waves her slowly. After dance they cut the cake. The cake was 3 tired. The bottom layer had some pics of Swasan together. Second layer had tiny tiny teddies n cradle n legs n palms of baby. Third layer had a baby wrapped in towel n crawling position. There was a feeding bottle. Also there was a couple representing Swasan. Swara eats n others to. She even clicks pic of it! After that they have their dinner n this time except ladies all gents feed her food!? Sanskaar feeds her dessert. Then after that they conduct a game. )
Ragini: All will write two one name on one chit! First girl names!
Laksh: Then boy names! Each shud write two names! It’s compulsory! N game is mandatory for all!? And write even ur name below!
Uttara: N the name which Swara bhabhi n bhai picks wud be the name of baby! N they won’t read it now n disclose it now! But wud tell Ragini bhabhi n Laksh bhai. N on the naming ceremony it wud be disclosed!
Ragini: So ready!? (All nod.) Swara n Sanskaar even u write! N don’t see the chit which u pick! So take the paper n write! N no cheating! (She raises her eyebrow.) (Everyone takes the chits n write two names. One name on each chit. Swara n Sanskaar smile.)
Swara: U pick first!
Sanskaar: K!! (He picks one n hands it to Ragini.) Now u!
Swara: umm… (She picks n gives to Ragini. Ragini opens n looks.)
Ragini: Laksh! Look! This is the chit picked by Swara…. (Laksh smiles in amusement.) N this is picked by Sanskaar! (He gets again amused.)
Laksh: That’s great yaar!
Swara: Wats that!?
Ragini: Not now sister!!?
Swara: ok!? (After that they keep the chits in locker!? N click some more photos.) (Then Sanskaar was about to hug her when her tummy didn’t allow him to!??)
Sanskaar: See! From now itself our bachhu is becoming haddi in kabab! Coming between our romance!
Swara: Sanskaar!? (He gives her a side hug. All smile seeing them.)

Eighth Month.
Swara: Sanskaar!! I’m so fat na!
Sanskaar: it’s not u but our bachhu! ?
Swara: Wat do u want!? (Sanskaar comes close to her)
Sanskaar: 5 kisses!!
Swara: Not that! Girl or boy…
Sanskaar: Um…. both!!?
Swara: Arey! Think of me! How can deliver both!
Sanskaar: I said I want! I didn’t tell It is!?
Swara: I want a girl! Caring n brainy like u n cute like me!!

After some days.
Swasan were travelling. Swara notices a pani puri stall.
Swara: Sanskaar stop! (He stops.)
Sanskaar: R u fine!?
Swara: I want to have pani puri!
Sanskaar: Yuck! Here!
Swara: So wat!! Please let’s have na! Please!!
Sanskaar: No! (He drives. He notices her been angry n sad. Next day he calls Swara. She pouts n goes. She sees pani puri on dinner table. She eats them all! (Sanskaar comes n hugs from back.)
Sanskaar: I hope they r tasty!
Swara: Yes! I love u!!

Ninth Month.
Sanskaar sits besides Swars n reads novel.
Swara: (Shouts) Woah!! ?
Sanskaar: (Worried) Wat!??
Swara: Woah! Woah!! …….Woah!! (She laughs.)
Sanskaar: R u okay!?
Swara: Shh!!! (She takes his hand n places on her tummy.) Wait…
Sanskaar: (Amused) Swara!!!
Swara: Yeah!! It’s bachhu kicking! Woah!!
Sanskaar: Bachhu is kicking so much!!
Swara: Yes! (He rests on her tummy lightly n smiles.)
Sanskaar: (to baby) Hello bachhu! It’s ur dadda! Sanskaar Maheshwari! N she is ur mummy in whose tummy u r! Her name is Swara..
Swara: Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari!! (She cries.)
Sanskaar: N when u will come out u shud be on my side! If u be I wud give u lots of chocolates n hugs!
swara: that’s not fare! (They laugh.)

Recap – Sanskaar “SWARA!!”(cries?)

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