Swasan- Expecting Baby Part 6 Pampering!

Swasan – Expecting Baby ?
Part 6
Second Month.
(Swara was sleeping on Sanskaar. )
Swara: Sanskaar…
Sanskaar: hm.. bolo!
Swara: I’m bored! Ma n papa r so pampering..Rag n Laksh n even bhai bhabhi
N u…. never leave me alone!
Sanskaar: u shud enjoy it! So much of pampering!
Swara: After baby wud be born… u will remain alone!
Sanskaar: Hold on! Why wud I! ?
Swara: Of course! Coz bachhu wud be already small n need me!
Sanskaar: So do I! I won’t let u be wid bachhu all time! (She smiles n kisses him.)

Third Month.
Laksh: Swara… look this (He shows a room.) This is the room of our bachhu! It’s nice na! Ragini also helped me!
Swara: Wow Laksh!! It’s amazing! (The room had walls full of quotes n cartoons. The edges of furniture were made soft wid cotton n sponge.)
Laksh: The edges r made soft… so that bachhu won’t get hurt! (Meanwhile Ragini n Sanskaar come.)
Ragini:Swara how’s it!?
Swara: Fantastic.. Sanskaar isn’t it cute!?
Sanskaar: Thanks Raglak!
Laksh: Don’t be thank you!
Ragini: Yes! Coz it’s not for u but for our bachhu! N u both have ur room! So this one’s for bachhu! (They smile. There was a wooden cradle. It had some toys in it. There were stickers of footprints n palms of baby on wall n floor. The floor was very soft as it had cotton sheet. There were Disney characters. There was a mini bathroom in which there was music system n small bath tub n pool! There were many water toys in it. The cupboard was full of toys! There were small shoes in it! Swasan were very happy n Raglak were smiling.)
Swara: Its so beautiful!!
Sanskaar: Seriously!! ?
Swara: N Laksh. … We have decided to be free wid our bachhu…
Laksh: Don’t worry.. We wud treat bachhu as our friend! Even he wud be our responsibility n part of our heart!
Ragini: Yes! Ur Bachhu wud also be ours!!?
Swara: N I want to confess bachhu all that happened between us 4 When she wud be matured! All! Laksh….. even wat relation we had before I met Sanskaar….
Sanskaar: N Ragini… even about our plan to separate them…. (There was a silence for few mins.)
Laksh: Of course! (Swara smiles n hugs him!?)
Ragini: (Coughs) Even I will tell her all! (She hugs Sanskaar!?)

Third Month.
Swara wakes up n runs to washroom. She vomits again.
Sanskaar: Why r u vomiting again!? Don’t tell me u r pregnant again! I didn’t even came so close to u!!?? (Innocently)
Swara: R u mad!? How can another baby arise!!??? It happens in mid months dumbo!
Sanskaar: oh! Then it’s ok!?

Fourth Month.
Sujata: Pls have it!!
Swara: No mom! I’m full! Sanskaar tell na! (Sujata was feeding her kheer. She gets pampering a lot!! At night.)
(Sujata was standing in front of mirror n checking the size of tummy wid fingers??)
Sanskaar: Princess… come.sleep!
Swara: Ha.. only 5 mins!
Sanskaar: Wat r u doing!?
Swara: Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar: Bolo…
Swara: I want new dresses…..
Sanskaar: ok…
Swara: I think our bachhu is very huge!? Look at my tummy! It’s grown so much! N my weight has become 60!! ??
Sanskaar: (Laughs) Ok…. now sleep
(They sleep.)

Sixth Month.
Swara was standing in balcony n notices rain. She gets happy.
Swara: Sanskaar….. Look it’s raining! I wanna go out!
Sanskaar: Princess no! I can get flu! Think about our bchhu! She is still small!
Swara: But I won’t fall ill! I promise! (She pleases him lot. He calls a meeting wid family to discuss! Like seriously a meeting!!???????All say no. )
Swara: Pls! I promise I won’t get ill!
Ragini: how can u say!?
Swara: I can do fixing wid germs and bacteria !!?????
Sanskaar: R u really sick!?? Fixing wid germs!! (All laugh but say no. She gets disheartened n leaves. She gets sad for 2 days. Sanskaar couldn’t see his princess sad n gets n idea.)
Sanskaar: Swara….
Swara: Say wat!?
Sanskaar: U say that u n me r one..
Swara: U find it false!?
Sanskaar: No.. I was thinking to the u out in rain?!
Swara: (Happy) Really!!
Sanskaar: Yes…
Swara: Wow! (She kisses him.) I want to take the shower on my face n splash water on u!!
Sanskaar: get ready… N come down! (He leaves. All get ready to go out. Swara comes down. She gets happy. Sanskaar brings something in his hands. )
Swara: Sanskaar wats that!?
Sanskaar: Wait n watch!! (Sanskaar u folds the raincoat!??)
Swara: A raincoat! For whom! ?
Sanskaar: For u my princess!! (He makes her wear it.)
Swara: Par kyu!??
Sanskaar: U said u want to see rain n we both r one! U sit in car n I’ll be wet on behalf of u n bachhu! (She gives fake smile. They all go to badi. Swara pouts n keeps silence. Sanskaar smiles. It starts raining and all come out. Swara sits inside the car. Sanskaar sits besides her. All enjoy in rain n dance.)
Swara: U go…
Sanskaar: R u sure!?
Swara: Yes…. N I can’t take risk for our bachhu na!? (He kisses her forehead n leaves. He gets wet. Swara feels nice. She feels as if not physically but she is getting wet as her soul exits In Sanskaar’s heart! ?☺ Sanskaar sees her. He gets sad for her. He moves towards her. She looks at him in shock. He opens the door.)
Sanskaar: U r always for me right!?
Swara: Sanskaar…. yes!
Sanskaar: So how did u expect me to be enjoying alone!? (He Winks.)
Swara: Sanskaar…! (He nods. She gets excited.)
Sanskaar: Wait! First wear the hood!! (She wears the hood of raincoat. She was all packed in that coat! He takes her out. He holds her hands n walks slowly. All get surprised. Swara keeps on smiling. Swara looks up n gets her face wet in rain! She forwards her hands n throws it on Sanskaar. Sanskaar doesn’t! She was all happy. Background music… Teri Meri Kahani! He dances wid her. As in lightly as she was pregnant with his bachhu who is 6 months old! )

Mujh mein safar tu karti rahe
Har ek saans mein guzarti rahe

Shaam o subah, tu mera
Tere bina, kya mera
Do jismo jaan, ek hain
Na hona kabhi tu juda

Teri meri kahaani
Hai baarishon ka paani
Banke jo ishq barse
Teri meri kahaani..(2x) (She hugs him tightly.)
(Raglak also dance.)
Dekho na kaisi
Ijaazat mili hai
Ek doosre mein
Hifaazat mili hai

Jeene ki saare
Zaroorat mili hai
Ye jaam hi hai
Jaisa yunhi hamesha
Hamesha rahe jis tarah

Shaam o subah, tu mera
Tere bina, kya mera
Do jismo jaan, ek hain
Na hona kabhi tu juda

Teri meri kahaani
Hai baarishon ka paani
Banke jo ishq barse
Teri meri kahaani..(2x)

Mujh mein safar tu karti rahe
Har ek saans mein guzarti rahe

Humse ye jo bhi
Harqat huyi hai
Mohabbat mohabbat
Mohabbat huyi hai

Kuch itne hai hum tum
Kami kuch nahi hai
Jitna bhi jeena hai
Tujhko hi jeena hai
Jeete rahe jis tarah

Shaam o subah, tu mera
Tere bina, kya mera
Do jismo jaan, ek hain
Na hona kabhi tu juda

Teri meri kahaani
Hai baarishon ka paani
Banke jo ishq barse
Teri meri kahaani..(2x)
(Swara kisses her Sanskaar tightly in front of everyone even her child! ??)

Seventh Month.
Sujata: Jiji… its 7th month now.. don’t u think we shud do god bharai! ?
Ap: Ha…. that’s nice! I’ll tell Dp n confirm the date! (All elders decide date n tell to Swasan. Swara gets happy.)
Swara: Sanskaar….
Sanskaar: Don’t complain about ur tummy size!!??
Swara: No but seriously look na! It’s so big!
Sanskaar: I think it’s not bachhu! They r bachhus!
Swara: U mean twins!?
Sanskaar: I’m not sure! Look at ur tummy! (She looks again.)
(After 5 days her Baby shower takes place. All Family members were present since morning!?)
Sanskaar: Look…. I’ve got u ur dress!! U didn’t want saree or chudidar right!?
Swara: Thanks Sanskaar!! (She he gives him peck on cheeks. )
In Kitchen.
Ragini: Ma…. shall I go n make Swara ready!? It’s 6!
Ap: No… Let her get…
Sujata: But how can she…!?
Ap: Arey! Sanskaar is wid her! He wud help her! U know na how much romantic n caring ur chhora is!!??
Ragini: Yeah! When he is wid her we shud not worry much! Achha ma… I’ll get ready n go directly on terrace! Let me check whether Laksh, Uttara Bhabi n Adarsh bhai has made arrangements….
Sujata: N if it’s done tell me! I’ll ask servants to keep sweets n all stuffs there.
Ap: Ha.. now go fast Ragini! Be careful!
It was decorated wid red n white curtains wid balloons. There were teddy bears of flowers! N some soft teddies. There was a swing which was decorated with teddies! Everywhere teddy n teddy!! It was plan of Ragini n Others worked on it. Gadodias arrive wid gifts. Sumi wore a black gown with French plait n light make up! Shekhar looked perfect for Sumi.)
Ragini: Oh ma!! Baba!! (teases) I think someone is gonna fall in love wid someone!

Swasan Room.
Sanskaar gets ready. He had worn a black jeans with white t shirt n black jacket. Swara was mesmerised seeing him!
Swara: (Whistles) Oho!!
Sanskaar: Wat Oho!! Line mat maro!!
Swara: Now my boyfriend looks so handsome so I can’t control! (They laugh.)
Sanskaar: Oh! Girlfriend get ready soon… its u who r important n not me!
(He takes out the dress. It was white strapelsss colour crop top wid black coloured embroidered flower on it.The skirt was black colour n had embroidered silver coloured flowers on bottom. N the skirt also had a layer of asymmetric silver net on it. She was all amused. She wears it.)
Sanskaar: Ur looking like a princess now!
Swara: Thanks for bringing black skirt! Now my tummy doesn’t look bumped as I have wore it on it!
Sanskaar: One minute!! (He opens the cupboard n takes out stuffs. He makes her wear jhumkas! N a simple pearl necklace! She does makeup.)
Swara: Done!!
Sanskaar: One thing is remaining!
Swara: Don’t tell that u r gonna apply tikka on my neck!?? A peck wud do!?
Sanskaar: Shut up! (He makes her wears a white flower tiara on her loose hair! )
Swara: Wow!!
Sanskaar: Perfect!! (They stand n look in mirror. Both looked prince n Princesses! He looked more charming than the Charming Prince n she looked more Beautiful than that Sleeping Beauty!???)

Recap- Baby shower….. Sanskaar: SWARA!!!(Cries?)

I’ll update soon…. Hope u loved it!☺? Comment! IT ENCOURAGE ME!?☺

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